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Master Checklist


Urban Legends (1-50)

Urban Legends Checklist C1

Shock Stories (1-50)

Shock Stories Checklist C2

Urban Legends P1-P3 (w/ NSU magazines*)

Shock Stories Promos 1-4

Urban Legends A-1 Autograph/Sketch

Shock Stories A-2 Autograph/Sketch

Background Cards BC1-BC3

Prize Card PC1 (prize offers voided in 24 pack Econo-boxes)

Metal Card (actual printing plate)

Shock Stories 3-D Parallel series (all 51)

Regular Checklists (Base sets) listed below:

Urban Legends

1.            The Desperate Mother

2.            A Carpet Laying Lesson

3.            The Hippie Baby Sitter

4.            The Forever Place

5.            A Sight for Sore Eyes

6.            Maniac on the Road

7.            Dark Pond

8.           The Last Drive Home

9.            Lick Us for Luck

10.            The Hook

11.            Letter from Vietnam

12.            Alone with the Bones

13.            The Look of Guilt

14.            The Reunion

15.            Pictures from Vacation

16.            Walking the Dog

17.            The Nut and the Car Nuts

18.            Something to Wine About

19.            Date with the Wrong Date

20.            The Funeral Dress

21.            The Golden Toe

22.            The Subway Watcher

23.            The Curse of Kilauea

24.            A Whirlwind Romance

25.            The Bloody Benders


26.            The Blind Man's Message

27.            The Microwave Pet

28.            Baby's Late Lunch

29.            The Creepy Clown

30.            A Call from Beyond

31.            Goes with the Territory

32.            The Blind Man Cometh

33.            Don't Look Back

34.            The Ghostly Mother

35.            The Trapper's Dog

36.            The Beach Baby

37.            A Message in Blood

38.            The Unknown Caller

39.            The Bloody Boo-Hag

40.            A $5 Million Miracle

41.            The Headless Brakeman

42.            Anniversary of a Murder

43.            The Earwig

44.            The Underhanded Undertaker

45.            The Fender Bender

46.            Threading the Needle

47.            The Grave Yard Shift

48.            The Choking Doberman

49.            The Razor Rapist

50.            He Did It!

*NSU exclusive promos: P1. The Mexican Pet / P2. The Rent-Free Roommate / P3. Date with the Doctor

Shock Stories

1.            The Foretelling

2.            No News is Good News

3.            Long, Long Distance

4.            The Bottom Line

5.            Sticky Fingers

6.            The Seer

7.            An Old Score

8.            The Brain Suckers of Saturn

9.            Living Hell

10.            Working Benefits

11.            The Grave Mound

12.            The Red Giant

13.            A Pound of Flesh

14.            The Lunatic Eyeball Eater

15.            Bloodbath

16.            By the Light of the Moon

17.            Debbie's Little Secret

18.            Envy the Dead

19.            Not Hide Nor Hair

20.            The Old Man & the Furnace

21.            Food Chain

22.            A Torch of Teresa

23.            Deep is my Sleep

24.            Free Willies

25.            A Lot at Stake


26.            The Curse of Cannibalism

27.            The Reluctant Divorcee

28.            A Crying Shame

29.            Mr. Fix-It

30.            The Deadlier of the Species

31.            The Deadlier of the Species

32.            The Biological Barrier

33.            Tongue of a Tyrant

34.            Dare You to Do It

35.            The Dreamers

36.            Till Death Do Us Part

37.            Sweet Justice

38.            Squirrels in the Attic

39.            He Lost His Head

40.            Seeing is Believing

41.            Seeing is Believing

42.            Don't Read This Card

43.            The Diggers

44.            Just Plain Insane

45.            The Only Way Out

46.            The Dead Sleep Lightly

47.            It Crawled Forth

48.            In the Driver's Seat

49.            I Told You So

50.            The Moss Monster

Promo 1. The Seer / Promo 2. Living Hell / Promo 3. An Old Score / Promo 4. The Brain Suckers of Saturn

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