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Monsters & Maniac Collector Comments!

Thing in Mailbox


Hi Kurt,

The Monsters & Maniacs box showed up yesterday - another winner of a set! Love the cards - especially the Hideous Heads subset and the foil cards are some of the best that you produced. 

Have you ever thought about doing an entire set with the foil application/process? Honestly, these are some of the finest looking chase cards I've ever seen - and I've seen a LOT! The vibrant colors are absolutely amazing and literally jump off of the card. I think they'd make for a beautiful looking set of cards regardless of the subject matter. Hopefully you'll utilize the foil process for your upcoming project - hint! hint! Charge extra - I'm willing to pay a premium price for this one (and I bet others would be too)! I have no use, and pretty much HATE parallel sets, but this would be one that I'd be 100% all in for. 

Well, that's about it for now. Keep up the GREAT work ....


Bob G.


Thanks Bob,
I'm delighted to hear you enjoy that set. I put a LOT of effort into it, the story, the cards, everything-- in fact, that story is one of my scariest (IMHO).

I love those foils too, but they are pricy to produce (about 4 or 5 times the cost of regular cards). So doing an entire series of them would be tough. But I expect we will do another subset of foils in future sets. 

i'm blown away by your work!!
Hey Kurt, just got back from the cabin in the woods a few says xgo.
Took the Monsters and Maniacs set and fully enjoyed the horrorific story and photos. Again i am impressed with the level of fun put into each box of cards i buy from you......i must know, whose finger nail is that in the evidence envelope?
The story line was nice and gruesome, and well paced. I dug it alot, in fact I've read it twice now.
And the Hideous heads subset is super cool!
Im saving up now for two boxes of dinosaur galaxy....
Cheers, Jeff

Thanks for you comments Jeff, and also for your generous review on Youtube!


I've got to say this is one cool set of trading cards. I love the fact that these are all original art and story. And the story the cards tell is both gruesome and intriguing. It is really amazing how the cards tell a coherent story.

But it also has a great sense of scary fun and a good comic book/pulp feeling to it. However, it has definitely earned its 'R' rating. This card set is not for the weak of heart!

Everything about the card set indicates its high quality. I like that the cards themselves are of a thick cardboard with a shiny coating on them. You get a stick of gum in every pack and it all comes in obviously custom designed box with images of some of the Monsters and Maniacs you'll meet.

Keep up the good and gruesome work.

Mike (Chicago)

I received " Monsters and Maniacs" box, i love the front cover ,great box, set, and cards you have done -- should do well.

Mark (UK)

I must say, you went balls to the wall on this set. To be honest, I thought it was a bit on the gruesome side for my tastes, but I've gotten more squeamish as I've aged.
I thought the Terror of Tallahassee posters looked amazing that way (as foils).
It's so like Monsterwax to put so much into a set that no one else would think to do (evidence bags, police tape to seal the packs, fingerprints…) You will never make money doing it, but I'll never forget the experience of finding things like that in your boxes. - Mike (Massachusetts)

I got this set as an anniversary gift for my boyfriend and he is really enjoying it. He said the story is interesting. The evidence pieces in the envelopes are particularly cool. He got a piece of snakeskin that, of course, I can look at but not touch. He also loves the sketch card. I looked up the haunted house in Florida that is described in the story but the website kind of creeped me out. He is really happy with it and I look forward to ordering more from you in the future. -Melanie (PA)

I just read your spread in the latest NSU magazine. I will pick up a second box-- is there a way you can send me an invoice with a combined shipping charges with the one I have already ordered? - Chris (Canada)

Normally, I would be happy to. But unfortunately, the only savings for combined orders don't start until three boxes (using a special container which holds three to six boxes for a flat $42.00 rate instead of the usual $20 each). For two boxes, it actually costs more than $20 each to combine them. Our mail service changed the rates in January and really upped the prices on foreign orders, much to my dismay. Before that, it was less than HALF that postage. I'm bummed about the rate hike, even more than you could be, because I love having international collectors and it can't help but discourage new out-of-country collectors from trying out our products.

Is there a complete set in a box?

Oh yes, of the base set and most all the inserts. The only exception are some of the irregular extras, like evidence envelops, posters, secret memos, promos, and printing plates, which alternate between boxes. We're dedicated to give the most for your money, and our box breakdowns prove it.

crazy man

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