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Legendary Lovecraft series 2 Feedback




Hello Kurt!
I am glad I ordered these sets! I am enjoying them immensely! Thank you for the wrapper. That was an unexpected surprise!

I am also still thoroughly enjoying the OTR Horror Host Handbook! Very entertaining, which does not surprise me in the least. I am taking my time as I really enjoy a book that I can live with for awhile! I am sure you know what I mean. I have loved OTR, mainly science fiction, of course, since I was quite young. The first influence being The War of the Worlds and the one that really got me was Ray Bradbury's Zero Hour! Really gave me the creeps, in the best possible sense!

Hopefully you will have more projects in the future. I know all this stuff is a lot of work for you and I have to say, once again, the product is always so fantastic in quality and entertainment value  and ,of course, artistic value!
Best regards, Hank

Hi. I got my Series 2 set of cards today. They are great!  I wondered if you know where I could get the remaining promo cards numbers 1 through 6. Thanks!

Yes, those earlier promos were issued with series 1, and two different promos were put in each box. The rest were distributed for free at trade shows and in various publications. You might find some sold by themselves on eBay, or you can find the boxes being sold at Monsterwax.com. I hope that helps, and delighted to know you enjoy the cards. (We live for that reaction!)

Just received our Legendary Lovecraft 2 cards in the mail today. My brother and I loved them. They are awesome. Thank you very much. -Michael C.

Howdy! Got my box of Lovecraft and finally busted it last night. Fun stuff! Hope the new release (Lovecraft series 2) has gone over well. -Jason C.

Thanks Jason, Series 2 did great. It really complimented the first series and bookends Lovecraft's work nicely.

I just wanted to let you know that the package actually showed up the next day and everything is fine. Everything looks great, thanks very much! - Grant

I got my master set Monday, only just got a chance to look through all the cards. They are great, as usual, very creative. All the extras are really fun also. Thank you, -Ed LeClaire

Picked them up today! And they are lovely. Not sure why there was a failed attempt, I seem to be having a bit of trouble getting stuff delivered from the States to my PO Box - even Amazon is failing... So glad that did not happen with these.
Again thank you for the awesome work you put in to creating them. - Tom (in Australia)

Hey Kurt, I love the lovecraft card's, but you mentioned something about a new Kickstarter you were starting in December. When will details be available. Thanks. Mark.

Hey Mark. I hope to get it started in the next few weeks and I'll send a notification to all our past supporters. It's nothing Lovecraft related, but a very fun monster card series nonetheless.

Hi, got my cards. Loved the cards. I have a question. Was a Lovecraft P-6 promo ever made? Series one listed P1-5 and Series 2 lists P7-9. Was the Monsterwax P-1 in Series 1 considered top be P-6? -John B.

Yes John. That Prototype 1 card was included as the 6th promo, because it was by the same painter (Ricardo Jr) and the image looked like it was from the Lovecraft story about an underground tomb that has demonic looking stone work and such. (I really need to look up that title and post it!).

Kurt, I received my Lovecraft master set today. All looks great... I really love the cards. -David R.

We received our cards today. They are great! The artwork is excellent. Looking through them I can only imagine the amount of time that went into making them (just the proofing would have been a huge chore). The extras were perfect too. Look forward to your next project. Happy solstice and Merry Christmas! Cheers, Allie

Allie H.

I got the cards and I love them they are super. Thanks. -Mark B.

Hey! Fellow Tallahassian here (well, Crawfordville, but close enough), and a big fan of your work. I ordered your Lovecraft set for a friend... His roommate confirms that he received them and they're awesome. -Zac L.

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