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Monsters From Hell Feedback!

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Collector Feedback:


Got the “Monsters from Hell” cards today.  The base set and metal cards are fantastic!  Absolutely beautiful! Looking forward to going through the box tomorrow.   I just ordered some “Lost in Space” sets. Another great looking set! - Steve C. 

The cards look great! Sorry it took to long to tell you. - Shannon C.

Kurt, Monsters From Hell = Fantastic Card Set!!! Looking forward to the Lost In Space set! -Gerard N.

I think this set of cards is your strongest set since the HP Lovecraft first series box! A great story with twists and turns, amazing artwork, and the inserts are totally top-notch. Really dig the lenticular, I got an awesome printing plate “malicious”, and all the subsets. It was nice to read the artists favorite fears and phobias on the backs of their cards. I also got a really cool sketch card courtesy of Mike Stevens, who I noticed was one of the artists who did a couple other cards in the set. So that was super cool. I love the backs of the sketch cards as well. It’s like two sketch cards for the price of one! And you’re one of the few card producers who makes the metal cards set different art than the base set, unlike other people. I like metal cards, but not when they’re the same art as what you get in the basic... Very engaging, hard to put them down and take a break. There were a couple times I wanted to keep reading but I had to get ready for work or bed or whatever. But now that I’m on Christmas break, I’m gonna read it straight through one of these evenings.
-Jeff T. MI

       The box of cards arrived today. I bought them for my son who is deep into horror stuff. I had to open the box to see what the cards looked like and to steal the gum....

        The cards were really good and not too gross for my taste. However, I came across the Cthulhu card and liked it. There were two in the box so I stole one of them for my type collection. However, the hit of the box was the "Get out of Hell Free" card. That is mine! Was that your idea? Anyhow it is fantastic... I bet I will not be the only one who will be fascinated by it. I think you have a stand alone product in it! I would buy a dozen if they were available. Also I would be glad to purchase another Cthulhu card, if it was available, for my brother who is a real Lovecraft fan. He greatly enjoyed the complete Lovecraft set I got him. - Joe M. (South Richmond Hill, NY)

I did receive my order today. Those metal cards are just super and the rest of the set is awesome. -Robert M. Leominster, MA

The set sure looks great + let me say thanks for another fabulous concept and greatt looking set w/all the inserts + extras. - Len K. (Bridgwater, MA)

I haven't had a chance to thank you for the cards. They are awesome. Just like being a kid again. - Jim A. (Atlanta, Ga)

Ooohh! Scary kids.

I opened an innocent looking manila envelope yesterday & what spilled out? a double fisted bundle of Horrible Monsters from Hell. I tried to resist the unstoppable urge to flip thru the cards, but the kept calling my name, as if beckoning me to join them in a Journey straight to Hades! Oh dear!

Needless to say, I can't sleep & can't get the nightmare inducing -  'horrific images' out of my throbbing skull!

What have you done to me Sir??? LOL

Thanks very much... Quite a masterpiece & I'm enjoying reading the stories on the backs! -Laen A. Valparaiso, IN

The Monsters arrived Saturday and I want you to know that they all look fabulously terrifying. Mission accomplished! I was in second grade when I bought a pack of Mars Attacks cards at the store across the street from the school, and it changed me forever. Great job by you, Kurt. Thanks, Miles R. (MA)

Another great set of cards. I could not put them down once I started looking through them! Fantastic art and nice to see the nods toward classic monsters such as Amazing Colossal Man, Barlow from Salem's Lot, Gorgon. The story was very entertainingly written!... Thank you for another out of this world card experience ... I am really impressed with these cards! Really, really looking forward to the box of Lost in Space cards! -Hank B.

Dear sirs,

I was looking forward to your MONSTERS FROM HELL! set but I see that I missed the Kickstarter.
Best regards,

John A.

Hey John,

No worries, it's now available at our website. While you might have missed some of the Kickstarter perks, the series itself is now finished and starting to ship out. (Along with the remaining metal sets.) I'm VERY happy with how they turned out. The story really came together, and the subsets look terrific. I'll put you on our mailing list for future kickstarters and I know you're going to enjoy this series. 



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