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Lost In Space-- Collector Feedback!

LIS card © Monstrwax.com

Write us and let us know what you think!

Hi Kurt, The cards arrived today...nice boxes and great packing!

I have been listening to "Alpha Control, The Lost In Space
Podcast" and I'm on Season 1 Ep. 19. I really do enjoy it...I'm not
your age but not far off (I'm 55). I like the breakdowns of each Episode
by Yourself and Laen August...really cool. Anyhow Thanks again.

Duane, Orlando FL

Hi Kurt ,

Happy new year to you, Many thanks for the lost in space boxes all safely received, I am very pleased with them, I’m just saving up for the next case!!, I think I’ll buy some of the metal specials next time too they are very nice, the whole set and packaging is a labour of love by you guys. The smell of the Bubblegum took me right back to the Sixties!
Have a great 2021,
All the best Jeremy (Australia)

I first heard about Monsterwax at a Philly Non-sport show a couple of years ago.

Last week I stopped at House of Cards in Las Vegas and saw your Lost in Space series.

I bought some cards there and I liked the hand collated packs and hand numbered boxes.

After showing them to my brothers today, they got me even more excited...

The first Lost in space cards that I ever purchased were in 1966 for a nickel a pack.

Thank you, Ron L. (Lannon, WI)

Ah yes, the House of Cards! One of the best remaining Non-sports shrines around. I wish we had a place like that around here! Then again, we do have a giant haunted house that opens every October and scares the bejesus out of folks, and that sells monster cards. (But only because we run it!)

Wow, a nickel a pack. I hope you saved your cards AND the wrappers. They sure aren't that cheap anymore! I think I spent around $400 buying back my Lost In Space trading card memories... not including the wrapper. (That was extra.) I'm so glad they didn't use puzzle backs for those, but had some actual stories on the reverse (even if they weren't much from the actual show). Another great series was Outer Limits. Both the TV show and card set were favorites of mine.

If you enjoyed the show back in the day, you should probably check out our podcast, Alpha Control. It's on apple and all the rest of those smart phone platforms-- or you can hear it on the net at LostInSpacePodcast.com. That  website has them in proper order, whereas Apple has them in reverse order, the latest episode first. That kind of matters because we not only review each episode, we basically recreate many of the scenes with super high end production values. And it gets even better as the original series starts to get silly in the 2nd season. (Something I was really worried about when we started.) You'll probably get a kick out of it. 

Hello Kurt,

Got my LIS box. I had a blast opening it.
Thank you so much. - Frank B. (Canada)

Hi Kurt,

Bonjour, just received my LOST IN SPACE cards. Very good cards superieur quality. Thanks for the printing plate. I was a little sad (I did not cry) but there was not a card from FUGITIF IN SPACE or WAR OF THE ROBOTS two of my favorite episodes because ROBBIE from Forbidden Planet was in . A card with Robbie an the robot of Lost in Space would have made an excellente card or cards. I am very glad with my cards. Have a nice evening.   - Jacques (Quebec, Canada)

Thanks Jacuques. That would have been a fun tribute card, but at least we were able to include Robbie's alien monster master in with the metal cards!

Your cards are beautiful - fantastic artwork!  I believe I first saw these advertised or written about in Non-Sports Update...I've been a subscriber for years.  I was doing a search for the Rittenhouse Irwin Allen cut signature card on eBay this past weekend and came across some of your cards.  I can't wait to see the cards and add them to the collection.... thanks once again for a beautiful set.

Hi, Kurt! The Lost in Space cards arrived last week, but we've been quarantining our mail, so I finally opened the package this morning. WOW!  The cards are fantastic! Very nicely produced, and Ron's art is amazing. Thank you very much! - Hunter.

Hi, I find it amusing that at 63 years of age I still get excited about this series and the new product it has to offer, 
I thank Ron for his talent and sharing of his passion and you for keeping our memories of this series alive. -Frank

Hi. I'm based in the UK and was looking at getting the sealed box of Lost in Space cards as well as the 6 metal monster cards. Would there be any discount for overseas shipping of these two items together? Or would it be just $37 and $8 combined for the shipping.

Thanks, Ben

Actually Ben, I have been calling Paypal to see if I could reduce the shipping somehow, because the overseas Priority shipping is more than half the cost of the product! (And we love our overseas customers, but we hate the fact we had to charge so much to ship to them.) 

It turns out, there is a cheaper way. I can send regular first class international via Paypal, and it is just $20. It doesn't have the tracking to your door, but it does have the tracking up to your border. So if you're comfortable with your own mail service, it seems a much better way to go. And yes, you can combine the two orders. So it would be $55 (for the box) plus $25 (for the metal card set) and $20 for overseas postage. A total of $100 US dollars even. 

I hope you find that as good of news as I did. I plan to go through and change all our pricing on the website ASAP, but I'm too slammed to do it right now. You can either send my email a direct paypal payment, or I can send you a paypal invoice if that makes it easier. - Kurt

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. That is great news, $20 for shipping sounds much better and I'm happy to have it tracked up to the border.

I have been a big fan of Lost in Space since I was a kid when the show got repeated on TV here in the 80s and my dad recorded all of them onto VHS (He also watched it when he was a kid in the 60s). So I have grown up with it and seen them all so many times and then I found the alpha control podcast back in 2018 which is where I heard about Monsterwax. 

Just wanted to say that you and Laen are doing an awesome job with the podcast and it's been very enjoyable to listen to every episode. My dad also listens to you guys as well and we love hearing your views on the episodes. Keep up the good work, Ben

Pleased to say that the Lost in Space cards exceeded all expectations. Absolutely superb. Thank you. Still gloating with admiration for the Lost in Space series. Definitely my Set of the Year .... bringing fun, colour, and space-age excitement into this Lockdown Age. This particular form of card therapy is, for me, a very potent one. I can't stop smiling. - Davery

I received my Lost In Space cards today. The sealed pack box looks great and the stickers & metal cards also looks great. I enjoy the artwork and vibrant colors. - John D. (Cranston, RI)

  Hearty congratulations on the breathtaking Lost in Space series. This has got to be the trade set of the year .... or even the decade. Ron has succeeded beautifully in digitally enhancing those classic black and white scenes from the first, and best, series of this much loved TV show. Here in the Uk, the Robinsons became almost like an extended family for awhile (completely with wicked 'Uncle' Dr. Zachery !!!).

            I really enjoyed reading your Wrapper article... As you can tell, I'm 'over the Moon' and twice around the rings of Saturn about this new card set !!! Wonderful. -John D. (UK)

I was reading the Wrapper Magazine.... saw the Lost in Space Article. Thought I would take a leap of faith with the New Set. Looks pretty Cool.... and so does your Website..... Awesome Stuff !!! Looking forward to the Cards !!! Thanks !!! Stan. (Hilton, NY)

WOW... thanks so much for the quick shipping!  My card set just arrived.  Now I’m really torn.  I’m not sure I want to open this beautiful package.  

But you know I will! - Jim (Chesterfield, Mo)


I got my LIS Art of Ron Gross today, and I love it! Simply beautiful! I heard of your company years ago, but found out about this set while searching eBay for new LIS stuff. Thanks again for such a quality product. I really love the 1966 Topps style design... I'll check out the LIS podcast soon. LIS forever!

Regards, Wayne (Clarksville, TN)

Just want to let you know I opened my box today and I love this set.  I think Ron Gross' artwork really captures the series and he picked some good scenes to include.  They really do look like color photos of a b&w series.  I haven't read the backs yet but that's going to happen soon. 

I have a question about the printing plates.  I've got a nice Robby the Robot scene on mine, but it has this yellow line or tape or something running right through the middle of it.  I noticed the same thing on another one that's for sale on ebay.  I'm curious, was this done on purpose to cancel the plate?  I've never seen it done before on printing plates. - Larry B.

Hey Larry, None of the printing plates are cancelled. Some have other colors or ink streaks that get on them as the plates are moved back and forth in the press being removed. The printers normally clean all the ink off if they plan to reuse them-- but we stop them from doing that because then it is harder to see the image (and we're not going to reuse them, which is the entire point of cutting them up and giving them away. They cannot be used again because they are no longer attached to a sheet big enough to run on a machine). Each plate is unique and one of a kind, but I bet that other plate you found on eBay with the yellow streak is probably from the same sheet that your plate was taken from. There are only four sheets per image (one with black, another yellow, then magenta, and cyan). So if you do the math, that's only 300 plates of the fronts that are possible. So we're also including 100 of the back (text) images to make the 1 in 2 boxes stat work out. The boxes without plates have signed Bio cards by Ron Gross (and a few of the pre-orders had both).

I have digested and sleeved your new Lost In Space sriest. A beautiful set! And I love the metal cards!! The adversaries were always a highlight of that show. Again, my congrats... And again, your Spook Show set is one of the greatest, all-time, most fun sets, ever! -Don F.  

I broke down my box and the Art by Ron is superb. They almost look like photos. Since it has been a few years since I watched Lost in Space, I do not remember too many details but enough to say he is spot on. Thanks for another great set of cards. - Ed L.

I received the package last week and am slowly going through all of the great cards!  The Lost in Space set is truly amazing - congratulations!

I've been meaning to tell you that my all time favorite trading card set is your Spook Show set.  I've had so much fun with those cards over the years - I even have 20 of my favorites framed in my home office.  I don't have many sketch cards (after all, I have 4 kids LOL), but the sketch card that came in my box from an artist named "Carpenter" is absolutely remarkable.   - Chris L.

The Lost in Space - Art of Ron Gross card box arrived today!  Looks great!  I can see why you indicate that each one is time consuming.  I am excited to open up more packs.  Really appreciate your efforts. - Bob L.

Just a quick note to say that the Lost in Space Box Set arrived today and looks fantastic! -Greg S. (Australia)

Just wanted to reach out to you to thank you, and congratulate you, on the Lost In Space cards! Fantastic! And a lot of  fun!

Mine arrived two days ago, but I savor the opening....I limited myself to a few packs a day! 

I have also been a huge admirer, and buyer, of your card sets, with the Spook Show posters being one of my favorite sets ever. All time, ever! I grew up during the final days of the spook shows. What great subject matter you choose! - Don F. (New Jersey)

Dear Monsterwax, 
I received my box of Lost In Space: Art of Ron Gross cards from your ad in The Wrapper #324, and I must say, they are the best cards I have purchased from a current manufacturer. My sincere compliments to you. I love them so much, I wish to make a second purchase from your add in Wrapper #325... - James F. (Honolulu, HI

I just wanted to let you know that I received my LIS cards today. All I can say is ....WOW! These cards look great. You guys did a great job. Everything from the artwork, to the captions, to the descriptions on the back... I LOVED the stickers and metal cards as well. The colors on both were bright and vibrant.  The stickers themselves are high quality. Both are nice additions to the set. Nice Job!  - Mark A.

I love the (new) Lost In Space -- great job! -James V.

I have mine. An Incredible Set! A Must For All “Lost In Space" fans! -Daniel S.

Just busted a box, WOW!!! Five stars for Monsterwax! The set is spectacular... Fantastic!!!!!

Don’t forget to hold two more boxes for me please. Thanks for keeping the hobby great. - Louis F. (Vegas)

Pre-ordered cards arrived today in excellent shape (great packaging!).  Ron had previewed these cards at Wonderfest 2019, so I pre-ordered right away when they became available — so glad I did!  This is truly a labor of love and just a fantastic collectible and memento of Lost in Space!  Thank you! - Dave B.

I feel like a kid again! Just received my 2 boxes of The Art Of Ron Gross Lost In Space cards. It really brings me back to when I collected the original cards back in the 1960's. Even has a stick of bubble gum included. Thank you Ron. You made this Baby Boomer very happy today. - Bill

Today it arrived! I open the package and remove the box it contains! Wrapped in plastic, I turn it over to view front, back and each side to enjoy the gorgeous artwork that serves as a preview to the contents: Irwin Allen's Lost In Space The Art of Ron Gross Trading Cards by Monsterwax! Now the pure pleasure of opening, sorting, reading and reveling begins! I find that, to no surprise, the artwork is beyond expectations! The text is both excitingly and interestingly written! It will be a pleasure to look at and read these cards many times in the years to come, just as I do with any Monsterwax card set. How this is all done at such a reasonable cost is beyond me! Thank you Ron Gross, Kurt Kuersteiner, Monsterwax and, of course, Irwin Allen! The Monsterwax Experience is awesome! -Hank B.

Got the LiS card sets – woah, beautiful job!  Kudos to you and Ron, way to go! - Paul

I've been traveling in India for the past week on business and just got home late yesterday. I only cracked one pack last night as I could hardly keep my eyes open, but the cards look FANTASTIC!

Honestly, excluding the autographs from the surviving cast members, I actually like this set better than what Rittenhouse put out when they held the license, as Ron's art really captures the essence (and atmosphere) of the series. Great job - well done!

Also - with almost 60 hours of total travel time to/from India, I had the opportunity to listen to the remainder of Season 1 of the Alpha Control - Lost in Space podcasts; you and Laen have done a terrific job with these. As Irwin Allen once said to Jonathan Harris concerning his comedic transition to the character of Dr. Smith...DO MORE!!! -Robert G.

I wanted to let you know that I received the cards yesterday.  All I say is WOW, they are really cool and the artwork is beautiful.  Also, why the work is (about the) classic series, they are different from the other sets down over the years. Thank you again. I hope they are a hit with Lost In Space fans across the world. - Steve S.

I received the cards. They are quite spectacular. - name withheld

This is definitely worth the wait. -Carl G.


LIS cards © monsterwax

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