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Lost In Space-- Collector Feedback!

LIS card © Monstrwax.com

Write us and let us know what you think!

I received the package last week and am slowly going through all of the great cards!  The Lost in Space set is truly amazing - congratulations!

I've been meaning to tell you that my all time favorite trading card set is your Spook Show set.  I've had so much fun with those cards over the years - I even have 20 of my favorites framed in my home office.  I don't have many sketch cards (after all, I have 4 kids LOL), but the sketch card that came in my box from an artist named "Carpenter" is absolutely remarkable.   - Chris L.

The Lost in Space - Art of Ron Gross card box arrived today!  Looks great!  I can see why you indicate that each one is time consuming.  I am excited to open up more packs.  Really appreciate your efforts. - Bob L.

Just a quick note to say that the Lost in Space Box Set arrived today and looks fantastic! -Greg S. (Australia)

Just wanted to reach out to you to thank you, and congratulate you, on the Lost In Space cards! Fantastic! And a lot of  fun!

Mine arrived two days ago, but I savor the opening....I limited myself to a few packs a day! 

I have also been a huge admirer, and buyer, of your card sets, with the Spook Show posters being one of my favorite sets ever. All time, ever! I grew up during the final days of the spook shows. What great subject matter you choose! - Don F. (New Jersey)

Dear Monsterwax, 
I received my box of Lost In Space: Art of Ron Gross cards from your ad in The Wrapper #324, and I must say, they are the best cards I have purchased from a current manufacturer. My sincere compliments to you. I love them so much, I wish to make a second purchase from your add in Wrapper #325... - James F. (Honolulu, HI

I just wanted to let you know that I received my LIS cards today. All I can say is ....WOW! These cards look great. You guys did a great job. Everything from the artwork, to the captions, to the descriptions on the back... I LOVED the stickers and metal cards as well. The colors on both were bright and vibrant.  The stickers themselves are high quality. Both are nice additions to the set. Nice Job!  - Mark A.

I love the (new) Lost In Space -- great job! -James V.

I have mine. An Incredible Set! A Must For All “Lost In Space" fans! -Daniel S.

Just busted a box, WOW!!! Five stars for Monsterwax! The set is spectacular... Fantastic!!!!!

Don’t forget to hold two more boxes for me please. Thanks for keeping the hobby great. - Louis F. (Vegas)

Pre-ordered cards arrived today in excellent shape (great packaging!).  Ron had previewed these cards at Wonderfest 2019, so I pre-ordered right away when they became available — so glad I did!  This is truly a labor of love and just a fantastic collectible and memento of Lost in Space!  Thank you! - Dave B.

I feel like a kid again! Just received my 2 boxes of The Art Of Ron Gross Lost In Space cards. It really brings me back to when I collected the original cards back in the 1960's. Even has a stick of bubble gum included. Thank you Ron. You made this Baby Boomer very happy today. - Bill

Today it arrived! I open the package and remove the box it contains! Wrapped in plastic, I turn it over to view front, back and each side to enjoy the gorgeous artwork that serves as a preview to the contents: Irwin Allen's Lost In Space The Art of Ron Gross Trading Cards by Monsterwax! Now the pure pleasure of opening, sorting, reading and reveling begins! I find that, to no surprise, the artwork is beyond expectations! The text is both excitingly and interestingly written! It will be a pleasure to look at and read these cards many times in the years to come, just as I do with any Monsterwax card set. How this is all done at such a reasonable cost is beyond me! Thank you Ron Gross, Kurt Kuersteiner, Monsterwax and, of course, Irwin Allen! The Monsterwax Experience is awesome! -Hank B.

Got the LiS card sets – woah, beautiful job!  Kudos to you and Ron, way to go! - Paul

I've been traveling in India for the past week on business and just got home late yesterday. I only cracked one pack last night as I could hardly keep my eyes open, but the cards look FANTASTIC!

Honestly, excluding the autographs from the surviving cast members, I actually like this set better than what Rittenhouse put out when they held the license, as Ron's art really captures the essence (and atmosphere) of the series. Great job - well done!

Also - with almost 60 hours of total travel time to/from India, I had the opportunity to listen to the remainder of Season 1 of the Alpha Control - Lost in Space podcasts; you and Laen have done a terrific job with these. As Irwin Allen once said to Jonathan Harris concerning his comedic transition to the character of Dr. Smith...DO MORE!!! -Robert G.

I wanted to let you know that I received the cards yesterday.  All I say is WOW, they are really cool and the artwork is beautiful.  Also, why the work is (about the) classic series, they are different from the other sets down over the years. Thank you again. I hope they are a hit with Lost In Space fans across the world. - Steve S.

I received the cards. They are quite spectacular. - name withheld

This is definitely worth the wait. -Carl G.


LIS cards © monsterwax

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