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All the Alpha Control Podcast reviews of the classic LOST IN SPACE show, but with the earliest episodes first (in order of broadcast).

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Classic Lost In Space

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SEE a Video Version of the first podcast here (the rest are audio only).




#1 The Reluctant Stowaway (Audio-only version of the above video) - To escape an overcrowded Earth, the Robinson family & their pilot set off in the Jupiter 2 spaceship, as pioneers to colonize a distant planet circling Alpha Centauri. But they don't know an enemy agent has sabotaged their robot to destroy their ship-- and that the agent himself is still on board!




#2 The Derelict - The Robinsons see an enormous spaceship, seemingly adrift. It bears down on them & engulfs the Jupiter 2.




#3 Island in the Sky - The Jupiter two discovers a planet where they can land to make repairs.




#4 There Were Giants In The Earth -  The Robinsons are beginning to settle down on the strange planet when they become aware that a Giant is prowling the valley.




#5 The Hungry Sea - The Robinson party discovers that owing to the planet’s elliptical orbit, they are in danger of being roasted alive unless they relocate to a different hemisphere.




#6 Welcome Stranger - The Robinsons meet Jimmy Hapgood, a happy-go-lucky space traveler who has been planet-hoping for 15 years after becoming lost on a mission to Saturn.




#7 My Friend, Mr. Nobody - Penny, exploring, finds a cave in a rocky area where a curious echo sounds as if it is trying to talk to her. 




#8 Invaders from the 5th Dimension -  A spaceship from another galaxy lands on the planet and they need a new "brain" to replace their defective computer.




#9 The Oasis - The sources of water on the planet are drying up. It becomes vital to find a new source and the journey to find more leads to a forbidden fruit that cause BIG problems.




#10 The Sky is Falling -  Smith encounters a strange metallic probe crawling toward him. It is evidently constructed for collecting data & soil samples for a vanguard of alien colonists.




#11 Wish Upon A Star - Smith and Will discover a strange device which has the power to materialize an object the holder has in mind. 




#12 The Raft - Will comes up with an idea for building a small, two-man spaceship by utilizing parts from the Jupiter 2.




#13 One of Our Dogs is Missing - While most the men of the expedition are away, the women discover the wreckage of a space vehicle. They also encounter an Earth dog survivor, as well as a Mutant monster.




#14 Attack of the Monster Plants - The Robinsons encounter cyclamen-like plants, which have the power to ingest anything it finds and duplicate an exact image of it, including Judy.




#15 Return From Outer Space - Smith and Will find the matter-transfer unit that was used by the Taurons to teleport through space. Without permission, Will uses it to visit Earth.




#16 The Keeper Part 1 - An inter-galactic collector lands on the planet with a spaceship full of strange creatures.




#17 The Keeper Part 2 -  The Keeper, furious at Smith, threatens to leave his roaming monsters loose on Preplanus unless the family gives him Will and Penny to add to his collection.




#18 The Sky Pirate - Tucker, a sky pirate, makes a forced landing on Preplanus as his spaceship is urgently in need of repairs.  He takes Will as hostage to force the Robinsons to help.




#19 Ghost In Space - Smith gets rid of some blasting materials by throwing them into a nearby bog. The resulting explosion causes an angry, invisible presence to materialize from the marsh.




#20 War of the Robots - Will discovers a rusty, abandoned alien robot and insists on trying to put it together again in spite of warnings from our robot that it is dangerous. 




#21 The Magic Mirror - Penny finds a mirror with strange powers abandoned in a remote area by an unknown space traveler. 




22 The Challenge - A mysterious thief who has been pilfering from the camp is finally caught by Smith. The thief's father is a great warrior king, there to test his son.




#23 The Space Trader - A violent cosmic storm (devised by a sinister Space Trader) devastates the family’s hydroponic garden, leaving them to pine for a store full of exotic merchandise.



#24 His Majesty Smith - Smith and Will are approached by some handsome aliens whose leader, Nexus, says they have come from the planet Andronica looking for a king.




#25 The Space Croppers - Smith and the kids try to track down a werewolf, but instead find an odd family of a mother, daughter, and son, dressed as hillbillies with an old spaceship.




#26 All The Glitters - Smith acquires a special ring that allows him to turn anything that he touches into precious metal, resulting in a tragedy that he cannot bare.




#27 The Lost Civilization - Will and the Robot explore a cave while the others repair the Chariot. They fall down a crevice and find a vast inland sea, jungle, and lost civilization.



LIS #28

#28 A Change of Space - Smith and Will discover an ultra-sophisticated spaceship which Will investigates and accidently takes off in.



LIS #29

#29 Follow The Leader - John, trapped in a cave, hears a voice coming from an old tomb. It is the spirit of Canto, a former warrior, who wants to take over John’s body and thus live again.


Season 1 Wrap Up Review

Season One Wrap-up Review - Looking back at the most popular season of this groundbreaking series!





- - - Now in Full Color STEREO! - - -

Blast Off Into Space

#30 Blast Off Into Space - The Robinsons experience a series of planet quakes caused by an alien prospector, who starts a process that will destroy their planet in less than one day!




LIS 31 Wild Adventure

#31 Wild Adventure - Now back in space, the Robinsons undergo a series of strange experiences and near disasters, culminating in an encounter of a hypnotic space nymph!




Ghost Planet

#32 The Ghost Planet - The Robinson family is forced to land on a planet that the soon discover is controlled by robots!



Forbidden World #33

#33 Forbidden World - After escaping the cybernetic world, the Jupiter narrowly escapes a missile attack and crash lands on another hostile planet.


LIS #34

#34 Space Circus - A traveling group of circus performers visit the Robinson's planet and find a family member they want to add to their troupe (by hook or by crook). !


Prisoners of Space

#35 Prisoners of Space - The Robinsons are arrested and put on trial for "Crimes committed in Space", and the court has a device that reads their minds to determine guilt.


The Android Machine

#36 The Android Machine - The Robinsons encounter a strange robo-matrix: A female robot programed to obey Dr. Smith. But will Smith and the regular robot allow her to stay?



Deadly Games of Gamma 6

#37 The Deadly Games of Gamma 6 - A series of galactic fights are held on the Robinson's planet, and John Robinson is pressured to become one of the contestants.


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