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Elder Ones

Legendary Lovecraft Series 2

Patron Wall of Honor!

All of our projects are collaborative in nature, usually between the artist (Ricardo Garijo, Jr.) and Monsterwax (the writer/editor). This particular project, however, included the classic writing of H.P. Lovecraft, and over 100 other partners... our many Kickstarter patrons who pledged funds to pay for this momentous project and then patiently waited while the series was painted from scratch. We would like to thank all those patrons by name (although some preferred to remain anonymous) for their generous support of Legendary Lovecraft Series 2. Without their help, this series would never have happened!

  1. David Marwede
  2. www.collectablechris.com
  3. Marc Rouleau
  4. Matthew Carpenter
  5. Don Svenson
  6. Pam & Nova
  7. Bob Kimble
  8. Mark Pratt
  9. Bob Covey
  10. Chris Basler
  11. Eric Priehs
  12. Negativsteve
  13. Alex Tucker
  14. RRParksCARDS
  15. Ed LeClaire
  16. John J. Biagioni
  17. Martin Bodnar
  18. Erik Norman Berglund
  19. Van Nightingale
  20. Mark Blevins
  21. MikeE
  22. Winston Kou
  23. G. Kidwell
  24. JRPolowsky
  25. Steve Carroll
  26. Charles Stewart
  27. Brett Lehrer
  28. Ichino
  29. Saint Orm
  30. Dustin "UnluckyWolf13" Dunn
  31. SpyderVenum
  32. Jonathan Romulo Geronimo
  33. Kévin Fuster
  34. Lorenz Thor
  35. Lenny Krappe
  36. Jeff Allender
  37. Gerard Napolitano
  38. Jeff D Jennings
  39. Barak Bosher
  40. Matt Leitzen
  41. Mike Fitzpatrick
  42. George Higham
  43. Shauna Forrister
  44. Jay "ToneDef" Kirkwood
  45. Kurt Phillips
  46. Art Taylor
  47. Shannon Camera
  48. Scott A. Montgomery
  49. Daniel Hojnowski
  50. Marisol Henriquez
  51. Hemlokk the oft Confused
  52. Randy Scribner
  53. C. M. Hensley
  54. Scott Allan Stardy
  55. Dave Holets
  56. Rev. Jeffrey "King Mob" Trax
  57. Andrew Smauley
  58. Michael Coyan
  59. Elena Pagliarini
  60. Polly Whitmore
  61. Gavin Nicholau
  62. Gabe Harkins
  63. The Collector
  64. Bob Wiley
  65. Joe Kontor
  66. Matthew Stevenson
  67. Lawrence A. Contino
  68. James E. Trever
  70. angiesuez
  71. Enrico Palazzo
  72. John Arambula
  73. Meestabeck The Defiler
  74. Chris Loftin
  75. Bentley Burnham
  76. Max Glen
  77. Castimirr
  78. Rick Tillman (Strange Aeons Magazine)
  79. Michelle Taylor
  80. Seth Keller
  81. Carolyn Andre
  82. Eric J. Inglesby
  83. Christopher 'Vulpine' Kalley
  84. Bud Curtis
  85. Jeff Meyers
  86. Dragon's Roost Press
  87. John Burns
  88. Goggal0r
  89. Hank Borkowski
  90. Bruce A. Rhodes

We also thank Doug Paszkiewicz for his three (Cthuthu Mythos) foil inserts.

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