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Comments on War of the Worlds

Cards arrived today at postal office thank you. I must say they are fantastic, the art work is mind blowing and the short stories on the backs of each card is a great idea. Also the actual cards which they are printed on is super quality. Its so refreshing to see a card manufacture taking time and effort to produce such high quality product so like the old days. Also the outer box and wax type wrappers are fantastic. A real pleasure to have these cards. I will be putting together another order very shortly. Thanks again Kurt and I hope you have loads more ideas for future sets. - Regards Ronnie. (Ireland)

I received the box of cards today... Thank You again for allowing us this opportunity to own such excellent cards!!! We will recommend you and your company to anyone interested. Please add my email to your mailing list. I will be in touch again soon, -David B.

Hey Kurt. The Time Machine cards are looking great Buddy. After studying the fantastic images and exciting narratives on this set, I wanted to re-read the Wells novel and watch the movie (Pal version) again. That 'Island of Dr. Moreau' set is looking better and better. Thanks! Capt. Kurt

I appreciate the feedback, Captain! I have to say both stories are fantastic, even today, which is amazing considering they are over 100 years old. It shows how far ahead of his time Wells really was. Thanks for writing!

Thanks for the informative reply to my feedback. I just visited your 'Monsterwax' website and I'm impressed! The sample pics of 'Time Machine' and 'Moreau' are excellent. I like the way Mr. Garijo pays tribute to the George Pal movie in his renderings of the Morlocks and the Time Machine itself. I probably will order a couple more especially the 'Journey to the Center -' set which should be fantastic. Monsterwax is the greatest! Best - Capt. K

The WOTW cards arrived Friday. The set is very well done and the artwork of Ricardo Garijo is really great! A lot of the 'War of the Worlds' stuff that's out there including movie, TV, audio, comic and literary adaptions are alternative versions. What makes this card set special is that it retains the time, setting and storyline as Mr. Wells conceived it. I was unaware that these cards were produced by you guys at Monsterwax. Hats off to you for a fine product and for getting it right! Best - K.L

I really enjoyed the (Time Machine) set and hope that you continue to put out card sets. Few modern issues capture the feel of classic card collecting. I think you've managed to do just that quite well. Keep up the good work.

I am looking forward to the new releases - Journey to the Center of the Earth sounds exciting. - Spencer H (Centreville, VA).

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for sending the extremely entertaining H.G. Wells card set. What makes these so successful, I believe, is that there's so much Wells in them. And despite the pulp sensationalism of the approach, there's much thoughtful material to chew on. The equivalent respect paid to the pop-culture associations of these stories is another bonus for the series. A job well done. - Hal (San Francisco)

I just finished reading the article in the Wrapper regarding the two new sets coming out. Looking forward to both boxes and any new ones on the horizon. I love the art card format and will definitely support any ones that you continue to produce. Thank You,

Dave M.. (Colchester, VT)

I will be wanting everything relating to your new card series. I like two aspects best: One is that they keep the spirit of the original stories, i.e., they are set in Victorian England. War of the Worlds has been re-interpreted many times, but it's time is at the dawn of the 20th century.

Secondly, I'm a devotee of the great illustrated sets (Mars Attacks, Civil War News, Battle) and you follow in that grand tradition (albeit a very time consuming task). So good luck with future projects! -Dave (England)

You are to be congratulated for issuing such imaginative and high-quality card sets. -John (Canada)
I received the four boxes yesterday! Thank-you very much... I totally LOVE the cards!! Great artwork and job well done!!

I'm really looking forward to the Time Machine series, and would like to know how many boxes I'll have to order to make an equal number of sets with all the titles. Whatever it is, of course I want to order that many boxes,( I guess it would be 8 or 16).

Thank-you VERY much and Keep the titles coming!!

Although I enjoy some of the newer stuff, there is nothing like opening packs of cards where you know you'll be seeing something completely original!!

Very sincerly yours! Jeff

P.S. I could go on and on!!! Thank-you again!!

I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the Art of H.G. Wells "War of the Worlds" cards. You have done a marvelous job following the book. The pictures are great. They remind me of the original Mars Attacks cards. I also really enjoyed the wrappers, almost the old wax packs.

I got 5 complete sets (from my box) and I also really like the fact that I have gotten all of the extra cards that come with the set. Anyway, I am really looking forward to the next box.

Thanks -Ed L.

It was well worth the wait! The War of the Worlds cards are truely spectacular. Please place my order for one box of the combined series 1 & 2 (Time Machine & Island of Dr.Moreau). If possible... Thanks again for getting this series off the ground. I wish you much success in future series. I will try to support your efforts by purchasing at least one box!

-Dave M./ Colchester, VT

I logged onto your website yesterday and read that your "War of the World" boxes were being shipped, so I went up to the mailbox to check. Low and behold, there they were. Great box and set. Thank you for the great cards.

-Greg M.

I wanted to check the set out and provide (or at least try) an objective overview. My first impression, basically visual, is "Great"! The effort is obvious. I'd swear that someone took the time to track down the graphics from the [1978 Jeff Wayne] vinyl album and updated them. The spot reading I did (it was too much to read totally and provide timely feedback) provided very good story blocks. Some appeared to be close to direct quotes from the original story. Which, as much as I love the 1950s film version, better captures the Victorian impact...

Looking forward to the next installment!

-Ed P. , Charolette N.C.

I'm one of those guys who saved cards from my mother's periodic "clean out the house routines." As a kid I collected and still have my Space, Civil War News, Mars Attacks sets. It would seem that the exciting original art that made these old cards so exciting has become extinct...except for Monsterwax! I read the article in my Wrapper Magazine and was blown away. I am sure that these cards will be greatly appreciated by the non-sports community.

Regards, Vinny L.

I did receive both packages the same day, & am most pleased. The War of the Worlds set is fantastic. I am so glad you still keep cards like these coming.

I most definitely will keep watch on your site - & do want to order both the first 2 series when they are produced.

Thanx again, Carol B., Waco, Tx

(From the answring Machine)

"Got your War of The Worlds set today. Great job! You guys aught to be commended to the highest! Thanks a lot."

-Sid V.

(Posted on NSU Cardtalk)

I just received my set of War of the Worlds (Art of H.G. Wells) by Monsterwax in the mail today and I must say, I am impressed. The quality of the card stock is great, the art work on the front of the cards is fantastic, and the backs are full of words that I have not yet had the time to enjoy. The last card in the set was hand numbered (I got 100/1000).

Those of you that ordered boxes will have to wait a bit longer for them, but believe me, it will be worth the delay. The web site says that each box will have in addition to the already planned autograph-sketch card, every box will also include a special prize card offering a free tape of the original 1938 War of the Worlds radio broadcast. Plus, there will also be a free "Background Card" covering the impact War of the Worlds had on popular culture, with a special focus on the 1962 series of Mars Attacks.

I also had ordered the 6-card promo set which was equally as well done. Remember, this is Series 3 of the Art of H.G. Wells, Series 1 (The Time Machine) and 2 (Island of Dr. Moreau) will be out December 2005 or later.

I hope everyone else enjoys the cards as much as I.


Received the War of the Worlds cards today. They're really nice. I look forward to when the other 2 sets are available. As you know, I bought 2 sets, one for me and one for a friend of mine, who saw your article in Non-Sport Update, and she said to me , 'I would really like a set of those cards,' so as a treat I bought them for her. I have also made 2 custom binders to house all the cards including the 2 sets not yet released.

Ralph, England

I got the cards today - very cool! Nice story and great art on the cards. [I ] especially liked cards #73, 74, & 78-- the giant Martian ships wreaking havoc!

-Biran C. (Indianapolics, IN)

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