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BOOKS by Monsterwax

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If you like Monsterwax cards, you should also enjoy Monsterwax books! Check our unique titles.


Journey to the Center of the Earth

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea!

Each box is numbered (1 to 500) and contains:

24 packs (6 cards each)

Two complete sets from each series (making a total of just 1,000 numbered sets available).

A complete (six card) set of Jules Verne "Gallery Cards", depicting other Jules Verne classics. (These feature a special spot finish).

A complete set (BC-1 & BC-2) of Bio cards (one for Jules Verne, the other for Ricardo Garijo, Sr.).

A complete set (V-1 & V-2) of embossed "Verne Visions" cards.

One of two different sketch cards by Ricardo Garijo, Jr., (son of Ricardo Sr.). Odd #ed boxes have SC-1 (Journey) and even #ed have SC-2 (20,000 Leagues).

Every other box will also include a Monsterwax Metal card (one of the original printing plates) or a prize card.


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You can also listen to the UK CardCast program on this product.

G-1 Gallery card, "From Earth to the Moon"





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