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Monsterwax Mail
Jules Verne Feedback


Hello Kurt.
Just to let you know that i've now received my box of these. Just like the War Of The Worlds/Time Machine/Dr Moreau cards, they're beautifully done and quite unique. Although i've been collecting cards since 1977, i don't often find any these days that are anything very special. Indeed, i think that most of the time, (especially with Topps), the actual card sets are an afterthought.Your cards are different though; they bring back the excitement of opening a pack and beholding the treasure inside! I will be keeping an eye on your future releases!
Many thanks. - Pete (Australia)

Thanks Pete, I'd delighted you enjoyed them and I'll pass on your comments to Ricardo's son. (Although Ricardo passed away after finishing the base set, his son continued the tradition by doing the chase cards.) We're working on another set now that I think you'll enjoy as well. -Kurt

Hello, As one who recently stumbled upon your site, I'm kicking myself for not being in the loop on what look to me to be fantastic sets of creepy cards. Since some of the pages haven't been updated since 2009, I was wondering if the card sets are still available. Ricardo Garijo was a fantastic talent and I'm ashamed to admit I was unaware of this fact until I found your site. I need to own these cards. The man was truly gifted. -Vince B.

Hey Vince,

Ricardo is dearly missed, but I know he enjoys people enjoying his cards! We're starting to run low on some, but currently have everything he created. Right now we're still shippng his last art series on Jules Verne! - Kurt

Hi Kurt - long time no speak ! Don't remember if I told you, but the work you did on Journey/20,000 Leagues was fabulous. I purchased an even numbered box from you a few months back and thoroughly enjoyed them. -John

Very enjoying! The (Garijo) Journey to the Center of the Earth and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea cards, wrappers, & box... Outstanding quality!

-Alex M. (Oxnard, Ca)

I just got into non sport cards. I get the NSU magazine and I believe one of them just did a posting about the box he picked up from youso I thought I might as well pick one up as well :) Your not mentioned a lot on the sites so always forget to check your site

thanks, Chris

Hey Chris,

You're right about the NSU forum, we don't do much with promotions or advertising, spending nearly all our time writing/ designing and painting new products. Sometimes I envy those other companies that get their photos from the studio and the stories pre-packaged. It would save so much time to do it that way! But that also cuts out nearly all the creative and artistic aspects, so even though it's much more time consuming to write 'em, expensive to paint 'em, and less profitable to keep the print runs below 500 boxes per title-- I wouldn't have it any other way. It may be old school, but the greater the challenge, the better the result. (At least I sure hope so!)

Dear Monsterwax,

I recieved my 6 boxes last week and just got the chance ( Holiday ) to open some. All I can say is you hit another Home Run!! The artwork is fantastic and the insert set is absolutely Beautiful! I really liked my two sketches so far also. As usual, I opened the packs then collated them, then started with card #1 and read all the backs. It still amazes me how you get the complete essence of the whole story in such a short numberd set!!! I've always enjoyed reading about wooden ships, so I really enjoyed the artwork on some of the 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea cards... Well, Thanks again for the fun experience and keep up the Great Work!! - Jeff

Wow!!! I can't say enough! You blew me away again! The cards are great and the box was perfect. The box, the packs, the cards all come together for an unequaled fun and entertaining experience. It has been so long since I opened a card box and put a set together I forgot just how much fun it is. It was well worth the wait and you did a fantastic job.

Ricardo Garijo was a genius! A truly great loss! His son has come up with with amazing art himself! Equally as original and gorgeous. II hope that he will do an entire project like this some time soon. I know these are huge projects but I could easily do with experiencing this at least once per year. If only this were possible!

The quality of your products and service as a company are unsurpassed... I loved the experience and am looking forward to reading the text of this current set. I also got a $10 certificate card which I will be sending you. I will definitely put it towards another purchase of your superb products. Labors of love show very clearly and this was most definitely one of those! Thanks for keeping the "awe and mystery" of trading cards alive!

-All my regards, Hank B.

Thanks, Hank. I will forward your letter to Ricardo Jr., as I'm sure he'll equally appreciative of your comments. I think he did a wonderful job as well, and I know his father would be pleased with the finished product, even though he did not live to see it. Ricardo Jr. has expressed interest in doing another project, so I'm looking forward to that as well.

I love the new Jules Verne card set! I'm a big fan of Journey to the Center of the Earth (J.C.E)-- in fact I was playing the soundtrack while collating the cards. My favorite "J.C.E." card is #15 (Lost World). My favorite "20,000" cards are #36 (Exploring the Ship) and # 43 (Atlantis).

Also very neat to have a meaty chunk of classic text on each cardback. Both wrapper designs are really nice. Keep up the good work! Definitely worth waiting for!

- Dan M.

Received the cards today, and they are absolutely gorgeous. The artwork is simply fantastic. It's such a shame that Ricardo Garijo had to die at such a young age. He will surely be missed.

- Paul R.

Fantastic set. I can't remember having so much fun opening a box of cards. Superfastic!

-Ken M.

Congratulations on another great release. I really like both sets... The bonus cards are splendidly done. I really enjoyed them.

I'll need to get an even numbered box for the other sketch which, hopefully, has a metal card included. Can't have a hole in my Monsterwax collection!

-Mike F.

Received my cards. They are terrific. Keep up the good work. Can't wait to see what you bring out next. - John B.

(From NSU Card Talk:)

I'm glad I had my order in early, so I could get one of the first boxes of Monsterwax's latest release of Jules Verne's Journey to the Center of the Earth/ 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, in time for Open That Box Day. I'm pretty choosy these days when it comes to what I can spend my money on, but I've been a big fan of Monsterwax sets for many years and couldn't pass this up. As usual, I was not disappointed.

The box I received has a cool image of battling sea monsters from the "Journey" set. Inside I was able to make two complete sets of 55 cards. The first part of each set is the "Journey" story and the second half "20,000 Leagues." I believe all the base set art was done by the late Ricardo Garijo who sadly passed away shortly after completing this wonderful art work. These stories are timeless and beautifully imagined here.

There are some terrific bonus cards as well.

There is a complete set of six Gallery cards (G1-G6) showing other Verne stories including "Mysterious Island" and "From the Earth to the Moon" These are gorgeously done and feature a spot finish, highlighting a key element of the scene.

Next, there is a set of "Verne Vision" cards numbered V-1 and V-2, depicting scenes of and discussing Verne's remarkable forward-thinking visions. These are amazing looking embossed cards.

Also included are two nice "Bio" cards of Verne and Ricardo Garijo which are informative and touching.

I also received a sketch card SC-1. An excellent portrait of the main character in "Journey" Professor Lidenbrock. This was done by Ricardo's son Ricardo Jr. who is also a very talented artist and contributed all the sketches for this set. Odd numbered boxes have "Journey" sketches and even numbered "Leagues" sketches.

For an extra treat, there is, included in every box, either a metal print plate from this series, or a prize card. I received the prize card and was fortunate enough to win an uncut sheet of this set, which I am thrilled about. The prizes are recieved by redeeming the prize card which is then sent back with the prize.

As a tribute to the work of Ricardo on this and previous Monsterwax sets, Kurt is giving 75% of the profits from this release to Ricardo's widow. A very classy act.


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