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Hey, Just to give you heads up, that my MonsterWax Monster Faces box arrived today, and they look fantastic!!! What I mean to say is that they look really really great. The box any way. It is so perfectly packaged that I didn't want to open it up and peek inside like I usually do. And what a low number, too. Box 9 / 166. I was going to open some of the packs w/ my daughter and build a set or two. Now, I'm not sure. It really is a beautiful box to look at unopened. Now I'll have to sit on it and think about it. I probably will keep this one intact and get another box to open down the road. Man, I'm really pleased and excited. Now wait a minute!!! When MonsterWax arrives in the mailbox, I'm always pleased and excited!!! You guys really have out done yourselves this time. Looking forward to Shock Stories. Thank you again. Until next time, take care. - Greg.

I received my order from you last week. I LOVE the MonsterFaces! The fronts are wonderfully odd and fun, while still simplistic and colorful. And the DNA card was the best chase card I've seen in years! The only flaw I found in the set were the overcrowded and crude back artwork. I realize the artist is known for his gross underground comics, but I didn't find any of the scenarios monsterific or fun. I guess it's all in what one's taste is.
are. -Lee

Got the new Monstercards yesterday. Thanks. The fronts are colorful and fun, but the real pay off for me is the comic style backs. They are very visual and interesting. They were like miniture comic books on cards! -Mike

I'm really delighted. I normally only collect vintage cards, but these really capture the spirit of TRUE gum cards. Real wrappers too, not the foil sh*t! Heck, it says only 166 boxes made-- if that's true, these are already as rare as my 1960s cards! The only thing that is missing is the actual gum. (Not that I need the calories, hah-hah!) -Alex

Ed. Note: Rest assured Alex, there ARE only 166 boxes. That's why we number all our products. When we limit production like this, we sure want to prove it! And I bet we'll bring back the gum eventually, too! (See Spook Show!) So you may want to diet ahead of time.

I actually found a "DNA card" in my box with a hair from the artist. At first, I thought, this is REDICULUS! Then I realized, this is BRILLIANT! I bet the other guys will eventually copy you! - Mark

Ed. note: Thanks Mark. Your prediction has since came true. Lots of people thought our DNA card was funny at first (so did we, that's why we did it!) But now, even Topps has copied the concept. Now if only they'ed bring back the art cards, too!


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