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Card #/ Front Title/ Back title or topic

1 Zombie Crüd
2 Space Lord Uglys
3 Dippy Corruption
4 Reap Deformed
5 Punchinello Crüd
6 Skelzie A Chalkboard Story.
7 Dementia Invastion Nothing
8 Demon Ghoul Terry - Boy without a Head
9 Necrotrog Do you feel anything.?
10 Glerp (illustration with no text)
11 Frankie Crüd
12 Salty Puke 13
13 Uzuk Hay Kid
14 Freakenstein The Sooo-pah Gnomes
15 Wacky Wiz (illustration with no text)
16 Executioner MF
17 Spider Queen Bear likes hard music
18 Wacky Dracky (illustration with no text)
19 Mold (illustration with no text)
20 Dr. Tex Brain Eaters
21 Street Freak Shablameee!
22 Cyclopskull Sweet Hart
23 El Diablo F*** the World
24 Freezer Burn (illustration with no text)
25 Hypno Chimp Brain Eaters
26 Baby Gargantua Crüd
27 Plazmanoid (illustration with no text)
28 Vomitos Hi my name is Barf
29 Captain Blood Crüd
30 Cannibal Killa Gorilla
31 Hag www.deformedmovie.com
32 Basketballhead MF
33 Drifter Let's go out and brake s***!
34 Rapture (illustration with no text)
35 Scare Droid Annoy and destroy!!!!!
36 Santa Wow dude these fireworks
37 Oldghoul Brain Eaters
38 Slappy Jack Lantern Head
39 Scrrrd (illustration with no text)
40 Snakebite Hay Kid
41 The Shroud Uglys
42 Eggplant Sweet Hart
43 Dynamo (illustration with no text)
44 Hellbeast Yaaahgh
45 Posessed Very Insane
46 Video Ghoul Destroy!
47 Troglonaut Lobster Skull
48 Fuggettaboutit Zaped!
49 Torture MF
50 Cretin 10,000 Leagues of Blood
51 Screamer (illustration with no text)
52 Nukes www.mfgallery.net
53 Bloodstorm MF Toys: Mutant Fillies
54 Astrosnecros (illustration with no text)
55 El Creepo (illustration with no text)
56 Thrash MF
57 Mush Face (illustration with no text)
58 Meltdown (illustration with no text)
59 Fizz (Head Cheese) 549 lb
60 Doom Sweet Hart
61 Crust Zombie Flesh Eaters
62 Draculon Buggin
63 Nightmare Crüd
64 Daizy Faggys
65 Mecronos (illustration with no text)
66 Melvis MonsterFaces T-Shirts
67 Evil (illustration with no text)
68 El Stinko MF
69 Carnivore Thing
70 Metalwolf Spook House
71 Fiend Grole
72 Goro Shagyds


Prize Redemption Card (1:box)

-- You Win, Dude!
-- Frank Russo comic book [142]
-- "Spook House" from MF Toys [12]
-- Monsterfaces T-Shirt [8]
-- Original paintings by Frank Russo [4]

Auto Sketch Card (1:box) Most color, most glow in the dark.

-- signed by Frank Russo


Monsterwax Metal Card (1:box)

-- One of a kind (printing plate)


Artist DNA card (1:box)

-- Actual Artist DNA (in sealed hair sample)


Box-Bottom "Card"

-- Queef


P1 Coming Spring 2007 from Monsterwax.com
P2 Demon Baby - A New Arrival From Monsterwax.com


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