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* = Monster related. This means it's not a regular monster set, but there are significant monsters in it. Sci-fi and fantasy sets often cross-over in this regard. Monster collectors can explore these series to see if they are of interest.

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Mad Hot Rods (Allens & Regina, circa 1970s?) A 42 sticker set in the tradition of Odd Rods, but from Australia/ New Zealand. It features colorful monster hot rods and their gruesome drivers. Retail: Uncertain.

Mad Monster Series (Figures Toy Company, 2012) Four cardboard cards with rather cool monster art of four different 8” monster action figures sold by the company. The cards were not intended as cards, but could be cut out of box for each action figure, and each box had all four cards on it (albeit in different order). The fronts had the artwork and the monster title at the top, and the backs are believed to be blank. They are not 2.5 x 3.5” (because of the top titles), but exact measurements yet to be confirmed. Retail: $2 each (estimate only).  

Mad Monster Tattoos (Dynamic (Australia) 1993?) 16 different designs, 2 designs per (2 1/4" x 3") sheet. 16 different combinations available. Very colorful and nice art of various monster faces. Identical backs. See Checklist. Retail: $25

Mad Moon Monster cards (Sunicrust Bread, Austrailia, circa 1970s) Colorful but rather unthreatening monsters inspired by the likes of Basil Wolverton. Each card measures 5 x 8 cm and it is believed that the set consisted of 40 or 50 cards. No copyright date is provided, but it is believed to be 1970 or 1972. They came with tabs on the bottom that included a dotted line on the backs instructing collectors to cut them off. Sample titles include: #2 – Happy Bloat, #8 – Crying Gaggle, #11-Trumpeter Blump, #12 – Many-Eyed Tanglethrip, #24 – One-Eyed Frilletoid, #31 – The Greedy Greebie, #32 – The Trunky Roller. (See more samples.) Low supply and low demand item. Retail uncertain.

Make Your Own Name Stickers (Topps 1966) Basil Wolverton monster art, same as Ugly Stickers (also Topps) and Monstickers (also Topps), but these are just a LITTLE more serious. 33 color stickers. (Blank sticker backs.) Retail: $150-$250 Ex/Nrmt.

Mansion del Terror, La (Aston De Ediciones (Spain) 1988?) 162 color photo series of stickers with an album of 24 interior pages to stick them in. The horror movies include both old (Creature of the Black Lagoon, Curse of the Werewolf) and new (Beatlejuice, Child’s Play, They Live) and a slew of others in between. Retail: $100

Mark Spears Monsters (Spearsart, 2021) A very colorful collection of 86 monsters painted by Mark Spears and originally sold on Kickstarter.  There are also 25 die-cut stickers, an 86 card parallel “distressed” set, chromes, foils, sketch cards, and the like. Spears in an excellent artist, and the retro feel of the set is a lot of fun. The sheer magnitude of chase material (much of it parallel art with different borders) will frustrate some collectors, but most will want at least one of the two 86 card  base sets. Spears clearly relishes the genre. Retail: $50

Mark Spears Monsters, Halloween Edition (Spearsart, 2022) A colorful series of 92 base card monsters by Mark Spears, originally sold as a Kickstarter.  There are also 7 Houdini stickers, 13 Night of the Living Dead cards, and five parallel sets. Like in his first series, Spears makes excellent monster art, but the multiple parallel sets can be challenging for collectors who are obsessive completists. Hobby box retail: $96

Mars Attacks (Bubbles aka Topps, 1962): There's several cheap reproductions, so there's no excuse not to have Mars Attacks. Topps put hard work and imagination into this one. It's probably their most creative set ever. And that great Norm Saunders pulp cover painting style was just icing on the cake. (Maurice Blumenfeld also painted images for the set, but Saunders did the “finishing touches” on all of them.) There are 55 cards in the set. The backs have a pink backround. Retail: $800-$2000 Ext-Nrmt. See our special Mars Attacks Profile Page. (See more of the actual set.)

Mars Attacks Delux /Archives (Topps, 1994) The official Topps re-issue of the classic 60s sets, plus 45 more cards from various artists. The backs used a green background instead of the original salmon color, and the black and white photo previews of the next card in the series were done with a prismatic effect. There was also an extra 11 cards added to the base set (#56-66) with more storylines on the backs, plus more Martian art for cards 67-100 with trivia information on the backs. (100 card NRMT/Mint set) Retail: $60-$75. Included two per box were four Matrix (color prism renditions of art from the original series).

Mars Attacks reprint set (Renata Glasso Inc (RGI), 1984) An authorized reprint of the original 55 cards which also includes a 56th card image of the wrapper. The images are somewhat fuzzy and the backs have black print on white cardboard and a red preview arrow. They also had a postcard sized set of four promo cards that were sold separately. (Retail: $10)

Mars Attacks-- Del Rey Books insert (Topps, 1996) At least four different cards promoting the comic book series by Topps. 2 cards per strip (inserted in Del Rey Mars Attacks books. One is numbered P5, the other P6. See back. Retail: Uncertain.

Mars Attacks Heritage (Topps, 2012) Another reprint of the original (55) Mars Attacks, but with added subsets including 10 "deleted scenes", 15 "new universe" cards, and foil stamped parallel cards. Retail: $15

Mars Attacks Invasion (Topps, 2013) A reboot of the classic franchise from the original creators, only with a larger number of artists. Also different is a uniform look of the finished set, so there is a broad array of quality and style. Most of the artists are really great, while a few are somewhat cartoonish. Topps went overboard on chase sets and parallel subsets for this series (including a "heritage" parallel set with white borders, instead of the bull bleeds of the regular set). The odds of making a complete master set are literally out of this world. 95 card base set retail: $15.

Mars Attacks Occupation (Topps, 2015) A Kickstarter release from which Topps collected nearly $200,000 from fans to produce. The series had multiple artists and consisted of 81 base cards and numerous levels of chase cards, including sketches. Retail $50 (base set)

Mars Attacks Parody Cards (Cracked Magazine insert, 1997): Fun satire of Mars Attacks, pretty good artwork, too. Even has "Prize Captive" take-off. Comes as uncut cardboard sheet. 12 uncut cards (full color) set, Retail: $40

Mars Attacks Pocket Comics cards (Pocket Comics, 1988) A 55 part series of mini comic books was planned to tell the Mars Attacks story in expanded form, including a center fold of each card. Unfortunately, only four were published, but they included "cut out" cards on the box offering previews of the next chapter. See back. The preview cards were 1. Martian Ruler, #2. Approaching Doom, #3. Surprise Attack, #4. Deadly Dogfight. There were also 2 large Mars Attacks buttons and 1 small button made to promote the mini-com ics. Retail: $9 Low supply, low demand item.

Mars Attacks Philly Convention Promo (Topps, 1996): Features the Mars Attacks color wrapper on the front and text on the back. Given to patrons of the 25th annual Philly convention. Retail: $5-15.

Mars Attacks- Screaming Models (Screaming, 1995) Nine different cards with original Mars Attacks paintings based on the models issued by Screaming. The 9th card is a bonus card featuring three Martian faces, and it's also available as an oversized (6" x 8 6/8") card. See back. Retail: Uncertain.

Mars Attacks- Spanish version (Late 1960s or early 1970s, Argentina) 53 card set bootleg of the Topps version with rewritten text. with a yellow backgrounds on the reverse. Rare in the USA. See the rare wrapper here. Retail: Uncertain.

Mars Attacks, The Revenge - (Topps 2017) A 55 card base set that recounts the story showing how Mars counter-attacks the original Earth counter attack.( There is also a 55 card Pencil set showing the same images in pencil line art, which was included in the 110 card factory set.) Other chase items available as well (because it's Topps, and they'll suck you dry!) Unlike other Mars Attacks sequels, the base card set art is remarkably consistent and the styles do no clash. The cards have a very retro look and feel. Retail: $25

Mars Attacks- The Unpublished Version (Rosem, 1984) This is a set of 13 cards that were the "toned down" versions that Topps considered replacing the more controversial cards with. In the end, no revisions were issues and the entire Mars Attacks series was discontinued. This set limited to 1,000 numbered sets. The backs are all the same. Retail: is usually around $50.

Mars Attacks Movie- Widevision (Topps, 1996): Wide screen cards from the Tim Burton movie. See backs. 72 color card set, NM/MT $8-$15

Masters of Horror (Imagine, 1993) Three card set of black & white promos featuring Christopher Lee, Vincent Price, & Mike Mazurki. The regular series was never issued. (See backs.) Retail: $2 each.

Mego Museum Monsters (Mego Museum, 2007) A subset of an ongoing series of promos showing various plastic action dolls put out by Mego in decades past. The monsters in the subset were (2) Draculas, (2) Frankensteins, a mummy and a werewolf (numbers 66-71). The other characters in the series goes up to 90. (See back.) See also the detailed review and checklist. Retail: Made not to be sold, only traded.

Men In Black (Inkworks, 1997) 90 card photo set based on the movie of the same name (starring Will Smith.) Lots of aliens, including giant bug monsters. Various chase too. Retail: $15

Menko Monster Cards (Japan, 1960s 1970s for most monsters) Menko is a Japanese card game played by two or more players. The size is usually 18.5cm (7.6" ) x 15.5cm (6.4"). The sparse backs are in Japanese but are mostly symbols or logos. Each player uses Menko cards made from thick paper or cardboard, with one or both side printed with images from anime, manga, etc. A player's card is placed on the hardwood or concrete floor and the other player throws down his card, trying to flip the other player's card with a gust of wind or by striking his card against the other card. If he succeeds, he takes both cards. The player who takes all the cards, or the one with the most cards at the game's end, wins the game. There are many subjects, including military (before the war) and baseball after the war. Most the monsters became popular in the 1960s and 70s and seem to be cartoons like Tobor the 8th Man and Astro boy. Live action monsters (photos) include Godzilla and Ultraman. Retail: Unknown.

Midnight Madness (Rosem 1990): This series came in a beautiful die-cut full color box that has pull tabs to make various graveyard characters move back and forth. It contains all eight packs which each contain a twelve card set of Midnight Madness monster stories. One of the few modern sets with a continuous story on the backs. Packs were also sold separately for $2 each. Only 1,000 of these boxes were made (each numbered). Retail: $15-$25 for the full box.

Mini-bombs Trick Noise Maker Cards (M. Kapp, 1992) Six different color cards printed on the backs of novelty toy boxes. The cards are perforated and regular size. The backs are gray with text. The cards are #01: Attack of the Dinosaur, #02: Rat Fight, #03: Desert Destruction, #04: Bat Warfare, #05: Creatures from the Gorge, #06: Mutant Worms. Retail: Uncertain.

Monster Art of Mike Sosnowski (Studio E, 2011) A 36 card series of stylized monster paintings by Mike Sosnowski sold in factory sets.The backs form a large puzzle. Retail: $15.

Monster Box, The (Pulp Novelties, 2005) 25 different 5" x 5" full color reproductions of the covers from various 8mm horror films (of the 1960s). They are not numbered and the backs are all blank. Retail: $25 (See review article.)

Monster Box Series 2, The (Pulp Novelties, 2006) Another 25 covers made in the same style as the first series. (See review.) Retail $25 (See review article.)

Monster Brawl (Unknown maker, date uncertain but not vintage) A promo set with a staged monster photo on the front and their “powers” listed on the back. Although the photos are black and white, red it also included in the titles. These monsters are actually wrestlers (from the movie of the same name), complete with their age, weight, height, and record. The cards (maybe even full sets) were probably packaged with the VHS & DVD that was released in 2011. The production company that produced the movie was Foresight Features & Optix Digital Pictures, and they were likely the makers of the cards. Retail: $8

Monster Cards (Rosan? 1966?) 84 blue & white photo set of famous and not-so-famous monster movies, with a crude cartoon image on the reverse and bad jokes below the title of "Monster Cards". This is thought to be a "knock-off" set of Horror Monster sets. They are basically the same images, but not as professionally produced. Usually found as complete sets in high grade. Retail: $100-$175 Nrmt. See our special Horror Monsters Profile Page (for details about the origin of Monster Cards). See more of the set.

Monster Cartoon Blank-back cards (Unknown company, unknown date-- circa 1980s?). I made up a name for this series because there is nothing listed on the cards. They are flimsy cards that appear to have been distributed in perforated sheets with no text at all the brown backs. The company and date are uncertain, but they "look" like they were from the 1970s or 1980s. They are unnumbered, but they have goofy names to accompany the goofy cartoons that are drawn in a R. Crumb style. So far, I have seen at least ten different. The names seen up to this point are Franky Boy, 2-Toed Tommy, Jack The Wrapper, Handy Dandy, Weird Wolf, Barney Bones, P-R-R-R-RTY Boy, Boris Batboy, Ike the Spike, and Ugly Pugly .Retail unknown. (Likely a low supply, low demand item.)

Monster Chews (Funsport, 1988) 21 different chewy candy wrappers with different weird monsters drawn on them. No numbers, but names. Probably many more in the series. There is also a set made in Buenos Aires by (Productos Stani) of at least 17 different wrappers, which is probably the same thing. Wrappers measure 3 11/16" x 2 5/16". Retail: $1 each. (Sorry, but this particular picture can only be viewed with an AOL browser.)

Monster Choke 'N Gag (RRParks Cards, 2014) A mini sized 25 card set inspired by Monster Midgees. Measuring just 1.9" x 3.25" in size, the black and white photos of classic monster movies sport a red banner below them with the gag line. Retail $6

Monster Choke 'N Gag Series 2 (RRParks Cards, 2015) A sequel series of mini sized 29 cards inspired by Monster Midgees. Measuring just 1.9" x 3.25" in size, the black and white photos of classic monster movies sport a green banner below them with the gag line. Retail: $6

Monster Choke 'N Gag Series 3 (RRParks Cards, 2016) Another sequel series of mini sized cards inspired by Monster Midgees. Measuring just 1.9" x 3.25" in size, the black and white photos of classic monster movies sport a green banner below them with the gag line. Retail: $6

Monster Choke 'N Gag Series 4 (RRParks Cards, 2017) A sequel series of mini sized cards inspired by Monster Midgees. Measuring just 1.9" x 3.25" in size, the black and white photos of classic monster movies sport a green banner below them with the gag line. Retail: $6

Monster Choke 'N Gag Series 5 (RRParks Cards, 2018) Another sequel series of mini sized cards inspired by Monster Midgees. Measuring just 1.9" x 3.25" in size, the black and white photos of classic monster movies sport a green banner below them with the gag line. Retail: $6

Monster Choke 'N Gag Series 6 (RRParks Cards, 2019) A sequel series of mini sized cards inspired by Monster Midgees. Measuring just 1.9" x 3.25" in size, the black and white photos of classic monster movies sport a green banner below them with the gag line. Retail: $6

Monster Choke 'N Gag Series 7 (RRParks Cards, 2020) Another sequel series of mini sized cards inspired by Monster Midgees. Measuring just 1.9" x 3.25" in size, the black and white photos of classic monster movies sport a green banner below them with the gag line. Retail: $6

Monster Choke 'N Gag Series 8 (RRParks Cards, 2021) Another sequel series of mini sized cards inspired by Monster Midgees. Measuring just 1.9" x 3.25" in size, the black and white photos of classic monster movies sport a green banner below them with the gag line. Contains cards 219 to 242. Retail: $6

Monster Choke 'N Gag Series 9 (RRParks Cards, 2022) Another sequel series of mini sized cards inspired by Monster Midgees. Measuring just 1.9" x 3.25" in size, the black and white photos of classic monster movies sport a green banner below them with the gag line. This issue uses images from the silent film Nosferatu. The ten panels have 3 cards each, making 30 total in this set. Retail: $6

Monster Club (An Argentine Version of Monster In My Pocket). Over 188 monster images (some rather cartoonish) with plain backgrounds made for South America distribution in the 1990s. These appear to have been in two card panels, as the sets that turned up for sale seem to have broken perforations on either the left or right side. (Retail unknown, likely low demand.)

Monster Doublies (Nabisco (Australia), 1982) A series of 12 cards/ stickers that were included in Weeties cereal boxes (one per box). At least 5 of the images were Universal monsters, so the other seven were probably also Universal characters. The size is also unconfirmed, but probably 2.5 x 3.7". They were called "doublies" because the front was a card, and the back was sticker of the same image-- so they were "double." Retail: Unknown.

Monsterfaces (Monsterwax, 2007) Series of 72 different colorful monster face paintings by artist Frank Russo. Backs contain cartoons also by Russo (some with sexual content). Was the first card set to offer customized sketch cards (buyers could request specific images) and DNA cards with hair from the artist. See backs. Limited to 166 numbered boxes. Available at Gift Shop. Retail: $15. (See review article.)

Monster Flip Movies (Topps, 1963) Not a card series, but a series of 36 different flip books that one could flip though to see a scene from a famous classic Universal monster movie. Originally sold in pairs. Retail: $12-$20 Ex (See set.)

Monster Galerie, Die (Bastei (Germany), 199?) 192 cards and 45 stickers of monster paintings. The stickers are smaller than the regular sized cards. The back text is in German. This set is rarely seen in the USA, but there is also little awareness or demand for it. Here are samples of the card fronts, the card backs, the sticker fronts, and the sticker backs. Retail: $50

Monster Green Stamps (See "Shrimpenstein Fan Club").

Monster Greetings (Topps, 1965) Color set of 50 cards. The fronts feature illustrations by R. Crumb, but the backs use photos of various Topps employees wearing monster masks and such. The front sets up the gag, the back delivers the punch line. Retail: $150 Nrmt

Monster Gum (Spanish vintage issue): A group of at least 8 different Monster Bubble wrappers, sold with gum. Each packs has a Monster pictured and a name much like the Topps Ugly Stickers did. See Monster Chews as a similar English version of the same set.

Monster In My Pocket (Morrison Entertainment Group, 1991) 48 cards of colorful monster drawings, plus 24 stickers forming a puzzle (the artwork of which if pretty crude.) Check out the Panini sticker version as well (same title but over 200 stickers). See back. Retail: $10

Monster In My Pocket Stickers (Panini, 1992) At least 228 different stickers of colorful monster drawings (some of the artwork of which if pretty crude.) It's based on the Morrison Entertainment Group card series of the exact same name (I added "stickers" to the title to reduce confusion). There are lots of additional color illustrations drawn in a more comic book style. Like all Panini stickers, they are smaller than standard US cards. Retail unknown.

Monster Initial Stickers (Topps, 1974) 132 sticker set with two monster letters on the front, blank sticker backs. There was also 9 puzzle cards distributed in packs (see reverse). There is no "MA" sticker as reported in various guide books. Retail: $250-300 Nrmt.

Monster Laffs (Topps, 1966?) 66 of the images taken from Monster Midgees put in regular sized card. Often found as complete sets. Originally sold in clear cello packs. Retail: $35-60 (see back)

Monster Legends (aka Drac-Snax Monster Candy. Topps, 1977) A rare test issue wrapper (3 1/2 x 6 1/2 inches) with a Monster Legend (story) and color illustration on the reverse. There is no number listed and the set size is unknown, but five verified titles are "The Story of Mr. Hyde", "The Story of the Swamp Monster", "The Story of The Werewolf", "The Story of The Mummy", and "The Story of Dracula." See also the wrapper. Retail: Unknown.

Monster Magazine Collectibles (Good Stuff, 2001) Ten card black and white set with images of various monster ads. Retail: $5

Monster Magic Action (Abbey Vending, 1963) 24 colorful but confusing cards to the naked eye, until a special lens is passed over the front and the images appear to move. The color drawing are somewhat crude. Retail: $25-$35

Monster Masterpieces (House of Monsters, 2013) Ten postcard sized (4x5") color cards with great art by Scott Jackson, and text by Barry Kaufman. The two planned on releasing ten more cards each year until 2008, when they will re-release the entire series of 50 in a regular card sized set. Unfortunately, the plan stalled after two volumes (series 1 and 2 with ten cards each). Retail: $15 per ten card set.

Monster Masterpieces Vol. 2 (House of Monsters, 2016) Ten postcard sized (4x5") color cards with wonderful art by Scott Jackson, and text by different writers. This was the 2nd and (to my knowledge) last series of the five volumes that were planned but discontinued. However, the two (total of twenty cards) series that were complete were quite nice. The copyright dates on the back vary between 2015 and 2019. Retail: $15 per ten card set.

Monster Mazes. (circa 1980s, unknown manufacture). Colletion of at least 37 different monsters with patterns on their clothes that offer a maze to try to work through. (Low supply, low demand item.)

Monster Metal (2016, Sidekick). Nine metal card collection of modern monsters and maniacs (including Hannibal Lecter). This series was sold on Kickstarter in small quantities with several different variant colors (for different pledge levels). Retail: $50.

Monster Midgees (Topps, 1963) Low # series 1-108. Small 1 9/16 x 2 1/2" cards that originally came in 3 card panels.(Often separated.) Great photos of your favorite B monster movies (American International films and Japanese monster flicks), plus the typical "Monster Laffs" jokes on the back with gag lines on the front. There was also a 2nd series of high number, #109-153. Those are more rare and much more expensive. Retail series 1: $150. Series 2: $250-$350 Ex. (See backs.)

Monster Movie Classics (Reed, 1997): 51 card color set of the horror and sci-fi movies from 1930s to 1969. (Curse of the Demon, Forbidden Planet, War of the Worlds, The Thing, etc.). The backs give details about the classic fright flick on the front. Retail: $18. See Set Profile.

Monster Movie Classics Promo set. Six promos (P1-P6), mentioned here because they feature movies not included in original set. See Set Profile.

Monster Movie Classics 2, The Attack of the Killer "B" Films! (Reed, 1997) Featuring the monster flicks of the 40s, 50s and 60s that were small in budget but BIG in imagination. Fun fright flicks include Plan Nine From Outer Space, Frozen Dead, Beast with a Million Eyes and many more! Set features a two color process (like the old time Horror Monster series) that creates a 3-D effect. The backs tell about each movie. Retail $15. See Set Profile.

Monster Movie Classics 2 Promo Set: Three card promo set to the above series, mentioned here because they have photos not seen in the regular set. All three retail: $3.95. See Set Profile.

Monster Old Maid (Milton Bradley, 1964) 19 different 3 1/2" x 5 6/8" cards with close up black & white photos of various Universal monsters (tinted in different colors). The backs (reduced here) have a spider web with MONSTER across it. The 20th card is an instruction card. Sold as a game, there were two of each card except the Dracula's Daughter (only one, the "old maid"). Retail: $35 a set

Monster Olympics (an unknown UK publisher, circa 1980s) Smaller blank backed English cards released in the UK. Two series were reportedly issued, the first one just 18 cards measuring 1 7/8" wide and 2 13/16" tall. The artwork is rather crude but quaint. The most identifying aspect of this series is the number on each card, which appears as "No. _ of 18" logo, which is made to look like a piece of paper stuck in the top left corner with a tiny knife. Since there is no checklist provided, here is one: #1 The Evil Troll, #2 The Blob, #3 The Bonesucker, #4 Mr. Hyde, #5 The Werewolf, #6 The Zombie, #7 The Bride of Dracula, #8 Slimeball, #9 The Phantom of the Opera, #10 The Headless Ghost, #11 Creature from the Pit, #12 Four Eyes, #13 Frank N. Steins Monster, #14 King Tut, #15 Count Vlad, #16 Quasimodo, #17 Egor, #18 Attila The Hun. Here are the other 14 card images: (batch 2 and batch 3) The second series was larger, supposedly 50 or so, and had a pronounced sports theme. Many of the same 18 monsters from the first series returned doing sports activities, something that was basically missing the first series. Other characters in the second series included Octy, Fungus (or fungi) ... and he (probably) played soccer or sprinted, and (perhaps) the Purple people eater.

Monster Pin-ups (Phoenix Candy, 1963) Six candy boxes with a cut-out photo of Frankenstein (#1), Dracula (#2), The Creature of the Black Lagoon (#3) Wolfman (#4), The Mummy (#5) and The Phantom of the Opera (#6). The backs are blank. Retail: $50 to $100 each.

Monster Pop-Ups See Vita-Brits.

Monsters, serie 1 cromos (Unknown company, Spain, 2015) Very colorful and cool retro style monster art series dedicated to the old Spanish monster sets of the 1970s and 1980s. (They are all on blank backs and measure approx. 1.5 x 2”) Each has a numbered title below the monster’s face in Spanish. Series 1 was 76 cards plus 5 variants. 1,000 paper albums to paste them in were offered. Retail: $50

Monsters, serie 2 cromos (Unknown company, Spain, scheduled for 2017) Equally colorful and cool retro style monster art series dedicated to the old Spanish monster sets of the 1970s and 1980s. (They all have blank backs and measure approx. 1.5 x 2”) Each has a numbered title (#77-152) below the monster’s face in Spanish. Series 2 is supposed to be 76 cards plus 4 “extras”. 500 paper albums to paste them in were advertised. (Still awaiting release.)

Monsters From The Outer Limits (See Outer Limits, 1964)

Monsters, The Blood Edition (Unknown company, Spain, 2016) This is a “special Edition” of Monsters, advertised as a 40 card base set and “Including the award-winning chrome, the special Bonus chrome (which is achieved by redeeming the award-winning chrome) and limited edition No. 0 (Legendary Chrome).” I’m not sure if that means it’s all different art or that the 40 card base set is recycled images from Series 1. 500 paper albums to paste them in were offered. Retail: Unknown.


Monsters & Maniacs

Monsters & Maniacs (Monsterwax 2014) A photo series depicting a crime/zombie thriller where the inmates of an asylum are turned into flesh hungry monsters. Includes 24 "Hideous Heads" cards that are drawings of the nightmare monsters that drove the main character (Mark Thomas) insane. Retail: $18. (See gift shop.)

Monsters & Mysteries of the Planet Earth (Contact Press, 1993) 30 card set of black & white photo cards depicting various "believe it or not" type myths. If you're expecting lots of monsters in this set, you'll be disappointed. The few that are included are the Lock Ness monster and Big Foot variety. Retail: $8 (See back.)

Monster Squad (DVD premium, 2007). Free oversized cards (3 x 4.5") included in the 20th Anniversary 2 disk DVD release of the series. They are unnumbered and all have identical backs. There are at least 11 different. They are Wolfman, Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, Mummy, Gillman, Sean, Eugene, Patrick, Rudy, Horace, and Phoebe. They were also given away at the SDDC convention at different booths around the show. Retail: $1-2 each.

Monsters, Weirdos & Creeps (2009, Goblinko/Mr. Sean P. Aaberg) Collection of 27 different cards with funky designs in the Basil Wolverton cartooning style. (Think Nutty Initials meets Ugly Stickers.) The fronts are two color, whereas the backs are full color. They were sold in packs of seven. They appear to have been digitally printed on flimsy paper. $2 a pack.

Monster Tales (Back graphic / title to Horrible Ugly Monsters.)

Monster Tatoo (Topps, 1962?) Very rare tattoos with Jack Davis art. The backs form the red wrapper. I have a few dupes and would prefer to trade them for singles from the same series that I don't have. Contact me if you need any or have some to trade. Since there are no numbers printed on the 1960s version of this set, the size of the set is uncertain, but there are at least 75 different images. Retail: $15 each. See our special profile page.

Monster Tattoos (Topps, 1975) The same images as above were reissued in a smaller set of 60. These are numbered in two series, 1a-30a and 1b-30b. (Notice that the images are shaded a little different, and unlike the 1960s versions, these actually have numbers on the bottom.) The backs form the (yellow, orange, red or blue) wrapper which is distinctly different as well. Retail: $5-$10

Monster Tattoos Gum, Balloonka (Murry Allen Int'l Incl, 19??) small tattoos that were issued with gum. No numbers, no date, unknown set size and unknown value.

Monster Tattoos, Topps UK (Topps A&BC, 1970) According to Alan in England, the series is a set of 16 sheets of tattoos, with 14 colored tattoos on each sheet. The size of a sheet is 320 X 80 mm. The pictures on the wrapper provide a few other likely images. (Unknown retail)

Monster Tattoos, New Zealand (Allens & Regina, 1986) Based on information from the wrapper, these are the same images from the 1970 UK series, licensed by Topps. (Low supply, low demand)

Monster Times (RRParks Cards, 2014) A black bordered 51 card boxed set with images from the covers of the 1970s newspapers series devoted to horror. The backs tell the history of the paper (which folded after 48 issues and three special editions), along with a dozen horror cartoons from the paper. (Note: The 51st card is cut out from the wrap around box. The checklist is a foldout piece of paper.) Retail $24.

Monstertoon Chiller Souvenir Cards (Beadco, 1963) A series of finely detailed black and white caricatures of the classic universal monsters (Dracula, the Mummy. Frankenstein, the Wolfman, the Creature, and the Phantom). The backs contain well written summaries of the movies and the careers of the actors in them. These were sold in the backs of Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine. The product sold was actually a larger (4" to 11") iron-on cartoon monster, and a matching card was included in the package. The numbering sequence is unusual (M1-3, M2-4, etc.). The copyright on the reverse says "a product of Beadco, Riverside California". (Unknown retail.)

Monster University (2008, Mike Hoffman) Nine card set of monster caricatures by artist Mike Hoffman of Monster University. Features cartoon versions of Frankenstein, Mummy, Wolfman, Dracula, Hunchback, Zacherley, Mr. Hyde, Bride of Frankenstein, etc. (See back.) There are also 14 different black and white "student body" cards (made to look like monster yearbook photos), plus two bonus color cards available, but it is unclear if they were made and sold together or not. $8

Monster Valentines (See Frankenstein Stickers)

Monster Women Magazine (2014, Sleepy Oni) A 12 card set sold via Kickstarter. Each pack was the same 12 cards +1 kiss-cut sticker, about 100 packs printed. Card faces were 11 various MWMag covers (clean versions, without distressing) and a single image of the fictional cover artist. The backs of the base set of 9 cards combined to make a single, larger version of a 10th cover (the two stretchgoal card-backs had drawings of other monster women). The back of the artist card had a brief bio of the artist, Skott Kilander. Retail $25.

Monstickers (Topps, 1979) Plastic puffy stickers sold in 3 panel strips. 68 different panels, but all the different designs can be collected with as few as 26 panels. The backs are blank. Complete set retail: $75

Monstruos (Libro Para Cromos, Spain, 1986) 210 color cards of monsters, robots and aliens. They measure 1 7/8" x 2 5/8" and contain some of the better Spanish monster art. It is a popular set and fondly remembered by the kids of the era.The slogan bragged, “The 210 most terrifying cards you’ve ever seen will horrify you!” A 28 page album was also offered to paste them inside. Retail: $100

Monstruos Diabolicos (company uncertain, Spain, circa 1986) 80 different thin cardboard cards with perforated edges that would be torn out from 3 card strips and stuck to a sheet over corresponding numbers to the cards. (Size 1 3/8” x 1 15/16”.) There are also 12 that form a banner image that is in the middle of the sheet featuring six monster faces and a victim, with title in blood dripping characters across the top. Unlike the other images in the series, the banner images have no numbers. Note: sticker #31 was very rare, because completing the sheet permitted the collector to mail the sheet in and get a T-shirt or similar gift. The garish images include all sorts of bootleg (unlicensed) drawings of famous monsters and demons. They are colorful and somewhat crude, and despite the fewer number of cards in the set (or maybe for that reason), this series is one of the most popular Spanish monster series. The title translates into Monsters Diabolic. Retail: (w/out key #31 (El Carronero)) $175

Monstruos Locos, Locos, Locos! (Company unknown, Spain, circa 1980s?) Some art is so crude it’s kinda cool. Others are so crude, they’re just plain bad. Sadly, this art fits into the second category.  The cartoonish caricatures look sloppy and rushed. Even the colors looks slap-dash. (But that’s just my personal opinion.) There are 216 different cards in this series, as well as an album.  Retail: $100

Monstruos 2084 (Company uncertain (Reyauca of Venezuela?) circa 1980s.) Colorful but crude monsters, creatures, and aliens make up this 150 card collection. When completed, the collector could send them in for various prizes, including chessboards, soccer balls, and tennis rackets. An album was also available to glue them inside. Retail $50

Monstruos y Leyendas (Company uncertain, Spain, circa 1980/90s?) Another “you paste them into an album” collection of monster faces, the overall theme being Monster Legends, but also including subcategories like Super Heroes, Cannibals, Prehistoric Monsters, etc.. The album also includes additional line illustrations. There are 191 different cards in the set. Although the artwork is average, the subject matter is more serious than most and there is no effort to dumb it down for little kids. Retail: $100

Morbid Monsters (NostaligiCards, 1999) 45 different cards with artwork of monster faces and common names on the front. The reverse has monster limricks. Foil chase cards offered. Retail: $10

More Morbid Monsters (NostaliCards Co, 2000) Another 45 more monsters in this sequel to the 1999 series (w/ foil parallel cards included). There were also a dozen "Morbid Monster Minis" that were Cracker Jack miniature versions of the same cards.

Movie Poster Cards (Movie Poster Cards 1997) Monster movie posters from days gone by-- 1940s - 60s. Complete 34 Full color card set (#35 & #36 were promos). Retail: $5-$15. (See backs.)

Movie Posters: Stars*Monsters*Comedy (Breygent, 2009) 72 card series (w/ numerious inserts and autograph cards) featuring the classic poster art of monster, comedy, and other famous films of the 1920s - 1960s. (See also Breygent's first poster series, Classic Sci-fi & Horror Movie poster cards.) Also, See reverse. Retail: $7 (See the review article.)

Mundo Del Futuro, El (Spanish, date uncertain). The title translates into "The World of the Future". It's flimsy paper set of somewhat primitive but colorful artwork depicting space ships, aliens, military vehicles, foreign planet landscapes and living habitats of the future. The 225 card series measures 2 1/8 inch by 3 1/6 inches is siz. Retail: Uncertain.

Mummy Returns, The (Inkworks, 2001) 90 color photo set of the blockbuster sequel of the recent Mummy remake. Various chase and promos also offered. Retail: $10 (See review article.)

Munsters (Leaf, 1964) 72 black and white cards based on the TV show, plus 16 smaller lick 'em stickers with cartoon images from the same image. Backs contain jokes. Card set retail: $300 EX, sticker set $200 Nrmt. (See more of th set.)

Munsters Deluxe (Dart Flipcards, 1996) 90 color cards of the TV series on mirror card finish. Backs have text about the show. Various chase made. Retail: $20

Munsters Series 2 (Dart Flipcards, 1997) 72 black and white and sometimes color cards (no mirror finish). Very similar to the first series by Dart. Text backs. Various chase too. Retail: $15 (See review article.)

Munsters Cars by Johnny Lightning "Fright'ning Lightninings" episode 2. (Circa 2000) Color, unnumbered, blank backed cards featuring famous cars. Two of them have the two cars from The Munsters, (including the actors sitting in them). The six cards are The Munsters Koach, The Munsters Drag-u-la, the Heavenly Hearse, Meat Wagon, Surf Hearse, and Carl Casper's Undertaker. Retail: Uncertain.

Museum of Monsters and Madmen (see House of 1,000 Corpses)

Myth or Real? (American Realist Company, 1994) Two sets of 40 cards sold separately in white foil packs. Features B/W photos, illustrations and a few crude sketches of various legends. Typical examples include Big Foot, Kraken, and aliens. Few folks seem to know about this low mintage set, and the demand is soft. Retail: $20 (see back.)

Nestle's Chiller Club (Nestle's, 1966) Very crudely drawn rather goofy monster images (with limericks on the backs) given away with Nestle's product (the drink mix, perhaps?). Set is 50 cards measuring 2" x 3.5" each. Low supply, low demand item. See the extended photo list here. Retail: Uncertain.

Nightmare Trading Cards (Kilian Enterprises, 1991) A black and white card set (with red titles) that showcased the revived creature feature type show. If featured 25 photo cards of The Host and Rodney from KSAS FOX Channel 24. It also invited collectors to send in $3 and a SASE for two signed bonus cards by the host and his sidekick. The backs included facts about the show, with also a few puzzle backs. Retail $15.

Nightmare on Elm Street, A(Comic Images, 1988) Mini-sticker set with 32 page album. 264 color stickers (2" x 3") form the set. It covers the first three "Nightmare on Elm Street" films. Retail: $12

Nightmare on Elm Street, A (Impel, 1991) Factory set and send-away set of 130 cards. Both sets are the same except for the ten behind-the-scene subsets. Two holograms were also issued in both sets (which are different). Retail: $20

Night of the Living Dead (Rosem, 1987) 50 black & white cards immortalizing the gory zombie movie of the same name. Text telling story on the reverse. Retail $15

Night of the Living Dead (Imagine, 1993) 68 color card set also immortalizing the gory zombie flick by Romero. This one more professional. Autograph card also put out. Set retail: $12

Night Slasher, The (Mystery Playhouse, 2003) 36 color card set that spoofs the 1970s monster TV show, The Night Stalker. The images are photographs shot on location at a closed haunted house, with full cast and special effects. Only 50 test boxes were manufactured, so no more than 300 sets could be made from them. Retail: $10 per set. See (See review article.) See giftshop.

Nilbog (Attic Cards, 2019) 36 card puzzle set based on the Troll 2 movie. (Nilbog is Goblin spelled backwards.) The large puzzle painting is by David Day. There are also ten “behind the scenes” photo cards from the film shoot, five different cast autograph cards, and an original artist sketch card offered in the ten pack box. Box retail: $125

Norman Saunders Trading Cards (The Illustrated Press, 2008). Promotional set of cards that outline the career of pulp and trading card master artist, Norm Saunders (of Mars Attacks fame). The cards advertise the biographical book written by David Saunders (Norm's youngest son). Only 1,000 sets of the 54 card series were produced. The backs offer sparse text about the fronts. $10.

Nosferatu Trading Cards (Drawn World, 2016) A Kickstarter series of 13 B/W cards featuring stills from the 1922 silent movie and text on reverse. Limited to 250 sets. Retail $13.

Nosferatu 100th Anniversary (Attic Cards, 2020) A Kickstarter set of 27 base cards made up this series, including 9 art cards, 9 “3-D” cards, and 9 photo cards of the 1922 silent movie. This release was a joint project between Attic Cards, RRParks Cards, and RJF Image/Design. There were numerous chase cards as well, including sketch cards, cell-cards, and 2 different lenticular cards. Retail $20.

Nutty Initials (Topps, 1967) Not really monsters, more like goofy creatures that form initials (Wally Wood cartoons?). Either one or four intials per sticker. 48 different stickers (blank backed). Norm Saunders was the artist and designer behind this set. The art was later recycled for an Irish release by Topps in 1977 (note the 1977 copyright on the front). Retail: $4 - $15 each.

Obscure Movie Monsters Playing Cards (Mark Monlux, 2017) A standard 54 card set of playing cards with identical fronts, but the backs feature color illustrations of mostly “B” monster and horror movies, along with the date the movie was released, along with the title and date. Every card image is different, except the joker’s image is a list of the backers who helped produce the cards on Kickstarter. I’m not a big of playing card sets in general, but both the style of Monlux’s art and hia selection of which films to include made this set especially noteworthy. Retail $20

October Monsters (Shawn McManus, 2019) A 25 card set of color drawings by Shawn McManus, who originally drew the stylized cartoon images for an annual  Inktober (October drawing) contest. He published his monster images in a coloring book and card set that he released through Kickstarter. Retail: $15

Odd Rods -Several titles (Donruss, 1970s): Not exactly conventional monster cards, but goofy monsters on hot rods. It started 1969 with Odd Rods, then 1970 with Odder Odd Rods (reissued in 1973 as Fabulous Odd Rods), Oddest Odd Rods (numbered 67-132 and reissued in 1973 as Fantastic Odd Rods series 1) then 1973 with Fantastic Odd Rods series 2 (numbered 1-66!). A combination of all was also released in 1970 as Odd Rod All Stars. (See also Silly Cycles ). First series 44 stickers, the rest were 66 stickers each. Retail for most is $200 Ex/Nrmt, except Fabulous Odd Rods, which is $70 Nrmt. (See article on series.)

Outer Limits (Bubbles aka Topps, 1964)- 50 colorized photos from the classic TV show. The corny stories on the back only made it more endearing. (They had nothing to do with the actual stories from TV.) The black borders were easily chipped. (Beware of retouching with black markers on the edge.) There is supposedly a variation from the 1 cent packs that have blue backs instead of yellowish-green backs. Two different photos on the fronts from that variation were supposedly #2 ("Radio-Active Man" was originally called "Woman From Another Time") and an unknown card number called "Thing From Venus." Both featured different photos from the current ones. Retail for regular series: $350-500 Ex/Nrmt (Be aware that UK Topps issued the same series in a smaller version which sells for less, and that a pirate reprint of the regular series was printed in the 1990s. That reprint can be easily distinguished by the white background behind the text on the backs, instead of the yellow background found on the originals. There is also additional parody cards posted on the web for cards #51-54, but they were never printed as cards on cardboard.) See more of set. Here's also a fun article by Gerry Gerani with card writer Len Brown.

Outer Limits (Duocards, 1997). Color and black and white cards from Season one of the original 1960s TV hit and the 1990s series as well. Commentary by Gari Gerani. See back. 81 card set. Retail: $15-$20 (See review article.)

Outer Limits (Rittenhouse, 2002) 72 duotone set (looks black and white) profiles 8 of the episodes. Various chase sets and autographs offered. See back. Retail $10. (See review article.)

Outer Limits Board Game (circa 1960s) Set of (about) 40 cards with crude art depicting monsters form the Outer Limits to play in a board game. Most the images were four part puzzle pieces, but each also had a card with the completed image on it as well. See back. Retail: Uncertain.

Outer Limits- Sex, Cybors & Science Fiction (Rittenhouse, 2003) 1-- cards set (plus chase & autograph cards) profiling the remake series of color episodes. See backs. Retail: $10 (See review article.)

Otros Mundos (Libro Para Cromos, Spain, 1984) 243 color cards of aliens, space monsters and space ships. (They measure 2 1/8" x 2 15/16") A large album was also offered to paste them in. Retail: $100.

Pack of Fun (See Topps Pack of Fun)

Personajes De Terror (Universo Retro, Argentina, 2015) Card game of 36 cards with various monsters and maniacs from popular horror movies from the 1940s going forward. It translates from Spanish to “Horror Characters trading card game.” The artwork (by the Silva brothers) is quite good, although the wide array of characters indicates it is not licensed. (Mr. Hyde, for example, is clearly Spencer Tracy, and there’s also Linda Blair from The Exorcist.) Being a card game, the backs are all wasted, and most the text on the fronts is wasted with “power points” and other such nonsense. But the quality of the artwork still makes this a compelling series. Cards measure 2 ¼ x 3 ¾ “. Retail: $20

Pizza Monster series (Grand Cheeze company, 2000) Set of five cards featuring cartoons of pizza slices that are walking, stalking monsters. Titles are Phantom Feast, Mummy Melt, Moniterella, Cheeselda, & Frankenslice. Low supply, low demand item.

Plaid Stallions (Mego Museum, 2008 & up) An ongoing series of flimsy cards devoted to various toys from the 1960s and 1970s, many of which are monsters. Only a few cards are produced every few months, so the set size has yet to be determined. (See back). Retail: Not for resale.

Planet of the Apes- Movie (Topps, 1969) 44 color card set featuring scenes from the film. The backs have green graphic with text. Retail: $150 (See more of set.)

Planet of the Apes-TEST (Topps, 1969) Same set as above but with black borders and the actors names are include in the text. Rare. Set retail: $1800

Planet of the Apes-TV (Topps, 1975) 66 color card set devoted to the Ape series on TV. Puzzle backs. Retail: $75

Planet of the Apes Archives (Inkworks, 1999) Combination of all the movies profiled. Several chase & promo cards offered. Set retail: $15

Planet of the Apes- Movie Retold (Topps, 2001) 90 color card set show casing the Tim Burton "retelling" of the classic Ape yarn. Backs have mini-pix and text. Several chase & promos offered. Retail: $15 (See review article.)

Psycho Cards (Psycho Studios, 1994) The set was canceled, but four promos were distributed. The fronts set up the gag, the backs deliver the punch line. Mostly corpse jokes. Retail: $1 each

Puffy Monster Stickers (Hong Kong,1972): One fad of the 70s was "puffy stickers". These soft, 1 1/2 inch square stickers feature monster heads of Frankenstein, Dracula, Ape man, Cyclops, Mummy, the Witch, etc. They glow in the dark. 12 sticker 2-color set retails for $5

Puppet Master Series 1 (Attic Cards, 2021) A mini-master set of ten base cards (plus a lenticular, sketch card, and 3 holofoil sticker cards) devoted the Full Moon movie of the same name. Originally sold as complete master set only (while 99 sets of a 4 card metal series were sold separately). Retail: $75

Quentin Post Cards (Philly Gum, 1969) 12 cards with black & white photos of David Selby (Quentin Collins from the Dark Shadows TV show.) Retail: $5 per card. See more of the set.

Quatermass and the Pit, series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (RRParks, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022) Around ten black and white cards per set. It will print up to series 6 eventually, the same as the 1958 BBC episodes. (The same story was later remade as the 1967 Hammer movie, Five Million Years to Earth.)Retail $5

Rat Fink, Series 1 (Mooneyes Inc., 1996) 72 smaller color cards, measuring 2.25 x 3.25" in size. There are four checklists that give the titles and numbers of this otherwise unnumbered set of psychedelic monsters riding hot rods. Retail $12 per set. (See series article.)

Rat Fink, Series 2 AKA Funny Finkys Trading Cards (Ed Roth, 2000). 49 smaller color cards, measuring 2.25 x 3.25" in size. Another unnumbered set of weird stylized cartoon monsters driving hot rods, but without any checklist. Retail $20 per set. (See series article.)

Re-animator (Fright-Rags, 2017) A full color 60 card factory set that story-boards the classic horror flick, starring Jeffrey Combs and Bruce Abbott. The backs are chipboard with trivia and short facts about the film. 75 wax boxes were also produced, which included 9 different stickers and 23 different chase cards. Retail $20 for the base set.

R.I.P. Trading Cards (Kitchen Sink, 1994) 42 coffin-shaped cards depicting supposedly true supernatural events and gruesome killers. This could have been a better set if they had not of used several different artists with clashing artistic styles. Interesting text backs. Retail: $15

Scary Monsters Card Set (Denis Druktenis Publishing, ?) 9 card set of black & white photos of Aurora monster models. Images are dark with an all white background printed on flimsy stock. The backs form a puzzle of another model. The 9th card is a certification card signed by Sam Scare. Limited to 1,000 numbered sets.

Scary Monsters Movie Parody (Denis Druktenis Publishing, 1994) Color parody drawings of classic monster movie posters and lobby cards from days gone by. 36 card set retail $12. An extra Ron Foss autograph card is also available.

Screen Monsters (Comic Zone, 1992). Series of at least 20 cards featuring colorful art renderings of famous movie monsters throughout the century. These uncut cards were distributed in the series of  comic book magazines by Comic Zone in 1992. Since no checklist is provided, here is a working list: 1.Frankenstein 1910, 2.Frankenstein 1931, 3.Curse of Frankenstein 1957, 4.Frankenstein Unbound 1990, 5.Dracula 1931, 6.Dracula 1958, 7.The Lost Boys 1987, 8.Dracula 1992, 9.The Wolfman 1941, 10.I was a Teenage Werewolf 1957, 11.The Curse of the Werewolf 1960, 12.An American Werewolf in London 1981, 13.Godzilla-King of Monsters 1954, 14.King Kong vs. Godzilla 1965, 15.Gozilla vs. The Smog Monster 1971, 16.Godzilla 1985- The Legend Reborn, 17.The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms 1953, 18.7th Voyage of Sinbad 1958, 19.Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger 1977, 20.Clash of the Titans 1981. The backs claim the set was intended to be 28 cards (four per issue), but I’ve only discovered five issues of Screen Monsters (1-4 and Special #1) that were ever published, so the card set appears to have ended prematurely at 20. (See also the other Comic Zone series, UFO’s: Alien Contact, Freaks of Nature, Cult Television, and Legends and Folklore.) Retail: $2 each.

Scobby-doo Playing Cards. (200?,?) Playing card set of 3 x 5 inch cards. Images are repeated 4 times for each number (w/ different suits). Retail: $3

Scooby Doo Movie (Inkworks, 2002) 72 card photo set with chase.

Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed (Inkworks, 2004) 72 photo card set.

Scooby Doo Happy Families (Carta Mundi, 2002) 32 oversized cards make up this game set.

Scooby Doo: Mysteries and Monsters (Inkworks, 2003) 72 card set on the cartoon.

Sculptees: (See Ed-U-Cards Mini-Monster Sculptees.)

Secret Island (Geo Bassett & Co. (UK) 1976) A British set of 40 mini-cards with childlike, cartoonish depictions of monsters. The backs have sparse info about the character and artist who drew it. It looks as if the series was made up from "prize winning entries" to a monster art contest aimed at kids. (See fronts and a back.) Low demand item. $10.

Serenity: (the Firefly movie.) (Inkworks, 2006) 72 card photo card set on the Firefly movie of the same name. (Spoiler alert: the Monsters are maniacs!) Retail: $15

Shiverbones (Mathew Kitscht, 2022) First released for a RRParks Halloween Kickstarter, it reprints what was originally retro-styled Halloween postcard art by Mathew Kitscht. There are 61 base cards (with art on both sides), plus 26 subset cards featuring a black cat character getting into Halloween mischief. Retail $44.

Shock Stories (Monsterwax, 2009) A limited production original art series which tells twisted terror tales reminescient of the EC horror comics. There are 50 base cards and a checklist. It was sold together in the same box with Urban Legends. See gift shop. Retail: $20 (See review article.)

Shock Theater (US) Shock Theatre (UK) / Shocking Laffs (Topps 1975 & 1976): Rare full color set of monster cards, featuring full color images from Hammer Horror films. The 1975 US version is a test series that never went into regular production (usually selling around $600 on account of it's scarcity). There are no #47s in the test version, but two different #17s. The 1976 version was only sold in the UK, but like it's US cousin, it's regular card sized. There are no #17s in the UK set, but two #47s! The two sets feature about a third different images from each other. (The test sets has more on Frankenstein, while the UK set has more vampires.) The US test set has a 51st card, whereas the UK series stops at 50 cards. Both say "Shocking Laffs" on the backs. The UK set retails for half the price of the test series ($250 - $300 in Nmnt) (See review article.)

Shock! Theater Classics (ARCO, 2010) This series of 37 black & white cards (although the cover card is actually in color) has photographs from many classic monster movies (mostly Universal). The fronts include an oval with a title, and the backs contain serious commentary on the films. There are at least 3 full color stickers as well (mine had Frankenstein & Dracula posters, and the cover art to the first Shock magazine). Both the cards and stickers were printed digitally "on demand", so the print run can continue to increase as time passes. The stock is somewhat flimsy. Retail: $30.

Shrimpenstein Fan Club/ Monster Green Stamps (Fred Rice Prods. Inc, circa 1967). This was a black on green sticker set that sold for $1 to fans of a puppet program from KHJ channel 9 in LA. The hosts were Gene Moss (Dr. Von Schtick) and Jim Thurman (voices) and it ran from January 1967 to sometime in 1968. There are 15 in the set with the artwork inspired by another Fred Rice card set, Dracula’s Greatest Hits. The titles were Punky, Hemi-Head, Wilfred The Wiener Wolf, The Zombie, Surf Monster, Ugly-Buggly, Dr. Rudolph Von Schtick, Musty, Scampira, Twick’n Tweat, Screama, Shrimpenstein, The Tijuana Bats, Squid Kid, and Weirdo. (Low demand, low supply item. Exact card size unverified). The backs were brown peel off sheets. Retail: Uncertain.

Silly Cycles (Donruss, 1970) Goofy monsters riding various super-motorcycles. 66 color stickers. Many of the backs feature drawings sent in by Odd Rod collectors. Retail: $250 Nrmt.

Silver Scream Spookshow (The Plaza Theatre, circa 2010) A 36 color card set given away in five card packs. The photos profile Professor Morte & "Retch", his Igor like side-kick. Prof. Morte performs live spook shows in the Atlanta area at the Plaza Theatre. There is no copyright date, but they were printed before 2012. Retail: $2 a pack.

Simbad y la Princesa (Chocolates Juncosa, Spain, date uncertain) At least 86 different color cards and album were provided fir this Spanish series. It chronicals the story of the 1958 film "The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad" and includes several images of the Cyclops and other Harryhausen monsters. Although the date is uncertain, it was probably released along with the movie or soon thereafter, so late 1950s or early 1960s. This may be closest thing to a real Ray Harryhausen set, since the planned 2006 series by Strictly Ink was cancelled. Retail: $135

‘68 Zombie, Series 1 (Meatgrinder Studios, 2012) 12 card zombie set about the living dead in Vietnam during the war (based on the comic book by the same name). The fronts all have a blood  ’68 logo in the bottom right hand corner. Retail: $10.


60's Sci-fi & Terror TV (Funfax, 1994): Very scarce series containing the classic sci-fi & horror series from the golden age of TV. The photo fronts feature pictures and the backs contain info on each show. It profiles every TV sci-fi & horror series from the 1960s (Time Tunnel, Alfred Hitchcock, Wild Wild West, The Invaders, Twilight Zone, Thriller and Way Out, etc.) 50 b/w card set. Retail: $40. See Set Profile.

60's Sci-fi & Terror TV, The Sequel (Funfax, 1994): A follow up to the first series 1. It picks up at card #51 and goes to #100. Has a salmon retro graphic on the backs. Each set is numbered and limited to only 2,000. 50 b/w card set. Retail $15. See Set Profile.

60's Sci-fi & Terror TV, The Sequel Chase set (Funfax, 1994): P1-P6 chase cards. Each chase set included a card-sized certificate numbered one of only 750. Profiles The Prisoner sci-fi series. 6 b/w card set, Retail: $12. See Set Profile.

Sleepy Hollow (Inkworks, 1999) Series devoted to the Tim Burton movie starring Johnny Depp as Ichabod Crane-- only's his a detective in the movie, not a schoolmaster. (Base set of 90) The backs tell about the film. (See review.) Retail: $10

Sleepy Hollow, Season 1 (Cryptozoic, 2015) The television series received the 24 pack-per-box treatment from Cryptozoic, including numerous sub sets. The base set consists of 63 cards. Retail: $10

Space Mysteries (Barratt & Co Ltd , 1966, UK) 25 color set of mini-cards (1 3/8" x 2 1/2"). It features decent artwork, but it’s mostly UFO stories, which they suggest are based on fact. If true, some of the stories border on horror tales and were certainly creepy to the people they occurred to. Details of each UFO event are provided on the back. Retail: $13

Species (Comic Images, 1995) A 90 card series featuring photos from the SF/ monster movie starring Ben Kingsley and Natasha Henstidge. Natasha plays the beautiful but deadly alien human hybrid that must be stopped before reproducing on Earth. Retail: $10

Spectreman (Epoch Co., 1999, Japan) Colorful, borderless cards showing photos from the Japanese TV show of the same name. Like Ultraman before it, the super hero is super sized, and does battle with giant monsters who menace the (miniature model) cities. I have only seen samples of this series with numbers as high as 45. The reverse is printed in Japanese only. The total number in the series is unknown, as is a realistic price.

Spookshow Funnies (2009, Shiver Bones Group) A 27 card set featuring the Halloween postcard art of Matthew Kirscht. Limited to just 50 sets, but sold in packs of three for $18 per pack. The backs alternate between "True Weird Things" (supernatural   tales) and a 9 card color puzzle. Most of the backs were hand signed by Kirscht. (See back.) Retail: $162.

spook show

Spook Show (2011, Monsterwax) Retro series profiling the vintage horror posters that promoted macabre magicians and their midnight spook shows. 66 cards comprise the base set, and numerous chase cards were included in the 500 boxes published. See Set Profile. Retail: $15.

Spook Show 2 (Monsterwax, 2020) A sequel series to the 2011 series profiling the horror posters that promoted the midnight spook shows. The numbering sequence continued from card #67 to card #114. Numerous chase cards were included with this Kickstarter release, including 18 stickers, a “mystic metal card”, and a numbered backer card. Retail $20.

Spook Show Trading Cards, Vintage (Curiosity Emporium, 2011) See Vintage Spook Show Trading Cards.

Spook Stories (Leaf, 1961) This series is copyright 1961, but was actually distributed in two series from 1963 to 1965. Two series of 72 black and white cards featured photos from various Universial monster movies with gag on-liners beneath them. The packs were sold with a smaller full color sticker, which eventually composed an unnumbred set of 48. The stickers had backs that had "lick'em to stick 'em" glue, just like postage stamps. If the adhesive is uneven or appears brushed on, it is likely a counterfeit. Series 1 card set retail: $200 Nrmt. Series 2 card set retail: $350. Unnumbered blank backed stickers, $18-$28 each Nrmt. (see back.) (Read an article on the sticker series with checklist) See more of the set.

*Stargate (movie) (Collect-A-Card, 1994) 100 photo card set devoted to the movie which spawned the popular sci-fi franchise. The big bad monster in this series is an alien parasite that controls the mind of its host, but many different alien races are depicted in the shows that follow. The series started with this movie, then nine seasons of Stargate TV (plus four seasons of Stargate Atlantis, the spin-off show), then Stargate Universe (another movie) and even Stargate Infinity (a cartoon series). Together, Stargate resulted in at least 15 different card series.

Starlog: The Science Fiction Universe (World Class Marketing, 1993) 100 photo card set (plus six checklists) showing covers of the famous sci-fi magazine. There are many monster type aliens included as cover (and card) bait. Retail $10

Starship Troopers (Inkworks, 1997) More sci-fi than monster, but the villians are vicious bug monsters! By the same director of Robocop, a very worthwhile film and decent set too. See back. 81 color card set. Retail: $20.

*Star Trek (Leaf, 1967) Series of 72 black and white cards based on the TV show. Only two of the original Star Trek card series are included here to acknowledge a popular sci-fi show that was more sci-fi than monster oriented. The Leaf set was withdrawn soon after release due to licensing issues, and originals are quite expensive ($1,200 in EX). There are several knock-off reprints, including ones that claim to be "European" from the same era. (This claim is considered to be false. If they were from the same era, they would have used the same film-- not reshot the images using inferior cameras. The reprints are noticably less sharp.) Some of the fakes state "reprint" at the bottom of the backs with a 1981 copyright, while others do not. The easiest way to tell real vs. fake is to look at the cards from the side to see if the edge is solid white. The fakes use all white paper. The originals used gray cardboard with a white glossy paper finish on the outside. From the edge, the original Leaf stock looks like a sandwich, with smooth white on the outside, and gray cardboard within. (See review article.) See more of the set.

*Star Trek (A&BC, 1969) A slightly smaller sized color card series issued in England (2 3/16ths x 3 3/16ths). All 55 cards feature photos from the episode What Are Little Girls Made Of? which starred Sherry Jackson and Ted Cassidy (aka "Lurch"). Unlike the other Star Trek cards, the backs feature an ongoing story... plus oddball space facts, like the name of the first dog in space. Retail (EX) $350.

*Star Trek (Topps, 1976) Series of 88 color cards (see back sample) devoted to the famous sci-fi show, plus 22 stickers (see sticker reverse). Dozens and dozens of follow up Star Trek series have followed throughout the years, enough to fill up an entire site-- so only this and the earlier Leaf set will be included here (as a place holder for fans). Retail: $300

*Star Wars (Topps, 1977) Five different series started this ongoing franchise devoted to the movie (and later on, the sequels and prequels). The card sets are each 66 cards and 11 stickers, and continue the numbering sequence from 1 to 330. Although there are only occasional monsters, there are countless aliens. There are nearly as many sequel sets, but only this first series is included here (as a space holder for fans). Retail all sets combined, $150.

Sunicrust Monster Cartoon Cards (Sunicrust Bread, circa 1970, Australia) Series of 40 different cards that were included for free within the Sunicrust packets of bread. Staining from the bread is common. Like many foreign items, this is a low supply, low demand item. Retail: Unknown.

Super Cinema Movie Poster Cards (Due emme Publishing, 1996) 144 different full color movie posters on oversized cards. Several were monster movies, many were not. Measured 3 1/8 x 3 15/16". Back facts in Italian or Spanish. Retail: $20.

Super Monstruos [round cardboard disks] Cardboard round disks (company uncertain (in Spain), but circa 1978) Series of 60 colorful but very crude drawings of monster images (mainly faces) on round disks measuring about 1.5”, each one numbered. The goal of collectors was to glue them onto a one page sheet, thirty per side. (#6 was the super rare one—if it existed at all. When all 60 were complete, you could send it in and win a prize.) Retail for set: $200

Super Monstruos [cards] (Numulite (in Spain), 1987?) Series of 36 colorful drawings of monster faces, each numbered and titled. #25 (Tigorr) was the scarce one. Something about the art style of this set makes it especially appealing to me. The goal of collectors was to paste them into a four page album. Retail for set: $100.

Supernatural Season 1 (Inkworks, 2006) A fantasy-horror series about two handsome brothers hunting demons, monsters, ghosts, and other supernatural beings. Various chase cards follow a base set of 90. Retail: $10

Supernatural Season 2 (Inkworks, 2007) Follow up to the earlier season, with a base set of 90. Retail: $10

Supernatural Season 3 (Inkworks, 2008) Follow up to the earlier season, with a base set of 81. Retail: $10

Supernatural Connections (Inkworks, 2008) Another Inkworks series devoted to the spooky franchise, with numerous inserts and a base set of 72. Retail: $14

Supernatural Season 1-3 (Cryptizoic, 2014) The first three seasons of the hit television spook hunters are featured in this one series, along with inserts and a 72 card base set: $6

Supernatural Season 4-6 (Cryptizoic, 2016) The next three seasons of the hit television spook hunters are featured in this 2nd series, along with inserts and a 72 card base set: $6

Survival of Star Colony 9 (Geo Bassett & Co, UK, 1979) 50 color mini-card (1 3/8" x 2 1/2) set telling the story of a space traveler condemned to a dangerous penal colony, where he teams up with an alien to fight the monstrous creatures that infest that planet. Decent story, but bland cartoon style art. Retail: $30

Tales of the Crypt (Cardz, 1993) 110 color card set with images from the HBO TV series. Most the images are photos of the Crypt-keeper in various outfits (not freeze frames from the show.) 30 of the cards feature covers from the comic books. See back. Various chase cards offered. Retail: $12

Team Spirits (UNUSUALLY FUNNY FACTORY LTD, 1990 (UK)) Collection of slightly smaller (2 7/8 x 1 15/16") British cards of semi-goofy monster cartoons doing sports, ie Olympics. Contains goofy statistics or a short tale on the back. There were 40 in the series. You can see card #9, #18, #19, and #20. There was also another series of 18 blank back monsters without the sports theme included as chase cards, numbered X of 18, but it is not certain if these are the first series of Team Spirits or another series called Monster Olympics. They may be reissues of an earlier series, as some look very old and others are laminated. The company name was listed as "The Unusually Funny Factory Ltd. 4 Slaid Hill Court, Leeds, LS17 87J". Retail: Unknown (Low supply, low demand.)

Terminator 2 (Topps, 1991) Color sticker series with scenes from the sci-fi "killer robot" film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. The first 38 stickers have backs with a color picture and text about the scene, while the last six stickers (#39-44) are puzzle pieces that form a mini-poster. Retail: $8

Terminator 2 (Impel, 1991) A whopping 140 color card series depecting scenes from the sci-fi "killer robot" film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. 132 of the cards tell the plot, while six others profile the stars, producer-director, and T-2 movie logo, and two others are checklists. Retail: $15

Terminator 2 (Unstoppable, 2016) 72 color card series of the Terminator movie. The backs are puzzle pieces that form larger (9 card) images, and thus, avoid any need for a text writer. Retail $10

Terminator 3, Rise of the Machines (Comic Images, 2003) 72 card series where Arnold beat the crap out of a woman... (woman robot, that is). The cards were cut with rounded corners. Retail $10

Terminator Salvation (2009, Topps) 90 card series with the 4 (and final?) Terminator story starring Christian Bale. The stories on the back include "behind the scenes" information as well.

Terminator 2 el Dia del Juicio [the Day of Judgement] (Cusco Artes Graficas, 1992) 262 color photos from the James Cameron sci-fi film with a 14 page album. The Spanish company name translates to Cusco Art Graphics. Retail $50

Terror Cards (Necroscope, 2004) 50 card set of various scream queens and monsters from modern off-title horror flicks. They were sold in 12 pack boxes (cello packs) and included up to 3 different screen queen inserts (1 per 42 packs) and various autographs. Retail: $8

Terror Monster Green & Purple (Rosan, 1963): These looks so primitive, you can't help but enjoy it in an immature sort of way. The quality stinks, any kid with a photo copy machine could do a better set today- but that only adds to the charm. 132 cards (both series combined). The Retail: on both these sets has reached surprising highs. Expect to pay between $400-$600 per set in EX. Series 1 (green) is cards 1-64. Series 2 (purple) is cards 67-132. There are also two unnumbered bonus cards (usually considered #65 and #66, though no number is on them). These bonus cards often run between $100 to $200 each and have purple borders. The purple series 2 (#67-132) comes in TWO varieties: 1.) Regular b/w photos with a crude reverse graphic arched above a joke (usually called the "arch backs" variety) and 2.) A duotone variety (often using out of register photos) with a small skull and crossbones graphic in the top right and bottom left corner (with the joke in the middle). You can see both purple varieties here. (View green backs and regular purple backs.) See more of the set.

Terror Parade (Unknown company, 1990s?) This looks to be another version of Gwzel, a 113 piece sticker set of skateboard style monster art with fluorescent yellow, pink, orange, and pink backgrounds. The recycled artwork often has sport themes and English slogans. It can be stuck in a 18 page album. Although the printing was in Madrid (Spain), the license came from Torres Garliers in Brazil. Retail: $125

Terror Tales (Topps, 1967): One of the few monster photo set with word balloons plastered over it (like the Donruss version of King Kong). There is also a green tint added to the otherwise black and white images. There are semi-creepy stories on the pink backs with the subtitle, "Did It Ever Happen?" (see another sample). The stories were later repeated on the reverse of Fright Flicks. This set is tough to complete, rather scarce, and pretty popular. 88 cards. Retail: $600-$1200 Ex- Nrmt See review article.)

Terror Tales (Scanlens, Australia, 1969): The same series as the 1967 Topps version, but only 66 cards are in this set (instead of 88). The copyright reflects the different trademark, date, and Aussie printing, but otherwise, the backs are also the same. Retail: Unknown.

Terror Tattoos (Topps, Ireland, 1990s?): Produced overseas for European distribution, this collection of 25 different "terror tattoos" came along with 20 puzzle cards (to make two different puzzles). The backs of the cards give instructions on how to apply the tattoos and the fronts make up the large nine card poster (plus two cards with the complete puzzle image). Retail: Unknown.

Texta Swap Cards (Texta, Australia, 1960 or 70s): A set of 36 color photos from the Ultra-man tv series, featuring mostly monsters and villians from the show. They measure 1 11/16" x 2.5" and have back text in English. They were issued with school supplies. Retail: $10-$40 (low supply, low demand, foreign issue)

30 Scary Flix, Top Trumps Unofficial Guide to (Winning Games, 2020) A 30 card Trump game card set with photos of popular horror movies (along with power ratings). The backs feature the identical images of Slender Man in the woods, with the title, “Top Trumps Limited Editions Unofficial Guide to 30 Scary Flix”. They measure 2 3/8” x 3 7/8” with rounded corners, plus a “how to play” card. The 30 different titles include The Exorcist, Psycho, and Get Out. Retail: $10

3-D Monster Cards (Yoplait/ GoGurt 2005) Three Dimensional effects could be enjoyed with this set when you looked at them with the three-D glasses, which came with the GoGurt box (along with two cut-out cards). They were typical monsters, but made "friendlier" as not to offend parents (and to avoid paying Universal any royalties!). Examples include #3 Howlin' Werewolf, #4 Phantom Pirate, #7 Count Dracula, #8 Witch Doctor, #15 Spooky Scarecrow, #16 Haunting Headless Horseman. There were 18 total in the set. (See back.) Retail: Unknown.

Time Machine, The (?, 2001) 5 card movie promo set for the remake starring Guy Pierce. Several of the images are Morlocks. "Only 30,000 made." Retail: $13 each. (See series profile.)

Time Machine, The Art Of HG Wells Series 1 (Monsterwax, 2005) 27 card set (+ checklist) of color paintings faithfully recreates the famous HG Wells story. Only 166 numbered boxes made. Each checklist was individually numbered 1 to 1,000 and was distributed in the boxes. See set profile.

Tom Savini's Gotcha! Grande Illusions (see Grand Illusions)

Topps Pak O' Fun (Topps, 1969) Two card panel set of 42, almost the size of postcards. Many of the cards have Halloween themes, like Halloween finger puppets (image reduced), and several of the cards are re-issued images from the original Jack Davis Funny Monsters (issued in two card panels). Retail: $750 Nrmt.

Top Trumps (Waddingtons (UK), circa 1980s) Two sets of 32 were issued sometime during the early 1980s in the UK. These are game cards with identical backs. Low supply and demand. Retail: Unknown.

Tor Johnson (See Johnson)

Tune In For Terror! (Mystery Playhouse 1992): Artwork set depicts radio's golden age of horror. The first third profiles the famous radio shows of that era, the middle section profiles the classic writers who inspired many of the shows, and the last third tells short horror stories. Less than 1,200 numbered sets of the duo tone set. were made, and then a full color version was released in 500 (36 count) boxes. 33 cards and 9 sticker set. See backs. Retail: $10-$15. See Set Profile.

Tune In For Terror! Prototype Extension Set (Mystery Playhouse 1992): Six card series sold with the color series numbered 43 - 48. (They featured the same artwork as the extreamly rare autograph cards) 966 numbered sets were made. Retail: $12. See Set Profile.

Turok, Son of Stone (Darkhorse, 2010) 50 card factory boxed set of "Lost Turok covers" by Pete Von Sholly. These are (fake) Dell comic covers that look like they were original, but they are all Pete Von Sholly original paintings. (He also wrote the text on the backs.) They show the Indian warrior battling a variety of different dinosaurs and creatures. Retail: $15

Twilight Zone (Unknown, circa 1990s) A thirteen card set of black and white drawings that seem to promote various stories from a Twilight Zone book or magazine. No company info is provided, but a header card claims the series is limited to 5,000 sets. Retail: Uncertain, but probably around $8.

Twilight Zone [series 1]. (Rittenhouse, 1999) Black and white set profiling various Twilight Zone tv episodes. The base set was 72 cards, plus various chase cards and autographs. Retail for base set: $5. (See review article.)

Twilight Zone, The Next Dimension [Series 2]. (Rittenhouse, 2000) Black and white set profiling various Twilight Zone tv episodes. The base set was 72 cards, numbered 73-144. There are also various chase cards and autographs. Retail for base set: $5. (See review article.)

Twilight Zone, Shadows & Substance [series 3]. (Rittenhouse, 1999) Black and white set profiling various Twilight Zone tv episodes. The base set was 72 cards, numbered 145-216. There are also various chase cards and autographs. Retail for base set: $5

Twilight Zone, Science & Superstition [series 4] (Rittenhouse, 1999) Black and white set profiling various Twilight Zone tv episodes. The base set was 72 cards, numbered 217-288. There are also various chase cards and autographs. Retail for base set: $5. (See review article.)

Twilight Zone, The Complete [series 5] (Rittenhouse, 2009). Black and white series profiling all the episodes of the classic series on 79 base cards (two episodes per card, one on the front, one on the back). There were also various inserts and 45 different autograph cards randomly inserted. Retail: $5

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