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* = Monster related. This means it's not a regular monster set, but there are significant monsters in it. Sci-fi and fantasy sets often cross-over in this regard. Monster collectors can explore the series to see if they are of interest.

PLEASE NOTE: The prices stated are a retail guide only and items are not being offered for sale here. All cards are regular size (2 1/2" x 3 1/2") unless otherwise stated.

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*Abbott & Costello (Duocards, 1996) This is really a comedy set, except the six card chrome chase set is all universal monsters (with the two famous comedians also included). The monsters are Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolfman, Invisible Man, Mr. Hyde, and The Mummy (see backs). Retail: $6 each.

Album de Terror, El [The Album of Terror] (Super Pop (Spanish company), Circa 2000) An interesting "catch all" album of popular horror films, some older (The Exorcist), and many more modern (The 6th Sense, Scream (1, 2, & 3), Urban Legends Final Cut, I Know What You Did Last Summer, The Faculty, Final Destination. There are also very short segments even more recent films; Gossip, The Cell, Possessed, and The Last Step. The color photo cards are various sizes, but all appear to have been perforated and torn out of larger pages. There are between 105 and 123 cards. There are 28 pages in the album (if you count the inside and outside of the covers). Retail $100

Ackermonster Classicards (Dynacomm, 1992) Series featuring the covers of Famous Monsters of Filmland and other magazines by Forrest J. Ackerman. Five series (of 45 cards each) make a total of 225 cards in the series. (See backs.) Retail: Usually $8-$15 per set of 45.

Ackermonster Cardiacards (Raygen/Dynacomm, 1991) Four sets of 45 cards, making a total of 180 cards in the complete series, Horror/fantasy, monster, and sci-fi lobby posters in full color are on the front, and the backs contain editorial text by Forrest J. Ackerman. (Note: Series 1 & 2 have white borders, while series 4 & 5 have black borders w/ inner red trim.) Retail $8-$12 per set of 45. (See backs.)

Addams Family (Donruss, 1964) 66 black & white card set of photo cards show casing the 1960s TV show of the same name. The reverse forms a giant photo. Retail: $250-$400 Ex- Nrmt (See more of the set.)

Addams Family (Topps, 1991) The successful 1990s movie is profiled in a 99 card set (w/ 11 stickers) Retail: $5-$12

Addams Family-- card game (Milton Bradley, 1965) Four different images sold in the 1960s Milton Bradley game. Gomez, Morticia, Children, and the "wild card" of Lurch/ Fester. The backs (reduced here) have identical graphics. Retail: $2 each.

*Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (TSR, 1991) Many will argue this is not a monster set, since it's based on fantasy role playing game. But there is no denying it has a lot of monsters in it, including Minotaurs, vampires, werewolves, Yetis, dragons, giants and so forth. Also included are the typical dwarfs, elves, ferries, etc, so common to fantasy/ mythology. TSR put out three of these mega-series (1991, 1992, and 1993) and they all featured colorful artwork from various artists originally published in D&D books. Since they are game related, they are only mentioned here once, so non-sports collectors can decide if they want to find out more elsewhere. The price is pretty cheap. The premier factory set of 750 cards can still be found for under $25.

Adventures Into the Unknown, Vol. 1 (Cult Stuff, 2016) An 18 card base set reprinting covers from the older horror comic books of the same name. With 174 available covers to reprint, this title could be milked for a long time! Retail $10.

Alphabet Monster cards (Tip-Top Snack Cakes, circa 1960s) "Alphabet Monster" premium insert cards were distributed in individual packages of "Tip-Top Snack Cakes" bakery goods in the late 1960s. The individual color cards measure approximately 2 1/2" x 5" with rounded corners, and are blank backed. Each card has the following copyright: "(c) Ward Baking Company, Inc." An uncut sheet (measuring approximately 15 1/8" x 23") sold in auction and revealed the single double print card. It had 27 cards: the full set of 26 cards plus an extra card (the letter "E") to fill the gap in the lower right corner. Low supply, low demand item: $35. See also an image of sheet sample.

Alien (Topps, 1979) 84 color cards and 22 sticker set depicting the movie of the same name. The monster was cool, the ship claustrophobic, and Riley Scott's movie direction was top notch. Cards 43, 63, and 83 have two different backs. Retail: $30 Nrmt.

Alien Nation (FTCC, 1990) 60 color card set on the TV series of the same name. This is really a science fiction drama about aliens who land on Earth and try to assimilate. It is based on a movie with a monster subplot, since the aliens can turn into a horrendous creature if they get too much of a certain drug. Retail: $15

Alien 3 (Star Pics, 1992) Set devoted to the third (and worst) Alien movie. 80 color cards in the set. Retail: $10

Aliens/ Predators Universe (Topps, 1995) 72 cards, 15 stickers. The two alien monsters from both films are included in one set. Retail: $12

Alien Legacy (Inkworks, 1998) 90 card set profiling all three movies. See back. Retail: $15 (See review article.)

Alien Vs. Predator, Movie Cards (Inkworks, 2004). 90 card set (plus chase) about the first movie where the Predator squares off against an Alien monster.

Alien Vs. Predator Theatre Cards (20 Century Fox, 2004) Three oversized cards (2 5/8" x 4")given away at theaters to generate additional interest in the movie of the same name. The three titles were Alien, Predator, and "Whoever wins, we loose." Retail: Unknown.

Aliens Vs. Predator Requiem (Inkworks, 2007) 81 card set (plus chase) with both alien monsters doing war on Earth, with humans caught in the crossfire. (See review article.)

Amazing Monster Transfers (B International, 19??) Only the outside of the box has been reported so far. "Made in Korea for Sole Distribution in Beverly Hills... Series of ten." These might be tattoos or decals, or perhaps some kind of maze game. Retail: Unknown

Amazing Stories (Digital Masterpieces, 2006) An 80th anniversary set of oversized cards reproducing some of the most memorable covers of the famous sci-fi magazine. There are plenty of bug eyed monsters included. There are 50 in the set. Limited to 400 sets. (See back.) Retail: $30.

American Horror Story, Season 1 (Breygent, 2014) Photo series devoted to the television series about a house haunted by criminally insane past owners. Various inserts, and 72 card base set. Retail: $8

American Horror Story, Asylum (Breygent, 2014) Photo series devoted to the second season of the television series about a mad mental asylum. Various inserts, and 72 card base set. Retail: $10

Angel (Inkworks, 2000) A 90 card photo set devoted the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" spin-off series. Inkworks did a separate series for all five series of the show. Due to space limitations, collectors of the Vampire Slayer series are encouraged   to visit one of the many Buffy websites for more on the countless Buffy related card sets.

Army of Darkness (Dynamic Forces, 2005) A 72 card series (with several inserts, including six glow-in-the-dark inserts) celebrating the cult- classic Bruce Campbell horror flick directed by Sam Raimie. Many cards also depict comic book images from the same story. Being from overseas, they are not that common here in the USA, but in the UK the sets are cheap enough. Retail: $10

Art of H.G. Wells, The - (Monsterwax 2005) Three series of original art cards which tell the famous HG Wells sci-fi tales of The Time Machine (#1-27), Island of Dr. Moreau (#28-63), and The War of the Worlds (#64-99). Although the series connected together and was sequentially numbered, each series was a stand alone product and sold separately under each stories' name. (See series profile.)

Art of Robert Aragon, The (MNS, 2014) A card series of color paintings and b/w illustrations of various monsters and evil villains, including The Hunchback, Dracula, Nosferatu, King Kong, Phantom of the Opera, and many more. Factory sets included various chase cards, but the base set was 72 cards. Retail: $20.  

Astounding! (21st Century Archives, 1994?) Collection of 50 covers from Astounding Science Fiction Magazine. This was the last of the cover series, and is somewhat grainy and poor quality image wise, but the text is as informative as the others in the series (Women In Peril & Weird Tales). See back. Retail: $10

Attack of the Giant Leeches (RRParks, 2020) Color card series of 9 cards featuring the one sheet, poster, and lobby cards from the infamous 1950s “B” monster movie. Retail: $4

Aurora Monster Model cards (See Scary Monsters card set)

Barker's, Clive- Box of Blood (Imagine, 1993) 60 card art set of horror images from the famous director/ comic artist of the same name. Retail: $10

*Babylon 5 Ultra (Fleer, 1995) Five seasons of the sci-fi soap opera translated into nine different card series (and just as many CCG sets). There's plenty of aliens, intrigues, and invasions to keep the average sci-fi interested. You'll have to decide if the exotic alien creatures qualify as monsters or not. The 120 card Ultra Fleer series had a far greater demand than it did supply, but the follow up sets were much cheaper in comparison. Retail: $100.

Bazooka Gum Monster Tattoos (Topps, circa 1970s?) Collection of ten (perhaps more) tattoos with recycled art from the classic Ugly Stickers (Basil Wolverton type creatures). They all have the same code number on them (0-173-1-9). Retail: Uncertain. Low demand, low supply item.

Beautiful People (Fleer, 1985) 50 unnumbered stickers with crudely drawn and rather goofy monster/people. 28 of the stickers have yellow backgrounds and the other 22 have white backgrounds. Both have the same printed instructions on the reverse. There are also 14 cards with "gag" type services offered (like free haircuts with giant scissors bigger than the patron.) Retail: $40

Becker Prize Cards (L.M. Becker, 1960s) Crude black and white cards with colored borders featuring several 25 card mini-sets on a variety of different "funny" subjects (Animals, football, Space age, Armed forces (50 cards), Wild West). Two sets are devoted to funny monsters. One series is numbered, the other isn't. Retail: $2 -$3 per card. See a green sample. See a purple sample (Scans courtesty of Van Beydler.)

Beetlejuice (Dart, 1990) Cartoon images from the annimated series based on the film by Tim Burton. 100 base cards + 20 "glow in the dark" stickers. Retail: $15

Beetlejuice Movie Limited Edition (NECA, 2001) Photo set of just 24 cards featuring scenes of the comedy/ horror film by Tim Burton. Retail: $12

Beetlejuice Movie Promotional Sticker Set (The Geffin Film Company, 1988) Series of six oversized (3 x 5") stickers featuring photos of the comedy/ horror film by Tim Burton. Retail: $35

Beyond Stoker’s Dracula (Cult Stuff, 2013) An 18 card base set drawn by a variety of different artists (sold with a bunch of different chase cards). Retail: $15

Blair Witch Project, The (Topps, 1999) Series showcasing scene from the popular horror movie that was supposedly based on a true story (not). The backs tell about the film. (See Review.) (Base set of 72) Retail: $10 (See review article.)

Blockheads (Topps, 1967) 12 different square masks that kids could fold over and place on their heads like giant blocks (7.25" x 8.65"). The full color images covered the top and four sides (with the bottom empty for the child to insert their head). The designs were 1. Green Monster 2. Pirate 3. Mad Scientist 4. Witch Doctor 5. Martian 6. Moon Creature 7. Hippie 8. Three Eyed Monster 9. Giant Fly 10 The Bleech 11. Ape 12. Skull. Retail: Unknown.

Bloodsucking Beasts From Hell (Comic Images, 1996) Only the three card promo set from this series made it to press. It was supposed to be a 72 cards of gory paintings by artists including Les Edwards and Terry Oaks. Alas, it was cancelled. It's a pity, because the hype was certainly dramatic. The sell sheet had a bloody hand holding a pile of eyeballs that declared,   "A card series that will make your eyes pop out!" Promos (P1 -P3) $3 each.

Body Bag Trading Cards (Troy Holbrook, 2007) Set of 15 (sold complete) with photo images of what appear to be real dead people... but not to worry, they are special effects images by Holbrook. Grim write-ups grace the backs. Retail: $10 a set.

Boris Karloff, Beyond the Monster (Good Stuff, 1998): Series 1 had 100 black and white cards on Boris and his flicks ($25 retail), series 2 (©2000) had 106 B/W cards about him ($15 retail). Also available is a 25 card bonus set of Boris cards given away with the 2nd series, called Boris Karloff The Return of the Monster ($15 retail).

Box of Blood (Clive Barkers, 1993 Eclipse Enterprises) A slightly oversized (2.75" x 3.75") factory boxed set of 32 card series depicting Clive Barker horror classics. All 32 painting are by artist Tristan Schane. The red "blood" backs relate to the graphic horror images on the front. Retail $12.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula, The 1992 Movie (See Dracula)

Bram Stoker’s Dracula (Cult Stuff, 2012) A 27 card base set and plenty of chase cards to suck your blood (I mean wallet) dry. Retail $10

British Horror Collection (Unstoppable Cards, 2017) The best of British horror flicks from Hammer Films, Amicus Productions, and Tigon movies featured in a 92 card photo set. The movies featured are TO THE DEVIL...A DAUGHTER, KONGA, LUST FOR A VAMPIRE, I, MONSTER, CIRCUS OF FEAR, DR. JEKYLL AND SISTER HYDE, HORRORS OF THE BLACK MUSEUM, HORROR OF FRANKENSTEIN, SCARS OF DRACULA, BLOOD FROM THE MUMMY'S TOMB. Also included were 18 different foils, sketch cards, and other extras, including an 18 card preview set released in 2016. Retail: $20.

*Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Inkworks, Ikon, 1998 to present) There are over two dozen different card series made for this TV show, most of which are produced by Inkworks (USA) or Ikon (in Australia). In addition, there is also a spin off series called "Angel" (and five season's worth of cards). Most the vampires and demons that Buffy battles are actually intelligent characters, making this only a borderline monster set. For more on Buffy, visit one of the many websites devoted completely the Buffy card craze. Here's the one run by Inkworks. (See also Buffy articles and reviews.)

Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, The (Drawn World, 2017) A thirteen card mini-set with photos from the classic 1920s silent film. Although the expressionist sets are nightmarish sleepwalker scenes are detailed, the backs contain only a short title description. This set was created by Christopher Irving on Retail $13

Calling All Monsters- Alien Invaders -(Target 1998): 48 Black and White monster set with movie info on the backs featuring flicks from the 50s - 60s. Films include When Worlds Collide, Robot Monster, Devil Girl from Mars, The Giant Claw and many more. See back. Retail: $15

Calling All Monsters- Mad Science (Target .1999): 49 Black and White monster set with movie info on the backs featuring flicks from the 50s - 70s. Films include Astro Zombies, The Tingler, The Wasp Woman, Return of the Fly, and many more. See back. Retail: $15

Captain Spaulding's Museum of Monsters and Madmen (see House of 1,000 Corpses)

Cardlings Cards (Cardlings, 2004) 29 card set (plus a checklist) of unnumbered cards depicting various mythological beings and monsters. The cards are all brown bordered with colorful paintings on one side, and poems about the creatures on the other. 9,000 factory sets were made and each came with one of four different "familiars" inserts. They do not appear any different from the regular cards except they are listed at the bottom of the checklist. The four special inserts are: Owl, cat, raven, or wolf. Other images include Cyclops, Elf, Ogre, Troll, Vampire and Zombie. Retail: $18

Carnaval de Monstruos (Productos Millionario, Madrid Spain, 1972) 96 different color drawings by Yague. The monster face stickers were supposed to be stuck onto a double-sided poster. It is a popular but tough series to complete, despite its rather primitive art style. Retail $100

Casos VNI La Historia Del Fenomeno Extraterrestre [Cases UFO The History of the Extra-terrestrial Phenomenon] (Unknown Spanish company, 1979) A 24 sticker set with a ten page album that gives brief descriptions of famous UFO sightings. It’s surprisingly expensive given there are so few stickers to the set. Retail $500

Chapala Megaton (Cropan, 1990s?) Series of 12 stickers of various cartoonish monster faces, including a Mummy, Vampire, zombie, Frankenstein, skeleton, etc. Retail: $50

*Charmed Season One (Inkworks, 2000) 72 card set (and chase) of stills from the supernatural TV show about three witch sisters. There's also various warlocks, demons, and mythological creatures featured as well. Inkworks produced half a dozen different series of the Charmed franchise. It's not a typical monster series, but there's enough to make it worthy of consideration. Retail: $12.

Chiller Thriller Cards (Warner Brother Video Rentals, 1986) Scary movie posters (like Salem's Lot) on regular cards. The set is only 11 cards in size and may be limited in distribution to the UK. Retail: $30

Chupa Chups Universal Monster Stickers (See Universal Monster Chupa Chups stickers).

Cine (Libro Para Cromos, Spain, 197?) At least 172 stickers (probably more) measuring 2 1/8" x 2 7/8" inches. There is probably a large binder also offered to place the stickers in. Some of the few images seen so far feature zombies and voodoo witch doctors. Since the title translates into "movies", the subject matter could be very diverse, but if the wrapper is any indication, it is horror oriented. (It features vampires, bats and zombies.) Retail: Unknown.

Classic Horror & Science Fiction Trading Cards (Hypersurface Studios, 2015) Black and white drawings by Kevin Kuder of classic movie monsters. The horror cards have tan and red borders while the sci-fi cards have black and green. The 27 card set also includes famous quotes on the backs from the movie featured on the front. Only 40 sets were reportedly made. Retail: $20

Classic Movie Monster Stampers (USPS, 1997) Series of ten art cards (plus one hearder card) profiling the actors who made the monsters of Universal famous (like Boris Karloff and company). Two cards are devoted to each actor, one with monster make up on, the other without. See back. Images included: The Phantom, Wolfman, Dracula, Mummy and Frankenstein were featured. Retail: $8-10 NM (See also Get the Creeps stickers, the sister series) Retail: $15

Classic Pulps (Sherry Mini-Mags, early '90s) 100 card set featuring striking images of a variety of classic pulp sci-fi & horror magazines. Much brighter than the 21st Century copy-cat sets. Instead of commentary on the backs, actual story excerpts from the pulps is reproduced. See back. Retail: $20

Classic Sci-Fi & Horror Posters (Breygent, 2006) 49 card oversized set (3.5 x 5") plus various chase cards featuring movie poster art from famous sci-fi & horror classics like King Kong, The Time Machine, Blood Feast, & The Fly. Plans for the 8 x 10" factory set was cancelled, although there are two 8x10" promos for Tarantula and Attack of the 50 Foot Woman. (See back.) Retail $5-$10 (base set). (See review article.)

Classics NOT Illustrated (Digital Masterpieces, circa 2005) Oversized 4 x 6 inch set of glossy coated card. The 25 card set is made up mostly of various pulp covers with new titles saying "Classics Illustrated" on them, but several are computer drawn as well. The first 100 sets included a 26th card for Edgar Allan Poe's "The Pit and the Pendulum". A total of 1,000 numbered sets were made. They are all blank back cards with no copyright info. Retail: $25

Classic Vintage Movie Posters: Stars * Monsters * Comedy. (See Movie Posters)

Clive Barkers Box of Blood (see Box of Blood)

Clive Barker (Fantaco, 1993) 50 factory card set of artwork (line doodles) by Clive Barker based on his horror novels. There is also a "delux version" with four additional cards (51-54). Retail: $15/ $20

*Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Topps, 1978) The alien movie by Spielberg is featured in the 66 color photo set, plus 11 stickers. It's another sci-fi movie with borderline horror elements. The aliens were portrayed as scary during most on the movie, but then turned out to be benevolent. Retail $15. (There is also a 48 card set by Prime Press and a 24 card set from Wonder bread with the same images.)

Coleccion Monster (Company uncertain. Made in Murcia (Spain), circa early 1990s). I've only seen the paper thin album (with interior bluelined images of 28 stickers). The art appears to be recycled images from Monstruos Diabolicos, but repainted to fit inside a thinner rectangle. There are four other tell-tale differences: the corners are rounded, the edges are straight (instead of perforated like stamps), the title of each creature often appear at the top of the card (instead of at the bottom, as it was always listed in the first series) and no numbers are assigned each card as they were originally. The date mentions a promotion that ends in 1993, and number of stickers is 28 plus an unpictured 29th. There may have been more in the set, since the album was meant to be returned (once filled) to win certain prizes. Retail uncertain.

*Conan (Comics Images, 1993) Not a conventional monster set, but some may call it "borderline". The all Chromium 90 card set featurs dramatic art of the warrior battling monsters, creatures, and other savages. Six other series were also produced (including two by Rittenhouse), but the first series remainds one of the most popular. Retail: $35

The Conspiracy Files of Dean Haglund (MNS Cards, 2008). 45 card photo set which uses the popular X-files character from The Lone Gunman organization. Dean Haglund played the character named "Richard Langly" in the TV show. Although the card set seems to have no official connection to the series, Haglund poses and acts like his TV persona, theorizing about aliens and other bizarre creatures that are said to exist. Several levels of chase cards were also offered. Retail: $15

Count Chocula 3-D "Scary" Art Gallery cards (General Mills, 1995) 8 different goofy Halloween characters (cut from 2 different cereal boxes). 3 1/2 x 4 1/4". Also featured 3-d glasses to view the art. Retail: $10

Cracked Magazine "Mars Attacks" Parody Cards (Cracked Magazine insert, 1997). See Mars Attacks Parody Cards.

Creature Feature (Topps, various years) See "You'll Die Laughing" (shown near end of this list).

Creature Features-- card game (See Ghoul Agency)

Creatures of Legend (Brooke Bond Foods (England) 199?) 24 color cards measuring 1 13/16" x 3 1/16" that cover vampires, Cyclops and the like. There is also a color album to stick them in available. Retail: Unknown.

Creatures of Legend, Myth, and Terror (Topps Allen & Ginter, 2009). A short print insert set to one of Topp’s baseball sets. These are mini-inserts, more the size and shape of tobacco cards. The 20 different color illustrations include The Loch Ness Monster, The Invisible Man, Werewolf, Vampire, Cyclops, Bigfoot, Unicorn, and Dragon. Retail: $90

Creatures of Myth and Legend (Perna Studios, 2019). Base set of just 20 cards, drawn by different artists (many of which go on draw original sketch cards and chase cards for the same series). The subjects included Big Foot, Deer Woman, Kraken, Goatman, Banshee, Hippocampus, and Lock Ness Monster. Retail: $25

Creatures of the Night That We Loved So Well (see Horror Host Collectors Cards)

Creeping Flesh: Dan Brereton’s Monster Girls Trading Cards (Sidekick, 2017) An artwork series of women as monsters drawn by Dan Brereton and crowd-funded on Kickstarter. It was sold as a complete set of 19 cards and 1 sticker, mailed together in a retro style wax wrapper. Retail: $20

Creepshow (Fright Rags, 2022) Color photo cards profiling the 1982 horror anthology movie. The series has 80 base cards with rather garish borders. There is also a checklist, 6 parallels, 9 puzzle stickers, and six different autograph cards. The 325 boxes sold out quickly, but there were also factory tuck boxes with complete base sets (with only two stickers & two parallels, and no autographs). Original retail: $35.

Creepy (Darkhorse, 2010) 50 card factory set providing classic Creepy magazine covers on the front, and information about each issue on the back. However, the series skip numbers up to #137, giving the impression another two series are planned. Six of the cards are unnumbered and feature classic ads and promotional art. Retail: $15

Creepy Classics (Creepy Classics, 2001) An ongoing series of black & white cards with classic monsters on them promoting a distributor of old monster classics on video and DVD. Usually given away in mini-sets of 3 or so with video orders. See back. Retail: $1-$2 each.

Creepy Freaks Stickers (Dannon Yogert, 2003) 4 different stickers of colorful weird creatures. 1 3/4 x 3". (They were stuck on the inside of the four-pack yogart boxes.) Retail: $1 each.

Cromos de Cine (Maga, Spain, circa 1980s) A series of 36 sticker pages (6 ¼” x 8 ¾”) containing nine die-cut stickers that peel off to stick inside an album. About half of the painted images are horror, including ghosts, werewolves, vampires, Kong, Godzilla, and so forth, but there’s also various 1970s TV stars, including shows like Emergency, Banacek, Kung Fu, The Virginian, plus various film comedians, like Jerry Lewis and Laurel & Hardy. The sheets were originally given away with chocolate dipped Terrabusi cookies. There are 234 stickers total. Retail: $50 


Cult Television Trading Cards (Comic Zone Productions, 1992). Four uncut cards originally issued in the comic magazine, Cult TV. They are different monsters of the Outer Limits, drawn in color. The backs are simple text. It states "series one", but no other series are known as of yet. The titles are 1.The Sixth Finger, 2.Nighmare, 3.The Zanti Misfits, and 4.The Duplicate Man. (See also the other Comic Zone series, Screen Monsters, UFO’s: Alien Contact, Freaks of Nature, and Legends and Folklore.) Retail: $2 each.

Crypto-Terra: Myths and Monsters: (Mistview Media, 2021?) Series of color cards created on Kickstarter that catalogs various monster legends, like Big Foot, Wendigo, and Mothman. The “stretch goals” allowed five ten set series to be published together, so the complete set has 50 cards (plus a Beast of Bodmin Moor promo).  

Dark Shadows, Pink (Philadelphia Gum, 1968) 66 card set of black and white images from the Dark Shadows TV show with bright pink borders. The backs made puzzle photos. Retail: $250-300 EX (See review article.) See more of the set.

Dark Shadows, Green (Philadelphia Gum, 1969) 66 card set of black and white images from the Dark Shadows TV show with light green wavy borders. The backs made puzzle photos. This set is more professionally made than the first, and is more often seen in high grade. Retail: $300-$350 NM (See review article.) See more of the set.

Dark Shadows, Orange (Celebrity Ink & John Graziano, 2001)) Supposedly licensed by Dan Curtis, this 66 card set has a lot of the same black & White photos found in the sets from the 1960s, only the borders are orange. Retail $10.

Dark Shadows (Imagine, 1993) 62 color card set of images from the cult favorite, Dark Shadows TV show. These have a gold picture frame border. The backs contain a vampire graphic and short text. Retail: $15-$20 NM

Dark Shadows Giant Pin-ups (Philly Gum, 1969) Mini-posters from the gothic supernatural soap opera. 16 different posters. Retail: $75 EX (See more of the set.)

Dark Shadows Postcards (see Quentin)

David Day’s Monster Castle Ball-O-Rama Puzzle set (David Day, 2022). Originally sold in a RRParks Halloween Kickstarter, this is a 9 card puzzle set consisting of the iconic Universal type monsters drawn by the popular sketch card artist. Retail: $6

Dawn of the Dead (Fright-Rags, 2018) A series with a base set of 81 cards and various inserts, including a puzzle back set of 9 stickers. The fronts feature full color images from the 1978 George Romero sequel to "Night of the Living Dead". Retail $25

Dead World (Breygent, 2012) Black and white illustrations of various zombies from Dead World comics. Various subsets made, but 72 in the base set. Retail: $8

Die Monster Galerie (See Monster Galerie, Die)

Dinosaurs Attack! (Topps 1988): This is a clever take off on Mars Attacks, only this time, it's the Dinosaurs who rip apart the puny Earthlings. Since even the grass eaters now crave human flesh, I consider it a monster set. Wonderful art and fun text. 55 color cards and 11 stickers. A wonderful all art set, but massive overproduction has kept even modern prices low. Check out the fan site to the series. Retail: $5-$10. (Available at our Gift Shop.) See also the history of the set.

Dino Attacks Comic book cards Four bonus cards from the Eclipse comic, that were cut out of the back cover. They were numbered bonus A, B, C, D.. The backs had no color. Retail price: $5

Disgusting Disguises (Topps, 1967, 1970) Oversized series of 24 die cut cards and 27 stickers featuring masks and wounds, bandages, eye-balls and the like. Norm Saunders painted these. See back. Retail: Uncertain.

Disney Adventures Magazine cards (Disney Adventures, 1991) Four different cards (Creature, Dracula, Mummy, Mr. Hyde) on flimsy perforated cardboard that detaches from the magazine. Measures 2 3/8" x 3 3/8". The facts contain goofy "factoids". Retail: $3

Doom (Artbox, 2005) 72 card set (with chase cards) based on the movie (which was based on the video game) of a special ops team sent to a science lab on distant planet to respond to a distress call. They meet "unimaginable horrors". Imagine them with this set. Retail $10

Dr. Paul Bearer's Horrible Horror Cards (Druktenis, 1994) Black and white images of the St. Petersburg Florida horror host with color borders. 36 card set retail: $10-15. An extra Bearer autograph card is also available.

*Dr. Who (Walls Ice Cream, circa 1960s, UK) There are numerous Dr. Who series, most of them made thirty years after the series started airing in England in the 1960s. (The one pictured above was a food premium of 36 cards printed sometime in the 1960s.) Although many of the aliens look monstrous, they are actually intelligent characters rather than mindless monsters, making this more of a science fiction series than a monster set. This (and the Ty Phoo Tea set below) are nevertheless included as a place setter set. Retail: $100

*Dr. Who (Ty Phoo Tea, 1976) Another food premium set (12 total) included for oddball interest only. Note the octagon shaped corners of the cards. Retail $12.

Drac-snax (see Monster Legends)

Dracula (Topps, 1992) Dramatic images from the Francis Ford Coppola movie are featured in this nicely execuded set of 100 cards. The last dozen cards are images from the comic book series, also by Topps. The backs tell about the movie. Retail: $20-$35

Dracula (Topps Comics, 1992) 16 card set, mostly from the Dracula comic book, but back images include photos from film (as do a few front images). The backs have the same blood graphics as the regular set. There is a logo that says "Topps Comics" in the bottom left just above the number on each card. Retail: $15

Dracula's Greatest Hits (RCA, 1964) A sheet of 15 perforated black and white monster illustrations by Jack Davis, included in the record of Monster Mash style music. The backs are blank. Retail: $2-$5 each.

Dracula Stickers, (Holland, 1972) Probably the French version (since it also uses the French “Autocollant” on the wrapper) of the round and trapezoid stickers of monsters, ghouls, knives, eyeballs, etc., made by Monty Factories in Leiden, Holland. They are all blank backs with no numbers. Low supply and low demand item. (See also, Horror Stickers.) Retail: $1 a sticker.

Dragons (Long Dog Cards, 2023) A Kickstarter series of illustrated and painted dragons by Canada’s Ingrid Hardy and UK’s Lindsey Greyling. The base set is 18 cards with 9 holograms and 3 promos, but there is also an expanded base set and various master sets with additional inserts and sketch cards by many other artists. 27 card base set retail: $42 ( Due out in June 2023.)

Dune (Fleer, 1984) 132 cards and 44 stickers make up this beautiful set that profiles the movie that couldn't possibly live up to the book's reputation (but is still fun to watch). The monsters in this tale have minor parts, but the Sand Worms do for dirt was Jaws did for the sea! (See card back and sticker back.) Retail: $45 (cards and sticker set combined).

Dune (Panini, 1984?) Smaller stickers make up this series of at least 180 (size uncertain). The sci-fi classic sure is colorful, including the blood and explosions. All the backs say the same thing in multiple languages (made in Italy). Retail: Uncertain.

Dune, The Miniseries Commemorative Set (See Frank Herbert’s Dune)

Dwight Frye... True Character (Good Stuff, 1998): He was Frankenstein's Hunchback and he was Dracula's Slave... He was Dwight Frye- A True Character! Features the man behind the monster up in this 71 black & white card set. (See Gift Shop.) Retail: $15 Nrmt.

Earth Beware (Wildcards, 1981) Two color promo for a Mars Attacks sequel that was never produced. The same front image is available in red & white and black & white. See reverse. Retail: Scarce.

Edgar Allan Poe: Ghastly Vignettes (Zerostreet, 2023). While most of Poe’s stories did not involve monsters, they were certainly horror (and some brought the dead back to life)! Poe pioneered the horror genre as well as the short story format, and was clearly ahead of his time. Robert Jiménez designed, drew, and published this 36 card color set celebrating the authors works on Kickstarter. He describes the set as “a cover card plus 25 vignettes inspired from passages of Poe’s work which are quoted on the back. There is also a 10 card subset of printed sketches” (which were available as reward add-ons). The base set also included a Masque of the Red Death metal card and Tell-Tale Heart lenticular, as well as a Raven die-cut sticker. Retail: $40

Ed Repka’s Monsterdom (Sidekick Labs, 2017) Another Kickstarter series produced by Sidekick Labs. It’s a dramatic and colorful collection of monster stickers professionally painted by Ed Repka. Retail: $20.

Ed-U-Cards Mini-Monster Sculptees (Ed-U-Card corp, 1965) Series of at least 18 different cardboard monsters measuring 2.25" x 3.5". They have cardboard hands and jaws that attach, making them three dimensional. They are unnumbered and have no other text other than copyright info on the back. The titles are Snoop, Pook, Fingo, Clops, Beauty, Zap, Eyebop, Zot, Creep, Kosmo, Hoaker, Monka, Starker, Webo, Goop, Yopey, Gorro, and Pooper. They were sold as complete boxed sets under the title “Ed-U-Cards Mini-Monster Sculptees”. Retail: Uncertain.

Ed Wood, Jr. Players (Kitchen Sink, 1992, 1994) 36 brown & white card set of illustrations of famous B actors & Characters made famous by Ed Wood. Includes Vampira and Thor and Bela... the gang featured in Plan 9 From Outer Space. First & second printing retail $10-12.

Efectos Especiales (Unknown company, Spain, 1988) 244 sticker set of motion picture monsters and special effects. They were to be pasted in a album. This was a popular series, much more so than its follow up series (La Mansion del Terror). Retail: $100

Elvira: Mistress of the Dark (Comic Images, 1996) 72 color cards of the famous sexy horror host, complete with cleavage. Retail: $15. Autographs and chase cards were also offered.

Elvira: Mistress of the OmniChrome (Comic Images, 1997) 72 omnichrome color cards of the Elvira. Retail: $18. Autographs and chase cards were also offered.

Fabulous Odd Rods (Donruss, 1973) This is the Donruss re-issue of Oddest Odd Rods (1970). Great classic "Big Daddy" monster hot rod art! They're far out and groovy man! 66 sticker set. Retail: range $50-$100

Face Cards: Anti-Hereos (Byron Winton, 2017) A set of 25 black and white illustrations of beloved horror film & TV leads with serious character flaws. 500 numbered sets made, drawn by Byron Winton and originally produce as sets through Kickstarter for late 2017. Retail: $10

Face Cards: Creatures (Byron Winton, 2017) A set of 25 black and white illustrations of popular horror film monsters. 500 numbered sets made, drawn by Byron Winton and originally sold as sets through Kickstarter. (There was also a four card sticker set included.) Retail: $10

Face Cards: Killer Babes (Byron Winton, 2016) Set of 25 black and white illustrations of beloved horror film female villains. 500 numbered sets made, drawn by Byron Winton and originally sold through Kickstarter. Retail: $10

Face Cards: Killer Dudes (Byron Winton, 2016) A set of 25 black and white illustrations of favorite horror film villains. 500 numbered sets made, drawn by Byron Winton and originally sold as sets through Kickstarter. (There were also 4 stickers and a 4 card puzzle sub set.) Retail: $10

Face Cards: Vampires (Byron Winton, 2018) A set of 25 black and white illustrations of famous movie and TV vampires. 500 numbered sets made, drawn by Byron Winton and originally sold as sets through Kickstarter. (There were also 4 stickers and a 4 card puzzle sub set.) Retail: $10

Face Cards: Zombies (Byron Winton, 2019) A set of 25 black and white illustrations of beloved horror film & TV zombies. 500 numbered sets made, drawn by Byron Winton and originally produce as sets through Kickstarter in early 2019. Retail: $10

Famous Monsters of Filmland (Rosan, 1963) 64 black and white set with orange (sometimes red) borders. The fronts are photos mostly robbed from the Terror Monster Green set. The backs are ads that Ackerman's mag was always trying to push on subscribers: Masks, skull rings and the lot. Most cards are found with different ads on the back. If one were to combine all these reverse variations, they would have a 256 card set. Often found as a complete 64 card set. Retail: $100-$150 NM (See more of set.)

Fangoria (Comic Images, 1992) 90 card color set featuring favorite covers from Fangoria magazine (complete with title). Some of them are pretty gruesome! See back. Retail: $8-10. Chase cards were also offered.

Fantastic Odd Rods series 1 (Donruss, 1972) A reissue of Oddest Odd Rods (numbered 67-132) but with pink borders. See Odd Rods.

*Fantasy Worlds Of Irwin Allen, The (Rittenhouse, 2004) This is 100 card catch-all set showcasing the premier episodes of Lost In Space, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, The Time Tunnel, and Land of the Giants. Although Irwin Allen used monsters in all of those series (often using the exact same costume), the first episode of each show tried to be more serious. In fact, if it weren't for the giants in Land of the Giants, this set wouldn't have any monsters. But it's a fun set just the same. (There was also a nine card preview set issued the year before.) Retail: $8

*Farscape (Rittenhouse, 2000) 72 card set of photos from the sci-fi TV series about an Earth astronaut who travels through a worm hole into a distant galaxy. He winds up joining a group of renegade aliens as they elude an assortment of bizarre and often savage enemies. At least four seasons and twelve different card series were produced. This is more a sci-fi series, but if you have a broad definition of what makes a monster, you may be interested in it (or its sister series) just the same. Retail: $12

Fate Magazine Collector Trading Cards (Llewellyn Worldwide, 1996) 51 color cards featuring the cover art (and a few photos) of Fate Magazine. The subject is mainly aliens and UFOs, but there are also ghosts, sea monsters, and other strange creatures. Originally included in as perforated sheets of five or six inside magazines for their 50th anniversary.

Fearsome Weirdos (Robert Jimenez, 2019) A Kickstarter set of 36 color cards drawn by Robert Jimenez. 25 of the cards are spoofs of various monsters (like The Creeper of the Black Lagoon, and The Mail Order Bride of Frankenstein), while the other 10 cards are product parodies. There is also a wrapper/checklist card. Retail: $30

Fearsome Weirdos, Harvest of Horrors (Robert Jimenez, 2021) A Kickstarter set of 16 color cards drawn by Robert Jimenez (series 2). There are 10 “petrifying product parodies”, 5 horror authors, a wrapper/checklist card. There is also a Lovecraft metal card, and a “Taco Hell” sticker. Retail: $20

Fearsome Weirdos, Kaiju Creeps (Robert Jimenez, 2022) A Kickstarter set of 36 color cards drawn by Robert Jimenez. This is series 3, composed of 15 Kaiju Creeps (giant monsters), 10 “petrifying product parodies”, 10 monster comic book parodies, a wrapper/checklist card, and a lenticular card of “Gamer-A”). Retail: $40

Fearsome Weirdos, Ghouls of Yule (Robert Jimenez, 2022) A Kickstarter set of 18 color cards drawn by Robert Jimenez. This is series 4, made up of 14 Christmas themed monsters, and 4 vintage ad parodies, plus a wrapper/checklist card, two promos, and a “Harmey the Elf” lenticular card. Retail: $26

Fiends and Machines (Donruss, 1970) 66 color card sticker set similar to Odd Rods, but each of the 33 images were made up using two stickers. The top one was the goofy monster, the bottom one the hot rod. Collectors could mix and match. A big "find" was discovered, but these have mostly dried up. The backs were all identical peel off backs. Retail $250

Fink Buttons (Leaf, 1965) Not cards at all, and only sorta monster-ish. 24 different color button featuring weird way out characters, similar to Ugly Stickers images. Retail: $3 per button.

Flash Gordon, TEST (Topps, 1968) Oh yeah, there's monsters in this black and white photo set based on the Buster Crabbe movie... but they're so corny you'll laugh more than anything else. The ape man with a horn in his head, the fanged bald men from Mongo, and of course, the tin Robot. (Scary!) This is only a 24 card black and white set tested but not mass produced. Complete sets are said to be exceptionally rare. (I'm still missing #24. Anyone out there have one to sell or trade?) Retail: $3,000 NM Read the article profile. (See backs.)

Flash Gordon (Jasinski, 1990-1992) Black and white photos taken from 1930s Buster Crabbe's Flash Gordon movie serials make up three different sets in this series. Each set made up of 36 cards and retailing for $10-$15 NM.

Flash Gordon (Weetabix cerial, 1981) 18 different elongated cards were included in Weetabix cereal in the UK for this series, profiling the campy remake of the sci-fi hero. See back. Retail: Uncertain.

Frankenstein, Mary Shelley's (Topps, 1994) A 12 card set showing photo scenes of the recent movie, included exclusively with the four issues of the comic book adaptation. The promo is numbered "0" and has a scene from the comic book. Retail: Uncertain

Frankenstein Valentine Stickers (Topps 1960s) Fun cartoons- and beautiful renderings by Norm Saunders- of Universal monsters in a Valentine motif. 44 die-cut sticker set. These sets are very hard to find on account that most wound up peeled and plastered on things. (The sticker backs are blank tan paper.) Although rarely offered, the typical price for a Ex/Nrmt set usually exceeds $1,000. (Blank sticker backs.)

Frankenstein (Artbox, 2006) Black and white set of 72 with a scene by scene telling of the classic movie, however, only the monster is really showed. (The other characters turn away from the camera.) A Wolfman sequel was promised but postponed indefinitely. (See back or read review.) Various chase cards, including nine glow cards, sketches, etc. Retail: $10

Frank Herbert’s Dune (Rittenhouse Archives, 2003) 50 cards photo series with highlights from the Sci-Fi channel remake of the franchise. Limited to 999 numbered sets. Retail: $50

Freaky Faces - (Siplon Studios, 2020) At least 2 promo cards to a fully funded Kickstarter campaign by sketch artist Randy Siplon. It promises a ten card base set of evil faces (like a devil, a witch, a vampire, and a Frankenstein-type monster). Retail: $15

Freaky Monsters - Arlis Cover Art Classics (Freaky Monsters, 2010- although no date is provided on the cards.) Series of 36 cards featuring the full color illustrations by Arlis. The subject matter is famous monsters and villains, like the Man with X-Ray Eyes, Morlocks, and Hammer Horror's Frankenstein. Printed on 15 pt stock (thicker than normal). Backs have info on the films and notes on the illustrations. Sold in random 9 card packs for $6 and as a set for $30. (Read review article.)

Freaks of Nature (Comic Zone, 1992) Four uncut cards originally issued in the comic magazine, Freaks of Nature. They are numbered 1 - 4 and feature different famous freak show performers, drawn in color. The backs are simple text. The known titles are 1.Jo-jo the Dog-faced Boy, 2.The Gargantuan Woman, 3.The Two Headed Woman, 4.The Camel Woman. (See also the other Comic Zone series, Screen Monsters, UFO’s: Alien Contact, Cult Televsion, and Legends and Folklore.) Retail: $2 each.

Freddy (Unknown Spanish company, 1991) Photos of Freddy and his victims from the first five installments of A Nightmare on Elm Street are displayed in this sticker series with album. 162 stickers make up the collection. Retail: $75

Fright Flicks (Topps, 1988): One of the goriest card sets ever! Scenes from 15 different films including Pumpkinhead, Nightmare on Elm Street, Predator, Alien, Ghostbusters, The Fly, Poltergeist and more! Also has scary stories on the backside. 90 cards, 11 stickers in the set (see sticker backs). The Canadian version has the stickers converted into regular cards. Set Retail: $10-$15 (See review article.)

Frighteners, The (Dart, 1996) 72 color photo set using images from the Michael J. Fox movie of the same name. Lots of ghosts, including one played by John Astin (Gomez). Printed on mirror card stock. Retail: $12

Fright'ning Lightnings episode 2 (Monster cars) (Playing Mantis, 1999) Four unnumbered cards sold with Johnny Lightning toy cars of famous hot rods. The cars/ cards featured are Heavenly Hearse, Meat Wagon, Surf Hearse, and Carl Casper's Undertaker. Blank backs. Retail: $2 each.

Full Moon Cards (Full Moon Entertainment, 1989-1991) At least 11 different mini-series (5 cards per series) promoting horror movies released by Full Moon. Meridian, Puppet Master, and Shadowzone are unnumbered lenticular sets. ($2-$5 per card). Puppet Master is the only series that features six cards. The remaining sets are black bordered regular cards with an ongoing numbering sequence (1-40): Subspecies, Trancers 2, Puppet Master 3, Dollman, Netherworld, Demonic Toys, SeedPeople, and Bad Channels. Retail of regular cards, $2 per set. (See backs.)

Funny Finkys (See Rat Fink, Series 2)

Funny Monsters (See YOU'LL DIE LAUGHING, 1959)

Galeri del Terror (Aladino [of Argentina] circa 2002) Cartoonish monsters printed w/ spanish text. Sold in yellow packs. Album also available. Cards in set probably exceeds 100. Retail: $1 a pack.

Gary Saves The Graveyard (RRParks, 2015) 50 color photo card series about the UCB's comedy horror series. Sold as a factory set. Retail $24.

Galaxy Goons (NostalgiCards, 2001) 33 different art cards colorfully painted by Mike Bruinsma in the style of the classic Odd Rods. The fronts are very retro in flavor. See back. Retail: $15

Get the Creeps Stickers (US Postal Service, 1997). Set of eight universal monster stickers (stampers), including Dracula, Wolfman, Frankenstein, the Phantom, and The Mummy. The color stickers came on a (approx) 8 x 11" sheet. (See also, Classic Movie Monster Stampers, the sister series.) Low supply, low demand item.

Ghostbusters (Cryptozoic, 2016) Thirty years after the original movie was released, someone finally made a card series on first (and best) Ghostbusters movie. There are 54 cards in the base set, and a bunch of subsets, including 7 Character Cards, 9 Behind the Scenes, 9 Tricks & Traps (Puzzle cards), 9 Quotes, 9 Sing for your Specter, original sketch cards, etc. Retail: $6.

Ghostbusters by Filmation (Panini, 1987) Have you ever heard the criticism that Ghostbusters 2 "was not as good as the original"? Well pilgrim, I knew the original Ghostbusters, and trust me, Ghostbusters 2 was a million times BETTER than the original! "Blasphemy!" you shout? That's because you don't know the original original. The very first Ghost Busters was not the 1986 movie with Bill Murry and Sigourney Weaver, but a 1975 half hour comedy series with Forrest Tucker and Larry Storch. This live action kiddie program was so bad, it was actually good, and almost impossible to stop watching because of the awkwardness and humiliation you feel for the cast. If seeing the former stars of F Troop reduce themselves in this low budget, pratfall filled show isn't painful enough, you also get to see the beloved Bob Burns, aka Robot from Lost in Space, play Spencer, a gorilla and the third member of the (Rated) G Troop. (But at least Bob gets to cover his face!) 15 episodes were filmed-- although "filmed" is generous, since it was only shot on video tape-- just one of many cost-cutting measures that are in-you-face from start to finish with this production. The series was thought to have been lost or destroyed, but that would have been too lucky for its cast. Instead it was eventually released as a DVD collection in 2007. In the meantime, the concept of haunted house investigators who dispense of spooks with "dematerializers" was dramatically improved in the Bill Murry movie. They also licensed the Ghostbusters name. It was such a success, it spawned reinterest in the original series and a cartoon series was created using the offspring of Tucker & Storch's characters (but the same gorilla). This meant that when a cartoon based on the Bill Murry movie came along about the same time, they had to modify their name to "The Real Ghostbusters" (even though they were a cartoon copy of the imitation Ghostbusters.). Yes, it's confusing, especially when you consider the entire "Ghost Busters" franchise is really inspired by a 1908 play, The Ghost Breaker, and two silent films, as well as a 1940 talky starring Bob Hope (The Ghost Breakers), and a semi-musical comedy starring Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin called Scared Stiff from 1953. The Forrest/Storch TV series might never have been remembered had it not been for this Panini album featuring 240 stickers from the 1986 cartoon series. Retail (empy album) $40

Ghostbusters 2 (Topps, 1989). 88 photo cards from the comedy ghost-busting movie sequel, plus 11 art and photo stickers. Retail $5

Ghosts of Mars (2001) 14 card series promoting the new movie of the same name. Issued in two seperate packs. (See backs.) Retail: $1 per pack.

Ghoul Agency (Athol Research inc., 1975) 36 different black & white photo images from various horror movies, mostly Universal. The oversized unnumbered cards (2 3/4" x 3 3/4") have rounded corners, and the backs (reduced here) have Thor Johnson's face with Ghoul Agency printed on them in green. Retail: $60

Godzilla (Comic Images, 2006) A 72 card set of black &white and color images of all the various Godzilla monsters, and some of his foes. (There's also six foil cards and various sketch chase cards. See review.) Retail: $10 (See review article.)

Godzilla Chromium (Amada JPP/Krome, 1996) 54 chrome cards of the Godzilla. #54 card is the checklist.

Godzilla King of Monsters (Trendmasters, 1994) These were packed with different Godzilla rubber action figures, and each came with a card featuring that specific monster. The artwork is very colorful and the backs include background info and usually some monster stats. I've confirmed as many as 11 different ones in the first series, but there were also two other series (Godzilla of Monster Island and Godzilla Wars.) Low supply, low demand item. Value unknown.

Godzilla King of the Monsters (Japan Printing, 1995) 110 cards, with a dozen prism cards intermingled with the base cards. Other chase too. Retail: $80

Godzilla King of the Monsters (Comic Images, 2006) 72 card base set (and numerous chase) covering the comics, models, and movies of the green menace. Retail: $15

Godzilla of Monster Island (see Godzilla King of Monsters by Trendmasters)

Godzilla: The Movie Premium (Amada JPP, 1998) 90 card set on the movie. Retail: $20

Godzilla, The Movie Supervue (Inkworks, 1998) 72 extra wide cards (with various chase) with photos and story of the movie. Retail: $8 (See review article.)

Godzilla-- Taco Bell (Taco Bell, 1998) Two different lenticular cards from Taco Bell promoting the recent movie. Measure 2 1/2" x 3". Retail: $5 each.

Godzilla Wars (see Godzilla King of Monsters by Trendmasters)

Golden Age of Comics (Comic Images, 1995). Not really a monster set, but of interest to monster collectors because guess who the heroes are battling most the time? Yep, Monsters a-plenty. All chrome set of classic comic book covers, beautifully done. Many of the cards are embossed, too. All from the golden age of comics. An all around wonderful set! See back. Retail: $20

Goofy Monsters (Pacific, 1994) 5 promos only. The set was never made. Retail: $1 each.

Goosebumps Album Stickers (Merlin, 1996) 180 color stickers (30 of which are embossed) make up this set devoted to the spooky kids book series. Various artists contributed, including John Pound and Zina Saunders. Retail: Unknown.

Goosebumps (Topps, 1996) 54 card set with artwork from the childen's "scary" book series of the same name. The artwork is by David Chelsea, Wayne Murray, and Walter Velez. Various levels of chase cards were also included. A promo for a second series was also released, but the series itself was cancelled. Retail $8

Goosebumps glow cards (Recot, Inc. 1996) Set of nine cartoonish cards featuring various Goosebumps monsters and ghosts. They are highlighted with glow-in-the-dark paint. See back. Retail: Low demand.

Goosebumps puzzle cards (Parachute Press, 1996) Series of punch out cards issued in four sheets of eight by Scholastic featuring various covers of the Goosebumps books. The backs form a big puzzle. See back. Retail: Low demand.

Gore Shriek Trading Card Set 1 (Fantaco, date uncertain, but not before 1988) Set of six color oversized cards (4 x 6”) reproducing the gory illustrated covers of Gore Shriek  horror comics. Only 150 sets made. Retail: $12

Grande Illusions - Tom Savini's Gotcha (Imagine, Inc. 1988) There are 60 numbered cards plus 4 advertisement type cards (unnumbered). They were distributed only as a factory set, not boxes. The cards cover the make-up effects of Tom Savini, and show many monster creations and a lot of gore. The black borders are distinctive in that the tops and bottoms have white film sprockets printed on them. There is also a 61st "autograph" card (signed by Savini) which is sometimes included in the set. Retail: $12

Grimm, Season 1 (Breygent, 2013) Photo series devoted to the hit television show. The base set is 72 cards. Retail: $5

Grimm, Season 2 (Breygent, 2014) Photo series devoted to the hit television show. The base set is 72 cards. Retail: $5

Grin Monster Stickers (American Society for Preventive Dentistry, circa 1970s) Series of at least eight different 3" square stickers given out to dentist patients (children) after their visits. The color drawings of friendly looking monsters all featured sparkling teeth. The peel off backs all had identical text that read "DID YOU KNOW? That virtually All Dental Disease can be prevented? That most teeth can last a lifetime! That thousands of people are currently being helped to Decrease Dental Bills by prevention oriented dentists across the nation! American Society for Preventive Dentistry, 435 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611" Low supply, low demand item. Retail per sticker: $2 each

Gruwsel Monsters (Euroflash, circa 1990s?) Packs contained 5 sticker type cards from a series. They were made in Italy by Euroflash but with German text . The cards feature skeletons and monsters and skateboards. They measured 2 inches by 1.5 inches. Set size is unknown, but probably between 180 and 280 stickers. This is probably a low supply and low demand item. Retail: Unknown.

Guerreros de Espacio (Fher, Spain, 1983) A tough but popular series devoted to aliens, space soldiers, space ships, and weird creatures. The artist was Jose Penuelas, and the title translates into “Warriors of Space”. The 150 stickers go in their own album. Over 100 of the stickers are rectangular, but there are also many die cut images. Retail: $200

Gwsel (Unknown Spanish company, 1990s?) Series of 144 colorful stylized monsters, many doing sports type things, like golf for basketball. (You might expect to see these stickers decorating skateboards.) The backgrounds are all fluorescent shades of yellow, orange, green, pink. Many have slogans (which are always in English). “Dark Trails”, “Death Bed”, “Last Swimming Stroke”. The album has 24 interior pages. This may be a Spanish version of Gruwsel (but with English titles). Retail $125

Hallowe'en: All Hallows' Eve (Perna Studios, 2014) 20 card base set with different artists depicting stereotypical Halloween motifs. 400 factory sets were made and sold with a sketch card and a metal card and other extras for $35. To finish those chase sets, buyers had to buy extra base sets. Base set alone, $8

Halloween Horror Cards (French Rayon, 1985/6) 41 different Horror Monster photo reprint cards, but with different gag lines. The cards measure 1 13/16" x 2 5/8" and the backs are all identical. Card #0 (title card) is not numbered. There is also a sticker with 9 mini-monster face illustrations on it. The set was distributed in cardboard boxes of seven (plus a sticker) to printers as a promotion for the thick card stock. Difficult to complete. Retail: Unknown.

Halloween Stickers (Next, 1999) Sheet of six on a single card. Only one type card reported by Paul Hart's Gum Guide. Retail: $12

Halloween Trick or Treat Trading Cards (RRParks Cards, 2014) A ten card series with reproduced artwork from vintage Halloween postcards popular in the early 1900s. Retail $4

Halloween Trick or Treat Trading Cards, series 2 (RRParks Cards, 2015) Another ten cards with reproduced artwork from vintage Halloween postcards popular in the early 1900s. Retail $4

Halloween Trick or Treat Trading Cards, series 3 (RRParks Cards, 2015) Another ten cards with reproduced artwork from vintage Halloween postcards popular in the early 1900s. Retail $4

Halloween Trick or Treat Trading Cards series 4 (RRParks Cards, 2016) A ten card series with reproduced artwork from vintage Halloween postcards popular in the early 1900s. Retail $4

Halloween Trick or Treat Trading Cards, series 5 (RRParks Cards, 2017) Another ten cards with reproduced artwork from vintage Halloween postcards popular in the early 1900s. Retail $5

Halloween Trick or Treat Trading Cards, series 6 (RRParks Cards, 2018) Another ten cards with reproduced artwork from vintage Halloween postcards popular in the early 1900s. Retail $5

Halloween Trick or Treat Trading Cards, series 7 (RRParks Cards, 2019) Another ten cards with reproduced artwork from vintage Halloween postcards popular in the early 1900s. Retail $5

Halloween Trick or Treat Trading Cards, series 8 (RRParks Cards, 2020) Another ten cards with reproduced artwork from vintage Halloween postcards popular in the early 1900s. Retail $5

Halloween Trick or Treat Trading Cards, series 9 (RRParks Cards, 2021) 13 more cards with reproduced artwork from vintage Halloween postcards popular in the early 1900s. Retail $6

Halloween Trick or Treat Trading Cards, series 10 (RRParks Cards, 2022) 15 more cards with reproduced artwork from vintage Halloween postcards popular in the early 1900s. Retail $6

Hammer Horror Tribute (Market Square Productions, 1995) 3 promos only. $2 each.

Hammer House of Horror Series 1 (Cornerstone, 1995) Set of the classics Hammer Horror flick photos (and some poster images). The backs have different text about the movies and the studio. (Base set of 81 cards) Retail: $20

Hammer Horror Series 2 (Cornerstone 1996) This set completes the earlier series by Cornerstone and matches it in style. The backs continue the numbering sequence from the first series (#82-162.) (Base set of 81 cards) Retail $15 (See review article.)

Hammer Horror One (Strictly Ink, 2007) 72 card set with various levels of chase cards. The foil wrapper is dated 2007, but the cards themselves are dated 2008. The backs provide additional text and photos. Retail $10

Hammer Horror Two (Strictly Ink, 2010) 54 card set with various levels of chase cards. The backs include puzzle back images of posters and such. Retail $10

Hammer Horror Entombed, Series 3 - (CMA, England, 2000) Card series which continues to profile the classic Hammer shock films of the 1970s. Some cards show the actual posters, others, photos in tent and color. Some backs have text and others form a 9 piece poster. (Base set of 73 cards) Retail,: $25

Hammer Horror 4, Behind the Screams (2004, RiverWye Productions) Series of color and tented behind the scenes shots and candid stills of the horror studio that wouldn't die. The backs give brief info about the fronts. (Base set of 72) Retail: $25

Hammer Horror 40th Anniversary (CMA, England, 1997) 9 card tribute set (T1-T9) with backs that list the horror flicks by year. Retail: $15

*Harry Potter (Wizards of the Coast, 2001) 81 card set (plus chase) showcasing the movie Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. This is more a mystical magic type story than a monster series, but there are some D&D type creatures included. For those so inclined, check out the over three dozen Harry Potter sequel sets, which profile the many different movies, calendar cards, and card games. Retail: $25


Heavy Metal Monsters (Heavy Metal Monsters comic, 1992) A black and white set of 55 cards featuring the art of 13 different artists. The monsters have some sort of rock and roll tie-in, for example, the wolfman may be playing an electric guitar. Only 150 sets were made, plus various proof sheets. Retail: Unknown.

*Heavy Metal (covers) (Comic Images, 1991) Set of 90 art images from the covers of Heavy Metal magazine. There are only a few monsters, but lots of sci-fi images in general (most involving semi-nude women). See back. Other Heavy Metal series include The Art of Heavy Metal (Comic Images, 1995), Heavy Metal The Movie and More (Comic Images, 1996), and Heavy Metal Rough Cut F.A.K.K.2 (Comic Imags, 1998). Retail: $10

Hell Beasts Monster Trading Cards (no copyright shown, artist Jim Pavelec 2008) 12 card set with no numbers but info about the beast on the backs. The size is 2.5 x 2" and the cards have rounded corners. The art looks similar to Dungeons & Dragons game art (which is pretty good). Front titles are: Hydra, Arctic Wyrm, Gaki, Giant Rat, Oni, Goblin, Minotaur, Steed of Abigor, Behemoth, Were-Spider, Orc, Zombie (image does not include the title, which is pictured at the bottom in a scroll on the actual card.) The set probably came from the book, How to Draw Hell Beasts (by Jim Pavelec). Retail: $3.50

Hellboy Animated: The Sword of Storms (Inkworks, 2007) 72 card set (with chase) with images from the cartoon series about the demon who fights ssupernatural evil on Earth. Retail: $15

Hellboy Movie Cards (Inkworks, 2004) 72 card set (with chase) with images from the movie about the demon who fights ssupernatural evil on Earth. Retail: $15 (See review article.)

Hellraiser (Eclipse, 1992) 110 card set of the demons from hell made famous of in the film of the same name. At least two different holograms, one of Pinhead, the other of the puzzle box. Retail $10

Henchmen of Horror (Good Stuff, 2001) 50 black and white cards and one promo featuring the side kicks of horror. See back. Retail: $15.

Hentyh Monster Stickers that wrapped around gum (Hentyh/Neptune, 2004?) These are just seven different color stickers measuring approx. 1 1/8" by 2 1/4". They came wrapped around gum in a square shaped box (100 pieces). The cool box art inferred all sorts of famous monsters, but instead, it looks like a professional make-up artist created these different monsters for lower budget films. All the writing on the box is in Russian (from the Ukraine), so the actual name hasn't yet been translated. Set $5.

Hentyh (Eskeletor) Monster Stickers that wrapped around gum (Hentyh/Neptune, 2014) Another set of seven different color stickers measuring approx. 1 1/8" by 2 1/4" from the Ukraine. These seem to be various monster movie masks, including Gollum from Lord of the Rings, and an older Mummy mask. The one-sided photos were on stickers wrapped around gum. The bottom portion of each photo has a word that looks like 3CKEATOP (only the “A” looks more like an upside down “V”.) I’m told it translates to Eskeletor. Set $3

Hideous Heads (Monsterwax, 2014) A subset of 24 cards that were sold inside boxes of Monsters & Maniacs. Unlike the base cards (which were a photo series), the Hideous Heads were drawings of the nightmare monsters that drove the main character insane. The artist was Mark Thomas (the same as the character in the story.) The backs have a stamp that reads "Do Not Destroy: Criminal Evidence" (no company or date info is included.) Retail: $10. (See gift shop.)

Hippy Monsters Stickers (Dunkin, UK., 1974?) Somewhat mild and stylized cartoon monsters in an 84 sticker set. It is also referred to as “Dunkin Hippy Monsters” because Dunkin was the bubble-gum advertised in the title. The groovy “Yellow Submarine” type style and colors gave it an overall psychedelic feel, which is presumed to be the excuse they used to tie it in with the hippy movement. It was also made and distributed in Spain at the same time (by Gallina Blanca), and 80 of the same images also resurfaced as button pins. Retail: $175

Historias de Terror (Editorial Ediversa, circa 1980s? Spain) Smaller cards from Spain (probably 1 7/8" x 2 9/16", but unconfirmed) that went into a large 18 page pulp album. There are 200 cards in the complete set. The date is also uncertain. The unlicensed cards cover many horror and sci-fi films with monsters in them, with the images painted by a good artist. Retail: $125.


Historia-Ficcion (Libro Para Cromos, circa 1980s? Spain) 216 cards and 50 stickers. The color cards (measuring 1 7/8" x 2 9/16") have images of characters from history and spacemen and aliens from the future. The remaining 50 stickers are all color space monsters with mirror backgrounds. A large album was also offered to paste them in. Retail: $175.

Hollywood Horrors (Shel-tone, 1992) 36 brown & white illustrations of various character actors that made the monster and horror films of Hollywood so great. Retail: $8

Hollywood Zombies (Topps, 2007) It's not often Topps produces art cards, but this 72 card series presents artistic spoofs of famous celebs in various phases of decay! There's also a large assortment of chase cards for the series as well.

Horrible Imaginings (SDCC Comic Con, 2017) An obscure 17 card promo set released at the 2017 San Diego Comic Con as part of a scavenger hunt to promote an upcoming horror film festival. (Participants were given clues where to go find each card. Very few found a majority of the cards.) The cards had a color photo on one side, and info about the film on the other. The film titles were Evil Dead II, Valley of the Sasquatch, Long Pig, The Manitou, The Howling, Dellamorte Dellamore, Dead Hooker in a Trunk, Styria, The Taint, Gut, Zero Killed, Bluebeard, Spider Baby, The Beyond, and You’re Killing Me. (2 titles are unknown.) Retail: Uncertain.    

Horrible Ugly Monsters (MHopOnHop Productions, 2014) A nine card "preview set" of stylized black and white monster illustrations by “Monster artist Bob-X”, complete with rather witty text typed by the artist as well. The black ink used on the front of the cards looks more like the black seen on the “silver screen” (cinema) and gives it an extra retro look. This was a “preview edition” for a 45 card set that has not (yet) been produced. It was often sold with a tenth “signiture card” hand signed by Bob-X. Retail $5

Horrible Ugly Monsters (Monsterwax, 2020) This series had the same monsters as the 2014 black & white set, but in full color-- and with the other 36 cards. The backs say "Monster Tales" across the back, along with a purple monster graphic. The front artwork is colorful and crude, coming from one of the editors of Xex Magazine, which featured low brow art that was "so bad it was good". Produced with Kickstarter as 500 numbered boxes, along with "Krazee Cover Cards", which featured 27 different Xex Magazine covers from artists including the cofounder, Xno. Retail: $20

Horrific Art of Bill Chancellor (Bill Chancellor, 2010) A 33 card full color set of images Chancellor designed for various magazine covers, including Scarlet Street, Screem, and Cult Movies. The psychedelic images are presented in their original form (w/out the magazine titles). Limited to 1,000 sets. Retail: $15.

Horror Films (HCI, 1993) Set of 50. I have yet to see this set. Please contact me if you have information on it.

Horror Head Tattoos (?, 196?) Tattoo decal set concealed by brown paper. You need to hold them to the light to see the weird color monster heads. (You can also soak them to remove the brown cover, but then they are no longer mint.) Same art style as "Spook" stickers, but all monster heads. 20 panels (40 color tattoos). Bland backs. Retail: around $40 (View PEELED tattoo)

Horror Head 50th Anniversary (RR Parks, 2022) Modern reprint of the aforementioned set, released on Kickstarter. These are printed on Holographic card stock with black borders. There are 20 panels (40 images total). Retail: $20

Horror Host Collectors Cards (2011, Creatures of the Night That We Loved So Well) A 43 card set with black and white photos/ publicity images of Southern California horror hosts. The green bordered series was printed on flimsy stock and supposedly limited to just 50 sets, but not numbered. Be aware that the numbering sequence only goes up to 32, the other eleven cards are bonus cards (usually with the letter "A" after the number). The series was issued to promote a self published book on the same subject (Creatures of the Night That We Loved So Well). Retail: $15

Horror Host Graveyard Trading Cards, Series 1 (2009, Ten card color series featuring horror hosts who introduce B-movie monster flicks to TV. 500 factory sets were made, the other 500 were given to the actual hosts featured. The hosts featured were Count Gore De Vol, Dr. Gangrene, Jebediah Buzzard, Karlos Borloff, Mr. Lobo, Ms. Monster, Penny Dreadful, Vlad & Creighton, Wolfman Mac, and Zomboo. See back. Retail: $5

Horror Host Graveyard Trading Cards, series 2 (2010, Ten card color series featuring horror hosts who introduce B-movie monster flicks to TV. The number of sets is unknown. The hosts featured were The Bone Jangler and Nocturna, Count Gregore. Dr. Sarcofiguy, Gunther Dedmund, Marlena Midnite, Ormon Grimsby, Sally the Zombie Cheerleader, The Sinister Minister, Undead Johnny and Romy, and Zacherley. An oversized jumbo card of Zacherley and a regular sized promo of Marlena Midnight were also available. Retail: $5

Horrorible Ugly Monsters (see Horrible Ugly Monsters.)

Horror, La Coleccion De Criaturas Horrendas (Unknown company, Spain, 2018) This is another series from Spain that I’ve only seen samples of on the web, so I can’t verify many specifics. It’s a set of 44 original color paintings of monsters and aliens, and were sold two cards per envelope (pack) for $1.25. The title translates into “Horror, The Horrific Creatures Collection”. Set $60.

Horror Monster Blue (probably a bootleg, mid 1960s) The fronts look similar to the Monster Cards set, which is itself a knock-off of the Horror Monster Green & Orange series. But unlike Monster Cards, the Horror Monster Blue series has the same back design as the Horror Monster Green and (more commonly) Orange series... only with the copyright information blotted out. Value: $15 - $30 each.

Horror Monster Green & Orange (Nucard, 1960's) Great Dutone photos with colored borders. The back graphic to the second series was better than the first, but the first (green) series had pretty cool skull designs on the front. Retail: Series 1 (green 1-66) can run $400-$600 in Ex/Nrmt. Series 2 (orange 67-146) is usually $250-$300 Nrmt. See our special Horror Monsters Profile Page.

Horror Monsters Series 3 (RRParks, 2020):  This was a 21 card “continuation” type series (147-167) that copied the classic Horror Monster format and featured b/w monster photos but with a reddish border. The images are little fuzzy, and the card stock is thinner than the original, but the jokes certainly match the vintage series. The backs have what looks like the recycled Horror Monster Orange graphic, complete with the original Nucard factory address—although card #161 replaces one of the monster heads with the Mad Magazine mascot! It was sold complete in a wrapper. Retail: $10

Horror Monsters Series 4 (RRParks, 2021):  This is the 2nd modern “sequel” set released by Parks to celebrate the original 1960s classic, but with purple borders. Card numbers ran 167 to 176 and it was issued as a pack with a wrapper. Retail: $10

Horror Parade (Americana Series, 197?) 288 color stickers, many of which were die cut (the rest measuring 1 5/8" x 2 1/4"). These stickers have a neat wrapper and an attractive full color album was also offered. Retail: $2 a pack.

Horror Prisms (Unknown, 199?) 20 different prism stickers sold in vending machines. The backs are blank photographic paper and peel off. The fronts feature horror movie poster type images from flicks like Slaughter High, Psycho 3, Nightmare on Elmstreet etc. Retail: $5 for set.

Horror Stickers (Holland, 1972) Made for the RL Albert & Son Co.Way cool round and trapezoid color stickers of various Halloween faces, knives, eyeballs and such. So primitive, they're really fun. (See checklist.) Only four stickers per pack. Low supply and low demand item. Retail: $1 a sticker. (I need the following five to finish my set. Let me know if you can help!)

Horror Stories/Terror Tales (See Women In Peril, later in this list)

Horror!, The-- Horror Movie Playing Cards (Nicky Bird Design, 2019) A standard 54 card set of playing cards with identical fronts, but the backs feature mostly color posters of famous monster and horror movies, along with the date the movie was released, as well as the country of origin. Every card is different, and the jokers feature the Wolfman and Phantom of the Opera stamps from the Universal Monster stamps released by USPS. Some of the posters are foreign, but those also include English translations of the title. Retail $10

Horror - Top Trumps Trading Cards (Dubreq, 1978 UK). These are not technically trading cards, but are Trump cards with identical backs featuring a close-up of a black back. The fronts contain garish horror art with a title across the top and stats at the bottom, which list their physical strength, fear factor, killing power, and horror rating. They measure 2.36” x 3.74” and there are 32 in the set, plus a front cover card. There are TWO different series with different art (same style, but different horrors) and different header card. One series is called the “Devil Priest” set, since the cover card has the same grim reaper type figure as the card entitled “Devil Priest” has. The other is called the “Dracula” set, for the same reason. (Interesting detail: the Dracula drawing is based on Hammer’s Christopher Lee.) Retail: $35 each set. WARNING: Both series were reprinted in 2017. One obvious distinction is that the title card says “Retro Collection” below the Top Trumps logo. Another difference is that there are 30 cards in the set, instead of 32.

Horror - Top Trumps Limited Edition Cards (Winning Moves, 2020). A more modern Trump game card set with pretty decent monster art on the fronts (along with power ratings). The backs feature identical images of three zombies and the title, “Top Trumps Limited Editions Horror”. They measure 2 3/8” x 3 7/8” and there are 30 in the set, plus a “how to play” card. Retail: $10

Horror Trading Cards (Imagex Products, 1992) 72 black & white photos of various B films. Movie cast and credits on the reverse. See back. Retail: $8

Horror Zone Tattoos (Hostess Chips, circa 1990s?, Ontario Canada) Set of 31 temporary tattoos found in individually in bags of Hostess Chips or Humpty Dumpty Chips. Images were color drawings of spiders, cuts, stitches, flies, and so forth. (To view, one can either apply them or just hold them to the light.) They measure 1 13/16" x 1 5/16". Retail: Unknown.

Hot Rod Super Freaks (Deekay, 2000) 44 color card set, in the Odd Rods tradition. Strange monsters driving hot rods. Identical backs on all of them. Retail: $15

Hot Schlock (Dreamtrip Enterprises, 1991-1992) Five different series devoted to movie ads for low budget flicks. These series tended to be 40 cards with super bright colored backs and low production values. Topics covered were Horror, Bikers, Women in Crime, and Science Fiction. There was also a Platinum version of the Horror series with 44 cards, but many of the cards were the same as the earlier series. Retail: $15

House of Horror (Geo Basset (UK), 1982) Colorful collection of 50 cards featuring monsters and myths of horror. Measure 1 3/8" x 2 7/16". Retail: $75

House of 1,000 Corpses (no company name, circa 2000) Six card set of (real and fake) murderers and (in the case of Dr. Satan) a monster. No photos except for "Capt. Spaulding" image on the back. Fronts feature artwork by Strephon Taylor (Dr. Satan, Albert Fish, Eddie Gein, Lizzi Borden, Texas Chainsaw killers, & Jack the Ripper). Retail: $6. See Gift Shop.

H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu (Millennium Publications, 1991) A color series of six cards that were distributed in three different 36 page Lovecraft comic books. They were found in the middle of the comic (pages 16 & 17) printed on a 5 1/4 x 3 1/2" card, side by side. Only six different have been reported, often hand cut from the strip. Although numbered, no copyright or publishing date is found on the cards (this information was gleaned from the outside comic cover). All six were drawn by different artist, but the colorist was the same (Deirdre DeLay, who also drew card #5). The back text explains intricate details about various monster deities, including Cthulhu, Hastur, Mi-Go, Yig, and Quachil Uttaus. (Retail: $9)

Illustrated War of the Worlds, The (Cult Stuff, 2016) A nine card base set with art by David Day. (A second series of 9 cards (#10-18) is also planned.) Unlike the original Wells story, The Illustrated War of the Worlds places the Martian invasion in modern times. If that deviation were not different enough, this series was sold alongside an expansion subset to a Sherlock Holmes series that pitted the Martians from War of the Worlds against famous Victorian-era detectives! (That was called Sherlock Holmes & Victorian Martians, but it isn’t listed here since it is a subset.) Retail: $15

Incredible Hulk calendar cards (2010, China) At least 15 different photos from the two different Incredible Hulk movies staring Edward Norton. Eight of the images are movie posters from both films, including one in Chinese. The backs have calendars for 2010. Measure 2 1/8" x 3 3/8". Retail: $3

Independence Day (Topps, 1996) 72 widevision cards of the blockbuster sci-fi alien/monster movie. Chase and promo cards also offered. Retail: $8

Inflatable Monster Stickers (Taiwan, 1970s?) Roughly 5 inches around, these colorful collection of six different monsters inflates like a mini vinyl beach ball (complete with valve stem), and has sticker to stick to things. The six monsters are a werewolf, a Cyclops, an ogre, a scaly faced monster, a horned devil creature and a knock off of the Creature of the Black Lagoon.Very unusual oddball item, the only box I've seen! Retail: ? (Low supply, low demand.)

Insult Postcards (Topps, 1966) Great full sized postcards featuring comic monster artwork by Wally Wood. (He snuck his name into one of the tombstones). 32 postcards in the set. They measure 3 1/8 x 5 1/4". See back. Retail: $2-$5 each EX. (See more of set.)

Island of Dr. Moreau, The (Inkworks, 1996) 8 color card set profiling the main characters in the Marlyn Brando version of the classic H.G. Wells story. (See backs.) Retail: $3-6 for complete set.

Island of Dr. Moreau, The Art Of HG Wells Series 2 (Monsterwax, 2005) 36 card set (+ checklist) of color paintings faithfully recreates the famous HG Wells story. Only 166 numbered boxes made. Every card checklist was individually numbered 1 to 1,000 and distributed in the boxes with the cards. 36 cards in the set, plus various chase cards. (See review article.) See gift shop.

Jason Goes To Hell (Eclipse, 1993) A 110 card set featuring images from the horror movie. It also featured a mail-in hologram card. $15

Jason's Woods Halloween Hayrides (Jason's Woods, 1993): I series of ten color photo cards depicting what was probably frightful scenes from a 1990s haunted hayride, but now look rather cheesy (and charming). The back image is an identical black and white graphic of a gravestone with details about the scene on the front. These are rare but limited awareness of them has kept demand low as well. (I still need #2 and have dupes to trade.) Retail: $6

Jets, Rockets, Spacemen (Bowman 1951): More a sci-fi set, but many space monsters appear in this series. Think of it as the original Mars Attacks, full of Forbidden Planet 50s sci-fi flavor, yet original too. The cards are little smaller than standard size. The gray backs contain an ongoing narrative that was discontinued when the 4th series was lost. (Also sold as a cheap reprint with white backs.). 108 cards. Retail: $1200-$2000 Ex-Nrmt. (See review article.)

Jets, Rockets, Spacemen Extension Set: A set of previously unpublished 36 cards were produced in 1980 completing the space journey of the above set. Alas, the 4th series cards (#109-144) were never found, so the extension set continues with cards #145-180. Officially limited to 1,000 numbered sets, however, additional numbered sets were made up from uncut sheets and are also circulation. Retail: of numbered sets is $50

Johnny Lightning "Fright'ning Lightninings" episode 2 car cards. (See Munsters, Johnny Ligtning)

Johnny Lightning Universal Monsters Cars cards- See Universal Monsters, Johnny Ligtning.

Johnson, Tor-- Maximum Horror Cards (Good Stuff, 1999) Ten oversized cards (3 5/8" x 5 1/2") with black and white drawings of Tor Johnson. Retail: $10.

Kamen Masked Rider & Monster Man (Calbee 1999 (Japan)) Japanese photo series of really cheesy monsters battling it out with a motorcycle riding monster fighter. Most of the monsters have what look like WWE wrestling belts on them, which, at first glance, look like metalic diapers! (There are also vintage "Menko" sets from the 1970s, and modern gamer cards with manga comic book images of the same characters.) All the text is Japanese, making information on this series difficult to determine. I've seen a card number as high as 131, so the set is at least that big. (See backs.) Like much foreign material, this is a Low Supply (in the US), Low Demand item.

Karloff, Boris (See Boris)

King Kong- Test issue (Topps, 1965) A serious profile of the famous black & white flick of the same name. The backs have a graphic and text telling the story. 55 card set, quite rare. Retail: $100-$150 per card.

King Kong (Donruss, 1965) 55 card set with word balloons providing gags to the famous black & white film of the same name. Backs featured a color puzzle. No #16 card, but a #0 is included. $200-$300 Ex/ Nrmt (See more of the set.)

King Kong (Eclipse, 1993) 110 card set of the newer Kong movie. One embossed card too. Retail: $12

King Kong (Comic Images, 1996) THIS IS NOT CONFIRMED, but believed to be a 90 card set. Perhaps someone can check out the image and confirm if it's different from the Eclipse set.)

King Kong (Topps, 1976) 55 cards, 11 stickers based on the Dino De Laurentiis movie. Some movie images, mostly photos. 44 of the backs have puzzle images. (The others are movie facts.) Retail: $30

King Kong (2006) Based on the new Peter Jackson movie. More info coming once both sets are released.

Kolej monster series 1 (Turkey, date?) Not sure of the size of these stickers are (probably 1 1/8th" x 2 1/4") or the number in the set, but the ony two pieaces of artwork I've seen are pretty cool! Hopefully, more samples and information will turn up. A two sticker lot sold on eBay in 2015 for $2.

KoleJ monster series 2 (Turkey, date?) Supposedly from Turkey, this second series of small monster stickers sport English slogans like "No smoking". The numbers in the upper left corner suggest at least 91 different ones were made! The artwork is good and the colors vibrant, but more information on this series is needed. A seven sticker lot sold on eBay in 2015 for $2.

Krampas (Attic Cards, 2018) A mini-set of 9 cards devoted to the Christmas demon of European yore. (He’s kind of a satanic Santa!) It was created on Kickstarter by Christopher Irving, and featured optional sketch cards and 9 metal cards. Base set retail $10.

Krampas Part 2 (Attic Cards, 2020) Another mini-set of 9 cards devoted to the Christmas demon of Europe. (Think Santa as a devil monster.) It was created on Kickstarter by Christopher Irving, and featured optional sketch cards and 3 metal cards. Base set retail $10.

Krampas Battle Edition (Attic Cards, 2020) The 3rd series/ mini-set of 9 base cards devoted to the Christmas demon of the European tradition, plus 9 puzzle cards. (Lots of evil Santa monsters!) A sketch card was also included. It was distributed on Kickstarter by Christopher Irving. Retail $50.

Krazee Covers (Back graphic title of a 27 cover card subset to Horrible Ugly Monsters.)

Land of the Giants- TEST (Topps, 1968) This 55 color card set may not seem like a monster card series, but it is. Giants are, after all, monsters, especially when they include giant cats and dinosaur sized snakes. This test series of the Irwin Allen sci-fi show is very rare, but fortunately, most collectors can get a smaller and cheaper version of the same set from the Topps affiliate in England (A&BC). Both sets have cartoon strips on the backs for cards #1-44. The last 11 cards have puzzle backs. The cartoon narratives on the back were quite unusual for Topps. They took a lot of time and talent to draw, and they are very colorful and cool. (Oddly enough, the spaceship doesn’t resemble The Spindrift ship on the show at all.) The wrapper is a sticker attached to a white wrapper (like most all of Topps’ test issues.) The test cards retail for $100- $150 per card. (See review article.) See more of set.

Land of the Giants (A&BC (from UK) 1968). Like the original test series, this British equivalent has cartoon strips on the backs of #1-44. The last 11 cards have puzzle backs. The content of both sides are identical in both sets, but unlike the US test cards, the UK version is smaller, measuring 2 3/16 x 3 3/16”. Retail: $300.

Legendary Lovecraft

Legendary Lovecraft (Monsterwax 2013) A 66 card art series (with numerous chase sets) devoted to the horror stories of H.P. Lovecraft. Limited to just 500 numbered boxes. Retail: $18. All the artwork was painted by one artist, Ricardo Garijo, Jr.. Various chase cards also included. Retail: $18. See Gift Shop.

Legendary Lovecraft Series 2 (Monsterwax 2018) A 54 card expansion series continuing the numbering sequence from series 1, and finishing all of H.P. Lovecraft’s stories. The artist is the same as the first series (Ricardo Garijo, Jr..) There is also a nine metal card series with unique art, along with various other chase cards. Limited to just 500 numbered sets. Retail: $25. See Gift Shop.

Legends & Folklore (Comic Zone, 1992). Four uncut cards originally issued in the comic magazine, Legends and Folklore. They are numbered 1 - 4 and feature different werewolves throughout history,drawn in color. The backs are simple text. The titles are 1.Strange Case of Ivan Schnakenbert, 2.Werewolf of New Castle, 3.Camanche Werewolf, and 4.Werewolf of Hollywood. (See also the other Comic Zone series, Screen Monsters, UFO’s: Alien Contact, Freaks of Nature, and Cult TV.) Retail: $2 each.

Little Shop of Horrors (Topps, 1986) A 44 card/ sticker set about the Geffen motion picture musical based on the Corman comedy-horror classic. The backs are full color photo cards and descriptions whilst the fronts are die-cut stickers. (Two of the stickers are unnumbered.) Retail $9.

Little Shop of Horrors Preview Edition (Attic Cards, 2016) A 9 card mini-series with black and white photos from the 1960 Roger Corman film. There was also a Kickstarter exclusive card, metal cards, and a Seymour Jr. Sticker. Retail $7.

Locos Extraterrestres (Unknown co., Spain, 1989) Series of colorful but rather simple renditions of 36 different aliens. (The title translates into "Crazy Aliens".) “Smilex” #16 was the tough one to find, since it allowed the finder to win a prize. It would be rubber stamped “Detonator” and featured a uniformed humanoid alien with the head of a grasshopper… with a horn on its nose (to make it look more threatening?) Yeah, all the creatures in this set look rather goofy or childish, but that’s part of the charm. Finding the set with the price card included makes it pricey. Cards measure about 2” x 2.75”. $100. 

*Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring (Topps, 2001) There are dozens of Lord of the Rings sets based on the three movies directed by Peter Jackson. The first one by Topps was 90 cards strong (plus many chase cards), using photo stills from The Fellowship of the Ring. Topps probably had no idea how many times they would return to the well for more follow up sets! This franchise has a lot in common with Dungeons & Dragons, as most the monsters are mythological in nature (Goblins, Dark Riders, Demons, and such, plus all the other fantasy characters like Wizards, Elves and Dwarfs) and several role playing card games were also made for it. Only the first of many LOTR sets is listed here, so collectors can decide for themselves if they want to expand their definition of a monster set and pursue them. Retail: $10

Los Adhesivos Monstruosos [The Sticker Monsters] (Cropan, Circa 1990s?) At least 15 different colorful stickers with identical backs. The somewhat goofy looking faces are on white backgrounds. Retail: $60

Lost In Space (Topps 1966): Just plain old black and white photos with a story line on the back (along with several different graphics), but the charm of the campy TV show pulls it through. Several Cyclops and other dangerous aliens, but mainly the first several episodes are profiled (which were the most serious sci-fi episodes of the show). 55 cards. Retail: $300-$500 Ex/Nrmt. (See more of the set.)

Lost in Space Archives (Inkworks, 1997) Series of 81 cards with photos from the classic show. Retail: $10 (See review article.)

Lost in Space, the Complete (Rittenhouse, 2005) Series of 90 color cards plus various expansion sets, including reprints of the 1966 version. Retail $15

Lost in Space, The Movie (Inkworks, 1998) The new movie with William Hurt and Gary Oldman is brought to cardboard by Inkworks. Although Dr. Smith turns into a monster in the movie, most of those special effect shots are left out of this series. The 90 card set. Retail: $10-$15 (See review article.)

Lost Skeleton Returns Again, The (Unknown, 2009 or later). Series of six full color cards celebrating the sequel to The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra monster parody movie of 2001. Although a company and date is not visible on the cards, the sequel was released in 2009, so we can assume the cards were made at that time or after. These cards are not to be confused with the retro-styled cards from the first movie, that were shown on the original website but never actually printed. Retail: $6

Luminous Monster Stickers (See Puffy Monster Stickers)


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