Mego Museum Cards Checklist

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rev. 1/25/18

World's Greatest Super Heroes (WGSH) Checklist

1 Spider-Man (original has ©2005)

1 Spider-Man (reprint has ©2006)

2 Superman (original has ©2005)

2 Superman (reprint has ©2006)

3 Wonder Woman (original has ©2005)

3 Wonder Woman (reprint has ©2006)

4 Green Goblin

5 Joker

6 Tarzan

7 Captain America

8 Falcon

9 Batman

10 Thor

11 Catwoman

12 Iron Man

13 Conan

14 Green Arrow

15 Mr. Mxyzptik

16 Robin

17 Aquaman

18 Lizard

19 Shazam!

20 Hulk

21 Riddler

22 Batgirl

23 Supergirl

23 (Error card) Supergirl front (w/ "Mego Jet Jungle" #38 back)

24 Human Torch

25 Mr. Fantastic

26 Thing

27 Invisible Girl

28 Penguin

29 Isis

30 Speedy

31 Kid Flash

32 Wondergirl

33 Aqualad

34 Peter Parker

35 Clark Kent

36 Bruce Wayne

37 Dick Grayson

38 Jet Jungle

38 Error Card (see #23)

STAR TREK Checklist

39 Captain Kirk

40 Mr. Spock

41 Dr. McCoy (Bones)

42 Lt. Scott (Scotty)

43 Lt. Uhura

44 Klingon

45 Cheron

46 Gorn

47 Keeper

48 Neptunian

49 Andorian

50 Mugato

51 Talos

52 Romulan

Planet Of The Apes (POTA) Checklist

53 Astronaut

54 General Ursus

55 Soldier Ape (Silver)

56 Soldier Ape (Brown)

57 Peter Burke

58 Soldier Ape (Blue)

59 Alan Verdon

60 Soldier Ape (Lizard)

61 General Urko

62 Zira

63 Zaius

64 Cornelius

65 Galen

Mad Monsters & Legendary Heroes Checklist

66 Red Dracula

67 Blue Frankenstein

68 Dracula

69 Frankenstein

70 Mummy

71 Wolfman

(Super Knights )

72 King Arthur

73 (Error card) King Arthur (w/ Black Knight reverse)

72 (Error card) Black Knight (w/ King Arthur reverse)

73 Black Knight

74 Sir Galahad

75 Ivanhoe

76 Sir Launcelot

(Merry Men)

77 Robin Hood

78 Little John

79 Will Scarlet

80 Friar Tuck

(Super Pirates)

81 Blackbeard

82 Jean Lafitte

83 Captain Patch

84 Long John Silver

(American West)

85 Buffalo Bill

86 Cochise

87 Davy Crockett

88 Sitting Bull

89 Wyatt Earp

90 Wild Bill Hickok

91 (not issued yet. Checklist?)

92 WOZ Scarecrow

93 WOZ Tin man

94 Cowardly Lion

95 Wicked Witch

99 Zorro

STICKER: Shadow the Super Horse

STICKER: Batmobile sticker

STICKER: Oversized Western Poster

STICKER: Tex Miller

STICKER: Jousting Knight (Red sheild)

STICKER: Jousting Knight (White sheild)

STICKER: DC Aquaman Shark


Note: Higher number cards may or may not be added. Check back for updates.

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Plaid Stallions

(the new sister series from, just starting)

00 Brick Mantooth

01 Stretch Monster

02 Maskatron

03 Pulsar

04 Big Jim vs. Zorak

05 AHI Monsters

06 Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle

07 Hugo

08 Super Joe vs. Terron

08 (Error card) Mike Power Atomic Man front, w/ #8 Super Joe vs. Terron back

09 Fem Bot

10 Green Machine

10 (Error Card) Mattel Godzilla w/ #10 Green Machine back

11 Mattel Godzilla

11 (Error card) Green Machine Front w/ #11 Godzilla back

12 Mike Power Atomic Man

13 Lone Ranger

14 Sesame Street Finger Puppets

15 Lincoln Monsters vs Mego Super Heroes

16 Mazinga

17 Bullet man

18 Adventure People

19 Doctor Steel

20 Six Million Dollar Man

21 Cyclon Centurian

22 Torpedo Fist

23 ROM

24 Doctor Who

25 Nerf Man

26 Palitoy Space: 1999

27 Starbird

28 Pocket Super Heroes

29 Remco Monsters

30 Alien

31 Slade

32 Stretch Armstrong

33 Ghost of Captain Kidd

34 Raydeen

35 Jaws Game

36 Godzilla Vs. Tricephalon

37 Star Raiders

38 Venus Space Probe

#39 Martian Chronicles

#40 The Whip

#41 Hypnos




Lincoln Mummy


(See the website checklist for any latest additions.)



Cards unnumbered: The Phantom, Captain Action, Doctor Evil(?)

Stand-up Comics by GreenLantern9999
Card: 1.) Stand-up Guy


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updated: 5.17.11

Here's the publisher's comments on the error cards (from 12/2/08):

They're honestly all screw ups, never done intentionally because exactly as you said I make the printer reprint them out of his pocket.

The first time it happened with the Supergirl/Jet Jungle mix up, I knew it would get fixed so I brought it to Megomeet and gave them all out for the novelty. I don't mind because I love having lots of Supergirl around.

With this last batch, the printer didn't send me a proof and therefore screwed up the majority of them. When I got the shipment in, I just put stacks of cards on my table and packed 40 envelopes before I noticed the mix up on the PS cards.

I was so tired/drunk that I never bothered to properly check the knights. I just angrily threw everything in the garage. My printer replaced the PS cards the following week and I noticed the BK/King Arthur mistake after I had sent 50 packages on their way. I immediately called him and forced yet another reprint.

In the end, what's done is done, releasing the mistake knights is my error. If that adds to your collecting enjoyment then that's terrific.

I did however, throw all of the PS mistake cards into my garbage shed, they'll never see light of day. Something about the Atomic Man having the backer from a card not even going to press just made me see red.