Spanish Mars Attacks Translated!

3/22/05 (rev. 11/15/016)

Whoever published the Spanish Mars Attacks either didn't read English very well, or had their own ideas about a Martian invasion, because they rewrote much of the story on the backs. They still used the front art for inspiration, and some of the same information on the backs, but the text often veered off in different directions from the Topps English version. Many think the Spanish writing is superior. Judge for yourself! (Our special thanks to Ricardo Garijo for making this translation possible.)

Please note that after card #10, the Spanish numbering sequence changes somewhat because two cards (Destroying A City #11 & Burning Flesh #19) were not included in the Spanish set. The US numbers are given in parenthesis (like this) to help keep tract of which image goes with each text. Also, be aware some of the words have been changed and sentence structure adjusted to better accommodate the English reader. (For example, the literal Spanish translation for Flying Saucer was Flying Plates!)

The controversy over origin : This series was likely pirated, as no copyright from Topps (or Bubbles, Inc.) can be found. (Topps would have almost certainly have insisted on a copyright to protect their property if it were legitimately licensed, as they did with the UK version of this series.)

There are also two distinct printings of this series. One is printed on cream color backs, which appears to have a more yellow colored background, and the other has gray backs, making the yellow background appear more yellow/green. The cream colored backs were probably the first printing.


1. The invasion is prepared.

Mar's fate was locked to Earth's. The Martian scientists had come to the terrible conclusion that Mars was going to disappear in a few weeks, because the planet, by a physical phenomenon of rare characteristics, was accumulating in its nucleus uncontrollable atomic strengths, that at any time could make the planet's structure explode into a thousands parts. Their unique solution was to transport the Martians to Earth, following an attack by the Martian army. The Martian officers had great space experience and had trust in their modern weapons to conquer the Earth. The Martian problem had been determined: their civilization could be saved only if they conquered the Earth. The flying saucers were prepared. The weapons, ready. The control tower gave the instructions. A soft blue wake was floating in the air. Everything was in order. The long trip to conquest would start at any moment.


2. Planet Earth on sight.

Softly, the flying saucers start to rose. The long voyage would have to cover 77.000.000 Km. to the Earth. The speed increased... soon, they appeared as small dots disappearing in the direction of Earth. The furious attack depended on the four elements. The flying saucers carried deadly weapons that had been loaded with unknown elements. They would not shoot bullets, but burning rays much more powerful than the sun (which is where they had taken its strength, concentrating its power). The weapons would soon seed terror on the Earth's inhabitants who at that time, suspected nothing. The Martian scientists had, thanks to their efforts and patience, provided unbeatable power for the fight that was soon to begin. The Earth was getting closer. The floating armada's captain screamed through the communicator: "Earth is in sight!" He waited for orders.


3. First attack: a military base.

"Floating Armada Captain. The Earth is in range." The order arrived, clear and strong: "Terminate them!" The military base that had been observed was to be attacked. The U.S.A. was the first nation of the Earth that had been chosen by the Martians. The military base, during a placid Sunday afternoon, was quiet. Suddenly everything turned to horror and chaos, worthy of the blackest corner in hell. The soldiers, paralyzed by the surprise, saw flying between the clouds, waves of floating of bright flying saucers, attacking at supersonic speed! The enemy didn't shoot bullets, but a violet ray was spraying death and destruction! Many youth lives were reaped in that killing. The President declared a State of Emergency! The news traveled around the world. The terrestrial's world shook. What was happening?


4. Jets planes counter-attack.

A defense was organized rapidly. The Martian's unexpected and cruel attack provoked a quick reaction. The President gave orders that were carried out rightly and immediately. Jets planes set of from their base. They rose very fast and spent many minutes searching, but without result. The flying saucers had left. The jets decided to return to base, when suddenly... the flying saucers fell over them. Their radar had anticipated that something was near them, but before the screen could examine the weird object, the forces of Mars vented their power towards the planes. Their powerful rays turned the jet wings into flames. One jet pilot aligned his rockets towards a flying saucer, but to his surprise, the missiles bounced off the metallic structure of the Martian craft. The Martian creatures didn't wait a second: their rays destroyed the American plane and pilot. How could anyone counter-attack?


5. Washington in flames.

The President's order was still echoing throughout the city, and Washington was burning. The rumors flew as fast as the flying saucers. The panic was destroying the terrestrials habitants minute by minute. The voice invaded everywhere:...The White House was in flames... All the habitants were dead... Nothing was known. The city was a huge pyre. How many were saved? Was the President among them? Meanwhile, a very real and fierce horror continued: the Martian attack was cruel and terrifying. The violet rays crossed the cities from one side to another, leaving pain and desolation. What can be used against them? What was the right strategy or weapon? Was it possible to wait and do nothing until the final hour, without trying anything? The forces of air, earth and sea consulted each other. They had to act rapidly, otherwise no human being would survive on Earth.


6. Fleet's destruction.

The ships had been alerted. A destroyer fleet that was going to Philippines spotted a squad of flying saucers over the horizon. The cannons were aligned toward the strange objects and fired. The Martians machines rose quickly and out of the ship's range before suffering any damage. Suddenly. from the other side appear their rays over the first three ships. The admiral is upset: his ships and marines have been terribly massacred. The order came rapidly: Retreat! We have to run away before everyone disappears! The confusion is rising. Thousands of men are dead. The ships are sunk and planes are demolished. While the Martians keep destroying the Earth, the terrestrials search for a way to combat them.


7. The bridge burns.

While a few boats run away defeated, the Martians searched for more targets to destroy. The flying saucers moved with much speed. Suddenly, they observed a big bridge, the wonderful Golden Gate in San Francisco, and at that time it was full of cars that were returning home, after a long day of work. One, two, three flying saucers aligned their rays on the bridge. The enormous girders started to melt. The steel cables disappeared. People fall fulminated, the cars fell into the cold water, becoming steel coffins for their occupants. A ship, which slowly was sailing across the water, split into two, as the weight of the bridge fell on it with a loud crash. More than an inanimate thing, it looked like a hurt animal in search of shelter in the water, trying to escape from an enemy that continues destroying the Earth like an exterminator.


8. Broadway is annihilated.

The terrible attack continues. All over America, flying saucers appear. The Martian forces seemed possessed by a cruel fury. All was destroyed, in a bloody orgy. New York was imposing. Its skyscrapers looked like they challenged the flying saucers to arrive. The Martians saw a place much more empty than the wake that their machines left. It was Broadway, the Great White Way, with the splendor from its canopies which dazzled New Yorkers and attracted tourists with bright cinema and theater announcements. Suddenly, the flying saucers appear between the clouds. Their deadly rays turned the happy artery into a scenario of horror and fright. All the people ran. The panic over powering the terrestrials who scurried for shelter in the subways and buildings. Any place was good to escape from the massacre. Broadway was getting dark... Its canopies turned black...


9. Human pyre.

The terrestrial forces went rapidly to the city in a despaired attempt to protect the unprotected civilians. Tanks and bazookas were summoned on the streets, while the civilians, with frighten eyes, watched from their shelters the battle of the flying saucers. The cannons from the tanks sounded and the shells from the bazookas shot toward the enemy. Suddenly, a floating wave of flying saucers throw their deadly rays, making an enormous human pyre, in front of the frightened eyes of the hidden. The terrestrial's weapons can't measure up to a counter-attack against indestructible flying saucers that keep on flying over the city. The United States is engulfed in terror.


10. The skyscrapers fall down.

The city of New York, which had been chosen by the Martians for their continuous and cruel attacks, burns from North to South and from East to West. The Empire State, the giant of the skyscrapers, that looks challenging and imposing to the flying saucers, was attacked furiously. The burning violet rays fell on its cement structure and steel and, like a wax candle near the fire, disappeared, trapping into its fire trap all the employees and workers that were working at that moment. Meanwhile, thousands and thousands of inhabitants that tried to escape from the Martians, in a crazy run, occupied the streets, the alley ways, making it impossible for the fire brigade's to execute their job. After the Empire State building falls, so do other skyscrapers. Every one falls as if their base had suddenly disappeared. What can anyone do? How can anyone defend against this?


(US #11: "Destroy the City" was not printed, perhaps due to the gruesome burning corpses, or perhaps because they never found it to pirate.)


11. Fatal challenger. (US#12)

A new group of jets planes go meeting the flying saucers, in a desperate intent of combat. The flying saucers rise rapidly leaving back in velocity the jets, so they can do nothing. A pilot, unlike the others, follows the Martian force and tries to discover their base. The chief of the invaders (having observed the plane) gives instructions to one of his subordinates. A flying saucer turns around and rises quickly. Within a few seconds, it zooms towards the jet. The plane's pilot tries to enter into combat, but before he can work his machine guns, the violet rays fall over his plane and melt the steel, without giving him and opportunity to save himself. Another alternative fails. Will this be the beginning of the end?


12. Mars observes. (US#13)

After the U.S.A, France was the second Martian objective, while England was watched. Paris, the light city, was also a victim of the enemy. While the Earth becomes a hell, at thousands of kilometers, from Mar's capital and by a giant screen of television, the Martians bosses have a clear vision of the invasion on the Earth. They watch the great work as the pride of terrestrial civilization disappears under the Martian's power. As the Roman's relics become ashes, the spectacle became the object of a sinister toast! The Earth conquered! Was it all done? Had the terrestrial's nightmare ended? Or was there more?


13. One more victim. (US#14)

The Martian's attack continues. The nightmare too. A doctor goes quickly in his car to give his services to the few injured that were still alive. His car ran at 100 km. per hour. Suddenly, he heard a loud sound over head. When he looked up in terror, he saw a flying saucer a few meters from his car. His terror had no limits. His feet pressed the accelerator in an imaginative attempt of escape. The needle of the speed indicator increased: 110, 115, 130, 140, 160 km.! The Martian piloting the flying saucer studies the scared terrestrial and his car, and decides not to wait anymore. The powerful violet rays make impact with the car, which looses control and explodes into flames, then going into a ditch. The burning iron claims another victim: the doctor that travels to give help.


14. Flying Saucers over China. (US#15)

The Earth was being attacked from America to the Orient. The United States, England, France, Italy and now China. The flying saucers appeared on Chinese territory with all the fury that they have unleashed in other places. The common Chinese farmers saw the apparition of the great Martian machines and with surprise, they notice how everything around them exploded into flames and desolation. Men, women and children were killed. The fatal job of the Martians was even more facilitated by the Chinese, who, believing that they were suffering a punishment from angry Gods, did nothing for their defense and didn't even look for shelter or safety. Meanwhile, the aliens kept on destroying the Chinese territory and their rays fell on the Earth that burned everything. Meanwhile in England, it's capital, London, prepared to defend itself. No country in the Earth was free of being attacked!


15. Panic at the English Parliament. (US#16)

The English Parliament was in an emergency session, talking about the defense methods it could apply to counter the Martian's attack. Suddenly, the Martians opened a huge hole in the roof. The horrible Martian's heads appeared, and their hands, which were aiming weapons with violet rays, seeding terror. As if their presence weren't enough to paralyze the English parliamentary, their weapons made an enormous oven of the place. Everybody wanted to run away. But it was unless. They were trapped and died...


16. A kidnapped women. (US#17)

The earth was becoming, little by little, a desolated moor. The conquering stage of Martians would be followed according to plan. Nothing of the terrestrials civilization would remain. Buildings, people, everything was annihilated. They not only attacked with their weapons, but they also kidnapped, leaving the houses with new grief: the kidnapping of a dear being. Not even the churches were respected. The violet rays destroyed the only building that could bring spiritual consolation. A young woman, tired, lay between terrible dreams. She dreamed that a horrible being was coming closer. Her dream become reality. When she opened her eyes and saw next to her a Martian that presses her with its paws. Her scream stays drowned in her throat...


17. A soldier's fury. (US#18)

The Earth's habitants abandon the cities and searched for shelter in the country, fighting with the beasts for caves that they could hide them from the furious Martians. While in the cities, remain thousands of abandoned cars. A soldier that was patrolling the place observes that a group of Martians were destroying the empty cars. His fury replaced his fear. Slowly, he came closer to a Martian, took his rifle, lifted it up and smashed the Martian's head. Another enemy saw him and, without give him time to flee, annihilated him with the violet ray. Martians were so sure of their power that they left their flying saucers and searched (like dogs) for the frighten Earth inhabitants, even in the shelters where they were hidden.


(US #19 Burning Flesh, was not printed, perhaps due to the painful death scene, or perhaps because they never found it to pirate.)


18. Crushed. (US#20)

The Martians that had destroyed everything, decided to clean the streets of waste, using huge mechanic spades that were driven from by the aliens. A group of terrestrials that were searching for shelter and were seen by the Martians. The aliens quickly used their mechanical spades to trap the humans between steel paws and the frighten terrestrials. For a short time they were dragged along the street and when they were in front of a building, the spades whipped around and threw the men and women out, like shot from catapults, crashing them against the walls. Between screams of pain, their bodies stayed crushed on the wall. A new torment was beginning. The Martians, sadistically, were having fun...

When was it going to end? What new torments were waiting the terrestrials?


19. Another women trapped. (US#21)

The buildings were abandoned by the terrestrials in search of safer shelter. The Martians decided to descend from their flying saucers to find the Earth's inhabitants where ever they were hiding. A Martian came into a destroyed shop. He started watching with curiosity the terrestrial's clothes. A wardrobe called his attention. Slowly, he drew the doors and started to separate the clothes. To his enormous surprise, he found a young woman. Rapidly, he took her in the arms. The woman started screaming and defended herself. The Martian looked at her with his big eyes, while the young woman screamed hysterically. After the struggle, the Martian, surprised, let her go. The woman was spared!


20. Cattle in flames. (US#22)

The destruction plan made by Martians was being carried out step by step. No living human being could remain on Earth. The killing of humans was followed by the destruction of their eating sources. Cultivable land and animals started to be attacked. A farmer that was looking after his cows saw the flying saucers descend. He tried to escape with the animals, but he didn't' have enough time. The burning violet rays fell over the animals that practically exploded in flames and in a few seconds turned into burned bones. The few animals that were saved, were hidden in caves by their owners. When will this nightmare of blood and horror end?


21.The freezing ray. (US#23)

In wartime, the Nations prepare all the methods and weapons to achieve victory. The Martians had prepared their attack conscious of the power and destructive force of their devilish weapons. The hell of their violet ray was replaced, more over, complemented with another ray. The new fluid doesn't disintegrate, but something worse: It freezes!

A voluntary squad, defeated the fear that they felt, and decided to go to a hospital. Slowly, hidden between the debris, they were getting closer to the hospital. They already had it on sight. There, at 200 meters, there were terrestrials that needed their help. Suddenly, a continuous buzzing was heard: many flying saucers appeared from the clouds and sent their white rays on the terrestrials turning them into ice statues. There they stayed, motionless, with open eyes, frighten...


22. Reduced rays. (US#24)

Two North American soldiers hidden behind some debris watch a flying saucer that is landing. A Martian descends from it, and slowly, and without realizing the soldiers' presence, moved closer to the debris. One of the soldiers couldn't contain his impulse of attacking his hated enemy. Without hearing the advice of his partner, he jumps ahead and attacks the Martian with blind fury. The Martian turned on his weapon very quickly and a violet and red ray made an impact with the soldier that, in front of his hidden partner, started to make him smaller and smaller, passing from 1,80 to an insignificant figure, with only centimeters, until disappearing.


23. A captured Martian. (US#25)

The Earth soldiers hadn't had much of a chance to get closes to the Martians, who maintained a safe distance with their fatal weapons. That's why, when an enemy was distracted watching a fire, they fall on him and covered him with a thick net, taking away his weapons. The Martian's reaction was fierce. His grabbed with steel fingers, searching the face of the Earth soldier, trying to injure or kill, to escape. His efforts were useless. The net was closed even more, making it impossible to move. The soldiers loaded up the enemy and went to a secret head quarters, where scientific experts tried to discover the Martian language, to interrogate and ask him "Why are you killing us?"


24. Tidal wave. (US#26)

The Martians prove their power time and again. Their rays, that had made debris the buildings, soldiers, animals and fields, were directed to the sea, which started to shake violently with fury. The sea, quiet a moment ago, changed into huge waves that reach the coast destroying everything. The tidal wave provoked by the Martians razes the buildings near the coast. They fell like sand castles because of the push and violence of the sea. Big ships were turned into toys on the waves, which shook them, then lifted them up and dropped them against the buildings. It was a new torment, like a new link in a chain of horror, that punished the Earth habitants.


25. Big flies. (US#27)

The same way they had tested the reducer ray, the Martians tried the opposite: to increase the size of the insects that lived on the Earth. A fly was used as a test. Its size was gradually increased, becoming a huge monster; its volume was increased 500 times. It was a new whip at the service of the heartless Martians to keep on punishing the Earthlings. The flies, which looked like planes, were sent to capture the humans. They had to feed their selves. Their previously harmless legs became giant paws; their huge horrible heads, turned around here and there, searching for a human to catch. The terrestrials endure horror after horror. When will this penury end?


26. Insects attack. (US#28)

The Earth's habitants, that had avoided staying out during the day, take advantage of the night to search for food. But other beings, horrible, terrifying, go out searching for their sustenance as well: they were big flies that fell down on the terrestrials, leaving them no chance of escape. Their bodies were trapped between the monster's paws which quickly flew away, taking their prisoners to a safe place, in order to avoid a fight with another insect that wanted to steal its food. The big flies caused as much horror as the Martians did. Theirs enormous eyes stayed firm on the chosen human, that, so terrified, couldn't even scream. The humans don't even dare walk at night. But there was no other solution. If they don't risk their lives, they die in their hiding places.


27. Dead in the shelter. (US#29)

The civilian authorities had built camouflaged shelters where the battered and cruelly handled habitants of the planet hid. These shelters had a capacity for 100 people that were provided with food for 30 days. The Martians couldn't find the well-camouflaged shelters. But the big flies, because of their giant size, had a terrible hunger, and they discovered shelters thanks to their well-development senses. Their huge heads filled the entrance hole, preventing any human escape. Theirs paws started to capture people, beginning an automatic massacre. No one was safe. Everybody was consumed, victims of the monsters created by the Martians.


28. Monstrous spiders. (US#30)

Big spiders followed the flies. Their two meters long legs wove nets from one side of the street to the other, trapping cars and people. Their appearance, so repulsive at a giant size, made it unbelievable: the terrestrials couldn't convince themselves that the nightmare was real, it seemed like one of those dreams where you wake up and you're still dreaming. The spiders were there to fulfill the Martian's destruction. On the fields they wove nets from tree to tree, so thick, that anyone caught in them- if not helped in time- died of starvation or wound up in the stomach of an insect. A woman had spotted the flying saucers at a distance. She tried to run to a shelter, but unluckily, was snared in one of the webs. Her horror had no limits when she saw the spider reaching for her.


29. The monster bursts in. (US#31)

The monsters created by the Martians walk from one site to another in the cities, abandoned or not. In a small town, just one house gives signs of life. A young scientist, with the company of a soldier, tested various methods to counter the terrible Martian attacks. They were so absorbed in their job that they didn't notice that a huge tentacle appeared through the window. The powerful arm grew longer and caught the young doctor, while in the hole of the window appeared the head of the horrible monster. The young lady started screaming and the soldier with his weapon attacked the creature, again and again. From the insect's injuries flowed a thick blood that covered the soldier's clothes. The pressure of the tentacle released. The monster abandoned the victim and crawled away. The doctor returned to her work, trying to forget her horrible experience.


30. Robots in action. (US#32)

A metallic sound started to be heard. The floor of cement shook. The few nearby Earthlings were terrified, paralyzed with fear. Coming down the street were giant robots, each one piloted by a Martian. Their metal pieces, built with an unknown alloy, were so perfectly synchronized that they appeared to be alive. Long arms of metal with giant claws reached out and trapped the terrestrials, crushing them with their steal teeth. While the robot's claws destroyed everything that they passed, the Martians also shot their violet rays in every direction, demolishing and burning the few remaining buildings. Yet another form of destruction had been invented by the Martians.


31. Managed monsters. (US#33)

The inoffensive insects of the Earth were turned into huge monsters by Martian science. They were Martian slaves, following every order. The Martian devils had cleverly found a way to control the insects and enforce their will. The devastated cities, littered with rubble and dead humans, had to be cleaned so the Martians could inhabit the Earth. Like living robots, the horrible spiders and flies used theirs claws to drag and carry victims out of city, using their horrible powers to pre-establish homes for the Martians. The first step of the conquest was finished, but... Was victory complete? Could the terrestrials avoid defeat?


32. Panic in the subway. (US#34)

The terrestrials use the subway to travel safely, because it was impossible to walk on the streets and be seen and attacked by the Martians. A subway train leaves the station. The driver heads the train into the dark tunnel, illuminated only by its headlights. As the light's shine, the driver sees an enormous shadow approach the train. The pilot freezes in horror at the shocking sight. Some kind of huge locust hit the first and second coach, pulling them up and shaking them as they were toys. It's powerful tentacles look like cranes of terrible strength, dropping the coaches one after another. The desperate passengers flee the coaches where ever they can. The dangers of being electrocuted on the tracks doesn't matter. What matters is to escape...


33. First terrestrial victory. (US#35)

The Martian insect monsters had repelled the Earth armies and their ineffective weapons. But they quickly try a more effective weapon: a powerful flame-thrower feed by oxygen in tubes, carried by the soldiers in canisters. They soon had an opportunity to test their new weapon. A patrol marches onto a field. The soldiers freeze as a group of giant insects approach. The soldiers quickly take their position. The commander orders: "prepare... fire!" The insects land like planes, but find a barrier of fire projected by the flame-thrower. Their bug bodies succumb to the flames. They burn and scream while they scurry off, injured of dead. This was the first Earth victory. Will others follow?


34. A dog in flames. (US#36)

The Earth inhabitants had hidden in caves in order to escape the Martians' destructive rampage. The Martians searched for the humans to complete their total extermination. A child with his faithful dog briefly left his hiding place. Suddenly, a Martian sees them. The dog, realizing that his little master was in danger, attacked the Martian. It's sharp teeth are useless against the Martian's metallic armor, and, out of surprise, the Martian fires his gun and the violet ray falls on the loyal animal that shakes wildly as its body coverts into flames. While his dog dies, the child clutches his fists and cries in pain and impotence.


35. The insects monsters. (US#37)

While in certain places the giant and horrible monsters, created by the perverted minds of the Martians, were efficiently combated, many others were dispersed causing horror and death among the desperate terrestrials. The huge and dangerous size of the insects created a small advantage for the Earthlings: they could easily detect the insect presence by the noise they made when they moved. In a small village, a group of men heard the loud steps of one of the monsters as it was coming closer. Its big body demolished a few standing houses. The men ran away. They grabbed the children and carried them away in their arms during their hurried escape. The insect didn't catch them.


36. A monster and three soldiers. (US#38)

A jeep speeds, jumps, and bumps in a road full of holes. The vehicle was occupied by three soldiers that were patrolling the zone. Suddenly, a huge insect appears in front of them. One of the soldiers yells to his partners to jump from the car and hide in a close ditch. The monster destroyed the jeep. Its big and horrible eyes search for the three soldiers. It discovers them in the ditch and leaps above them. One of the soldiers falls without a chance to defend himself. The other two unload their weapons against the beast many times. Their bayonets repeatedly penetrate the viscous body. The fight is exhausting. The men pant and the beast becomes more and more furious. Suddenly, everything ends. The evil force has won again. The creature created by the Martians has destroyed three values lifes.


37. Another terrestrial victory. (US#39)

The horrible beasts created by the Martians to obey their orders, meet atop of a hill and, like regular soldiers, await further directions. Those come immediately. Very close and below them was a military camp that must be destroyed. The terrestrials heard strange sounds above them. For moments were screams that frightened them. The commandant of the camp had his men prepared and supplied with powerful rifles - with bullets that could pierce iron and machine guns and bazookas. He ordered an immediate file formation in the direction of the eerie noises. The wait was very short. The monsters poured down from the hill and when they were close enough for the terrestrial soldiers, a rain of fire and machine hit the monsters. The bullets pierced their bodies, providing the punished Earthlings a second partial victory.


38. An electrocuted monster. (US#40)

The Martians had attacked almost all the American cities. The military forces couldn't move their troops to all the places where the insects appeared, in order to combat them. Many monsters sauntered on the Earth without being disturbed. A huge insect moved through the plains, destroying ranches and farms. Close to an important city, there was a hydroelectric central that supplied energy to the entire region. The huge insect approached the towers that held the high tension wires. It didn't stop. It moved forward and its body touched the cables and thousands of kilowatts seared through it. The monster shakes, its body, tangled in the ropes, falls, breaking both towers. An operative, who worked in one of the towers, also dies in the catastrophe. Another Earth life is lost. A monster and a human laid there, as a testimony of the unequal war that the Earthlings were fighting.


39. Monsters in France. (US#41)

While the Americans try any lucky of defense, in Europe, or more precisely, in France and its capital, Paris, appeared the huge and horrible insects, transported by the Martians. The Paris streets are in panic and horror. In front of the Martian advance is a shocking display of monsters. A worm-- almost 300 meters of long-- crawls down the middle of the street, frightening the Parisians that run away. The big worm stops. Another enormous challenger stands before it. But this one doesn't crawl, it stands straight, looking to the sky. The pride of the French nation, visited by thousands of humans and resisting many hurricanes, is the Eiffel Tower. The worm closes in, and without staggering, rapidly coils its body up around the object, as if to measure the strength of the iron one. The tower crackles, slants, fights passively but cannot support the weight of the monster created by Martians. A last, the famous tower and pride of the French cracks in two. It has been another blow to the humans by the enemy, the Martians.


40. Infernal spider. (US#42)

The American general command meets in a shack to create plans to combat the Martians and the beasts created by them. Suddenly the shack became dark, and the walls of the place started to collapse. While the military bosses flee in helicopters (prepared for a rapid escape) the soldiers rush out rapidly to confront a much bigger spider than the others seen. Theirs weapons started to shoot, but the horrible creature seemed to feel none of the bullets. Its enormous legs cause ruin for the soldiers that combat it, while other men arrived with tanks and grenades to help exterminate the monster.


41. The spider dies. (US#43)

The reinforcement of tanks arrived rapidly. During a perfectly co-ordinated action, they surround the spider. The projectiles from the barrels penetrate the thick shell of the horrible beast. Meanwhile, others soldiers dropped hand grenades which exploded on the spider body. It started to shake. One of its enormous legs, that had wonted to press a tank, stayed on it, but without strength. The cannon shots follow one after another. The animal shutters-- its legs are weakened. The American soldiers keep on fighting. They weren't sure that the huge spider was dead. Its body was injured in many places. It stopped moving. One last grenade is the shot of grace. The humans had conquered [and managed] another victory.



42.. Attack with helicopters. (US#44)

However the extermination of some of the flying and huge beasts [was needed], many stayed alive. The noise of theirs wings was heard everywhere. A few times they settled on Earth. They only do it when they attack and took their victim, taking off. The soldiers concluded that with well-equipped helicopters, they would combat them in the air. Saying it and doing it was all one. The helicopters take off from the bases and, in the air, started the most tragic of the fights. They couldn't miss a shot, because machines and men would die. The terrestrials had taken strength and trust on their despairs [in] defiance, supplementing their faith of weapons with courage and firmness. How would the fight end?


43.. Another monster falls demolished. (US#45)

A plane, on mission of patrol in a region, sees a huge insect that is close to a village. In a quick nosedive it drops a few bombs that blast. But the beast hadn't died. Its body is half destroyed but keeps on in the direction toward the village. The pilot informs a patrol that was closer the place. Rapidly arriving, the soldiers with their bazookas establish a desperate combat. The beast is loosing forces and its horrible noises leave the air impregnated with terror. The soldiers keep on unloading theirs weapons, but the beast makes a last effort and falls down on a soldier, killing him. Its horrible body starts to shake and twists around and falls dead. Another enemy dead.


44.. The Earth will attack Mars. (US#46)

The armed forces and the citizens of the whole world forget their differences and set up the Space Committee, in a desperate effort of salvation. The governments of all countries unite efforts into great co-operation in order to fight against the common enemy. Brilliant space ships were rapidly loaded with tanks, artillery, space weapons, planes and the most modern elements that civilization had. Everybody enlists. Young people from 16 years old up to men of 45 were equally accepted for the long trip to Mars, to fight on the planet, the fierce enemy that had killed more than the half of the terrestrial population. It was all ready. The terrestrial space ships had men of different races, of different languages, but all the same objective: they will soon take off from the Earth to the hated planet.


45.. Earth bombs on Mars. (US#47)

The terrestrial ships take off. A blue trail stays in the air and millions of hopes of those who stay on Earth. The space ships of the terrestrials were getting close to Mars. The flotilla Commandant, nervous, commanded: set your clocks on time! Ready. On 30 seconds we will let our atomic bombs fall on Mars. Prepare! 20 seconds...! The bombs started to explode! One, two, three, four, and... the terrestrial men desperation had no limits. The bombs explode before reaching Mars. It hadn't been touched. Why? The Martians had prepared for it all, anticipating an attack to their planet. They had weapons that emitted certain waves, which surrounded the planet obstructing passage, in this case, of the terrestrial bombs that exploded when they make contact with it. The Commandant of the Earth forces commanded: prepare! We will have to find a way to set off and fight the Martians hand to hand. Take positions! Get ready to set out!


46.. Set off on Mars. (US#48)

The space ships flew over the zone searching for a place to land without be seen by the Martians, to avoid being easy prey to the enemy. A desert appeared in their sites. Helped by parachutes and jet belts, a patrol touched Mars's ground to explore the zone. Their weapons are prepared. They want to take the Martians by surprise, to repay them shot for shot for all the damage caused, and for that, they need to set off without being seen. The Martian beings don't expect an attack from the terrestrials and the precautions they had taken there wasn't enough to counter a surprise offensive. A Martian group, which weren't armed with the protected clothes that they had carried to Earth on their march to conquer, met the terrestrial patrol. The fight was short. The Earth's men unloaded their weapons. A Martian died. Another fell. The bullets now make their effect. While the fight continues on the Martian surface, the Earth's ships prepare to give great battle. There is no alternative. They must defeat them.


47.. Terrestrials to the attack. (US#49)

The ships set down on Martian ground and the Earth's soldiers spilled out quickly, spreading out as not to become easy targets. The Commandant communicated with his troops almost in silence. A large desert of sand was in their view. The Martians were no where to be seen. Evidently, the place for the setting down was well chosen. Quietly, the men were moving. Suddenly, everything changed. Between the hills appeared a spectacular vision: a Martian city, with structures that were centuries advanced and more evolved than on Earth. The glass domes, the transport monorail, the form of the buildings and monuments! The soldiers stared, absorbed. It looked like a dream or a nightmare, [considering] the disaster caused to Earth by this advanced civilization. Why were beings so superior bent on such destruction? The reflection didn't last long. The Commandant ordered [everyone] to move ahead with much caution. The city was leaving. The fight was soon to start.


48.. The fight starts on Mars. (US#50)

The terrestrial soldiers observe a group of Martians that are receiving orders. Without giving them time, the soldiers fall over them and start a furious fight body to body. The Martians, much smaller than the Earth men, look trapped and try to cut the oxygen tanks that the soldiers carry, but the fury is such, that the Martians are powerless, at the moment. A terrestrial soldier traps two enemies at the same time and drops them against their partners. The fight is unequal to Martians that had no time to reach their powerful weapons. While the group fights, another trys to discover the Martian's Energy Central and destroy it, taking away all the power to the Martian's weapons.


49.. The tanks attack. (US#51)

The terrestrial tanks that had been transported to Mars by the Earth's space ships were ready to start combat. Their objective is determined: they must destroy the solar Energy Central of Mars! Easily the tanks go on to the Martian's magnified city. They destroy [everything] in their way. They pay back shot for shot. A group of scientists try to stop the advance of the Earth forces to the vital Martian center: the cannons of the tanks fre again and again. Behind the tanks, the terrestrial infantry go on. The modern building shake, then fall, filling the Martian air with multicolour rays as it destroys the vital energy equipment. This was a fatal shot to the enemy. The Earth was taking revenge!


50.. The Martian's hope: the Robot. (US#52)

The Earth forces were killing, bit by bit, the Martian inhabitants. The incredibly beautiful Martian structures were coming down. Our soldiers didn't like to destroy so many beauties, but there was no other solution to combat such a terrible (Martian) enemy. The Martian scientists tried many defferent efforts of counterattack, to invent a new weapon. A giant robot of more than 15 metres tall, commanded by remote control, was coming toward the Earth forces, squashing some of the terrestrial soldiers. The men didn't scare. They quickly reacted and started to fight. The bullets from the cannons of the tanks, the crash of the bazookas, the hand grenades, made their effect: the robot staggered. A right shot to the mechanism [made it collapse and come to a] rest. The mechanicas doll stops being a danger.


51.. Mars in ruins. (US#53)

The brave counterattack of the terrestrials, full of heroism and decision, had left the beautiful Martian cities in ruins. Everywhere the Martians victims were seen, most buried under the desert sand. The extraordinary buildings and all the exponents of such advanced civilisation, the result of many centuries of evolution, were now gone. Meanwhile, sinister vibrations and trembling were registering in the instruments, indicating that the dangerous atomic pressures in the centre of the planet were reaching their critical point. The enemy was definitely defeated. There wasn't another possibility for the Martians to try a new adventure. Their labs, cities, energy sources, had [all] been destroyed. The terrestrial army went to their space ships to leave the devil planet.


52.. Mars explodes. (US#54)

The Martian scientists that had noticed that their planet would explode soon were not mistaken. The atomic pressures accumulated in the center of Mars, and by a weak physic phenomenon, were uncontrollable, they passed their critical point. Suddenly, that energy exploded with such terrific strength. The crewmembers of the terrestrial space ships, on the flight back home, never imagined what their eyes were seeing. Their ships were shaken by the expansion waves, the terrestrial saw that Mars blew into millions of asteroids of brilliant colours, that will float forever in the space. The nightmare was finished, there was nothing left of the beautiful cities or the horrible Martians. The horrorible nightmare had disappeared. The ships were close to Earth. Pilots and crewmembers pass their hands over their eyes, as if wanting to take away the fantastic vision, while from their chests escape a sigh of relief. THE END.


53.. Check list. (US#55)

The invasion is prepared.

Planet Earth on sight.

First attack: a military base.

Jets planes counterattack.

Washington in flames.

Fleet's destruction.

The bridge burns.

Broadway is annihilated.

Human pyre.

The skyscrapers fall down.

Fatal challenger.

Mars observes.

One more victim.

Flying plates over China.

Panic at the English Parliament.

A kidnapped women.

A soldier's fury.


Another women trapped.

Cattle in flames.

The freezing ray.

Reduction rays.

A captured Martian.

Tidal wave.

Big flies.

Insects attack.

Dead in a shelter.

Monster spiders.

The monster bursts into.

Robots in action.

Managed monsters.

Panic at the subway.

First Earth victory.

A dog in flames.

The insects monsters.

A monster a three soldiers.

Another Earth victory.

An electrocuted monster.

Monsters in France.

Infernal spider.

The spider dies.

Attack with helicopters.

Another monster falls demolished.

The Earth will attack Mars.

Earth bombs on Mars.

Set off on Mars.

Terrestrials on the attack.

The fight starts on Mars.

The tanks attack.

The Martian's hope: the robot.

Mars on ruins.

Mars explodes.

Mars attacks. (Summary).

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