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Every year up through 2013, TOT commissioned a new poster to promote the haunt. We discontinued in 2014, not because of the cost of producing the posters, but because fewer and fewer businesses were locally owned and would post them. (All the chain stores said it was against their corporate policy!) So when we left Gaines Street in 2014, we also left behind our history of annual poster publishing. However, those older posters have become popular collector's items over the years. It's kind of a "history of our haunt" in pictures. (You'll see them scattered throughout our site illustrating different pages.) Here, you can view them all on one page with artist information included.

2013 Haunt Poster

13 x 19" poster by Ricardo Garijo, Jr., from Spain.


Chrissy Spallone TOT poster

8 x 10" poster by Chrissy Spallone of New Jersey.


2011 Poster

11 x 17" color poster by Shawn Conn of Rochester, NY.


11 x 17" color poster by Bill Chancellor of El Paso, TX.

Plus a bus poster designed by Dan Hoge


8 x 11.5 poster. Graphic design, Dan Hoge. Art by Finlay

Plus a large poster by Martin Allen (posted on our marquee).


Poster by Martin Allen, who also acts as our Mad Doctor and Mad Magician! (Hit icon for larger image.)


(Click image to see original thumbnail sketch.)

Our 8th year poster was drawn by Ricardo Garijo. We made both large 11 x 17" and regular 8.5 x 11" black and white sizes, plus a few 24 x 36" movie posters.


Click above image to see original thumbnail sketch.

The artist was Ricardo Garijo from Argentina, who also did our poster in 2003. This time, it was a pencil drawing. Only about 100 (8.5 x 11") posters were made on yellow paper.



Both 11 x 17 and 8.5 x 11" glossy posters made for our sixth year. The artist was Scott Jackson of Chicago who paints the oversized Monster Masterpieces trading cards. He also organizes Halloween Art Exhibits. About 500 of each were size poster were made.


Our 6th year. The artist was Strephon Taylor from El Cerritro, CA. He does a lot of spook show art. About two dozen were made as large (24 x 36") posters, and 100 medium sized (11 x 17") posters were made, along with another 200 regular (8.5 x 11") photocopies.


Click above image to see Garijo's pencil version, or click here to see original thumbnail sketch.

Our 5th year. At this point, the Monroe Street location was demolished and we moved to 826 West Gaines and renamed the place Terror Of Tallahassee. (It was originally named Nightmares from 2000 - 2001, and Bloodlines in 2002). Our floor space was suddenly doubled from our previous location of 6,000 square feet to 12,000!

The artist for 2003 was Ricardo Garijo from Argentina. He's a professional comic book illustrator and painter of trading cards. About 300 were photocopied (some at 11 x 17" size, others at 8.5 x 11" size).


Our 4th year. The artist was Kurt Kuersteiner, one of the two original Mystery Playhouse founders. About 200 (11 x 17") were photocopied. We also photocopied another mini-poster (8.5 x11") using different spook art.



Our 3rd year of operation. Once again, the artist was Bill Fogg, an art instructor. Only 300 (11 x 17") were made with off set printing.



Our 2nd year of operation. The artist was Bill Fogg, an art instructor from the San Francisco bay area, and a talented illustrator as well. Only 300 (11 x 17") posters were made with off set printing.



Our very first year. We were located over on North Monroe street back then and called The Mystery Playhouse. The artist was Paul Wolak, a talented photoshop magician in Chicago. Only 300 were made (11 x 17") with off set printing. We also photocopied a rather generic mini poster (8.5 x 11") made up from old spook show clip art (of the classic Phillip Morris variety).


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