Other Ads & Such

(outside signs, tracts, etc.)


2014 billboard


The 2014 electronic billboard featured art by Sean Conn.


Billboard 2013

The 22' x 10.5' billboards (2013) featured John Shaw as The Reeper.

Bus Signs

2108 Bus Sign

2018 bus signs featuring art of Ricardo Garijo, Jr., and various cast photos.

2016 bus poster

2016 bus signs featuring cast photos


The 2012 bus signs were designed by Daniel Hoge with artwork by Bill Chancellor.


Overhead 3-D sign

Overhead Sign

South bound overhead sign by Rob Pierce (2012)

(Click image to see the primative original sign.)

North Bound Reverse sign

Reverse (North bound) sign by Kurt Kuersteiner


Our billboard (currently retired) was designed by Dan Hoge with help from his brother Adam and Phil Gleason (2009).

Black & White signs


Porch sign

The West bound patio sign was by Kurt Kuersteiner.

The West side sign (now demolished) was painted by Kurt Kuersteiner. Giant arm by Matt Cowdery.

Terror of Tallahassee Rules Sign

Revamped rules sign by Emily Shaw (2015)

Murals (now demolished: but were facing the Football Stadium)

Ghost Tour Mural

Lifesized mural for the Ghost Tours by Shawn Robertson (2013). Close up of some of the background details below.

- reeper - girl

wolves- grimlin -

Full Color signs

And our color signs were painted by artist Whitney Husz in 2008! (see Article)


And our 5 foot long color banners designed by Vann Ptacxil, 2013.

Banner1 - Banner 2 - Banner 4

Banner 3- Banner 5

And our bumper sticker...

ToT Bumper Sticker


A hearty thanks to the above artists for their great work. It's just one of the creative details that makes us look forward each year for another fun & fear-filled fall.

You can also check out our Haunted House comic tract (by artist Emby Quinn). They were handed out as mini 5" x 7" comics in 2007. All the illusions pictured have actually been featured in the our haunt.

Or see the FSView newspaper coupon from 2008.

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