We first opened in 1999. In 2002, we began printing flyers. They usually included art from the posters and a coupon on the back. Here are the various flyers and the artist information for each year. Only a few lucky collectors have them all!


© 2023 Mark Spears A - © Mark Spears B - F23

4 x 6 flyer art copyright © 2023 by Mark Spears.


2022 Flyer A - 2022 Flyer B - F22

4 x 6 flyers. Front design by Vann Patcxil.


2021 Flyer A - 2021 Flyer B F21


Fri 13, Nov. 2020 - Fri. 13 Nov 2020 Back F20

2020 Tot flyer - 2020 ToT Flyer Back F19

4 x 6 flyers. Front photo by Clark Eldredge. Reverse images from fllyers up to 2019.

Earlier flyers (from 2002 - 2019) did not have a F-number printed on them, but the above checklists assign those numbers.

Please note: Flyers F16 to F19 are miss numbered on the above F20 checklist, but they are correctly numbered (F15 to F18), here on-line (as shown below).


2019 ToT flyer - 2019 ToT Flyer F18

4 x 6 flyers. Front art by Obelix Hell Art from his Monsterwx card series. Back photo taken by Clark Eldredge.


2018 Flyer A - 2018 Flyer B F17

4 x 6 Halloween flyers. Front art by Ricardo Garijo, Jr., and back photo from Clark Eldredge.


2108 A - 2018 B F16


4 x 6 flyers. Front art by Ricardo Garijo, Jr., and back photo from the Zombie Apocalypse.


2017 Scary Nun2017 Clowns F15

4 x 6 flyers. Front and back photos by Clark Eldredge


2016 Terror Flyers2016 Haunted House Flyers F14

4 x 6 flyers. Front and back design by Kuersteiner


2015 flyer2015 flyer F13

4 x 6 flyers. Front paintng by Shawn Conn. Reverse ad by THE VAULT comics store (now closed).


Late opening because of move from Gaines Street to Lake Bradford Road (no flyers made).


2013 Flyers F12

4 x 6 flyers. Front and back art by Ricardo Garijo Jr. of Spain.


2012 Flyers F11

4 x 6 flyers. Front photo (left) by Kuersteiner, reverse art by C. Spallone.


2011 Flyer front - 2011 Flyer back F10

4 x 6 flyers. Front art by Shawn Conn of Rochester, NY. Reverse design by Dan Hoge.



4 x 6 flyers. Graphic design by Dan Hoge. Front art (left) by Bill Chancellor, Reverse art (right) Larry Jacubecz.



4.25 x 5.5 flyers. Graphic design by Dan Hoge. Art (left) by Finlay and (right) by David King.



Art by Allen Koszowski who has penned many pieces for the classic Weird Tales magazine!



Flyer front by Ricardo Garijo (4.25 x 5.5"). The back features art by David King.




The Mask of the Red Death was painted by David King. The sewing corpse image is by an unknown artist. They measure 4.25 x 5.5".





The artist was Scott Jackson of Chicago who paints the oversized Monster Masterpieces trading cards. He also organizes Halloween Art Exhibit. Full color coupons (4.25 x 5.5") on slick cardboard.



The artist was Strephon Taylor from El Cerritro, CA. He does a lot of spook show art. Mini flyers (4.25 x 5.5") of the same image were photocopied on white and pumpkin orange paper and distributed. The backs were blank.



The artist for 2003 was Ricardo Garijo from Argentina. He's a professional comic book illustrator and painter of trading cards. He did the art on the left, and an unknown artist did the right side art. The color coupons (4.25 x 5.5") were printed on slick card stock.


2002 Haunt FlyerHaunt Flyer B side 2002 F1

We didn't start printing flyers for the haunted house until we were about to move. Our very first flyer promoted a trading card series shot in the old haunt (The Mystery Playhouse of Terror) before it was torn down and it chronicled many of the old haunt's scenes and illusions. It was a spoof on the Nightstalker TV series (entitled The Night Slasher) but only 300 sets of the cards were made. The flyer was 4.25 x 5.5 on slick stock.


Tthe first year we opened (on North Monroe street), we didn't have any posters or flyers, but we used custom designed tickets. Above is one of our original tickets (art by Hal Robins).

You can also check out our posters and our outside signs.


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