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2014 FSView Ad

2014 FSview Ad

2020 Her Campus at FSU article: A Talk with...Terror of Tallahassee.

2018 The FAMUAN's article, Terror of Tallahassee Spooks Local Community.

2017 WCTV's article on The Anatomy of Fear

2017 Tallahassee Democrat article on Zombie Apocalypse

2016 Tallahassee Democrat article on haunt

2016 Tallahassee Democrat article on Sunland documentary

2016 Another version of a similar Tallahassee Democrat article (w/ more Sunland Backgroun)

2014 WFSU radio story.

2014 FAMUAN article.

2012 FAMUAN article

2012 FSView article.

2012 Tallahassee Democrat (mentioned)

2011 Tallahassee Democrat "Calender Girl" interview (video)

2011 WFSU article on Big Bend Ghost Tours and Terror of Tallahassee

2011 FSView Review.

2011 WCTV short interview (video)

2010 FSView article

2010 Tallahassee Democrat article

2010 Tallahassee Democrat editorial

2009 Tallahassee Democrat article

2009 FSView article

2009: Eastside Chronicle article on the "lucky" black cats.

NorthEast Chronicle. Read the 2008 article on the haunt. Also, the FSView article from 2008.

Tallahassee Democrat: Read their 2007 article on the haunt. Also the 2005 article on the Spine Tingler.

FSView: Read their coverage of the haunt from their Newspaper from 2006 (and also their earlier 2005 article, or their super early 2002 article about the original North Monroe haunt.)

FAMUAN: Read their coverage of the haunt from 2003.

Read our Terror of Tallahassee history and how it housed other haunted houses over the years!


See our Haunted House comic tract (by artist Emby Quinn)

Here's some left over photos from the 2007 Tallahassee Democrat piece.

We wish to thank all or visitors, especially the ones who drove or flew great distances to visit our humble house of horror. Here's a photo of the farthest visitor so far, all the way from New Zealand!


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