Terror of Tallahassee: North Florida's largest haunt

Annual haunted house continues to scare, fears eventual closing

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Layni Case

On 826 West Gaines Street there stands four warehouse buildings that lie dormant for a good majority of the year. However, when October rolls around, the area becomes alive—well, undead. The Terror of Tallahassee haunted house is upon us.

The house is run by FSU Film School alumnus Kurt Kuersteiner, who has a deep passion for haunted houses. With the help of friend Brian McAfee, Kuersteiner opened his first haunted house on Monroe Street called the Mystery Playhouse of Terror in 1999.

Unfortunately in 2003, the building was torn down for a Goodwill parking-lot. With the help of Terror on Highway 12 (another haunted house located in Tallahassee Mall) Kuersteiner was able to secure the current building for his next haunted house venture: The Terror of Tallahassee.

Measuring up to 20,000 square feet, it is the largest haunted house in North Florida.
"People come up from Orlando to see us," said Kuertsteiner. "Our place is a lot bigger and more elaborate than (any of the haunts at) Universal and Busch Gardens. This is going to be one of those places that once it's gone, people will really regret that they didn't go."

Besides being the largest haunt in the area, it is one of the most memorable. Using skills he gleaned from his film school days, Kuersteiner has created a masterpiece. Combining old school theatrics with technology, Kuersteiner was able to bring his vision to life, one that far exceeds most popular theme park houses.

Kuersteiner has been running the show solo since 2004 and despite his great success, he still faces fear of losing his dream, this time, to nearby student housing.
"We're always worried about that now that they've bought the place across from us and next to us and built them up," said Kuertsteiner. "We're getting surrounded by them. Our long term prospects are getting dimmer and dimmer."

Tallahassee's growing need for student housing has become a fearful factor in the haunted house's existence. Don't miss out on what might possibly be your last chance to experience the chills and thrills of the Terror of Tallahassee.

From 10/25/12: http://www.fsunews.com/article/20121025/FSVIEW0102/121024041/Terror-Tallahassee-North-Florida-s-haunt-largest-haunt

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