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Relive those Glorious days of AURORA monster models with classic re-issues by Polar Lights! Even the boxes look the same as they did in the 60s! (MIB= Mint In Box) Our supplier went out of business, so we're running out fast!

(Please add $4.95 for priority postage for the first item, .99 cents for each additional item.) For orders over $100, pay no more than a flat $5 UPS rate.

custom kit 1
Aurora Monster Customizing Kit #1: $14.95

Aurora Monster Customizing Kit #2: $14.95

Dracula (Lugosi) Sorry, sold out.

Wolfman (Lon Chaney Jr.) (Sorry, sold out)

The Mummy (Karloff) MIB Sorry, sold out.

Frankenstein (Karloff) Sorry, sold out.

Bride of Frankenstein Sorry, sold out.

HUNCHBACK of NOTRE DAME! (renamed "the Bellringer", but otherwise identical to original. Same box painting, same model.) Sorry, sold out.

It's here! The WITCH (Just like the original 60s version!) Sorry, sold out.

KING KONG! (The classic 60's reissue with the great box) sold out

GODZILLA! (The classic Aurora pose reissue) sold out

FORGOTTEN PRISONER (The classic Aurora pose) Sorry, sold out.

RODAN (Aurora reissue Snap-together) $14.95 (Sorry, sold out)

KING GHIDORAH (Aurora reissue Snap-together) $14.95 (Sorry, sold out)



Creature/Polar Lights

Aurora Creature of the Black Lagoon Sorry, sold out!

(Monogram version has actual photo of the model, not the 60s painting- Sorry, sold out))

BOWEN Wolfman (Classic Lon Chaney Jr. Wolfman, but climbing a tree!) Sorry, sold out.

Lost in Space Cyclops (Sorry, sold out)

Lost In Space Cyclops w/ Chariot (Sorry, sold out)

Lost in Space Robot (Sorry, sold out)

Robby The Robot (Forbidden Planet) (Sorry, sold out)

King Kong: I have only one built up which is missing a palm leaf for two, but otherwise complete and painted. (Luminator 1992.) These are tough to come by. $34.95

Norman Bates House Sorry, sold out.

Addams Family House (with Frightening Lighting!) Sorry, sold out.

Guillotine Box

NEW! Guillotine (a reissue the same as the 60s) Sorry, sold out

Mummy's Chariot (Sold out)

Frankenstein's Flivver (Sold out)

Wolfman's Wagon Sorry, sold out.

King Kong's Thronester (sold out)

More to come. Check in later and E-mail your wants.
My Scare-E-mail address is




Please add $4.95 priority mail for the first item. Add .99 cents for each additional item. For orders over $100, pay no more than a flat rate of $5.00 for UPS.

Outside USA, Email for postage of models overseas.

Sales Tax: Florida residents need to add 7% Sales Tax.

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ph. 850-906-9199


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