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You've reached the company that prints the rarest trading cards made in modern times. Everything we produce is under 500 boxes-- that's 2,000 sets or less! And almost everything is numbered to prove it (both boxes and sets). Why such small print runs? Because today's collectors save everything in plastic pages. They don't get tossed, stuck in bicycle spokes, or destroyed the way they used to.The best way for modern cards to become valuable is to start out relatively rare. The other companies print tens of thousands of base sets and flood the market with "dumped" (left over) card stock. But we never dump product. (We make too few.) The print runs for our base sets are less than bigger company's chase cards! We believe these are the sets that future collectors will value most.

Monsterwax was started in 1992 by Kurt Kuersteiner (publisher). It has since evolved into a dedicated group of artists and writers working together to create new and exciting cards with exceptionally low print runs. Most of us are also collectors, like you. We became fed up with all the junk flooding the card market. The giant production runs have too many levels of chase cards and hurt the hobby by making it too expensive to complete a set. (It shouldn't take twenty boxes to get all the chase cards!) The massive dumping of the left over "base sets" discourages collecting by flooding the market with worthless cards. And where's the originality? Anyone can slap a photo on a card and recite a basic plot synopsis, but it was original art and creative writing that made trading cards so great in the past. We're committed to manufacturing the type of stuff we want to collect ourselves. It requires more work and talent, but it doesn't cost you more money. You just get better cards for your cash.

So remember: collectors who have a lot buy corporate cards. Collectors who know a lot buy Monsterwax.

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