Sunland Asylum!

Tallahassee's terrifying past, back from the grave!

The Real Life history of Sunland Asylum

Sunland is perhaps Tallahassee's most infamous location for ghosts and haunted happenings. The reason is its disturbing past. From 1952 until 1967, it was a quarantine facility for those destined for death by Tuberculosis. The 400 bed building was opened just before World War 2 on Phillips Road and called "The W.T. Edwards Tuberculosis Hospital". Unfortunately, without a cure, it was less like a hospital and more like a hospice. The inmates were sent there to prevent spreading their highly contagious disease and to live out the rest of their short lives coughing and struggling to breathe until finally... they couldn't.

A quarter of a century later, a cure for T.B. was discovered and the hospital was finally closed. It was reopened in 1967 and renamed "Sunland" and converted into a medical dorm for mentally retarded children. Such children were usually shunned by society and their parents didn't know how to raise them. The despondent parents often gave them up willingly for the state to warehouse and care for. Unfortunately, there were many tales of mistreatment of youngsters who were either too young or too mentally handicapped to defend themselves and report the abuse. Electro-shock, straitjacket restraints, and surgical lobotomies were accepted treatments at the time. Some rumors even accuse the staff of euthanasia, but like many mysteries surrounding Sunland, the truth will probably never be known.

What is known is that in 1983 the state shut down Sunland and the retarded inhabitants-- many of whom had grown old never having left the building-- were shipped to less institutionalized facilities. But the dark memories of pain and suffering remained within the dilapidated building. Strange lights, ghostly images, distant crying and occasional screams have been reported by those who dared venture into the dangerously deteriorating remains.

Trespassing by those who sought supernatural encounters became so wide spread, that the police opened a special sub-station across from the famous site, to prevent any further intrusions by those who would violate the historic location of hopelessness and death.

The building is now demolished, but guess who acquired some of the grim equipment and surplus materials before it was razed? It was quite a deal... Imagine our delight when we discovered the spirits came along for the ride at no extra charge! So we set up our own special ward of Sunland at the Terror of Tallahassee. You'll get to go back in time and witness what the thick walls concealed from public, plus you'll get to see it without getting arrested for trespassing or suffering lung cancer caused by the Asbestos that contaminated the site.

Then again, after you experience what awaits you at our haunt, death might not seem so bad!

(The actual Sunland building as it appeared before it was demolished.)

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