Radio Ads

2014 WFSU radio report on moving The Terror (1 min.)

2011 X101.5 Trifecta of Terror ad (40 sec.))

2011 WFSU radio piece on Big Bend Ghost Tours AND Terror of Tallahassee

2009 X101.5 ad (911 call) 20 sec.

2009 X101.5 ad (Gasoline murder) 20 sec.

2009 X101.5 ad (Knocking at door) 20 sec.

2009 X101.5 ad (Wind Whispers) 20 sec.

Hear the 2008 radio ad from 104.9 (1 min.)

Hear the 2007 Radio Ad from X 101.5 (30 sec)

Hear the 2006 Radio ad from Blazen 102.3 (1 min. Stereo)

Also, the 2006 radio ad from Clear Channel stations (1 min. Stereo)

And the 2003 X101.5 radio ad (1 min. Stereo)

Hear the 2002 radio ad for the original Mystery Playhouse (1 min. Stereo)

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