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Chick Tract Contest Winners

Here's the entries and winners of 2000!



(7/21/00) Gary:

My city like many cities have free entertainment newspapers that you pick up in coffee shops and music stores. Invariably there are personal ads in there for "men seeking men/women seeking women." The idea struck me awhile back to get copies of The Gay Blade and Doom Town and open them and insert them in the fold of the paper, so that anyone opening to that page would find the tract wedged there. The Gay Blade (unfortunately out-of-print but with copies still available to order) is especially "deceptive" in that to an unsuspecting eye it could look like a pro-gay publication and so has a better chance of getting read (at least for a page or two; long enough for a seed to be planted).

Most of my Chick tracts are distributed in the usual way--stashed into envelopes when paying bills, on bus benches and newspaper machines, on restaurant tables with my tip tucked inside, etc. Lately I've made a greater effort to stick specially selected tracts into certain library books (e.g., The Visitors into Mormon books, Big Daddy into science and evolution books).

pressing on in Christ!



(12/10/00) Stephen:

I ran into a porno booth on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. I opened the tract and placed it inside the "glory hole" (a hole in the wall placed for illlicit purposes). The tract was Doom Town. Actually, after I ran back outside, someone on the street handed me the chick tract: Love Story. No joke, either.

-Stephen from WV


(7/19/00) AW:

Hollywood Bowl 1987. Cardinal Mahoney is on the far left. Sign is top center.

In 1987 I attended the Catholic Jubilee in the LA Forum with over 5000 gathered and Cardinal Mahoney was saying Mass. My friend who just became a priest, (Alden Sison) arranged so that I would be sitting on the front row.

Just as Cardinal Mahoney raised the "cookie" I walked up to the alter and placed a tract right on the pagan marble. As he raised the brass goblet claiming it was the blood of Christ, I shouted, "That's not the blood of Christ, that's liquor" I was escorted out of the forum, and no charges were filed.

Also. One night before all of the Bishops and Cardinal Mahoney were scheduled to do the Marion hour at the Hollywood Bowl in May of 3:00am in the morning I had crawled onto the top of the Hollywood Bowl Dome and rigged a banner that said:

"'Real Christians' Hail Jesus...Not Mary" 1 Tim 2:5

Cardinal Mahoney was standing at the microphone with all five California Bishops on the Hollywood Dome stage....dumbfounded.

I have photos of the occasion, I would love to send. Inside of the banner were a bunch of tracts that fell into the crowd as the banner was released. (I used a fishing line to set it up the night pull down the day of the event)

I was scared, but a lot of photos of the banner were taken. I'm sure that some have gotten saved since that happened, and still have photos. If you want a slide or a copy of the photo, I would be happy to send you one.

Well there is my story,

Thanks AW


(7/24/00) Phil: (Honorary Mention)

I was surfing the net and found you. Wow what a blessing. I began to hand out Chick tracts in 1972 when I got saved. I met a street preacher named Red Edward Gay who helped Jack put together the "Gay Blade." We traveled the streets of Pomona Calif. handing out tracts we got from Jack. I will never forget the night Red went into a "Gay Bar" and started preaching, I stood outside handing out gay blades to all those who were running out the door to avoid Red's preaching. I praise God for all I learned in those days, I have lost contact with Red and pray I see him again. I now am a preacher and minister to those in prison with HIV/Aids. God prepared me in those early days for this ministry and I praise God for Jack Chick and Red Gay. Http://

I also went to Mexico some years ago just after the drug lords had killed a US drug enforcement officer. The place I was going was at the tip of the golden triangle where drug traffic was at its highest. I traveled on a bus 2 days and during that time we had to go through check points where our luggage was searched. Chick tracks were not allowed and I had a few hundred of them. I praise God that when the officials did the search they did not see the tracts even when they fell out of my bag. The bus was full of people and we drove to the top of this mountain and started down hill the brakes gave out. We prayed out loud and the bus got quite then pulled over and stopped with a lot of smoke just short of a high cliff, whew! We all got out and felt the heat of the day as we watched the driver of the bus try to fix the brakes. I handed the driver a bottle of spring water and a tract, and soon the whole bus load of people wanted a Spanish tract. We got the brakes fixed and started down the mountain praising God for stopping us and opening a door for the Gospel tracts (everyone had one). We made it to Alamos, Mexico where the drug lords were and all the time there we left tracts, even when we walked around the town with our Christian smiles and Bibles and tracts in hand they followed us with the sights of their guns. Praise God for His "Christianmos Novellas."


Entry #1 (5/29/00) Gernstien: (Honorary Mention)

I am a born again Jew. I used one track called " Holocaust" and left it on the window sill of a bus. I saw Jewish couples read it. From where I was sitting in the back of the bus, the Jewish couple left and became discouraged. Apparently, they seemed shocked. I do not know them but I can tell you the Lord opened their eyes.


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