New Additions!

Recently added titles to the museum.


10/19/20 - Gore Shriek Trading Card Set

1/13/19- Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Face Cards (Zombies), Krumpus, Unholy Trio, Little Shop of Horrors

11/28/18 - Mars Attacks Occupation, Mars Attacks The Revenge, Star Trek 1969.

6/28/18 - Shrimpenstein, and Monster Brawl, Dawn of the Dead.

1/24/18- Face cards: Vampires

2/8/17 - Walking Dead, Dead World, Godzilla King of Monsters (2006), Grimm, American Horror Story

1/25/17 - Face Cards: - Killer Babes, Killer Dudes, Creatures (Byron Winton)

7/30/16 - British Horror Collection (Unstoppable Cards).

11/22/15 - Monster Cartoon Blank Backs. (Unknown company and date-- any information is appreciated!) . Also Monster Choke & Gag cards, Halloween Trick or Treat cards, and Gary Saves the Cementary cards.

1/4/14 - Kolej monster series 1 (Turkey, date?), KoleJ monster series 2 (Turkey, date?) Hentyh (3CKEATOP?) Monster Stickers from Gum (Hentyh, 200?)

11/7/14 - Monster Doublies (Weetees, early 1980s, Australia cereal premium).

9/14/14 - Spectreman (Epoch Co., Japan, 1999), Historias de Terror (Editorial Ediversa, Circa 1980s? Spain)

8/29/14 - Secret Island (1976, UK)

4/22/14 - Kamen Masked Rider & Monster Man (Calbee 1999 (Japan))

12/30/13 - Monstruosos Regalos (stickers from Spain)

1/1/12 - Many too numererous to remember, but include Horror Hosts Collector cards and Wacky Halloween Postcards and Spook Show cards.

3/16/10 - Mad Hot Rods, Vile Valentines, Spook Show Funnies, Bazooka gum Monster Tattoos

11/19/09 - UFO, Famous UFO Sightings, Monster University.

7/16/09: Horror Host Graveyard trading cards

7/7/09: Z.O.M.B.I. E.

6/19/09: Shock Stories, Urban Legends, Movie Posters: Stars*Monsters*Comedy

5/19/09: Army of Darkness, Hollywood Zombies

5/15/09: Monster Club

4/9/09: Amazing Stories, Plaid Stallions & a bunch of new image uploads.

3/19/09: Norm Saunders Trading Cards, Blair Witch Project, Sleepy Hollow, Disgusting Disguises

11/2/08: Pizza Monsters, Get the Creeps stickers

10/15/08: Alphabet Monster cards

7/13/08 Die Monster Gallerie photos

Team Spirits photos.

7/19/.07 - Menko cards (Japanese)

6/2/07 - Cardlings,

Classic Sci-Hi & Horror Posters,

Classics Not Illustrated,

Mad Moon Monster cards,

Terror Cards,

4/21/07 - Zombie Wars