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En depth Disclaimer (for lawyers & philosophers)

Yes, Chick is a controversial fellow. Some folks love his work. Others despise it. Some collect his tracts but wish no one else was allowed to read them. Perhaps the largest group of fans enjoy his work but don't agree with it (or at least not all of it). One thing everyone should agree on, however, is the importance of free speech and religious debate in America. That especially applies to unpopular or controversial speech. If the speaker is not free to anger the audience, then the speech is not free. It's really THAT simple.

So whether you like or hate Chick's opinions, you should protect his right to publish his art. He should not be banned or blacklisted-- as he has been in the past by nations as "progressive" as Canada, and as repressive as apartheid South Africa. The scary thing is that many Americans want Chick silenced as well. (At least they call themselves Americans... for shame!)

Chick's cartoons can be enjoyable to people of all groups, so long as they don't take themselves too seriously: Catholics, gays, Jews, Druids, atheists, Muslims, Mormons, Masons-- you name any group, at least some of them recognize the fun of Chick tracts. (I've received correspondence from members of each group to prove it.) Some of them feel guilty about liking Chick's tracts because they don't agree with his opinions. They should relax a little. After all, many of our favorite movie stars have controversial views that are way out of the mainstream. They often promote those causes with their wealth and celebrity endorsements.That's no reason to boycott their movies when they appear free on TV. (Not if they are entertaining.)

Jack Chick is a very funny and talented cartoonist. He can be sarcastic and unflattering about the targets of his criticism. Yet he rarely if ever matches the angry rhetoric he routinely endures. His purpose is altruistic-- he wants to save souls! Although that may not satisfy everyone offended by him, it's difficult to call him a bigot when he wants to spare his critics from fire and make them his neighbors in heaven. You may think he's crazy to believe such things and that he does more harm than good. However, motives matter. Many states have proved as much by passing Good Samaritan Laws to protect those who might cause accidental harm while trying to help others. Whether they want his help or not, Chick's committed his life to alerting everyone about the dangers of the devil and the grace of God.

So if you a liberal who hate's Chick's right wing orientation, try to be tolerant. (Even if you think he isn't.) Pretend Chick is not an angry white male who should be censored, but rather, part of a minority group that deserves special consideration to offset a history of oppression. (Protestants are a world-wide minority with a long history of persecution.) If you're conservative Fundamentalist, also be tolerant. We joke around a lot here but we're not trying to be sacrilegious. Comic books are called comics for a reason. (If you feel religion is too serious for humor, then you shouldn't read religious comics.) If you're somewhere between the two opposites, relax and enjoy yourself. We're not here to convert you to any opinion or religion. That's Chick's goal, not ours!

All views are welcome here, including critical ones. Our purpose is not to support or undercut Chick's agenda, but to appreciate his unique cartoons and the stunning success he's had covering the globe with them. With over 1/2 billion printed in 100 different languages, he's accomplished what every writer dreams of but rarely realizes: He's been read nearly everywhere on the planet, from the richest nations to the poorest and most primitive islands. Only one living author has reached a wider readership-- the creator of The Bible. (That's assuming Nietzsche was wrong about God's health.)

Steven King... John Grisham... Tom Clancy... Jack Chick out-published them all, and he did it printing tiny tracts without the help of any corporate deep pockets or big advertising campaigns. It's amazing. You could even call it a miracle!

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