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UFO sets involve aliens or alien space visiting (or invading) Earth. Other sci-fi sets may have aliens, but occur elsewhere than Earth. These are sets that have aliens, but few if any monsters. Monsters are uncivilized. If they are friendly and an advanced civilization, we consider them aliens. If they are unfriendly and ugly, (like the visitors in V) then they are alien MONSTERS. (Those are listed in the monster card index.) But sometimes the distinction is subtle. Here are the alien/ UFO sets that are more about Earthbound aliens and flying saucers than monsters. (If you think of more, please notify me.)


Adventures of Captain Chapel (Mister Softee, 1962) This is not really a UFO set, but it looks like one because the astronaut is piloting a flying saucer. (The SV1, the first U.S. Space Vessel!) There are only 10 cards in this colorful art set.

Aliens Among Us, There are- (Fantasma, 1992) 8 card hologram sets of aliens. Color backs. Sold as complete sets.

Aliens & Earthlings (Non-sports Illustrated, ?) 46 card set with purple borders featuring the black & white illustrations of Wes Crum (similar to EC comic art of the 50s). Text on back.

Alien Nation (FTCC, 1990) 60 color card set on the TV series of the same name. A borderline UFO set, since it's really more a science fiction drama about aliens who land on Earth and try to assimilate.

Alien Series (Shadowbox, 1996) 7 color cards sold as singles with toy figures in toy stores. (It features the toy figure on the card.)

*Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Topps, 1978) The alien movie by Spielberg is featured in the 66 color photo set, plus 11 stickers. It's another sci-fi movie with horror elements. The aliens were portrayed as scary during most on the movie, but then turned out to be benevolent. Retail $15. There is also a 48 card set by Prime Press and a 24 card set from Wonder bread with the same images.

E.T. (Topps, 1982) 87 cards, 12 stickers on the blockbuster movie.

E.T. Stickers (Hershey, 1982) 3 panels of four different stickers distributed in Reeses Pieces.

E.T. Album Stickers (Panini, 1982) 120 stickers & Album.

E.T. Widevision (Topps, 1996) Promo issued but series not released.

Famous UFO Sightings trading cards (Contact Press, 1992) Series of 20 black and white cards (mostly photos) of famous UF) sightings or the people who said they saw them. Retail: $8

Fate Magazine Collector Trading Cards (Llewellyn Worldwide, 1996) 51 color cards featuring the cover art (and a few photos) of Fate Magazine. Mainly UFOs. Originally included in as perforated sheets of five or six inside magazines for their 50th anniversary.

Space Mysteries (Barratt & Co Ltd UK) 25 color set of mini-cards (1 3/8" x 2 1/2"). Decent art work. Details of the UFO event given on the back.

UFO Trading Cards (Dark Horse Comics, 1998) 50 color card sets about UFOs and close encounters. Nice colorful paintings. Encounters listed on the back.

UFO-- [4 seperate sets on the TV show] (Geo Bassett, UK, 1974) 70 color mini-card (1 3/8" x 2 1/2") with photos of the show, text on the back. Also (Anglo Company UK, 1970) did a 64 card color set on the series in larger format (2 3/16" by 3"). It was a mixture of photos and rather bland drawings. The backs formed puzzles. Panini (of Italy, 197?) did a 400 stickers set with album. They were color photos measuring 2" x 2 3/4". Monty Gum (of Holland, 197?) also did a set. It was probably 100 color mini-photo cards.

UFO Trading Cards (Cards Inc, 2004) 100 color photo set of Gerry Anderson's 1970s Sci-fi series. Various chase cards and parallel set also made. Retail: $20

Visitors (UFO) Valentines (Mello Smello) Series of 8 valentines measuring 4 1/4" x 2 3/4" with glow in the dark graphics. Backs are blank except for a "Visitors" logo.