Oddball Monster Card Articles



The Oddball Monster card articles are annual write-ups about obscure or unusual monster sets often overlooked by most card catalogs. Some of these cards are quite rare, but most all of them are interesting in their own right. A few are only border-line monster sets. If you have a series you would like reviewed in upcoming articles, please contact me.


The very first Oddball Monster Sets article. (Pizza Hut Universal Monster holograms, Halloween Horror cards, Tips & Pointers, Crackpots & Visionaries.)

1994's More Oddball Monster Sets. (Full Moon trading cards, Ackermonster Classicards, Aliens Among Us (holograms), Horror movie prismatic stickers (20 diff. from vending), Horror Film Trading cards, Universal Monster party packs, Mad Monster Tattoos, Luminous monster stickers, Horror Stickers (R.L. Albert), Die Monster Gallery (German))

1995's Revenge of More Oddball Monster Sets. (Full Moon Vari-view cards, Coors Flicker Treat set, RIP cards, House of Horror (UK), Crackpots & Visionaries 2, Monsters of the Grid Iron, Screaming Models Mars Attacks)

1996's Son of Oddball Monster Sets. (Goosebumps, Hammer House of Horror, Munsters (Dart), Mars Attack movie promo, Monster Baseball (Gayhan Wilson))

1997's Return of More Oddball Monster Sets. (Ackermonster cards, Universal Slammers, Dracula's Greatest Hits)

1998's Bride of Oddball Monster Sets. (Movie Poster cards, Mini-bomb trick noise makers, Horror Parade, Monstruos (Spain))

1999's The Oddball Monster Card Project. (Creatures of Legend, Unexplained Mysteries, Disney Adventures, Universal Monster flickers & action figures)

2000's Oddball Monster Card Resurrection. (Matrix, Inflatable Stickers, Horror Monster promos, Japanese Universal, Fright'ning Lightnings, Your Latest Picture)

2001's Oddball Monster Card Millennium. (Monsters & Mysteries, Myth or Real?, Hot Schlock sets)

2002's Oddball Monster Card Marathon. (Hollywood Horrors, Ed Wood Jr. Players, Tor Johnson Maximum Horror cards, Vampires Throughout History, Scary Monster Movie Parody Cards, Galaxy Goons, More Morbid Monster cards)

2003's The Ghost of Oddball Monster Cards. (Texta, Heavy Metal Monsters, Monster Masterpieces, Night Slasher, and unknown Ed-U-Cards)

2004's The Curse of Oddball Monster Cards. (Monster Masterpieces, Nightmare On Elm Street, Hellraiser, Captain Spaulding's Museum of Monsters and Madmen.

2005's Monster Oddball Cards 13. (Cardlings, Terror Cards, Universal Monsters (Chupa Cups), Ghost of Mars promos, Classics Not Illustrated)

2006's Planet of the Oddball Monsters (Hentyh monster stickers, 3-D Monster cards (Youplait), Monster Pin-ups, Horror Zone Tattoos, Universal Johnny Lightning monsters)

2007's Order of the Oddball Monster Cards. (Hammer Horror (post 2000), Zombie Wars, Toxic Waste Zombies, Count Chocula's 3-D Art Gallery Cards, Hollywood Zombies, Monster Olympics)

2008's Oddball Monster Card Mischief . (Hammer Horror (Strickly Ink), Dark Shadows Retro Card Set (orange), Godzilla King of Monsters (Trendmasters), I Want To Believe (X-files movie), Universal Monsters (Mark & See book cards), Creepy Classics Universal monster figurine cards (Greenbier International))

2009's Oddball Monster District 17! (Pizza Monsters, Monster Mazes, Classic Movie Monster Stampers cards & Get the Creeps stickers (USPS), Horror Hosts Graveyard, Normon Saunders trading cards, Alphabit Monster cards)

2010's Attack of the Oddball Monster Cards! (The Horrific Art of Bill Chancellor, Monsters Weirdos & Creeps, Screamin' Traders cards, Creepy Magazine Covers, Turok Son of Stone cover cards, and Monstruos Diabolic)

2011's Bloodsucking Oddball Monster Cards! (Shock Theater Classics, Vampirella, Vampire Lust, The Art of Mike Sosnowski, and Marge Attacks!)

2012's Oddball Monster Attacks! (Mars Attacks Heritage, Silver Scream Spookshow, Horror Hosts Collector Cards, Dinosaur flash cards)


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