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I have been searching and searching on ebay for a set of Horror Trading Cards Imagex Products 1992 and one just never seems to show up for sale. I found out about the set from your Monster trading card index. The set only retailed for $8 but I just can't find one. None of my collector friends who collect these types of cards has that set either. On another note a collector friend of mine was bragging he finally got one card from the Flash Gordon topps test set for his type set. I had to mention to him I know a guy in Florida I buy cards from who has the whole set minus just one card. He said that is amazing. But I have found out you are a very famous man as card collecting goes. I have seen copies of a PSA set registry magazine and your name is constantly mentioned when it comes to non sports sets. You must have the biggest collection in the country of horror cards. And here I thought you were just a guy selling a few monster card sets. I had no idea you are a very famous man. I was at a card show a few years ago and another collector had a promo card from that Horror Films HCI 1993 set. You mentioned you have yet to see that set. The collector I met has yet to see it too. He told me ordered a set and never received it which makes me think the set was never issued. I don't know any other collector who has that set either. Maybe the set was never issued because as I remember the quality of the image on the promo card was very bad. I could see print dots like the photo was copied from a newspaper or cheap magazine.


Hey Linda,

Yeah, that Horror Trading Cards set wasn't widely distributed, and I don't see it turn up often either. The retail price is the cost the company sold it for. Since I haven't seen it turn up on the secondary market, I can't really access any other value. You have to keep that in mind when dealing with any price guides... it's only an estimate based on what they can observe selling and it takes more than one or two sales to change it.

Let me know if your friend happened to get the #24 Flash card, as that's the one I need to finish my set!

I appreciate your compliments about my collection, but the fact is I don't have any PSA cards at all. I'm not very condition conscious when it comes to older cards. I want to enjoy the art and text, and I'd rather have five different sets in VG condition than one set in NM. That's how I acquired most my cards (and some are incomplete type sets). They were for fun, not investment, and would only fetch a fraction of the money high grade PSA cards would fetch. I didn't have the money, patience, or SPACE to collect high grade slabbed cards.

That being said, I do enjoy sharing what I know about Monster cards with PSA collectors or anyone else. I'm not sure it has been the best investment of my time (especially when I add up the 100+ articles for The Wrapper Magazine (Also on-line), but it has been fun, and like they say, "time you enjoy wasting isn't wasted time."

I believe you're right about the Horror Film cards. It is not uncommon for someone to release a promo advertising a series that is never released. Legal issues can come up, unexpected costs, or lack of interest in the product can change their mind. No one is going to then issue another promo saying the series is cancelled. So it was probably an aborted series.

And thanks for YOUR support of my hobby through your purchases. It's people like you that make it possible for Monsterwax to continue to produce newer and better sets.


Hey, your site is pretty impressive, I really hope you can help me. I'm looking for info on a series of cards that were given out free with (I believe) a drink purchase at stop n go convenience stores in the summer of 1979 (I'm pretty sure about the date. I got them in Georgia, not sure how widespread the stop n go chain was though). They were color pics of various monsters, and the two that I remember best are spy-dor or speye-dor (huge spider with a single giant eyeball that takes up most of its head) and a female succubus or vampire type thing, may have been winged. Please tell me you've heard of these or know someone who has! I wish I'd been more careful with my stuff! Thanks, -Shane

Hey Shane,

Afraid I do not know what series that was, off the top of my head. If I had a picture, or at least a copyright title, it would sure help. But at least you have the date and who gave them out. Reginal premiums can be pretty scarce though. Still, I'll post your letter and see if someone can answer it. If you find them first, be sure to let us know.

Fellow horror monster guy...I have been trying to get someone to take me seriously for years...I was born in Feb. of 52...I grew up with "Saturday fright night" for years...So when the orange set came out I was in...(Completely missed the green, probably due to my age) ...However I absolutely remember buying the orange series at 8 years old from Nords drugs in Cheektowaga NY...When the cards changed suddenly, (different pictures with the same #) I did not think anything of it...You have to understand I was an avid buyer of these cards...Years ago I found out through research that Buffalo was the "test" sight for the "new" orange series cards...I do not have my original set anymore (or do I have a set now) But in the very first purchases were some cards that were only in the Buffalo NY packs...All the cards that are "drawn" in that set were originally test cards...In the beginning there were no "drawn" or (cartoon) cards...I'll give you the ones I remember... There was a "Kronos" a "Day the earth stood still" an "Attack of the 50 foot woman" a "Them" a "Journey to the center of the earth" and so on ...Those are only some I remember like it was yesterday...Need proof ??? Since I don't have a complete set anymore the numbers might not correspond but look at 103,104 ??? (The car in the tunnel with the grasshopper) I'm thinkin'it is "beginning of the end"...Why is it a horizontal frame with a vertical picture ??? Because this was the original "kronos" card...(that much I do remember) Nu Card also had a somewhat twisted sense of humor...Check out the "Giant Behemouth" (I think)...If that is not a penis, set of balls, with a face drawn on, I'll kiss your butt...Although I have been looking for these elusive cards in yard sales and so on for years I have never found one...However, this may be fuel to spur you on to another one these cards mysteries...Any further help I can be I will gladly give... Incidentally, I live in the same area as I grew up in and some of my "old" friends remember these cards as well...What would a bunch of previously unknown horror monster orange be worth today ???, especially considering they would most likely be the last ones in existence... Looking forward to a response...Jim

Hey Jim,

What you remember can be true, because rare test cards are, well, RARE. So the only proof may have yet to surface. That being said, I have distinct memories of an Odd Rods wrapper that never existed, and that proves to me that some of our memories cannot be trusted (mine, anyway). So keep on looking and hopefully something will turn up. (You would hope they would after 50 plus years.) Remember, there are also the infamous Horror Monster Blue knock-off cards, which were pirated versions of the same series by some third party with blue borders. I have not seen a complete set of those, so you may have seen some cards I haven't. What I have seen corresponds with the regular series, although the numbers and joke lines on the fronts are different (as are the reverse graphics.) Let us know if you find anything!


I discovered your website by accident today, and spent way TOO long going over your Monstercard Museum Index. I had cards from a number of those sets as a kid

(mostly 1960s ones), and thanks for a day of fun nostalgia. Ah, the memories....

I'm still an avid fan (and collector) of the old black-and-white monster movies, and I thought I would offer some observatioins about your King Kong sets. For instance, the image you show for the 1996 King Kong series is DEFINITELY a picture of the original 1933 King Kong. Also, the sample card you show for the 1965 Donruss King Kong series is NOT the original King Kong; it's apparently from one of the Japanese sequels. (It's a guy in a cheap monkey suit.) Based on dates, my money would be on King Kong vs. Godzilla (1962).

I hope this is useful in some way. Thanks again for the chance to reminisce about those great old cards. Everyone else in the house was watching Sunday football, but I was having even more fun with your monster card index....

That's all I wanted to say....unless you know where I can get card lists for the

Monster Laffs Midgees or the Spook Stories series....


Hey Casey,

I think you're dead on about the Kong pictures. Of course the King Kong set by Topps is ALL from the film. I wish I had THAT set! (Alas, I only have a sample card.)

Regarding the checklists, you can check Jeff Allender's House of Chicklists on-line for free. That should give you what you seek.

If you like the old classic monster card style, you may also want to check out

Hey there!
Great site! Lots of good information! I was wondering what set the stickers that spell out "M-O-N-S-T-E-R" are from? I had a whole set of those when I was a kid and would love to track them down.
Best, Scott R.

Hey Scott,
Those are from Monster Initials from Topps (a 1974 sticker set by Topps)

I just received an incomplete set of topps 1967 Terror Tales. I have a partial set and know what the cards should look like. Three things i noticed right off:

1. the cards look new, glossy, fresh...

2. the cards are missing text, including the copyright that my other Terror Tales have, which say "t.c.g. prtd. In USA" - on the back lower left corner.

3. some cards are not numbered correctly, example: card 78. (My original card 78 has captions on front and back, but the card I received has matching photo and captions, but the card number is 25.


Hey Todd,

Australia issued a set of Terror Tales as well, around the same time, licensed from Topps (or perhaps pirated). I would have thought that the company would have put their own name replacing the "TGI printed in USA", but I haven't seen them so I'm not sure.

Where did you get these? If mailed, where did they come from? And what does the seller say?
I purchaced the cards on e-bay from a seller in Australia. The seller has very little information, only that he thinks the cards are from the 60’s... when i wrote him regarding the history of the lot,  he said that if i was not sure about the purchase, He would refund my money.
My last question to you: If this lot comes from an “Australian” set, how do I determine the value ?
Thank you for all your information, Todd
p.s. Your web page is fantastic!

Hey Todd,

If they were actually mailed to you from Australia, that really improves the odds that they are ligid. By that, I mean that they are the Australian version (not the US version) of the Topps release. The best thing to do is find someone else who has them and compare numbers. I suspect you will find the different numbers is consistent with the Aussy release. (Perhaps a reader will email me and confirm or deny this.)

As far as the value is concerned, any foreign series are "worth" whatever someone else will pay for it--- but since there are no US price guides on overseas issues, that is really up in the air and determined by those who buy and sell such sets on a case by case basis. Anyone who tells you otherwise is just giving their opinion, I never bought them so I wouldn't feel comfortable guessing.

I've seen traders of these cards advertised in the Wrapper Magazine, so you could put a classified in there for a couple of bucks and find out more. The website is or you can email the editor direct.

I used to collect monster cards (and others) during the 60s.

A couple pieces of data to add to your site if you want:

The Leaf SPOOK STORIES series featured monsters ONLY from the classic
UNIVERSAL horror films, as they had an exclusive deal with Universal made
more-or-less in conjunction with the release of most of the old Universal
horror films to TV.

The MONSTER MIDGEE card series featured monsters ONLY from
American-produced films that were distributed by AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL
PICTURES (AIP) at the time, except the Japanese Toho monster films
(Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra, etc.) that that AIP also distributed in
America, but they couldn't get the merchandising rights to. Featured
promanently on the cards were the films of Roger Corman, Bert I. Gordon,
and some British productions that AIP made American distribution deals

Just thought you'd be interested in knowing. - Dan from Portland, Oregon.


Thanks Dan! I'll add your comment.


Hello, I googled "Night of the Living Dead" cards and it says you have it but cannot find it in your listings. Are you out?



Our site is not a shop but an on-line museum. (Hence the "org" extension instead of a "com" extension) We share the knowledge we've gathered about everything to do with monster cards, and offer a lot of photos to help collectors identify mystery cards. So it will show up on search engines because it has images and info about the sets sets you ask about, but usually not the actual item for sale.

If I happen to have those items, they are in my own collection and I don't have dupes. If I do have extras, I usually link to the "set profile" at and offer them for sale there. Unfortunately, Night of the Living Dead is not one of those items. But I do see the set show up on eBay from time to time.



I was looking around for some info on the Phoenix Candy boxes and noticed the following on your site:

"Monster Pin-ups (Phoenix Candy, 1963) Six candy boxes with a cut-out photo of Frankenstein, Dracula, Phantom of the Opera, and the like. Retail: Uncertain."

Just thought you'd like to know that there were only 5 Universal monsters boxes (Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolf Man, The Mummy and Creature from the Black Lagoon). The "Phantom" box was the (Lee Falk) comic strip Phantom, not the Opera guy. Let me know if you need pix of the monster boxes.

Best, Mike (6/4/05 )

Hey Mike,

I really appreciate your feedback, because that's where we find out a lot of neat new finds. But in this particular case, I have a xerox of the Phantom box and it's "of the opera" variety. In fact, they ended up taking a picture of the Aurora monster model and using that! (pretty low-grade, huh?) You can see a picture of it on page 67 of the Nonsports Illustrated (June 1991 Volume 1: Monster cards issue) price guide.

Let me know if you find anything else that's up to question. I appreciate you double checking. Regarding the price, I saw a couple of the boxes sell on eBay a while ago for $80 to $100.

(PS. Mike was kind enough to send a color scan of #5 box for our museum. Thanks Mike!)


Hello Kurt, it has been awhile since the last time I wrote. Hey, I was doing a little research on the obscure Mini-Bombs Trick Noise Maker card (M. Kapp 1992) set and I ran across your Oddball Wrapper article . I was wondering if you own these or know of someone who does. I am trying to nail down the numbers that were printed on the cards. Any help would be appreciated.


Mike Riley (a.k.a., "The Dinosaur Fan")

Hey Mike,

I have them and thy are:

#01: Attack of the Dinosaur (T-rex)

#02: Rat Fight (Giant rats attack soldiers in a sewer)

#03: Desert Destruction (Blue fire breathing Dragon)

#04: Bat Warfare (Giant purple bat)

#05: Creatures from the Gorge (Giant Cobra, other snake & Lizard)

#06: Mutant Worms (Worms)



I wrote to you a month or so ago in reference to the article on UFO card sets, including a few from Spain. I finally recieved Historia Ficcion in the mail. I have to say that this is one of the coolest sticker albums I've seen, especially if one is interested in military history and science fiction, as I am. It's especially interesting, from the military history section of the album, that the stickers and subject matter deal specifically with incidents in Spain's history, from the Punic wars and the Muslim conquests to the Napoleonic Wars (this is also much the same with the section of soldiers and uniforms). However, my favorite section has to be the aliens. These range from deformed humanoids to indescribable beings with reptilian/mammalian qualities. The artwork for the stickers is excellent. Ultimately, an enjoyable set. In reading the article on the UFO sets I was also made aware of the album Otros Mundos, which also seems to be full of aliens, monsters, etc. Unfortunately, the only examples of this I've seen (on ebay, for example) are empty unused albums. I'll keep looking and let you know if I can find this album as well.
-Chris D.

That's great Chris. Some of those oddball sets are often my favorite. That's why I always do an annual Oddball Monster article!


Hello! I found your website on the Internet.

I am looking for a certain trading card from the 1965 (I believe) set of H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds set, otherwise known as "Martian Cards."

The card I am looking for is #18. Do you have it, and if so, what is its price?

Amy Bernstein

Hello Amy,

I have never heard of this set before and am MOST CURIOUS about it. Do you have the other cards in the set? What do they look like? How many are in the set? What country do they come from and from what company?

I have a set that has a War of the World's card in it, devoted to Radio shows (Tune In For Terror). It has artwork depicting the invasion, but only one card in the series is specifically War of the Worlds and it's card #1. So I take it that this is not the set you're referring to.

How good is the artwork? These aren't by chance "Mars Attacks" cards are they? (by Topps.) Let me know more. Thanks!

Hey again Kurt,

I don't know what company they come from. They were issued in the 1960's and have very early 60's artwork to them. The story is based on H.G. Well's War of the Worlds story. The card you have is not part of this set.

There are about 54 or 58 cards in the set. I really have no idea who put them out (and I have the rest of my set in my safe deposit box). I wrote on the checklist and the set is not in mint condition. I'm not a collector, though, and just want this card to complete some childhood hobby.

I once spoke to some other card vendor about them and was told that they were issued in the early '60's and then taken off the market because parents complained they were too violent. I think they were reissued later on (in the 70's??) 5 years ago, when I spoke to this guy I was told that each card was worth about $20, which is about what I'm ready to spend.

C'mon, Kurt... you do this for a living or hobby, surely you can find out more than I can, a simple middle age diletante with few internet skills.



Yes I do, and now I know what it is you're talking about. They are not called Martian Cards, but MARS ATTACKS, by bubbles inc. (Topps). Not 1965, but ©1962. There are 55 in the set. (The bit about being taken off the market gave me the clue I needed.) Sorry, I don't have a dupe of #18, but I do have my own complete set. One of my faves!

Dear Monsterwax,

OK -- I took a quick spin through the Musee' de Horror! Looks great - setting out the goals and critera is a good move (No Disney Hunchbacks "here", thank you!) The e-exchange with "Amy" was exciting as momentarily it seemed a discovery of a here-to-fore unknown set might be made -- but it did become apparent that the fuzzy recollection (Well-- NOT a leap from Mars Attacks! to H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds for the casual card collector I guess! Almost forty years since Mars Attack(ed)! too!)

The format is accessible, and trying to be comprehensive in the retrospective of sets that meet the subjective citeria of what constitutes a monster card set/issue is an asset to any collector.

So WHAT was the first horror/monster/sci fi-space card set(s), anyway?



Officially, the one that started the craze was the 1959 Topps set of Funny Monsters (aka You'll Die Laughing). But there were earlier sets that had monsters in them, especially Jets-Rockets-Spacemen. There may have also been something earlier overseas that we are unaware of.


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