Responsible for this?!


Kurt Kuersteiner collected his first monster cards in 4th grade (much to the chagrin of teachers). He contracted the collecting fever and bought nearly every monster card gum pack he could get his hungry hands on (much to the delight of dentists). Unfortunately, Odd Rods & You'll Die Laughing were about the only sets that survived his mother's scorched-Earth/ closet-cleaning tactics.

The years passed. Like many 30-something boomers, Kuersteiner set out to revisit his childhood thrills by trying to unearth as many of those monster treasures from his past as possible. One thing led to another and he wound up trying to catalog every monster set he could find-- even the ones he had never seen before. (Especially those!) Through his monster card company and contacts made with fellow collectors while writing articles for The Wrapper Magazine, Kuersteiner assembled what is probably the most comprehensive catalog of monster cards currently available anywhere. (Over two hundred sets, many of which are unlisted in card catalogs.)

Now he's publishing that information for fellow sickoes (er-- seekers). Because half the fun of collecting is sharing what you find with others! So if you know of a set not included here that you think belongs, inform us so we can tell others too.