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Legendary Lovecraft Feedback



Hey Kurt!!!

wow. i mean WOOOOOOW!!!!!!!

i got my Lovecraft cards the other day, and had every intention of opening a few packs a day to make it last.
Yeah....that didn't pan out.

I was so geeked by the first four packs I opened that I opened the whole box in one sitting.
Man! I am beyond impressed! I got 15 chase cards!!!! and the other pack ins like the diploma and the library card were genius and so much fun!!!!

as soon as I can get together another 55 bucks, i'll be back!

thanks for making my card collection waaaaaaaaaay cooler!
Cheers -Jeff T.
ps. i gave the doubles to my buddy who's a huge Lovecraft fan too, and his mind was blown.

Hi Kurt,

Thank you so much for the Lovecraft trading cards. They are absolutely amazing, I love them so much. I have just spent the last few glorious hours sorting them out and getting them ready to put into my trading card folder, personally the best bit about buying new trading cards:). I was just so pleased with the quality for your cards, I can't express how happy I was to receive them.

-Chris (UK)

I knew you had a great reputation as a card creator and a collector (from the podcasts and forums), and now I see why. You really care about the product and the experience!

I opened all 24 packs tonight. Again, it was an absolute pleasure to look through the cards and experience the set. I am a huge fan of Lovecraft and so is my wife, and this product is a unique treat. I must say, the "MM" (foil) cards are absolutely stunning, and I'm glad the box came with a full set of 6 (without any damage).

-SA (IL)

Hi Kurt,

I'm very new to the card collecting scene and I wanted to learn more about the hobby. I love listening to Podcasts, and the only one I found about non-sport cards was the UK cardcast. I was listening to old episodes and heard about your company. I really enjoy the Lovecraft mythos and when I heard that a set of cards was produced on this topic I had to go check it out. I found your site via Google search and was really impressed by the cards.

Savva (Chicago)

They are beautiful! You do such a great job with your cards, I have several sets and look forward to, hopefully, more! Of course, I'm a monster kid, so I'm sure that helps! I grew up with FM purchasing #30 in the 1960's off the stands. One of the magazines that changed my life! - Mark (San Jose, CA)

I stumbled across your website when I was looking for some HG Wells art for a RPG I was setting up at the time and bought a box of the cards. As a old collector [53 now] who prefers the traditional style art which in my opinion has a lot more appeal than some of the modern stuff I must say I do like most of the cards you are producing and find something new every time I look at the cards.

The trouble is funds are scarce these days and it is hard to justify buying a box and getting single cards to complete a collection is justa no go.

I am hoping to get a "Journey To The Centre Of The Earth" box at some point but the Lovecraft set came up and won the toss - I've been a big fan for years. Keep up the good work.

Regards, Martyn (UK)

Thanks Martyn,

You sound like our kinda customer! Yeah, new cards are not cheap (especially when shipped overseas), but we try to help by loading each box with great collation and dozens of neat inserts. You shouldn't have to buy any singles with our cards. You'll see when you get your Lovecraft!

I'll add 2 boxes to make 3 overall. I preordered 2 boxes and was really pleased with the set. I plan on
giving some extra sets to friends as gifts around Halloween. The lenticular card was VERY well done. Compliments on a great set. - Kevin D.

The cards are fantastic! Thanks a lot.- Marisol (CA)

After being held by customs my Lovecraft boxes have arrived safely. I would like to thank you personally for the most fun I've had opening boxes in a long while. A beautiful base set, plenty of nice looking inserts & some of the finest looking, most detailed sketches I have ever seen. Once again thanks & I will keep my eyes peeled for info on your upcoming releases.
Best regards-- Phil B., UK

The cards are great. I paid customs fees but it's ok. Now, I can't wait for your Halloween set coming soon. -Jean Claude (Quebec)

(My Lovecraft order) came today; well worth the wait. First and foremost, this is one of the most beautiful base sets ever! Absolutely gorgeous, on par with anything from Chaosium or Fantasy Flight. Collation is fantastic; I wasn't too keen on the sketch card (great artwork, just not my preferred style but still treasured) I received but the two subsets, promo cards, posters, lenticular and PRINTING PLATE (!) more than made up for. By far the most stellar value I have ever received since getting back into trading cards after a two decade absence (and far better than the odds back then.) I definitely will be picking up at least 1-2 more boxes. I just hope you know that all your hard work is appreciated, not just for Lovecraft, horror or the trading card community but keeping quality art, fair prices and great inserts at the forefront. You, the artists and printer really knocked out of the park with this one; now I think I'll have to invest in some of your earlier sets...bye bye bank account... ;) - Kirby N.

Monsterwax always releases super quality merchandize that is unmatched, in my opinion, by anything available from any other source. The latest card set, Legendary Lovecraft, is of course no exception. I am sure Lovecraft would have felt honored. What a tribute! - Hank B.

The last art card was so awesome, I had to order another one! - Terry (Washington State)

Just wanted to let you know I got my cards the other day! Love them! Ricardo's work is fantastic! - Chris

Just received the cards...wow! Certainly worth the wait!!! Thanks, Mark P.

Finally got to open the Lovecraft box and they are simply terrific. The art is great. Another job well done. -Paul

Initial reaction is very positive. I really like the certificates. A very fun idea. The images I've seen look very well suited to the stories. Love the lenticular card. Chrissy's "Mythical Monster" set is very nice as well. I'll have more to say when I've sat down with them and really checked out the base cards. Can't wait to dig in. Congratulations on another terrific Monsterwax release. -Mike

The cards are great, pictures are super good and wonderfully imaginative. I have not read all the back yet, that will take a while. -Ed

Thanks Ed. Glad you enjoy 'em! Lovecraft is a wonderful writer, and I had a great time reading and selecting those excerpts of each story for the backs. They will likely entice you to read the entire story (all of which are linked on our website for free). Enjoy!


I'm a dealer out in California and I have some customers that are interested in your H.P. Lovecraft series. Do you sell to dealers at wholesale?...

I have at least one customer that wants a complete Master set... -Mark

I'm afraid we only have one price, which we've made about as low as we can (because they are limited edition printing of just 500 numbered boxes). So we can't afford to discount it further. On the other hand, it only takes two boxes to make a master set of the cards, because every box has the best correlation possible, containing every insert possible. (However, since there are only 250 printing plates and Prismatic cards, those are split up between every other box). There are some other free prizes (like toe tags and burial certificates) that are also included in the boxes (six different items) but those are two per box, so it only takes three boxes total to get all the extra certificates and bonus items.

Hope all is well.

Really dig the Legendary Lovecraft, huge devotee so I had to pick up a box. Now I am kind of interested in potentially doing my first non sport case. How much would that run with US shipping? I am in Arizona, 85013.

I also like a lot of your other offerings. Do you offer combined shipping for multiple purchases?

Please let me know and thanks for doing horror/cult cards. While there's a lot of fad TV/entertainment stuff out there, it's really awesome to see someone dedicated to the history and honor of the genre.

Cheers! Kirby

Hey Kirby,

Thanks for the kind words. I'm humbled that we're the first to inspire you to purchase a case. I'm sure our artists will also be excited to hear that. I can tell you that the lack of product with original art and good writing was the main reason we started Monsterwax. As a collector, it seems all the photo sets based on TV and film are easy exploitation of proven commodities and don't really offer anything new. It also sucks for the artists, who have a thousand times more talent than the photographers who are replacing them.

Yes, we do offer combined shipping. We can fit six boxes in a medium priority box for $12.50 combined shipping (that's $2.08 per box), or eight in a large flat rate box for $17 (that's $2.18 per box). I should mention the only way to get 8 in the larger box is to pack two of the boxes sideways, which will cause some shifting of the packs to one side (just so you know).

Other than saving $18.40 or $24.20 in postage, we don't have any discounts for case purchases. The truth is that when you don't mass produce a card series, you pay a lot more for small print runs. That normally raises prices (and reduces profits) a lot. But having paid just 5 cents for most the packs I bought growing up, it doesn't seem right charging more than 40 times that cost per pack. So we've done all we can to keep the price below $50 a box while trying to include as much as we can in every box.

Thanks again for your interest, Kurt

(Note from Chris West, one of our sketch artists)

Hey Kurt, I figured people are more about the color art and I really want to deliver on that. Quality varies so much on sketch cards, I just want to be a guy you can count on to put the time and energy into my work.

On that note I think being on this set has really has helped me creatively to such a tremendous degree, so much that these are turning out to be my favorite cards! This set has a lot of artistic freedom and it's been a great challenge to visualize Lovecraft's work. I would read a story and go back with a a pencil and paper and just doodle out sketches. Some of it you just kinda have to math out because the creatures in design and concept are so different than most you see. As an artist, Lovecraft's work, while very descriptive, can generate such horrific imaginative beasts in your mind. It's great fun to draw what's crawling around in my head after reading one of his stories. lol

I have a Whateley family portrait I really enjoyed doing. Honestly, every card I have drawn with this set has been a blast to do!

-Chritsopher West

Thanks Chris,

We love including your original artist sketch cards in this series. I'm glad you're enjoying it too! -Kurt

Hi Kurt:
I just read your latest annual report (Monsterwax Mirror #2) and decided that I want to get in on all the set goodies so I ordered another box. Monsterwax is the only company that I would do that with. I still have respect for the sketch cards that you send because I can assume that you put a great deal of care into assuring their quality. The majotity of sketch cards I have seen, both in person and on-line, have looked like the work of illustrators filling an order for a certain number of items related to some particular subject. Most have looked like they were massed produced with little skill and imagination. It is kind of like the paintings they used to sell at weekend starving artist "shows" held at area hotels.

It is interesting that if there is someone really good doing cards for a set, it seems like the majority of his/her cards end up in the hands of certain dealers to be sold at high prices. Figure that! Anywho, I look forward to my boxes because I know I will not be disappointed. I hope you and yours had a good holiday. - Joseph M.

Hey Joe,

We only use our favorite sketch artists, so I'm glad you agree they are worth it. And we don't sell wholesale to any dealers because our print runs are too small, so we treat everyone as important to us-- because they are! All our orders are sold direct to our customers with no middle man. Thanks for your patronage and encouragement! -Kurt

I couldn't resist this set, it looks so good and I love your product. I do wish you were writing your column again however, it was one I always read!

Maybe you could do something like that on your website, or reprint some of your old columns for fans to read?

Thanks for everything, Mark

Hey Mark, I'll post more of those articles to our facebook page, per your request. If you haven't "liked" it, please do. Then it will show you the new material on your newsfeed. I'll try to write more articles once I'm caught up.

Hey Monsterwax,

I've loved all the other sets/boxes I've ordered from you in the past. This one looks equally as great!
Regards, Dave
Colchester, VT


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