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Here's an index to point you to some cool sites for Monster, sci-fi, comedy, controversial comics, old time radio horror hosts, haunted houses, and who knows WHAT kind of wild webwonders produced or managed by Monsterwax.



Monsterwax: The trading card company devoted to monsters, Halloween, sci-fi & horror themes. (It's the 4th oldest NonSports company, still in operation since 1991.) It produces mainly monster and science fiction related art sets, monster movie and TV type sets, and even old time radio horror show cards. Everything published is less than 500 boxes made! The classic Lost In Space sci-fi series is reviewed (both seriously and humorously) by Kurt & Laen. (Think Siskel and Ebert meets Mystery Science Theater 3000)


RadioHorrorHosts .com The web's biggest web resource in detailing all of Old Time Radio's radio's classic horror & sci-fi shows (along with their hosts). It also has many on-line real audio files so you can hear many of the best radio shows from all time, right here, right now (for free!).


TerrorofTallahassee. North Florida's BIGGEST haunted house, with over 15,000 feet of FEARS. A real treasure trove of Terrors! - A giant resource of information for collectors of Monster cards. Set size, dates, values, and best of all, photo samples. The largest list of monster cards anywhere. It's so scary! The web's only source of info on one of the weirdest and most controversial radio talk show hosts ever allowed on radio. "The" Papa Prell is at If you don't know what Chick tracts are, you are in for a real treat! And if you DO know what they are, you are in for an even BIGGER treat!


The Chick Tract Club. Join the ONLY club for collecting Jack Chick tracts. Find out why the little omnipresent tracts made Jack Chick the most published author alive.


TheWrapperMagazine .com - The world's oldest non-sports magazine still in print (from 1978 to date.) Here's it's humble but helpful website.


The Non-sports cards On-line Article Library. You can read almost 100 articles about your favorite non-sports trading card sets, for free on the web. They're listed here in alphabetical order for your convenience. It's well worth the price!


Mystery Playhouse 91 Comedy Clips - Mystery Playhouse was a punk radio show on WEGL Auburn, and was notorious for including off beat ads, original parodies, and unorthodox comedy routines for you amusement. is a site devoted to the new documentary film on Jack T. Chick, the most successful underground cartoonist ever. Not for the faint of heart! If you want to order the film using paypal, go here: - The archive of all the best Monsterwax comic book parody ads.


Favorite Videos Good news! You can see almost any music video you want on Youtube. Now for the bad news. 99% of it is crap. Here's the fraction of the remaining 1%, but many of the links are defunt.



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