Civil War News: Who Did What!
By Kurt Kuersteiner © 2008 Monsterwax Monster Trading Cards

A special thanks to David Saunders, son of Norm Saunders, for complying this list.

David concludes that Civil War News were pencilled by Bob Powell, and painted over by three different artists. They were Maurice Blumenfeld (65 images), Bob Powell (10 images) and Norm Saunders (13 images). Then Norm Saunders did final touch ups on the other 75 paintings, adding highlights to help unify the overall appearance. Even so, the difference in overall detail between Saunders's paintings and the others is still pretty dramatic.

The paintings Norm Saunders did are:

3: The War Starts

6: Pulled from Safety

12: Bloody Combat

21: Painful Death

34: Wall of Corpses

36: Midnight Raid

38: General Grant

39: General Lee

44: Shot to Death

#45 The Riverboat Explodes

#49 The Explosion

#55: The Silent Drum

#57: Hand to Hand Combat


The Paintings that Bob Powell did were:

#13: Dying Effort

#19 Pushed to his Doom

#40: Bullets of Death

#48: Smashing the Enemy

#53 Train of Doom

#64: Jaws of Death

#69: Death in the Water

#72: The Cannon's Victim

#77: Trapped

#86 Dynamite Victims


Maurice Blumenfeld did he rest.







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