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Jack Chick Tract Club link

Welcome to the Museum's Memory Lane!

A collection of correspondence on Chick tracts. (New e-letters added as they come in.) To view older letters & memories, click here.

[Please Note: Curator's remarks are in bold type.]

This is Chick Memories 9

From Jan 1st, 2004 to Dec 31st, 2004 (The latest entries are at the top.)

Revised. 12.28b.04u (All contents ©2004 Monsterwax)

I remember people passing Chick tracts around at the Rocky Horror Picture Show back in 1995. I only wish I'd saved them! They're truly works of art. Someone told me once there was a Chick tract about S&M, but I've never seen it. I've searched through your museum, but couldn't find it. Does such a thing exist? If so, what is it called?

Cheers! Tasha

I can't think of a Chick tract "about S&M". But Chick has featured various transvestites and homosexuals clad in leather in his tracts. One obvious example is Wounded Children, a popular but discontinued tract showing the depression that accompanies the gay lifestyle. A more recent example, Sin City, shows the flamboyant gay outfits in a gay pride parade.

Just browsing through your site, and I discovered an interesting fact: my country, Canada, bans Chick tracts!

This is pretty surprising to me, since I just ordered an entire raft of them from Christ The Way bookstore in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, and received them here in Toronto, Canada the next business day.

It's true that Canada has struggled -- as has every tolerant nation -- with the fine line between free speech and hate mongering. One needs only read about Ernst Zundel, our very own holocaust denier, to know this is true. Personally, I prefer that the law err on the side of free speech, but I appreciate how tough it is.

Anyway, for what it's worth, there's plenty of free speech and free ideas out here, including plenty of naked pictures, legal gay marriage (gay common laws have been recognized by our tax laws since the 1990's), decriminalized marijuana, and of course, open discussion of the war in Iraq (including disclosure of everything we saw in Fahrenheit 9/11 -- two years earlier on the Canadian news.)

I know, I know, it's all in fun. But the fact is that Canada is very cool, and -- like Chick -- I just want to spread the word.

Now, I think I'll stop by the convenience store to pick up a hand-rolled Cuban cigar, re-pack it with pot, and then light up and settle in with a copy of Bewitched? and maybe a little Death Cookie. [after which I'm going straight to Hell, I know.]


Hey Sunny,

Thank's for the news about our Northern Neighbors. If you actually found a spot on our site that says Canada still bans Chick's materials, please let me know the exact web page, because the ban is no longer in effect. However, I don't think we say that they still ban Chick. Canada DID ban Chick's comics in 1984 (the same year Orwell predicted in his book) and threw several Americans in jail for passing out anti-Vatican tracts. But the religious activists were eventually freed and the comic ban was eventually lifted (after much legal expense and haggling.) Of course, the chilling effect is still very much alive, and so is the control of free speech in general. They call it "regulation" but the effect is that certain groups make it illegal for other groups to speak out by saying their criticism is offensive. If you agree with the regulator's viewpoints, it may not seem like a bad deal. But of course, the problem is that you rarely hear what you're not permitted to hear, so your views are probably not as broad minded as you may think. Come to think of it, that was a central theme in Orwell's book: How can people resist the government if they are not allowed to hear other's criticisms or reasons to complain? Free speech is the foundation for any democracy, and countries that control the mouths of men also control their minds (at least to a certain extent.)

The way Canada legalized gay marriage is a classic example. No vote was allowed, and anyone who had strong religious feelings against it could be fined for expressing those feelings in public (as was Hugh Owens). Instead, it was pushed through by the courts. Now that may be great for the gays, but I suspect there is a larger number of religious people in Canada who had their freedom of religious expression tossed aside and don't appreciate it. So free speech was revoked, religious expression has been compromised, voting rights have been withheld, and the information the public needs to make a sound decision has been limited to one side of the argument. That doesn't sound very cool to me.

But all that being said, Canada has a lot of neat things going for it. It's also a younger democracy, so these minor flaws may work themselves out over time. After all, we had similar "laws of sedition" in our country's past, so it's not like we haven't had the same problem ourselves.

Enjoy that cigar!
(go hear to read Sunny's lengthy response.)

Recently seen on eBay, a tongue-in-cheek description of Chick tracts:

"Why wait to have them shoved into your hand on the street or the subway? Beat the Christians to the punch and buy your own!

"You know 'em, you love 'em, and you need 27 of 'em! That's enough Chick Tracts to keep you entertained for a solid three weeks! But the black and white worls of Chick Tracts is so compelling, so vengeful, so utterly non-tolerant that you'll probably devour 'em as soon as they arrive. Since you'll have 27 of 'em, why not hand them out to the neighborhood pagans when they come singing pagan songs on Solstice? Or, how about a "chick-mas tree" this year? Some ornament hangers, a hole punch and a half hour later your silly old pine tree will be the envy of all your demon worshipping friends! All hail Jack Chick and his roster of talented artists and writers for making our lives just a little more fearful, judgmental and guilt-ridden.

"Stack o' 27 DIFFERENT Chick Tracts. All brand new, never sullied by heathen eyes or hands. From Chick Publications in Chino, CA. You know the ones..."

(The batch of recent titles sold for $8.)

I recently heard the Closet Witches Tapes and I love them, and the whole thing is lots of fun. I love how Jack takes everything they say competely at face value, no matter how ridiculous the conversation gets. Most of the info I'm familiar with, I read "He Came to Set the Captives Free" a while ago, it's just fun to hear everyone's voices. And it's funny, everyone sounds just as I imagined them, although Elane has a little more twang to her accent than I would've thought. I saw online that Rebecca has a new ministry and is in the middle of building a church. It's going to be fun to watch how that plays out.

Maybe it's just me but both Rebecca and Elane sound amazingly blasé when recounting the events and ordeals of their lives. Like how Elane says "Oh I was beaten almost to death by the demons several times" with the same tone as you might say "They told me about a great place to get my oil changed." And how both of them stop to think after Jack asks a question, like you'd have to really try to remember the details of Satan appearing in your back yard...

I've been wondering though, do you know any details about their falling out? Did they have a falling out? I've noticed that Jack doesn't publish any more of Rebecca's work and the tracts based on her are perminently retired.


Hey Adam,

What I hear is that another company saw all the money Rebecca was generating, and wooed her away from Chick Publications. Chick had prayed about publishing her third book and decided it wasn't right to print it, so Rebecca was likely to leave given the oppertunity. He says that he hasn't heard from her lately but that they parted friends and wishes her well. He was also pretty generous in that he provided them all the film from her earlier books, allowing the new publisher to take over the publishing of the books that Chick had drawn several cartoons for. That's the latest I've heard.

Hi, there.

Thought I'd point out that there is an (IMO) outrageously funny Chick-tract parody thread going on at the role-playing forum RPG.Net, in the sub-forum "Tangency Open". The direct link is here:

The sub-forum is only open to registered users, but it's a quick matter to register; just go to and follow the link "Register".

The parodies might not be to everyone's taste - first, some of them are pretty offensive (not as offensive as some Chick tracts if you ask me, but, hey...), and more importantly, a lot of them - including some of the seemingly most offensive ones - refer heavily to in-jokes originating in RPG.Net. Still, you might want to check it out for completeness.

Cheers, Theo the Swede

Your website is incredible, by the way. I've been obsessed with these things for years. -BHarper

Oh my god.. your site is hilarious... I had forgot about chick tracts until I was bored and typed into a search "When will it all be over?" (or something like that)... and I found my way to the jack chick site. When I did remember chick tracts, I have craved to see some of those old tracts... like the last generation... My brothers were impacted by the jesus freak movement, and I was just trying to learn what the deal with christianity was, and I learned how dark the viewpoint is through these tracts. I have felt a lot of anger about them... i wrote a song about being raped by jesus once probably influenced by the viewpoint espoused by these tracts... but I like what i read in your site so far... I've got to go back and read more... this is great... - Mike

Glad you enjoyed it Mike. They are a blast from the past for a lot of folks like yourself. And you can still buy most of them from for just 14 cents each. Whadda deal!

(RESPONSE) Yes, I already ordered... it looks like I won't get to see the Poor Revolutionist though. I had nightmares about that one. I used to look twice out at the fields sometimes to see if there were poor hippie commies ready to rush the house. I'll have to see if my brother still has any old tracts and especially that one...especially since it might be worth something.


I love your website. I have been a Chick fan for years and have begun ordering and distributing Chick tracts again. I just got my Halloween assortment in the mail. I made a simple homepage and ordered a rubber stamp to stamp the web address,, describing why I am passing these tracts out. I just started doing this, so I haven't had anyone leave death threats in my guest book yet, but if I get any interesting ones I will pass them on to you. I have linked the page to your site, hope you don't mind. -Doug

Mind? Heck no, we LOVE it when folks link to us. In fact, urge your parents, siblings, friends and pets to do the same.

I'm sending payment for the book and membership in the tract club. I just spent an evening burning off a case of insomnia reading your website devoted to Chick. I went poking around the Internet looking for info on comic books and accidentially found your site. I am impressed with the even-handed way you have treated your subject, you have managed the almost impossible--treating a controversial subject (Jack T. Chick) with both fairness, neutrality and humor. Great work. I look forward to reading the book and receiving my membership information. Yours, Mark

Hey Mark,

Thanks for the order and kind words. If you like the site, you should love the book. It has even more reviews and tons of illustrations, most of which are in color. The club is fun too, especially for collectors.

I used to have the entire collection,...when i was beaten up in a local colorado springs...i felt like the lamb of God. They broke my nose and they slashed my tires so i wouldn't leave. they busted all the windows of the car. I felt jewish. Depleted. after I paid for all the alcohol and the beer. i felt hated, disgusted,... I left the entire chick comic collection at the residence, don't have the money. with a big heart youll send it for free. after all, I've suffered for it. -Joey

Hey Joey,

This isn't Chick Publications, it's a fan site for folks who collect them. (I wish I had extra collections to spare, but I don't.) Yours sounds like a pretty dramatic story though. Let's hope your tormentors read the tracts you left and were transformed by them.

I was going to go to to get some comics and none of the pages would open. Please don't tell me that Jack's tract company got shut down. If not, could you direct me to his official web page so I can order online? Respectfully, W.M.C.

PS, If Jack wants to reach the world with his tracts and not for profit, I would suggest that he makes his tracts available as e-files and allow those who are plugged into the net to scatter them accross the internet like leaves in the wind. This would do a massive job for evangelism. It is a sad thought that money is the method which causes the gospel to flow and not sacrificial availability. I would hate to have to face Christ some day and have to explain how I had the means to reach the world and decided that only those who payed up could have access to these inspiring messages of art. The lost needs these messages now, and eternity is too long a time to place them into its jeopardy over the concept of "buy and distribute." Distribution should not be shakled over such meaningless concepts. Let us at least reach the internet world with e-tracts that will snatch them from the very fires of hell, or shall we lose such a golden opportunity. Let us work while it is still day, for night is coming when no man can work!

Chick publications has recently (late July, '04) revamped the website and it is experiencing some bugs, but it will eventually straighten itself out. If you get an error message, just be patient and try back in a few days. Regarding the tracts vs. profit dilemma, Chick sells their tracts for just 14 cents each AND they offer all their tracts for free on the net. They can't give them away as e-files without losing the copyright. If they did that, the company would have to close, because the employees need wages in order to show up for work and make more tracts. (Not to mention other costs like rent, property taxes, long distance, postage, paper costs, equipment, web space, etc.) The fact Chick sells his tracts so cheap and offers free viewing on the net is about as generous as anyone can get and remain in business.

When I was a kid, I didn't really understand the concept of money. My grandmother was visiting Charleston, SC from the capitol Columbia, and she took me to the Baptist Book Store and bought a handfull of JTCs. I promptly sold them, Door-to-Door saying that it was for my church youth group. Honestly, I wasn't really trying to be deceptive, I was just testing the waters of door-to-door solicitation and was quite good because I was an awkward, bespecticled lad with bad skin heart for Christ. I think I bought a candy bar and an ICEE with the profits. -Z

That just goes to show how cheap Chick tracts are, if one can buy them at the full retail price and still make a profit selling them. I guess the big guy upstairs wasn't too upset with you, assuming you didn't develop diabetes after your sugar high!

I want to tell you about my recent visit to California and Chick Publications.

When I finally got to Chick's headquarters, I was wondering who I should speak to, so I thought maybe I'd ask the receptionist for David (the same guy you visited with in your book). Then an old man came out to ask who I wanted to see and he went in the back to ask David to come out. I said, "That's Jack's voice!" The receptionist said that it was Jack. Why hadn't I asked to talk directly to him??? He sure didn't look like I thought. I kind of surprised David but he was getting ready to leave for lunch. I asked if he had plans for lunch, and he said he was meeting his wife. I asked the receptionist if I could somehow get to see some of the tracts in the back. She said that according to the insurance policy, they didn't let anyone go back there anymore. (Why couldn't they just hire me for a day, then I could go back there as an employee? Haw-haw-haw!)

I walked up the street to Jack In The Box and ordered a bacon cheeseburger. I thought this was a wasted trip. They said Fred Carter lived way out in the desert. Just as I was finishing my lunch, guess who walks in and stands in line? Fred Carter! I go up to him and ask if he's Pastor Fred Carter and if he'd have lunch with me. I told him how far I traveled and wanted to talk to him. I asked what church he pastored so I could maybe visit it. He gave me his card. I asked him what projects he was working on now. I asked if he was making any new tracts. He said no. The Peace Maker is going to be the last tract for awhile. I wanted to know if he's drawing any more Crusader comics like a new Alberto. He said no. He ISN'T working on any new Crusader comics. Carter said that his project right now is colorizing current tracts. He said it was a BIG job. This news was very surprising. I wished that I had asked more about it. Is he saying that the reason why he can't make new tracts or new comics is because he has to colorize about 100 tracts? Well, if they turn out like the full-color Crusader comics, that's good. But if it's just adding some splashes of color, I think that most any artist could do that job and Carter should be working on more important things. Anyway, I talked to Pastor Carter as much as I could. I showed him a few of my rare tracts that I rescued. Wish I had thought of getting his autograph! - C


That's amazing that you bumped into Fred Carter going to lunch. He's as difficult to meet as Chick is. I'm bummed to hear he's not working on any more Crusaders right now, but his new project sounds interesting as well. Thanks for sharing it with us.

I'm just a bit astonished that there's a collector's "market" for Chick tracts... I used to read them when I was a kid and I just picked them up to laugh at with my friends. - Jerry

You're not the first or last to view them that way. The kids who kept them in good condition grew up to discover they were actually worth something. I guess he who laughs last, laughs best!

Interesting site. I used to hand out Chick tracts when I was a deacon and a Sunday School teacher at a non-denominational, Plymouth Brethren-type Bible Chapel for 18 years. I gave out hundreds of them with candy every Halloween. The Bible Chapels are King James all the way. Women remained covered. No pastor. Women did not speak during 'The Breaking of Bread".

One day I actually began to do a study of the writings of the first and second century church fathers instead of getting my information second hand from comic books and other sources that were questionable. It didn't take long to figure out that the disciples of the original 12 believed as the Roman Catholic Church believes (the church who gave us the Bible). There were 3 offices in the first century church: priest, bishop and deacon. They celebrated the mass and Holy Communion. These were the early saints who were fed to the lions and carried the concecrated bread into the arenas before their death. They were Catholics. Be very careful who you mock.

I and my family are now Catholics as well, and we now share in the Church's wonderful 2000 year history. How old is Chick's doctrine? 200 years? It doesn't even remotely resemble that of the reformers. Instead of mocking Karl Keating's papers, I suggest you go to and read "Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth" and read it with and open heart (if God willing that is possible). It took me about 20 years to discover that the Bible is Catholic. Most Protestant doctrine is Catholic. The greatest Christian thinkers were Catholics. Now...who is Chick? Oh ya. The guy with the little comics. Uh ha.

God bless you, Bob R.

Hey Bob. It's unwise to deride someone's message by attacking the messenger or medium. Using that logic, one would sneer at Christianity since much of it was first uttered by a convicted felon and then published on catacomb walls.

I do not mock Karl Keating. I just quote from his books and open letters. Keating, on the other hand, clearly mocks Chick by claiming his audience is "mentally, a lost cause, the kind of person who would as likely support flat-Earthism."

You also confuse the 2,000 year Catholic history with Catholic doctrine. The two are not the same. Current Catholic doctrine has many differences with the doctrine and traditions of the original Christians. It has evolved much over time, and fundamentalists like Chick believe that Protestant beliefs more accurately reflect the original scripture from the Bible. (Returning to Biblical scripture was the central basis of the Reformation.)

This evolution is not unique to Catholics. It happened in Judaism, and it's also happening in many mainline Protestant churches today. If you wish to read more Chick vs. Catholic debates, check out our Catholic Corner.

I've just read your tract "The Only Sinless Man" and must say that I was astounded at the inaccuracy. Everyone knows that Jesus was nailed through the wrists, not the hands.

Dude, I'm not Chick Publications and that's not even a Chick tract! That's a parody put out by the Luciferian Liberation Front. (Talk about inaccuracy...)

I was in Chicago this weekend and was handed on Michigan Ave two tracts by JTC - The Sky Lighter and Who's Missing (#24 of 25) - both have "Battle-Axe Ministry Gary Indiana" info on the back cover. I enjoyed reading them, and my family (mom and sister) thought I was pretty weird to get excited over getting religious tracts on the streets of Chicago! But, they already knew I was weird anyway. I tried to explain the attraction but it fell on deaf ears. Anyway, take care and keep up the good work! Adios,

-B.C. Indianapolis, IN.

Jon, a good friend of mine, ate dinner at his ex-boss's house the other evening. The conversation turned to comic books and the like. Jon mentioned my affinity for Chick Tracts so the boss's wife left the room and came back with a small stack of sixteen tracts and told him to give them to me.

Jon met me for lunch the next day to hand them over, and to my surprise the first one in the stack was Support Your Local Jew (which I needed). Naturally I was thrilled. I thumbed through the rest to find... Big Daddy? (the 1970 version which I didn't have), Escape!, The Thing, the blue cover version of The Last Generation (I have the green cover), Kings of the East!! (which was on my want list), and my heart skipped when I saw... The Poor Revolutionist!!! Plus an oversized 48 page The Beast!! Turns out only 7 of the total 16 tracts she gave me are still in print. What are the freaking odds!? I don't have to tell you... I was elated. And if it weren't for your book, which has caused me to blab a lot about Chick tracts lately, then Jon probably wouldn't have even mentioned my fascination. So in a way I have you to thank! -Kirk

Your wonderful story is all the thanks I need! It just goes to show there are still plenty of collecting opportunities out there.

I find myself oddly sympathetic with Ms. Henn substitute teacher character. I teach special education and once had to dress down my teaching aide for handing out Chick propaganda to a student. Haw-haw-haw! That invisible demon perched on my shoulder was most pleased. After the incident blew over all I got for my trouble was yet another copy of "THIS WAS YOUR LIFE". If the guy was going to violate separation of church and state, the least he could have done is brought some rare Chick stuff. - Ken D, La Porte TX

Maybe he's a collector, too! Next time, offer to trade him.

I adopted my Dad's tracts as my own when I was still a kid. (He was finally carried up to the faceless God's throne room about ten years ago) : ) I spent untold hours pouring over them year after year. I was already a Christian, but they still struck fear and delight in me, and spurred on lots of youthful prayer.

It wasn't until the early nineties that I finally raided a Christian bookstore and bought one of every one they had. Since then, I've kept up pretty well thanks to a local Bible book store. I also found some good tracts at my grandparents church several years back including The PoorRevolutionist and The Secret of Prayer. Thanks to your book I now know that I'm currently missing about 20 from the 70s and 80s which I'd like to obtain someday. That's not counting some of the ultra-rare ones you mention in your guide. Naturally, my favorites are the early ones, but I also really like The Mad Machine, Big Daddy, Who Me? and The Long Trip.

I think Chick tracts are one of the greatest things on the planet. They strike up a totally unique set of emotions in me each time I read them. The art is amazing, the idea behind them is brilliant, the pop culture appeal is wonderful, and despite certain opposing views, I have nothing but respect for Jack.

Take care, Kirk

(This description was copied from an eBay listing of older tracts)

Years ago I used to collect these things, had a pretty large collection, but somewhere around 1987 I questioned their information, wound up Calling Jack Chick (I kid you not) and the conversation with him left me even more convinced that these were the product of a one-man crusade, & not a means for spreading the Gospel of Christ.

That said, you ask me "Why are you selling them & not burning them instead.... why did you hold on to them even?" The collector in me wouldn't let them go, and the reason I'm selling is I know there are other collectors of these out there. Someone's in for a nice treat. I'd say blessing, as I normally do, but I hardly think these would qualify.

Please, also, remember.... Christ came to set PEOPLE Free... regardless of their religious backgrounds. Truth is not exclusive, & when Christ does return, Those who loved him and obeyed His Word are the ones he's coming back for... & that regardless of which denomination they are a part of. THERE WILL BE CATHOLICS IN HEAVEN!!!!! Despite Chick's protestations to the contrary.

"Truth is not exclusive"? That sounds great but it's a contradiction. How can conflicting monotheistic religions all be true? Both logic and common sense dictate that either one interpretation is accurate and the rest are not, or all of them are incorrect.

Howdy Sir,

I, like you, enjoy Jack Chick's tracts. Although, I don't agree on all his doctrine, I think they make excellent witnessing tools. -K8xxx

Here's food for thought. This is a link to the "deathclock".

You can answer a few simple questions and it says how long you'll live. Notice there is a major difference when you select "normal" vs. "optimistic".

Are you doing everything you want to before you leave this earth? If not, now's the time to reflect and decide exactly what you want to do and do it! -Jeanne

Thanks Jeanne. According to the clock, it looks like I'll get to see both Social Security AND Medicare go bankrupt! Woo-hoo! Now I wonder if I'll live long enough to see Chick incorperate the deathclock into his most famous tract, THIS WAS YOUR LIFE.

I've received several emails about the new book on Chick tracts. I started a new section for it.

Now you'll probably know this for certain, but I figured it'd be a good piece of info to pass along to your site readers if it's not already posted. In the summer of 1989 Riverside County - where the Chick homestead lies - changed from the 714 to a 909 area code, the phone number on the back has always been the quickest way to spot early vs. reprinted/new tracts when I find myself sifting through a pile. -Jen, L.A., CA

Thanks Jen! That's one of the easy ways alright. The other codes are complicated by comparison. (We cover it in detail in the new book.)

I am especially interested in Chick tracts on the subjects of drugs, satanism, rock music, and apocalyptic end-time themes. Of particular interest is one where a preacher type warns against punk rock because it's Satan's tool to get kids to go to Hell via suicide (ANGELS?). Any occult, Masonic, or exposes of the Satanic origin of other world religions are also favorites. Also, demonic posession themed tracts. Chick parodies are also enjoyable.

I am a 37-year old unemployed salesman and my friend is a 25 year old delivery driver. We live in Gainesville, Fl. We are avid fans of Chicktracts and plan to come by and see the Chick Museum. It's not everyday you meet someone who has a real appreciation for the cultural phenomenon that Jack Chick has become. He has not succeeded in converting me yet, but he hasprovided hours of entertainment for me and my friends.


I look forward to seeing you and rolling out the archives! There's plenty of tracts on the topics you mentioned.

I saw your page listed on Google, and read it with great interest...I never knew that Alberto died in my own backyard...I would have loved to meet this scoundrel (my own opinion, of course).

I looked at your "variants" page, and note the absence of a variation in early copies of Alberto. When I was in college, long before I ever studied for the priesthood, I came across a copy of "Alberto." (This was probably 1978 or 1979.) In it, Alberto claims to have been a "priest in the old Roman Catholic Institution." He then goes on to describe the doctrine of the Assumption of Mary as the Immaculate Conception (or perhaps it was the other way around, but I *do* remember that he got it wrong). I went to ask the local priest about it, and said, "I thought the Immaculate Conception meant..." he replied, that I had it right, that the description in the comic had confused it with the other major Marian dogma in the Church, and that if the fellow was a priest (and a bishop!) then it was news to him.

He then pointed out to me that Alberto never seems to say exactly what place Alberto was bishop *of.* This is a rather glaring omission, as "Bishop" is not a common or honorary title in the Catholic Church, but a functional one, relating to place. There are no "Jesuit Bishops," or "Bishops of the Jesuit Order." (Although there *are* some bishops who came *from* the Jesuits, and were made bishop *of* a specific place. I don't know of any specific ones, but there would almost certainly be a fair number.)

So where was Alberto's diocese? Did he ever say? I would think this would be an easy thing to check; the naming of a new bishop would usually attract some press coverage (except in China, I suppose).

Anyway, it's an interesting site you have; I will have to do a bit more looking around. Good luck and God bless.

-Fr. Robert D. (Muskogee, Oklahoma)

P. S. Do you know which hospital Alberto was taken to? The closest major one to Broken Arrow would probably be St. Francis, so I suppose the Catholic agents we have assigned to the emergency room would have been looking out for him...whoops...

Dear Rob,

Alberto continues to be one of Chick's most interesting gurus. Since he was a neighbor of yours, you may have bumped into him at the grocery store and not have realized it! I don't know which hospital he died in, nor do I know his diocese. That being said, I once worked for a Catholic Bishop of the "old Catholic Church" and he didn't have a diocese either. (So it may operate different from the Roman system.)

Excellent website! This was a really good idea and you've done a great job. Keep it up!

Best, Scott

Thanks for your encouragement.

Dear brothers in humanity, What is wrong with you people?

Firstly let me tell you that all that you have written against Islam is nothing but falsehood. Be afraid of your death and the punishment you will face. You call Prophet Jesus (pbuh) as God? Shame on you ignorant idiots! Remember you are not only following falsehood, you are calling people to do bad and think bad. It is very unfortunate that you are not a part of this beautiful religion of Islam. wats worst is that your filthy 'satanic' minds are forcing you to write against the truth. We know that you know that Christianity has become a false message today with no peace connected to it.

You say you just have to believe in jesus, and you go to heaven. well fools open your bible and READ IT! You are fooling none but yourselves. its sad though..and remember you will be punished for all that you are doing. so start repenting to the 'ONE TRUE GOD' - ALLAH.

you think you are smart? and you can do whatever evil you want? well let me tell you something - you are been given chance one after another by Allah to do as much falsehood you want to spread. Surelly He is the master of all. and everything belongs to Him.

Start thinking like human beings. God has given you intelligence to appreciate and worship Him alone and turn to Him in repentence. and please stop this hate. you are doing nothing but wrong to your ownselves. Be afraid of the coming day!

There is only ONE God! and not three! That God is Unseen and none can comprehend His powers! Nothing should be associated with this ONE TRUE GOD. Jesus was a human being and a slave and a prophet of God! You have to do good deeds 'and not just believe in jesus' You know all these facts are true! So stop behaving like hypocrites! You are doing wrong to yourselves! be afraid of the punishment of the grave and the hell fire! don't waste your time writing falsehood.

-Assalaam wa Alaikum

Dear sir,

I didn't write Allah Had No Son, I just collected it. But I have to say that letters like yours seem to validate Chick's work more than detract from it.

I'd like to first say that I am a Catholic. I am not writing to yell at your club or of its celebration of Jack T. Chick's anti-Catholic antics. I am also well aware that this is not Chick Publications (please do not include me in your "Fool-o-Meter"). I do not have any intentions of providing theological retorts to Chick's views. I am, however, deeply saddened that Jack Chick would use evangelical tracts as a medium to assail Catholicism, Judaism, Mormonism, and Islam. I do not believe or support all of the doctrines of the Mormons, Jews, or Moslems, but I do not go around and defame them either.

I ask that we all pray for Jack Chick and the many persons who believe in those publications that slander non-followers of Mr. Chick's idea of Christianity. I pray that Mr. Chick sees the light of God and that he realizes that his ideas of evangelizing are indeed wrong.

Sincerely, Phil

Thanks for your email, Phil. Keep in mind that the vast majority of Chick's tracts do not address Catholocism at all. Those that do are certainly his most controversial! Even though few expect Chick will change his views on the Vatican, I think it's fair that we pray for everyone's enlightenment of the truth... even if that truth changes his (or your) mind.

My name is Brenda and I've been trying to locate an old tract that I read when I first gave my life to the Lord in 1973! It's been awhile! This chick tract was about a small girl that was being abused. I'm not certain if she died at the end but the story was told without using any words, only pictures. Very simply done but extremely powerful. The salvation message was then given at the end and I prayed the prayer Dec. 18, 1973.

Now we do foster care and have many opportunities to lead the kids that come into our home to Christ. They come with all kinds of hurts. I remembered this tract and the impression it had on me. I thought it may have the same impression on some of the kids we minister to.

Thanks, Brenda W.

Hello Brenda,

If the story was about a little GIRL being sexually abused by her father, the title was called LISA. However, that had lots of words in it and it didn't come out until 1984. It's also out of print and currently unavailable. Plus, I doubt you want kids to read that one, because it's pretty controversial.

More likely, you are referring to SOMEBODY LOVES ME. It had virtually no words, was issued in 1973, and is far more appropriate to give kids. (But the victim in the tract is a boy, not a girl.) You can check for yourself by reading it on line.

I like your site, especially the music LOL. Perfect theme song, I'd say. I've seen a lot of Chick Tracts in the flesh but never realized there were so many. I'm probably what Jack or his ilk would call a reprobate because all his tracts do for me is make me laugh. Tell you what, I was raised a Catholic, but after what I went through as a child, (including abuse) I'll be damned if I ever darken the door of that or any other church ever again. Jack would probably say I'm damned if I continue to use such words, but oh well.

Man, his Halloween stuff is a real gut-buster. Same with his take on Harry Potter and witchcraft in general. But it's Bob Williams who really steals the show for me. If Heavenly society is going to be filled with po-faced, church-crawlin' mongrels like THAT, I'm off to Hell to find a poker game, a beer, and a loose woman or two or several. Hey Jack, loosen up. Beer makes a man feel the way he ought to feel without beer. (Henry Lawson, case you didn't know). Good ol' Bob oughta be a sales rep for a brewery. His face alone drives me to drink.

To be serious for a moment though, how can anyone be so credulous as to believe all that stuff about Halloween, Harry Potter and the rest of it? Still, I'm grateful to have been introduced to Bill Schnoebelen's rantings through these little tracts. They're a bigger laugh than Jack T Chick himself, and that takes some doing. Everywhere you look, the man's proven himself a liar, but ol' Jack backs him. (God, how the money rolls in, rolls in.) Same goes for the other authors in Jack's stable, with the possible exception of the famous Alberto and Father Chiniquoi. Ah well, Dr Goebbels used to say if you want your whoppers to be believed, be sure to mix a little truth with 'em. That's the give to stuff 'em, ain't it?

Congrats Jack. Not only have you been a source of great amusement for me over the years (Can't wait for your next yarn!); there's no one can say you haven't done your bit to make the bible The Greatest Story Ever Sold.

Hey Ken,

Glad you enjoy the site. It proves that Chick tracts are entertaining to all sorts of people, whether they agree or disagree with Chick's beliefs. I feel sorry for those humorless Chick haters who run around and snatch up tracts in order to destroy them and protect other "impressionable minds" from being influenced by his comics. Not only are these self appointed PC policemen missing out on a lot of fun, they have an impossible task: Chick's printed over 1/2 BILLION tracts!

Please remove me from your mailing list. I think your website is giving too much glory to the works of Satan in this world. The world needs a message of hope and love and not more blood and gore in print!- C. R.

I'm happy to delete anyone who wishes to be removed from the newsletter for any whim whatsoever, but your reason is the funniest one I've ever heard. To bury your head in the sand and ignore the bad but real things going on (thereby letting evil continue without any interference) is exactly what the devil would want you to do. As a wise man once said, "all evil needs to succeed is for good people to stand by and do nothing." But that decision is up to you.

Well, your site offended me only in the way you promote some of the activities of people claiming to be for God, just as people that kill people in the name of God.

By promoting such activity and giving a reward of any kind, including just recognition, you open your self to legal action.

Your web page is under legal review by the Knights of Columbus, of which I am a member. I give scouting reports on any web sites that are potentially dangerous. -Patrick

Gee Pat, if you find our site a threat, then you really need to lighten up. As far as your saber rattling about "legal action" is concerned, surely you jest. What's the crime again? Encouraging people to read, collect, or share comic tracts? Check out the Bill of Rights and you'll realize why your legal action wouldn't stand a snowball's chance in Lava Lake. The first Amendment gives Americans the freedom to write and think whatever they want. You are free to disagree, and to explain your opposition in a free market place of ideas. Others weigh the arguments and decide where they stand for themselves. Censorship and threats are not the answer.

(Pat's response)

No joking here. You promote people, mostly under age people, to break the law at times as with the banner that dropped during a Catholic Mass and when one "kid" put a track on the alter and then yelled "its not wine, it's liquor"

Remember, you are not just posting NEWS, you are promoting this activity by giving rewards, even if they are just the name of "first place"

Read the bill of rights yourself

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

We all are protected by the first 10 amendments to the constitution (the Bill of Rights)

What that means is that when a religious body is gathered together and not breaking any law, you are not permitted to disrupt that gathering. Just as we Catholics are not allowed to force the chick publishing company to stop their free speech. However, if individuals, such as yourself and the people that post to your web site that you give 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place to, disrupt a peaceful gathering of Catholics, then you break our Fist Amendment Rights.

This is how your web site CAN be dealt with legally

1) If any of your posters say to the police after arrest. "I wanted to win first place on this web site, that is why I did (blank) to the Church, or the peaceful gathering.

2) In a civil court by private attorneys or the ACLU can prosecute you for encouraging these activities.

Be warned, your web site is being monitored for illegal activity.

Monitor all you want. We always welcome additional readers, regardless of their race, religion or sexual orientation. (It increases our site counter).

The part of the 1st amendment that matters most is where it grants Americans the right to freedom of speech and press. As far as encouraging kids to commit crime is concerned, I don't think we've ever had a kid involved in the contest (although they are welcome). Encouraging anyone to pass tracts is not a crime. I'm absolutely certain that the specific instance you're referring to involved an adult, because I know his profession. I also know the event took place years before our contest even started, we only included it because it was so unusual. The funny thing is that if that story was about a Catholic disrupting a protestant event in a similar manner, you would probably be rolling in the isles.

That being said, I'm not for disrupting anyone's religious ceremony. But if it already happened, I don't see any harm in laughing about it in retrospect. (Maybe that's just me.) KIDS! DON'T DO THIS AT HOME!

But this "warning" of yours sounds ominous. The truth is, I was considering canceling the contest due to lack of participation, as I indicated in the December newsletter sent out to tract collectors last month. Your email has settled the matter. We have to continue doing it, because you're trying to pressure (or threaten) us to stop. The 4th goal of our mission statement clearly says "To support first Amendment rights of Freedom of the Press and prevent censorship of literature, especially Chick tracts & comics." So if we stopped after your warning, we'd be hypocrites.

However, I'm happy to air your other complaints and respond to some of them. Just forgive me if I don't take the time to answer every point I disagree with. I've covered a lot of this ground before and let's face it: We both know you're not going to change your mind and leave your knightly friends in Columbus, any more than I'm going to join them.

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