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Jack Chick Tract Club link

Welcome to the Museum's Memory Lane!

A collection of correspondence on Chick tracts. (New e-letters added as they come in.) To view older letters & memories, click here.

[Please Note: Curator's remarks are in bold type.]

From Jan 1st, 2003 to Dec 31st, 2003. (The latest entries are at the top.)

Revised. 12.30b.03u (All contents ©2003 Monsterwax)

I went to your site as a matter of education. I am reviewing a Chick Track called The Godfathers. I am "Goggeling" the claims in this one and found your site.

I must ask, are you up for a debate? I will not talk with you, if all you are about is hate.

If you love the Lord Jesus, and believe that the Catholic Church is the great whore. If you trust in the stories contained in Chick Tracks. Then lets have a debate, with love and respect.


Hey Pat,

Thanks for the note, but I don't think I would be a good one to debate. I didn't start this site to prove Chick comics are right. I did it to prove Chick comics are FUN. It has been my experience that even Catholics (with a sense of humor) enjoy his tracts and comics. They just shrug off what their angry counterparts consider offensive.

I have several Catholic friends and family members. Although I've addressed a few of the indisputable facts (like the history of the Inquisition and the blind faith assertion that the wine turns to blood in your mouth) I don't want to get dragged into a debate about which religion is right or wrong. I'll be happy to link to your comments on the matter, though.

I thought I might give you a heads up on my personal blog, called Vessel of Honour, which I bill as the ONLY Pro-Chick Publications, Pro-King James Bible, Ultra-Conservative Blog on the Internet. Despite your informative "Chick Blog", I believe this description is accurate since you serve as more of an objective bystander, whereas I wholeheartedly embrace Chick's work as a staunch believer. :-)

My site is not unilaterally "all Chick, all the time", but if you link me, it would undoubtedly provide your pro-Chick site visitors with a chance to visit a site that supports Chick's ministry rather than mindlessly bash it, a gesture I'm sure they will appreciate.

- Mac Swift

I'll be glad to add it to our links page. I wanted the Chick Blog to be more objective, but in truth, it's the least objective thing we have on the site. How can anyone comment on current affairs without making snide comments? So I stuck it at the bottom of the contents bar because it's only quasi-related to Chick tracts.

Gosh, it would've never occurred to me that there would one day be a museum dedicated to Jack Chick and his creations. I wish that I'd known because when I moved from San Antonio to Houston in '98 I THREW AWAY all my issues of Battle Cry going back to issue #1! Ouch!! But I just couldn't see a reason to hold on to them. (I kept & moved my 2,800 comic books bought from '70 to '79).

I very much like your web-site. You seem to be making a good-faith effort to be objective but I think I detect a slight leaning towards Jack Chick, which I consider to be a good thing. I accepted Christ as my savior my last year in the Army in '79 at the age of 20. I discovered Chick tracts in '83 and for the next four years distributed about 6,000 of them (plus about 2,000 Life Messenger tracts). It was fun & rewarding: passing them out in front of bars; going door-to-door; to all these people we encounter who're standing behind a cash-register or the drive-through window; in envelopes when paying bills...I didn't leave home without three tracts in my back-pocket.

So why did I stop? I'm without excuse but basically I left college, entered the work-a-day world, got married, had kids and just became overwhelmed by the daily crush of life-in-general...went back on active-duty in '91 for six months for the first gulf war, etc. I didn't stop abruptly; kind of tapered off. I still have some chick tracts and every once in a great while a repairman will come to my home and after giving him a tip I'll offer him one.

I wish that Jack Chick had never started with that "Catholicism created Islam, Communism and Hitler" business. Of all the belief-systems in the world only one can be true; the rest have to be false. If protestant (biblical) Christianity is true then Catholicism has to be false. (That isn't hating Catholics--or Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Darwinist, etc; that's just stating a fact). A lot of Catholics who might be receptive to the message that Catholicism doesn't lead to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ...would never get that far if they first read Jack's--let's face it-- fantastic claims that the catholic church created Islam, atheist-communism, etcetera (but has a beef with Protestantism; "huh, what??"). That's the kind of thing that makes people stop and say "Now wait just a cotton-pickin' minute..." Frequently human nature is to throw the baby out with the bath-water.

Oh well, if the Bible & Christianity are true then ultimately the world is a better place because of Jack T. Chick and his marvelous creations. I look forward to meeting him in the next life.

--Jeff in Texas

Thanks for you comments Jeff. I confess, I DO like Chick and his comic creations. That doesn't mean I agree with all of them, but you'll find a lot of people who email this site disagree with Chick's opinions on various points (sometimes, ALL of his points) but still enjoy his work. If we all boycotted and censored everything we didn't agree with, then TV, radio and newspapers would all go out of business.

I wish I was dumpster diving your neighborhood in 1998! There's probably a homeless person out there with some very collectible make-shift mattress padding!


you know, for the longest time i thought i was the only one who found chick tracts hilarious. my mom was (and still is) one of those people who kept a big stack by the door to give to anybody who came by (especially those nasty little trick-or-treaters). i used to sneak them off to my room to howl endlessly at the hilarious "messages" in them. i've been really enjoying your site for the last few days, just thought i'd write and let you know. thanks for the walk down memory lane! :)


Hey Hi,

Thanks for the feedback. There seems to be millions of like minded Tract fans, be they believers or blasphemers, haw-haw-haw! It's not often an artist can reach both audiences. Way to go Chick!

Good job with the sight! I mean really good job. I am eighteen years old and have always had an interest in Chick tracts. When I was in the fifth grade, my friend brought a whole box of them to school. All day long my other friends and I read thru them over and over. And man, now I regret not swiping some of them! I remember distinctly reading "Satan's Master," "Lisa," "Holy Joe," and get this, hold your breath,---"The Wounded Children!" My biggest regret is putting that one back in the box at the end of the day. "Satan's Master" interested me because I had no idea that demons could push one out of three story windows. "The Wounded Children," well, that one was just odd. I did not understand anything about what the young boy was thinking about in the bed or even what an "old queen" was. "Somebody Goofed" scared the living daylights out of me. "Haw Haw Haw!" And let's not mention "Angels." Those are some great lyrics--when does their second album come out? There is a link somewhere to "Satan's Master." It is at an angelfire sight. I just saw it. But they still dont have the rarest of all, "The Wounded Children." Does Chick even acknowledge that he made it? Is there anyone on this earth who has a copy of it and wants to scan it. Come on people, a dad beating his kids for playing with dolls because of what the neighbors might think--classic Chick! This is a great sight though, and keep up the archive. We'll get them all yet!

-P.C. Minger

Thanks for the comments. I have Wounded Children, but can't post the graphics for copyright reasons. I've seen them in auction cost as high at $100. I've also heard one collector say she found it free recently in a Walmart bathroom. So miracles still occur!

For god sake, put a "no music" button on the site. -geworroll

All you have to do is hit a "contents" link (there's dozens to choose from) and the music automatically stops. But I'll be glad to put a no music button on it if someone tells me how. (Computers are not my day job.)

How come the chickcomics site makes fun of Chick? He's only trying to get people saved with his tracts. -KX

Dear KX, You'll need to be more specific. What part are you talking about? Yes, we allow humor. These are comics, and they are meant to be funny (albeit with serious overtones). We keep the discussion in a light hearted manner, but we are not out to make fun of Chick. We have fun with Chick's tracts, but a fan can do that while still liking them.

That being said, we also allow different points of views and sometimes guest comments can be pretty hostile. We publish them anyway, even if we don't agree with all comments, because censorship is unAmerican and exactly what the Chick haters try to do with Chick's comics. Besides, anti-Chick remarks spark positive rebuttals, so all sides get a fair shake. If we deleted such remarks, they would just post them somewhere else. By not segregating everyone, it allows fans and critics to talk and listen to one another.

One thing you might want to note on "Busted" is how Chick seems to go out of his way to make the woman in the cartoon a bit more modest. Page 10 has a paper held at an intriguing angle (although he doesn't hide EVERYTHING he does hide more than he allows shown), and I like the balloon placement on page 20. I wonder if "Party Girl" embarassed him a bit, especially page 14?

A Chick fan... (Don)

While looking through 'Holy Joe' online, I got a weird feeling of deja vu. Then it hit me. I had read that before, years ago. I read it when I was about 7, mixed in with a bunch of old comics my grandma had. It really disturbed me at the time. Not because of the message, I mistook it for a funky war comic. It was the sight of the bullet ridden corpses that freaked me out.

Great site. -Brian

Thanks Brian. Those images do have a way of sticking with you!

This description of Crusaders comics was found on ebay, and I thought it was worth passing on:

You're going to Hell! Get saved with Jack Chick!

Everyone in Jack Chick's world is going to Hell. That is, unless they cast aside their devil worship, witchcraft, rock music and Catholicism and find salvation, Jack Chick-style.

"Crusader Comics" was produced by Chick Publications from 1974 to 1982. Full color inside and out, each one sets out to save the world in 32 pages with the help of Tim Clark and James Carter. Clark is a former Green Beret who speaks eight languages. Carter is a former black militant and drug lord with a black belt in karate. Together they fight crime! No, wait. Together they mostly scare the dickens out of young hedonists and other deluded types.

Peppered with Bible quotes, loaded with turgid dialog and scanty on facts, "Crusader Comics" is a laff riot from start to finish. Until you realize that a lot of people believe this stuff. I don't. But then, I'm going to hell.

I have enclosed a copy of a Chick parody tract from the Punk rock group band, "The Locust." It's entitled "Plague Sound Scapes?" Although the photocopy of my original didn't come out so great, I think you'll agree it's a brilliant parody (right down to the obligatory "Haw haw!" from the Satan Character). I attempted to get an additional copy to send you, but the folks at the Locust merchandise booth only allowed me to have one (and I'm too selfish to part with my only copy of it). For the actual version of the tract, you may try Epitaph Records.


Thanks Ken! We'll add it to are Chick parody archive. It is a funny one. If anyone else encounters a tract parody not listed on our archive, please send a copy (Chick Museum, 3202 Enterprise Drive, Tallahassee FL 32312) so we can include it.

What are you people? Anti-Vatican, Anti-Papal Roman Catholics?!! That's a new one on me.

Interesting site, though. But can you please explain what Monster Wax means?

Nope, we're just bystanders watching the feud between Alberto's comics and the Vatican. We don't take an official position on it other than recognize that there are some theological differences involved (beyond all the conspiracy stuff). But our real interest is in Chick tracts and comics in general.

Monsterwax is my email address. It refers to monster gum cards (aka wax) which I also happen to collect. It has no real connection with Chick tracts.

WOW! Came across your site by mistake but boy am I glad I did... =]

I have not read most of the site yet but was wondering two things, is there a way to tell what print a track is and would it be ok for me to link you on my web page?

Thanks. Jason

Sure, we'd love your link. About the print codes: There is usually a alpha code or date code on the back cover in the top right corner. 1205.1 = December 5th of 2001. And something like 8.0 = August 2001

Before the date codes were the alpha codes, listed after the catalog number on the bottom right side: 33-F = Firestarter (item #33) 6th printing (F is the 6th letter in the alphabet.)

Do you still hold the view that you put out in your two open letters of the late 70's regarding John Todd; I am trying to make sense of things and so far your perspective seems to be the most objective. - James

Dear James,

I'm not Jack Chick nor Chick Publications. We just love to collect and discuss the tracts. I believe that Chick still thinks that there are satanic forces at work trying to undermine society from every direction (pop music encourages sex and drugs and violence, as does most TV and cinema). I think he believes fake Christians join churches to undermine them as well. The recent vote to accept elect a gay Bishop is a typical example, as it is opposite Biblical teaching. Chick believes that John Todd fell from grace with a lot of help from phoney Christians and dedicated enemies who set out to destroy his testimony. Todd was never rock solid-- his drug use and wicca background made him easy prey. That's what I think Chick thinks. But it's only my opinion.

Great site. I've enjoyed it for some time, and I like the new additions. -True Blue Jack


try as you can but we win and u catholic dogs lose (revelations 22:15), Christ can set you free from the bondage of your religion, all you have to do is reject the catholic church and all its false teachings, accept Christ (not mary) as your saviour, and you will have life and life eternal, my suggestion is to join an Assemblies of God church, there you will be shepparded into truth. hope u make the right choice. - Poolguy

Are you serious? You actually thought we were Catholics? That's a first. But you are much mistaken. The people who run this site are protestants. In fact, the President (Rich Lee) of our Chick Tract Club is a minister in the Assemblies of God Church. I can assure you, however, that he would not approve of calling or even thinking of Catholics as "dogs." Jack Chick himself says he wants to save as many Catholics as possible. You may wish to re-examine your choice of adjectives!

Note: We're moving non-tract related comments to a new section called The Chick Blog, so that Chick Memories will focus more on the tracts. So if you can't find something that was here, check there.

I'm a Christian, but I am very concerned about the impression many of JTC's works leave on those outside the realm of conservative Christianity. I'll never forget going to Bulgaria with the National Guard and approving a unit's request to distribute Bibles. The Bulgarian authorities approved it, but pointed out specifically that they didn't want any Chick tracks handed out.

--Lee >>

You know, Lee, those Bulgarians are in thick with the Bavarians --they were both tribes descended from the same ethnos that lived in Central Asia (Altai) long before the new era. And we all know what the BAVARIANS created... the Illuminati! So of course they don't want any Chick tracts (especially Chick Comics like Spellbound?). It exposes their Illuminati plan for world takeover! Haw-haw-haw!

Hey friends my name is Darren I am so into this following (praise the lord!!) I had Sabotage, The Ark, and a couple others about 10 years ago and I still have primal man. I really am enjoying reading all the tracts and in all seriousness I think that its good people are laughing. I am going to rehab for awhile (cocain/heroin) in a christian place -praise god but mabye a comic will find its way to me so I can laugh "haw haw haw" while reading the "tract" meanwhile the "tracks" in my arms will be healing with help from the best medicine, Jack chick and Jesus. Hey e-mail me back ok I really need Jesus,prayer and laughter in my dark life. Keep it real brothers --(incidentally I am a 27 year old born again Christian saved by grace).

I'm glad to hear you're enjoying the site. You would be hard pressed to find a less expensive but more enjoyable pastime. Most of the comics and tracts are still available for very cheap, so I bet you'll find the ones you remember best. Congratulations on your recovery.

A new variation: Chick has changed the last page of The Nervous Witch. It used to say "witchraft", but he has recently corrected the spelling.

Dear "Sir"

It's sad that so many people put JC tracts on level with scripture, as far as truth is concerned.


I dunno. It seems to me that the tracts stimulate conversation and interest about the Gospel, and that gets more people reading the Bible. So even if you disagree with Chick's interpretation of the scriptures, you could appreciate the wider audience he generates for the issues you find important.

Hi there!

I was reading the Chickster's latest tract, "Man in Black," and something struck me as familar about the image on page 6, depicting "Babylon the Great" riding the Beast in Revelations.

There is another Fundamentalist site, Jack Van Impe Ministries, which ALSO depicts a very similar image. The Beast's heads seem different, but the Great Whore looks rather the same, or is it just me?

The URL for this image is:


Yep, that looks like her aright. That saucy whore sure gets around!

Just want to notify you of a variation (which I am sure you know, but it has not been listed on the Variations page) in "Kiss the Protestants Goodbye" tract. One version I assume from 910A to 910C includes page 18 in a lecturer speaks about Scofield's masonic connection. This page is omitted from later versions (D+).

Also, which version of Poor Little Witch is more rare...the one in which she dies by the Satanists or the one in which this is omitted?

Thanks, John :~)

I will try to update the variations page to reflect your observation. Thanks for the heads up. There are so many variations, any help is appreciated.

Regarding the Poor Little Witch, I personally think the "Mandy lives" version is more rare, because it only had one printing while the other version had several. But I personally LIKE the one where she dies better. Because.... IT'S PARTY TIME KID!

Hi people. I've just talked to my pastor and he said to me about a priest here in the philippines that has the same ordeal as Alberto. I forgot his name but he is the author of a prayer booklet called "The Living Rosary". That prayer booklet has been popular here due to the 1986 People Power Revolution. Anyway, like Alberto, he had all these things happen to him. He was once asked if to be the black pope (bcoz well, I think he is a very intellegent person). Now receiving all these threats to his life, he now works closely with the baptist community (not those who are sell outs to the catholic church). I asked for a tape of his testamony but its out of print. Well, can he sell his life story to Chick?

-allstarboyscout, Philippines

You never know, but you can ask! Chick's company site is Don't get your hopes up, though. Alberto never sold his story to Chick. He GAVE it to him for free.

Chick people:

This is absolutely hilarious! For all of the horrid, evil, satanic, corrupting, and downright unfriendly nature of D&D, it doesn't seem to stop the venerable Chick from copying the artwork in their Monster Manuals! For instance, in The Poor Little Witch, on the 14th panel, the demon thinking "We'll take good care of you" is an absolute TRACING of one of the "dukes of Hell" in the Monster Manual II (out of print now, but published in 1998, I think). I've also seen him do this with other idols and demons in other tracts. Busted, Chicky-poo! Now you're stuck in the "satanic witch coven of D&D", and you're sooo screwed! If you ever feel like having a good laugh, take the tracts and the D&D books out and look for the demons and idols that seem just a weee bit familiar.

As an aside, I also remember seeing the D&D tract he put out sometime in the 80s. Me and a friend felt so cheated: we never got ANY of that power, didn't know any witch covens, and hadn't even sacrificed a baby once. Twenty years later, I'm still "doing" roleplaying games, and I still haven't fulfilled any of Chick's obligations. I guess I'm just a slacker.....

-Amy D., CA

{Regarding Men In Black} I love JTC returning to his roots of Catholic and Masonic conspiracies. Not much in the news was made of the Rome and Moslem connection just preceeding the Iraqi war; but we knew, didn't we?

Still looking for Peter's remains,


Hi! I just wanted to congratulate everyone at the museum for a fine site. I've been a fan of Chick's from my first introduction to "This Was Your Life". Initially I wasn't sure what to make of this little booklet, but I soon was carried away on a ride of "biblical" proportions. Also, I'm glad that International Chick Tract Day is 22 November - that's my birthday! Now I have two reasons to celebrate! :-) In closing, keep up the great work so that future generations may enjoy the "Chick Experience".


We want to designate an official Chick Tract day, an annual date when Chick fans can promote the fun of Chick tracts. The big question is, what day would be most appropriate? I'm leaning toward November 22nd, because that's one of the few dates mentioned in a tract (The Assignment). But are there any other dates that would be better?

JFK's assasination is another good reason to have International Chick tract Day on the 22nd. He was our only Catholic president. Maybe it was a protestant conspiricay instead of a government one. -Bobgob

Great point, Bob! I think that settles it! One of the major attractions of Chick tracts are the conspiracies, and what better way to celebrate that aspect than on the anniversary of JKF's assassination? Alberto believed the Vatican killed JFK because he didn't obey her once he was elected.

There are only three spots left before the series ends with #25! [DOUBLE-CHECK!] Chickster is still within the collective gospels, just before the Crucifixion, Resurrection, and Great Commission, etc.! Will JTC even touch on Acts and the various epistles? I REALLY can't imagine him passing over: Revelation with perhaps a glance back at 2nd Coming references in the epistles and gospels! Did he carefully plan the pacing of the series? Or did he allow himself to run out of room?

And what comes next? Oh, yes, the movie, as described in "News O' Chick". But I mean tract business as usual. Will he simply revert to one tract every TWO months as seems to have been the pattern for a least a coupla' years before the series? I get the impression that this will be a great relief, what with all the delayed releases (at least online). Yeah, yeah, I know. I should talk.


The Wise One just contributed his own review of GOOD OL' BOYS. You can check it out and read his comments.

Say, attached is a pic of me in a Latino evangelical shoppe in Queens, NY, where, upon entry, a big rotating rack replete with tons of Spanish and English Chick publications greeted me!

Wheee! - Randy

Hey Randy. Thanks for the pix. I didn't see the tract on the World Trade Center disaster on the rack. I wonder why.

Look very closely at THE LITTLE PRINCESS...Either Heidi or Mrs. Smith unhooked the crucial nasal respirator before its time! (I hope it was an accident.) It's a good thing she had peace in her heart and wasn't afraid to die...

PS...Another celebrity sighting? Her dad looks like Monty Hall from LET'S MAKE A DEAL, haw haw haw

Tom Alford

Maybe her dad was making a deal with the Life Insurance agent?

Make fun of christianity. It is no joke, you need to be saved! Witches, sodomites, drunkards, fornicators, gamblers (lottery included) all go to hell unless they repent. Do not take your own soul so lightly. -Col. John.

Thanks Colonel,

That's one of the things I love about managing this site. We get it from all sides (lottery included).

I have tried to e-mail chick many times, never to get a reply. I must say how offended I am at this anti-Catholic garbage you people write...

For the rest of this angry letter, go here.

Why is funnyman JOHN CLEESE narrating THE ONLY HOPE?

Tom Alford, Dothan, AL

The profiles sure look like him. Maybe he turned to religion to help him cope with the loss of his parrot? Haw-haw-haw!

Hi there! Been a long while since I posted (though I've been watching your museum from time to time). This, however, calls for comment.

I'd already read your review of that beautifully ludicrous Satan's Master, but an unexpected bonus when actually getting to read it was the bit where Hannah's spouting off pseudo-New Age inanery in Sunday school: "The use of the candle... triggers the release of power from what we call the positive material plane..." LOL!

Chick actually ripped off the old AD&D rulebooks to construct his fictional wiccanism? That's beautiful! (And to think, that would seem to mean that he - or someone around him - actually read them, which you wouldn't have guessed reading Dark Dungeons.)

Note to those perhaps less versed in ancient and esoteric role-playing games: the "positive" and "negative material planes" were part of the sample fictional cosmology presented in the old version of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. They supposedly powered magic - more or less like Hannah tells it. But of course, as far as I know, they - like the rest of the old AD&D cosmology, although individual ingredients were pillaged from old mythologies all over the world - have absolutely nothing to do with any real New Age beliefs. On the other hand, neither does Chick's imaginary religions.

Vaya con Dios, Theo

Thanks for writing Theo. I'm always a little wary when someone says "Hi There!" The last time I heard that expression, a workman fell off his high rise scaffold...

I thoroughly enjoy your site and visit it often. But I am dissapointed at the lack of rare tracts that you have. I remember going to school in my younger days and a friend of mine had all of these tracts, some of the oldest you could think of, in a box. We would read them all day. I mean, this guy had a huge variety of like thirty rare ones. It was great!

And I just wish that your site had more of them. I know you try, dont get me wrong, but we have got to do something about this. Here are some that I came across that are anti-Catholic classics as well as good old Rebecca Brown's "Satan's Master"

Also, I am going to consider if my job to find "Lisa" which was put up on the Chick tract site but no efforts were made to put it into Monsterwax. The other that I will hunt for is the classic and rare "Wounded Children" That is a great one with wonderful art, I tell you what. That is one of the better ones.

Anyway, keep up the good site and together, LET'S HUNT DOWN THOSE RARE ONES!!!!


Dear Phil,

I wish I could post all the out of print tracts that I have, but alas, copyright considerations prevent it. I'm happy to link to tracts posted anywhere on the web, and most of the tracts you see here are linked directly to Chick's site. I linked to the LISA tract when Chick offered it, but then they took it off their site and removed the images. The same thing happened with THAT OLD DEVIL. Thanks for the SATAN'S MASTER link. Let me know if you find more links and I'll post them, especially WOUNDED CHILDREN or LISA!

[View Phil's response.]

I remember finding a comic tract in the back seat of a rental car about thirty years ago. I was young at the time so my memory is hazy. It seemed to be about either a Soviet or Nazi takeover of a country. One illustration I remember distinctly was of soldiers with sabres cutting off the heads of children. There was in which a soldier is confronted with a painting of Jesus. That is all I remember. Is this of a long-discontinued Chick tract? Thanks.

Sincerely, Scoobie

Hey Scoob,

Maybe it's one of the lost tracts waiting to be discovered. (I'd love to see it if it were.) It sounds like a mixture of several tracts. The Poor Revolutionist is about a commie take over of the USA. Fire Starter has several images of children being sacrificed to Baal, and an adult prophet getting beheaded via sword (but it takes place in Biblical times). Fat Cats has South American commies killing civilians, and at one point, a communist Catholic priest presents a picture of Jesus as a rebel. But none of them have kids getting beheaded that I know of. Why don't you check out the images to Fire Starter and Fat Cats from our main tracts page and see if they bring back any memories.

Hey guys,

Your Jack Chick website is incredible! I just found it this morning and can't pull myself away. I do have a question though. Did JC ever put out a tract dealing specifically with paganism/wicca? I know about "The Poor Little Witch," but that tract is really about satanism and satan-worship rather than wicca. What I'm looking for is something in the New Age / paganism / wicca vein that doesn't devolve into the usual baby-killing, devil-worshipping rant. Did JC ever release a tract like that? Thanks so much for your help. - Charles

Hey Charles, he did do a recent tract called THE NERVOUS WITCH, but I think what you describe is really a tract by someone else done in the Chick style. It was actually done by Pagans in support of Wicca. It's called THE OTHER PEOPLE by Pathfinder Press, and it's listed in our Parody Section.

I thought you might find it interesting that while I was at the post office here in Marysville today, I noticed the clerk helping me had one of your Get out of hell free cards on the counter. I didn't have much inclination to ask him about it since tensions were already tight due to them losing my package. Never know where things will show up. -John H.

Haw haw! It's a small Chick globe! I can't believe you didn't give in to the urge to ask him about it, but you can always save that for next time. Perhaps he's another Chick club member. Then again, he could be an undercover Jesuit, who stole the card from someone else's package!

Hello everyone. My name is Sarah and I have always wondered about the world around me. I abused myself in many ways and I was saved in my Bible Club. Then my Youth Pastors friend brought up the situation about the chick Tracts. Our assignment wast to send out these tracts and leave them everywhere in our schools. The only problem was that most of the people in my school were Witches and Wizards.

I finally got enough guts to put one of the tracts in a bathroom in our PE locker room. The next day it was gone. I had no clue where it went. I just hope the person who read it knew what to do. I left the name of the church on the back, but no one was there that was new.

That Monday, I found the tract in the trash. I felt very discouraged but I wanted to keep going. I still see tracts in the garbage, I finally gave up and said I'm wasting the church's money and time. I was going to give out one more tract, and that was to a homosexual friend. I gave him the tract about the city of Sodom. A couple of hours he didn't sit next to me at lunch time. So that made me very discouraged. He finally said, "I know you are just wanting me safe and not go to hell, but I had made my own decision." I tried to tell him that he doesn't have to stick with the decision.

And so that friend hasn't changed, he still is what he is today and I have been trying so hard. Maybe I have been trying too hard. Any advice?


Yeah Sarah,

I suggest you don't share any needles with your friend! But seriously, witnessing doesn't mean you are expected to convert people. That's up to them, and it can take years to happen. Give tracts away to spread the message. Newspapers are thrown away by the ton, but as long as they've been read, they've served their purpose.


I love The Chickstalker, but if I couldn't point out someone else's mistakes what fun would I have in this life? :)

Just kidding of course, but I did want to point out to you (if you haven't already noticed it yourself which is more than probable) using "Ben" instead of "bin" would make Osama bin Laden Jewish!!!

Somehow, I don't think he is. Keep up the good work :)

Robert M.

Hey Rob,

No, I didn't notice. Thanks for pointing it out. Osama is Semitic (as are all Jews and Arabs), so who knows? Maybe he's an agent provocateur! Haw-haw!

Great site!

I've been a 'chick fan' for years. My favorite track is Doomtown, but now I must add another to that list. Boo is truly a work of comic genius. Most outstanding panel, #4 'Pumkinhead' Satan shown taking his pet serpent (he's got it on a leash) out for a walk. Haw! Haw! Haw!

Joel in Oakland

Thanks Joel. That is a classic panel. One would think keeping a snake on a leash would take some doing. Aren't they basically one long neck?


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