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Jack Chick Tract Club link

Welcome to the Museum's Memory Lane!

A collection of correspondence on Chick tracts. (New e-letters added as they come in.) To view older letters & memories, click here.

[Please Note: Curator's remarks are in bold type.]

Revised. 12.31b.02u (All contents ©2002 Monsterwax)

Chick has gone and done it again. I can already see the articles denouncing this tract [Who Cares?] for sensationalism, discrimination or whatever else. I was wondering if we were going to see a twin towers reference in a tract.

You know Chick. Leave no sacred cow untipped! Haw-haw!

Dear Chick Stalkers,

My story is kind of unusual. I have had a proctologist for years and have long suspected him to be as queer as a $3 Bill. (I know, we are supposed to say "gay" these days, but to hecky-poo with that PC crapola.) I have always thought that he enjoys his job a little too much, if you catch my drift. So I placed a "Doom Town" in a sterile tube and inserted it you-know-where. We both got a big laugh over that. Who says homo queerios don't have a sense of humor? He is "saved" and completely straight, now, of course.

It does have its drawbacks. After doing my sister, he has started hitting on Mom. Naturally, neither my sister nor I am very happy about this turn of events. Oh, well, one day at a time.


Dear W.A, yours is a most unusual contest entry. Regrettably, it doesn't quite pass our credibility standards. Perhaps if you send the $3 bill with your doctor's picture on it..?

Glad to hear the family is bonding, though. Just don't let Dad hear about your mom and sis-- or he might kick your you-know-what so hard, it could shatter your tract holder!

We apassed [The Nervous Witch] tract to the gal taking tickets [at the 2nd Harry Potter Movie]... Turns out that she also collects Jack T. Chick tracts and had not seen Nervous Witch. She was thrilled. She then sat the rest of the movie staff down to read the tract she had. Who knows how many were saved? Meanwhile, she says she thinks that the theatre should have a small banner with the disclaimer: "This movie may open the gates of Hell." This she told us after we sat through Harry Potter. It was like Robert Frost said, "When two souls meet with a single thought, the whole world looks like home." -Astroweaver

Good story. I wish Chick would do something on Star Wars and The Force. No Jedi's collection would be complete without it!

I was wondering if Jack T. Chick has ever put out a tract exposing Kwanzaa for what it is? Maybe we should write and ask him to do that.

Good idea. Louis Farrakhan is always calling white people "blue eyed devils." I bet if Chick did a tract on Kwanzaa, it would show the RED devil creating the holiday. It is a completely bogus holiday and doesn't exist in Africa. Yet millions think it's going back to their roots. Haw-haw!

Did you notice that in Chick's current catalog the Spanish version of Allah Had No Son actually says Allah Had No Fig? It's correct on Chick's website. It's probably because the words son (hijo) and fig (higo) are pronounced the same.


Great observation Brian. If they actually printed tracts that way, I'd love to get one for the museum. Haw-haw-haw!

Dear creative folk,

YAAAAAHHHH! Please sign me up for your newsletter. Just read review of "Fallen"! HAW! HAW!

-Bill F-O-R-W-A-R-D-M-A-N!

Thanks Bill. We look FORWARD to hearing from you again.

Hi, my name is Nick and I am a Christian Soldier in N.Y.C were the Spiritual Warfare is intense. I am a great fan of your Tract museum and efforts. I believe the wicked Spiritual Powers that be and their Human adherrants forced Jack Chick to stop selling certain tracts over the years. Tracts such as "The Decieved", "The Last Generation" and "Where's Rabbi Waxman?" are certain examples...

Thanks, Nick

Hey Nick. If anyone can defy the powers of darkness and political correctness, it's Jack Chick. I don't see him getting mellow with age. However, he does phase out certain tracts if they don't sell well. So although Chick may be the same as ever, new social trends can effect the selection he offers.

Thanks a lot for selling me [KISS THE PROTESTANTS GOOD-BYE!] At first glance it looks a little text-heavy, as if Chick didn't put as much effort into this one as he does on more lavishly illustrated tracts, but this still upon further review is quite an entertaining tract indeed, possibly one of his most entertaining tracts! Notice in the center the Catholic priest O'Toole? Wasn't that the same priest as in THE TRIAL? And the panel with the smiling Catholic priest at a Chick rack saying "Chick is no problem!" should be up on your website in the Catholic section. That panel is priceless! It's funny, too, how Jack talks about his own experience in the third person narrative (for example, "Unknown to Mr. Chick, his training out of 'the good old Scofield' version of the King James Bible was controlled by Rome."). Yes, this is quite a valuable tract indeed! I look forward to buying more gems like this from you in the future! - Ramon

It's one of my favorites too, Ramon. What a pity I don't have more of the really rare ones to trade or sell. Maybe that makes them even more special.

I was amazed at what I learned from the Alberto comic on-line. I found it just in time, since my grandkids are presently being processed for their first communion. They are getting the same Catholic brainwashing I got 65 years ago and it's frustrating to know I can't do anything to prevent it. But I'm a pretty good teacher and I think I can now instill some original thought process of my own.

Cheers, Bob

I'm not sure a copy of Alberto would be the most popular confirmation present, but I bet you would be the only one at the party to give it.

Greetings, guys

I love your site and have been viewing Jack's pamphlets with horrified fascination even since I first encountered them in Northern Ireland (a really responsible place to be spreading documents "proving" that all Catholics are bedfellows of Satan)... Keep up the amusing work. -A.C.P., Hong Kong

Dear AC,

I'm glad I didn't know about Chick tracts when I lived in Ireland. I went to middle school in Southern Ireland (which is even more Catholic than the North) and reading them would get me assaulted by Leprechauns. It was a beautiful country, although I thought it was odd that the teacher always dismissed me early. I learned later it was because he didn't want a Protestant present during the Catholic prayers.

Hi Guys,

I love your site and will join when I can afford a foreign currency money order. (I have no credit card.) Anyway, Fang appears on the little girl's T shirt on the first page of THE TRIAL. Quite an obvious one. Keep up the good work.

Johnny,Christchurch, New Zealand

I checked it out Johnny, but that animal on the girl's shirt looks more like a Rat. Of course, my version was dated 1996, so Chick might have changed it since then. (You never know with Chick.) See if your copyright date is 1996 or different, and double check to see if that animal has dog ears or more round rat ears. The online version features the rat. It tells the story of a girl who is sued by the ACLQ [sic] for $10 million dollars because she witnessed in school. It's well worth the read.

Speaking of $10 million, you probably heard the Sniper demanded that amount in an electronic transfer to stop shooting people in the Washington area. Now that they've caught him, let's hope they transfer him here to Florida. We could use Old Sparky and electronically transfer 10,000,000 volts! Haw-haw-haw!

My son worked at Steak n Shake during high school. On Sundays, the people would come from church and leave him Chick Tracts as a tip (in lieu of cash). Not a good testimony for Christ to a poor hard working kid.

I have heard Fundamentalists referred to as "the bun people" by a waitress (because the women had long hair done up in a bun). They were frequently demanding, unfriendly and cheapskates --according to her.

This is a warning for us Christians. Faith vs. Acts, I guess.

Didn't you say that you were Anglican or Episcopalian? I have a suggestion for you on how you could win your own contest for "Creative Ways to Distribute Tracts". Buy 10,000 copies of Reverend Wonderful and send one to Bishop Spong daily for the next 27.4 years.

Keep up the Good Work. I love your site!

I suspect "anything goes" Spong is an undercover Jesuit plant used to scare Episcopalians back to Rome! To paraphrase Will Rogers, Spong never met a sin he didn't like.

Regarding tracts instead of tips... it all depends on what titles they were leaving. Heck, I'd take a Wounded Children or Satan's Master instead of cash ANY day!

In your page about Rivera's death you say that "we'll probably never get iron clad proof whether it's really true or not" in regards to his claims. However, I have proven that he was never a priest in the Catholic Church. Please see my refutation of the comic book Alberto and pay attention to the refutation of the first page. The link is:

I visited your site (a Catholic Apologetics web page which argues against many of Chick's anti-Vatican tracts). You raise numerous doubts, but I wouldn't go as far as to call it "proof." Raising doubts and demanding more evidence is not the same thing as iron clad proof. However, I'll post your link so readers can decide for themselves. BTW, will you link to us? (It seems like we include a lot more Catholic sites than return the favor. I wonder why? Haw-haw-haw!)

Hi! I really LOVE your site - you ought to post "spew" warnings on your reviews. I darn near choked on a potato chip whilst reading the review for "Sabotage." (Or d'you think maybe the Faceless Lightbulb-Headed God was trying to tell me something...?) Great site - keep it up!

Haw, haw, haw!!! -Elaine

Thanks Elaine. Glad to hear you won the contest with the potato chip. I thought we lost readers by offending them. Maybe they're just choking to death.


After near choking, believe me, I won't eat or drink while reading the online reviews! ROTFLMAO!!!!

I've been acquainted with Chick tracts since I was about 11 years old. The mother of a school chum used to keep them on her coffee table. Though I did not pray "The Sinner's Prayer" as a result of the tracts I read (actually, I recall that at the time, they kind of creeped me out - the specific tracts were "Holy Joe" and "This was Your Life"), it was not long afterward that I first "received Christ" when I attended a local Baptist church. This was in the early 1970's, and things were far less paranoid then; they used to send a bus around to pick up neighborhood children.

I was also peripherally involved with Campus Crusade for Christ while in high school. It was also around that time that I began to ask questions - questions for which none of my Christian friends had any answers. These days, I guess you might call me a "Deist"; I beleive in God, but not in the narrow sense that a lot of the fundamentalist Christians do.

And yet...those little tracts hold a peculiar fascination, don't they? I mean, even when one *knows* that Mr. Chick is way out there in "left field," those tracts still manage to catch and hold one's attention.

I truly enjoy visiting your site! You have done a wonderful job, and if nothing else, those tracts are a valuable piece of American culture. Aside from that, the reviews are fun to read. And I love how you noticed the little extra touches like "Fang." You've even included "Going Bananas? Here's Help" and "The Marriage Mess." I remember reading those!


Boy, am I glad to have found your site! As an ordained Christian pastor myself, I have always taken issue with Jack Chick, as well as anyone and everyone who seemingly sees everyone and everything else to be incorrect. But his tracts do some good, for which I am happy.

Thanks! Shel

A recent chatroom discussion on Chick tracts was forwarded to us via an unknown benefactor. It shows a wide range of attitudes on Chick tracts. Check it out.

I wonder why tracts skip back and forth between "discontinued in stock", and "special order only"? Maybe you could ask someone at Chick Publications and get the inside scoop on how tracts waver between such states of availability? - Ray

Good question, Ray,

Discontinued titles reappear in stock whenever someone special orders tracts without a custom back design. Chick will run off extras and offer them on his site. Why would someone not take advantage of a free custom back design? Sometimes a group will split up orders amoung several churches, so no one design would work for them. (Each group rubber stamps their own batch with their address.) Or maybe it's a controversial topic and they don't want their address on it our of fear of retribution (like THE GAY BLADE or THE DEATH COOKIE). Either way, collectors get a second chance at picking up these discontinued titles at regular price whenever this happens.

I just wanted to let you know that I really liked your parodies of the Chick tract series. Keep up the good work. I suggest you add some tracts exposing Chick's lies about homosexuality and the gay rights movement. - LGold

We're glad to add any comic tract to our list of parodies if people send us a sample. Chick presents gays in an unflattering light, but he hasn't used false information that I know of. Although politically incorrect, the Bible condemns homosexuality in the clearest of terms. Chick would be lying he said otherwise.

I recently got a call from Randall Chapman of Chick Publications. They're gonna send us 50,000 "Love Story" tracts with the American flag on the back & the words "In memory of those who perished on 9/11". These tracts are to be distributed on the anniversary here in New York City. He asked me to contact some churches to help pass them out.

Randall then ask me if I wanted to talk to Jack Chick himself!!!! I said, "Do I!! He's only been my hero since I was 10 years old!!!!" (see Tract Passing Tips)

Jack & I spoke about 3 minutes. He sure is a nice guy! I told him what an impact his comics have been in my life & he said that I made his day. I told him that he made mine!

-Abe N.

Thanks Abe. That's a fun story and a neat idea! Good luck passing those tracts.


My husband and I are big fans of the Chick tracts and everything else that Jack sells. We live in New Zealand and run a Youth centre in a evil town that supports religion and catholicism, hence, why we are hated and gossiped about in the town. They have tried everything they can to get rid of us (my husband, myself and one helper). We have gone from a small handful of youth to 30 plus, and we now have our own building.

We have found this is the hardest thing the Lord has asked us to do, as everyone hates us and our children, and the youth that come to the centre to learn about Jesus (the King James Jesus, not watered down version but the real Jesus). So called Christians have warred against us in ways that are unbelievable (we know the town has 7 satanic covens in the area which has been here for years - they get up at 3am every morning and pray for satan to break families up in this area - hence why 98% of fathers have gone from this town).

We have seen a great change in the Youth we deal with, they are good students and think something about themselves. We teach them Bible verses every week, quiet times with Jesus, and Bible reading. We brought them all New King James Bibles and they love them all.

We love all the Alberto Riviera Comics and believe them all to be true.

If you know of any Bible believing Church or group who could comment to Prayer for our Ministry we would be so greatful, as we are under attack night and day and so is our family and Ministry.

Thanks for joining-- you're our first New Zealanders! We'll pass on your message.

hi and hello,

When i was a kid i used to own lots of chick tracts and comics. But my mom hated them because they were anti catholic. A baptist church used to supply me those and after growing up, i lost contact with them. i just want to ask where can i find (mailing address or websites) free chick tracts? thx in advance and god bless u. -stubbornboy

Many people give out Chick tracts to strangers for witnessing, but encountering them is by chance. The easiest way to get chick tracts is to buy them. An all assortment pack of 75-85 different tracts costs just $12.95 plus postage. I offer those if you like, or you can order them from other retailers.

Y do u hate Jews so much? We did not kill Jesus, The Romans did. Y won't anyone believe that is because the Romans r the holiest Catholics. Don't think Jews hate Christians. We really don't, in fact most of my relatives r catholic and if u say that GOD said that u must worship the lord (who u believe is Jesus) than u must have mistaken that GOD for the real 1. We believe 1 GOD too and afterlife. I know why u hate us, u hate us because u think that we, Jews, killed him. The Romans did and if u don't believe that than there's nothing else I can say but 1 more thing. WE did not make the terror attacks, it was not our fault. That's what anti-Jews say so everyone will hate Jews. I am only a 10 year old boy and if u want to kill Jews than I guess u want to kill yourself because in-a-way we are all Jews because of biblical sayings. GOD doesn't hate Jews, In fact GOD hates nobody. -Koolguy

We are not Chick Publications, but fans of their tracts. Chick is a big supporter of Jews in general, but he offends some by trying to lead them to Christ. Regarding your comments: There were no Roman Catholics at the time of Jesus. (That came afterwards.) Jesus was executed because Pontius Pilate caved into pressure from the Jewish public. That mob was incited to kill Christ by jealous Jewish religious leaders. However, guilty individuals should not justify collective guilt. (That's something Israel is in trouble for doing today when they punish all Palestinians for the crimes of a few.) And even if Jews were responsible, it occurred many generations ago. Hatred over it makes about as much sense as militant blacks who blame modern day whites for the slavery of the past.

I agree with most of Chick's positions on things, but Christ has called us to deliver the gospel without charge, and with Love. His attitude about things is so unloving, not incorrect, just unloving. Also his tracts are way too expensive for people who wish to give them out.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but Chick would probably say one cannot criticize sin in a loving way. Regarding the price: considering it costs 8 cents to photocopy a blank sheet at Kinkos, 24 pages of story and art for 14 cents seems like a bargain. I can't think of any other newspaper or comic that is cheaper. He also offers 10,000 custom tracts for 7 cents each. For you such a deal!

[Response] I guess the price isn't too bad. I just plan on ordering alot of them, and compared to other tracts, they are up there.

Chick tracts may cost more than other tracts, but I don't know of any other tracts that are as thick, well made, and interesting to read. As Chick points out, what good are cheaper tracts if people throw them away? I see Chick tracts for sale as collectibles that are over 35 years old, so obviously people liked them enough to keep them all that time.

Hi! Have you noticed the recurring character "Bob" in Chick Tracts? I'm writing an article for a 'zine about how I believe that the face of Bob is the face of Chick. This is probably not a new theory, but an interesting one nonetheless.

Thanks, Robert N. Athens, GA

Hey Bob-- er, Rob!

The character "Bob" will appear in 25 tracts total. Be sure to send me a copy or your article when you are done. I try to maintain an archive of any article referring to Jack Chick or his tracts. (If you find others, send 'em!)

Are you trying to save sinners by selling your tracts, or just make some money off of some tract collectors? Are your motivations pure?... I just want you to remember that Jesus can read your heart.

Grace and Peace, Stephen

You make it an "either /or" choice: That one can either save souls with tracts or do it for money which is somehow wrong. I disagree with your premise. Retailers can do both. They can sell tracts for money and save souls.

This site is for entertainment and discussion. It makes very little money, especially when one considers the time spent writing it. If it made big profits, I would not feel guilty. Earning money selling gospel tracts isn't immoral. I'm just a dealer, and Chicks are my drug! I sell 'em to finance my own habit. If customers get high (to heaven) using them, that's an added bonus.

[Steph's Response] Look I don't want justification. I simply was under the impression that tracts where made and sold to save lost souls. Jesus says to be about the fathers business. Tracts where made for that purpose, and it makes me wonder if they are being used another way. I'm NOT labling your intentions impure, I just think that those tracts of yours belong to people who don't know Jesus. Plus not all Chick tracts are biblically based. Like the dungeons and dragons one, that one is WAY off base. I have used d&d to minister to MANY people. Is the lord of the rings evil; no. D&D is no different.

Grace, and Peace, Stephen

You have mistaken me for Chick Publications. I'm not employed by, nor do I represent them. But I'm familiar enough with their work to say that they often place their Christian goals above their profit motives. One example was printing Alberto, which--as expected -- nearly drove them out of business. Chick had prayed about it and felt led to take the risk. Another example was when Chick stopped printing Rebecca Brown's books. That series had made him millions and by refusing to print her third book, he basically gave the competition one of his biggest grossing authors. (She still makes big bucks for Whitaker House.)

Many people disagree with various Chick's tracts, but he prays for inspiration and has a Biblical scholar on staff who researches topics for him. There are some Biblical basis for all his views (even the controversial ones) and he uses extensive footnotes to prove it. Whether you interpret the scriptures the same way is a completely different issue, of course.

Lastly, Jesus did not say our only business was God's business. There are millions of Christians who earn an honest living working secular jobs (including carpentry). Making money spreading the gospel should not be considered less worthy. If Chick didn't make a profit, he would go out of business. You can read his tracts free on-line though, something we can all appreciate.

The tracts are very interesting indeed...I have to admit that I don't find myself agreeing with them 100%. I do agree basically with what he is trying to say: salvation is by faith through grace alone by trusting in Jesus Christ 100% in order to escape eternal damnation in hell. Entrance into heaven cannot and does not depend on good works. A person must understand he is hellbound and in need of Christ's saving blood.

I like his stands against homosexuality and abortion. As for the "conspiracies"...sigh! -Sarah

Hi, just wanted to say that I recently stumbled across your site, and I think it's a hoot! I especially liked the Fang sightings section (didn't realize the mutt had a name). I was checking the Chick site, and I see there is a new tract available called, "Real Heat". On page 12, Fang appears as a tatoo on some dude's arm. -Glen 8/3/02

That's Fang alright. We'll add your sighting to our list. Thanks for the spotting.

Thanx for the great site on the literary legend that is Jack Thomas Chick. Very entertaining!

Regarding Jack's appearance, there is a 'dedicated' christian gentleman pictured driving a pick-up in the latter half of the "Reverend Wonderful" tract (the tract obviously dedicated to Billy Graham, whipping boy of hardline fundamentalists everywhere), the appearance of whom I always assumed to be based on Jack himself (the age of the character in question seems about right). Seeing the image of Chick in the strip you have on your site only seems to re-inforce such a view. Check that tract out. I'd be interested in what you think. - Mick K.

Hey Mike, Yours is a good theory, but incorrect. The man who drives the pickup in that tract is Chaplain Dann-- a friend of Chick's. He's also featured in THE LETTER tract, the SABOTAGE comic (inside back cover features his wedding picture), and he distributes tons of Chick tracts. That pick up truck is also his, down to the last dent, scratch, and license number.

Chick often uses people he knows in his tracts, including George Collins (editor of Battle Cry) in Holy Joe, and Ron Rockney (Chick's Treasurer) in Room 310, but he has yet to use his own image in a tract.

I just recieved the new Chick tracts for the month! Anyways, I am not even two pages into Caught! and I have to drop you a line. The third panel in the tract is probably the most hilarous thing I have ever seen in a tract. The ANGEL is VIDEOTAPING that evil scumbad Roger having sex with his mistress!!! Let me repeat, the ANGEL has a video camera in his hand, and is VIDEOTAPING the moment of demonic passion! This is just too much! Does Chick want us to believe that when you meet him at the pearly gates he will slip in a porno into his heavenly VCR and you'll get to see your sex sins courtesy of this winged director? And where is the angels other hand?! Has Chick gone too far?! -Scott

Hey Scott. It's a classic! Chick keeps getting better and better.

If you enjoyed Chick's Happy Halloween tract, you'll love this true story about a Baptist "Judgement House", where little kids literally get the hell scared out of them!

June 2002 was an important landmark for We reached our 50,000th visitor. Not bad for just 2 1/2 years (that's an average of 1,666 visitors per month). We've generated significant email responses as well, so much so, that we're starting on our 8th wing of Chick Memories. (To see the other six wings, go here.) Let's hope we can keep it up.

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