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Jack Chick Tract Club link

Welcome to the Museum's Memory Lane!

A collection of correspondence on Chick tracts. (New e-letters added as they come in.) To view older letters & memories, click here.

[Please Note: Curator's remarks are in bold type.]

Revised. 6.2b.02u (All contents ©2002 Monsterwax)

With all the hoopla going on with the Catholic Church (child abuse, homosexual priests, etc.) and many Christians getting onto Rev. Vines for his comments about Islam, I've just realized that Chick tract stories are coming true! Here in St. Louis, a Baptist Minister was quoted in our newspaper saying That Rev. Vines' comments don't reflect the true nature of God and that we are all children of God and that the minister hopes we all can have a spirit of ecumenical! Gads! Real life is a Chick Tract!- Steve

Hey Steve. Fact can be stranger than fiction, especially when that "fact" is originally published as fiction! For other examples of Chick predictions, visit the Reality Check wing.

Chick has really stepped up production to release all 25 tracts in time for his Bible movie (in pictures). Not only did he release two tracts last month, but he's just released a new tract this month. It's called Caught!

You teach hate, not love. -Ronrendu

And you make snap decisions without bothering to examine the facts more thoroughly. If you had read a bit more, you would have realized this is not Chick's site, but a site that enjoys his tracts for a variety of different reasons (humor, being one of them). I suspect if you paid Chick more attention, you would also discover your initial assessment of his tracts is unfair.

I just a few days ago was introduced to Jack Chick. I am currently reading his comic book, ''The Godfathers", via internet download. Although I plan to finish it , I have aqlready made the judgement that Jack Chick's revolutionary thoughts are false. All his thoughts are the bending of history and there is the slightest bit of historic evidence that no one would even realize until they read Jack Chick's comics. All his comics say that it was all done secretly. I as a Muslim am greatly offended by Jack Chick, especially his claim that Allah was worshipped as a moon god. That is also the bending of history. It is true that the pagans viewed the Kabah as a temple and performed hajj and sacrifice but only because they were trying to comply with Abraham while keeping their false deities. It is an outrage to read Jack's comics. -Ghaz

Being challenged in your faith should be considered a good thing, unless you are insecure and afraid to question your beliefs. Faith should not be a habit, but a decision that is consciously maintained with both eyes open. You don't have to believe Chick's comics, but you owe it to yourself to be familiar with what the other side has to say.

I sent "THE ASSIGNMENT" to (you guessed it) Charles Bishop! He is the actual Alabama State Commissioner Of Agriculture...and he's running for Governor! I sent it to his campaign headquarters (along with a generous $ 5.00 donation, of course.) -Tom A.

Good one Tom. Let's just hope C.B. doesn't die on November 22nd at 3:10Am, or you'll have A LOT of explaining to do! Haw-haw! Your's is tough to top, unless of course, someone named Bob Williams is also running. Then we could send him ELEVEN different tracts!

Dude, in a way, your website is cool. Thought the Q&A with the theologian from Fuller Seminary was a nice touch too. Do have a nice day! - Stillborn

Thanks for the thumbs up. The theologian who hosts that forum is Rev. Rich Lee, who just recently passed the Washington State Bar Exam. Congratulations Rich! Chick knows Rich and had some fun with Richard's lawyer profession. He drew Richard in The Last Judge as a crook buying off the Judge! Look for him on page 16.

I remember seeing a different version of Tiny Shoesseveral years ago. It was in Spanish though. The art was less cartoony. The guy was named Juan. The difference is that a girl picks him up in a bar & starts dancing with him provacatively. Another guy tells her boyfriend & the boyfriend beats him up instead of her. He ends up in jail. For that reason he can't bring home the tiny shoes. By the time he gets out & goes home it's too late. However as he's standing over the grave we find that his wife's looks about 8 months with child!!!!! I read this years before I read Tiny Shoes. I sure it was in the early '80s. - Abe.

Hey Abe, I haven't heard about a Spanish TINY SHOEs variation, so this is a first. Does anyone else have this? I've experienced a few false memories myself, so its hard to believe it until we actually see one.

[RESPONSE] I neglected 2 mention that it wasn't a Chick Tract.

What? You mean this was a serious tract put out by someone else using Chick's plot? That's an important detail! Does anyone else remember seeing this from another company? Thanks for the correction. It will prevent a new rumor!


Dear M.B., I agree, I think THE BEAST was one of THE BEST.

I heard someone flew a small plane over the Vatican and dropped tracts on the Holy See. Is that true, and if so, who was it? -Unknown sender

It's true, but those weren't just any tracts, they were CHICK tracts! Chick has a painting depicting the event hanging in his office. The pilot was Bill Eubanks. Bill just wrote about it in a book called "13 Minutes Over the Vatican". You can order a copy from Bible Baptist Bookstore at 1-888-KJV-1611.

You have a fantastic site. I've been collecting tracts for quite a few years. My favorites are the ones I find in hotel rooms, phone booths, or just lying on the sidewalk. Somewhere in my house I must have 6 or 7 copies of "This Was Your Life". Anyways, I'm a practicing Satanist, and I've been trying to track down this one particular tract. It was either about Satanism or the devil or both, but it had a picture on the cover that looked exactly like Anton LaVey with horns! It must be out of print because I've checked all through and their catalogs. Anyhow, I'm hoping to find this tract before the tribulation and my eventual casting into hell, since I will more than likely receive the mark of the beast. Any info you can provide would be appreciated. Keep up the great work, my friend. HAVE A GREAT NIGHT. -ANDY

The tract you describe sounds like SATAN'S MASTER. One of my faves! (We have a review posted on line.) It's a retired tract, quite rare and expensive. But I'm sure money is no object for Satan's soldiers! Haw-haw-haw!

You're the first Satanist to write who also appreciates Chick's tracts. I bet your buddies find them HELLarious. The important thing is that you're reading them, proof again that CHICK TRACTS GET READ!

Andy's Response:

Just wanted to let ya know I purchased 42 chick tracts over the weekend and they arrived today, I read half of them at work, and laughed my ass off. They are truly a work of art. My new favorites are "The Beast" and "Happy Hour." HAVE A GREAT NIGHT. -andy

Thanks Andy, It's good to know that even the loyal opposition loves Chick tracts. May I suggest you check out the other 40 or so titles that are still in print. These are also just 14 cents each, and you can't go wrong with a price like that.

Found a great product for archiving Chick Tracts at the local Staples yesterday. They're Avery Horizontal Photo Pages for 3 1/2 x 5 photos (PP35H-10 13407). You get ten 3-pocket pages per pack, they're acid-free archival quality with 3-ring binder holes. Chick tracts fit in snugly - you can tuck six into a page with care. They also have a 2-pocket version which isn't as snug - easier to retrieve a tract, but more likely to fall out if the binder is inverted. A 10 pack at Staples goes for $2.70 (or $2.50 if you buy 4 or more).

I use the same thing basically, and yes, the tracts slip out when the binder is inverted. But the 6 pocket sleeves are too tight for my tastes. I don't want to rish damaging the edges.

Tract Distribution Story: About fifteen years ago or so, my circle of friends took our pal Neal out on his bachelor party evening. As we left an Adult Entertainment Establishment to head home, Neal began offering Chick Tracts to the wayward souls heading in, exclaiming "Jesus loves you!" and "God bless you." Chick tracts don't just get read, they get people to turn red!- Dave M.

I wonder what titles he passed out. He might have confused customers even more if he issued The Gay Blade. Haw-haw-haw!

My brother-in-law (the Catholic) just returned from a buisness trip to Houstin. He reports the taxi driver there gave him two Chick tracts with his receipt. The Mad Machine and The Visitors. (Sorry, no Death Cookies.) I wonder what happens if the customer is a Morman and receives The Visitors?

Just released: 2 new tracts--The Last Judge and The Nervous Witch. Both are good, but The Nervous Witch is an instant classic. Fang appears in both tracts in the very first panels. A "flame war" over The Nervous Witch tract has broken out in a newsgroup devoted to Harry Potter fans. You can read about it here and here. 5/1/02

Operation: Just Cause has just caused Chick's tracts to pop up in some unlikely places! Here's a photo of Special Forces/ Green Beret SSGT Jeff Oates planting the mighty Chick flag in Afghanistan! Way to go Jeff! Trap those terrorists in their mud huts, then slide Allah Had No Son under their door and watch 'em EXPLODE! Haw-Haw-Haw!

Who says crime doesn't pay? I just heard on the news that our "69th President" hit pay dirt. NBC plans to pay Bill Clinton $50 million to host a new series! Isn't there a law forbidding criminals from making money off notoriety from their crimes? Shouldn't that apply to convicted perjurers too?- Name withheld

Yes, there is such a law. They're supposed to confiscate the money and give it to the victims. But don't get your hopes up. If they divided $50 million among all the females Clinton hit on, that would only come out to about $50 each.

I wonder what they'll call the series? The West Fling?

Just because Canada has taken some rather bold steps and violated the doctrine of free speech does not mean that no free speech exists in that country at all. You take the example of Chick (which, in some jurisdictions, might be considered hate speech, but that's another argument) and use it to completely blow out of proportion the degree to which Canada lacks freedom of speech.


A country either has freedom of speech or it does not. "Partial" freedom of speech equals censorship. So while Canada may have less restrictions on speech than say, China, Canada demonstrated in no uncertain terms that politically incorrect speech is subject to government censorship. The fact that they cracked down on religious speech makes Canada's intolerance even worse, since freedom of religion is also a basic human right.

Unfortunately this is not our northern neighbor's only example of losing their rights to express what is on their mind. Canada is becoming less and less tolerant of free speech as time wears on. They temporarily jailed the well known historian David Irving because of Jewish outrage at his Revisionist research of WW2, and Irving is still refused entry to Canada to this day. However, we can both agree on one thing: Canada does allow freedom of Politically Correct speech.

I found a bunch of these in the woods by my house when I was a kid and they scared the crap out of me. I saw them in a local bible book store the other day and got the chick website. Now I'm hooked.


You found them in the WOODS?! That sounds kinda creepy, like something out of the Blair Witch Project! Or maybe Hansel and Gretel dropped them along the path so they could find their way back to civilization. They must not have realized that Chick tracts get read!

More than 20 years ago, while I was watching a parade, some of the marchers threw small rolls covered in tin-foil. These rolls looked like rolls of candy, and kids ran to collect them. I picked up one, and peeled off the tin-foil. There were no candies inside, but a small rolled up comic book. I do not remember the story in detail, but generally, it promised salvation for those who accepted Jesus and eternal damnation in hell for those who refused. They were Chick tracts!


That's a pretty innovative way to pass them out! To read Indriko's complete essay on Venus, Satanism and Chick tracts, go to Indriko's site.

Some months ago there was an article in the local newspaper about a man who got in trouble for causing, in a round about way, the death's of his neighbor's two dogs. The paper said the man had a long history of trouble with the law and mental instability. I looked up his address and began mailing him one Chick tract a week for about five months. I had been passing Chick's out for a while, and was becoming discouraged that perhaps my efforts were in vain, and slowed down from my once vigorous Chick distribution. I work for a local utility company, and shortly after becoming discouraged, I was given a maintenance job to do at this man's house. The job required me to enter his house, where I saw every one of the Chick tracts prominently displayed in his living room. I didn't mention to him that I sent them, but I took this as a sign that my efforts were not in vain, and am now passing out more Chicks than ever.

God Bless, Doug W

Hey Doug,

That's a terrific story. Now what are the odds that you would be sent to that EXACT home? It certainly sounds like more than a coincidence!

I mailed "A Demon's Nightmare" to the pastor...and sure enough, he incorporated it into his sermon the following Sunday night!

Tom A., Dothan, AL

Hey Tom! That pasture should start collecting Chicks. They could inspire over 150 more sermons!

News Item: A spokesman for the Pope has recently announced that any priest who is gay was never a valid priest. This is in apparent response to the scandal in Boston where 130 boys claimed to have been molested by priest John Geoghan. Studies indicate that 80- 90% of children molested by priests are male. The Pope also accepted the resignation of West Palm Beach Bishop O'connell for molesting a teenager during his Seminary days. O'connell replaced Bishop Symons in 1999, who also left after a sex scandle involving boys.

In the 1980s, Alberto claimed homosexuality in the priesthood was widespread. His allegations were dismissed by critics as being nothing more than anti-Catholic bigotry.

Can you believe Chick's gall? Raising his tracts a WHOLE penny. Yep, the days of the 13 cent tract are over. This is an outrage! ;) I'll have to write my congressman over this. I guess it was a good thing that I mailed out my latest order last week.

-John H., Calf. 3/10/02

It's the end of an era! Then again, if you adjust for inflation, Chick tracts are cheaper now then they have ever been.

Recent News: Rebecca Brown claimed witches had taken over her hospital and wanted her patients dead. If that's true, then here's a story on a nurse's aid that would have FIT RIGHT IN! Warning, it's a discusting but true news story!

Hello there,

You are very kind to Jack Chick, or are you being ironic? I take it you are not Christians yourself. God Bless,

Jason, York England

Hey Jason,

I've been accused of being liberal, conservative, atheist and fundamentalist by visitors of this site. I try not to discuss my personal beliefs, because I'm not the focus of this site. Chick tracts are. But since you asked, I'm Episcopalian (The US version of your own Church of England.) I'll also say that I'm not being ironic about Chick. I genuinely like him. That doesn't mean I'm a fundamentalist or agree with all his views. I disagree with all my friends about various things and it's the same way with Chick.

(Jason's Response)

I usually read Chick Tracts online by going to the Chick Publication's website. I do find his tracts amusing, and I do use them sometimes (for particular people). His Catholicism tracts are perhaps the least helpful. I do think that there are Catholics who are saved (and alot who are not). I gave "Hi There" to the paperboy at Christmas with a tip.

Good story Jason. I suggest you buy copies of his tracts to keep and read in person. The in-print titles are quite cheap (now 14 cents) and there's something especially enjoyable about having it in your hand and being able to turn the pages! There's a distributor in Edinburgh at 0131-225-4816.

This was emailed to me after I placed some tracts for sale on ebay:

Just wanted you to know that to put these "chick" publications under the "Christianity" section of Ebay is a huge error.

There is NOTHING slightly christian about these!!! Have you read them? Anything written with such hate and criticism of other faiths is quite simply.......NOT christian. I'm pretty certain that Christ loves ALL of his children, not just the ones "chick" THINKS He loves!!! Would Christ ever speak this way?......of course not.

I ran across this stuff on the internet a couple of years ago and made the huge mistake of ordering some of it!! Was I ever shocked that this "garbage" is advertised as being any sort of "christian material". You'd do well to toss it away next time you have any of it.

I'm NOT being critical of, I just wanted you to know that not everything advertised as being "christian" IS christian.


Dear Proelf,

Like many Chick fans, I don't agree with all of Chick's views. But I certainly don't agree with your views about him or your desire to hide his work from others.

Find me a specific passage in any of Chick's tracts where he urges readers to hate or hurt anyone, and I'll reconsider your suggestion. Chick urges compassion for sinners and only speaks out against sinful behaviors. (As did Jesus.) If you believe criticism and hate are the same thing, that means teachers and parents hate children. (They're always correcting them.) You're also inferring that The Bible is hate speech, because that's the original source of Chick's criticism. You'll find he uses extensive footnotes to prove it.

In response to your "Jesus loves all faiths" theory, I suggest you reread The Bible, especially John 14:6. You'll find Jesus was not a Universalist at all.

{Go here to read ProElf's response. It resides in the Catholic Corner. Why are the most angry letters usually Catholic? Where's an angry Atheist when you need one?}

Hey, I was thoroughly entertained by Jack chick's cartooning. It's a shame that good illustrations were put to such awful, discrimitory content. I think the most offensive cartoons were, "Sin City" "Halocaust" "The Gay Blade" and "Baby Talk". Give me a break. First of all they were the most , offense protrayls of stereotypes within society (The whitetrash pregnant teenager, the limp wristed, disco dancing gay men, ect.) put into situations that are undoubtably, completely unrealistic, for instance the doctor telling the boy Eric that he was commiting murder. He is a doctor for goodness sake! How hysterical! Jack Chick is surely a crack pot-- and if that makes me an " evil lesbian pervert abortionist with catholic tendencies" or whatever twisted messages Jack Chick creates, then so be it. I'd rather go to hell in Chick's eyes than intolerable to someone's very nature. Thanks, Jack for turning me off to God just a little bit more!


Wow. You'd rather go to hell than be intolerable to someone else? That's taking the power of peer pressure a bit far, isn't it? If I had to choose between making someone temporarily angry or suffering eternal torment, it would seem a no brainer. Granted, that's only if you value what the Bible says more than what neighbors say.

For Jack, the choice wasn't a matter of him saving his own skin, but saving yours. (He doesn't believe in "good works" earning him plus points for getting into heaven.) In fact, he made quite a sacrifice publishing the controversial titles. He knew others would find them offensive and predicted a backlash. He asked friends for advice and prayed about it. The answer from friends was mixed. The answer from praying was 'yes'. He published and lost 2/3rds of his business. He almost lost everything, except his faith. He tried selling directly via mail order and now things are better than ever. He believes he made the right choice by listening to the advice of the Bible and his prayers instead of his peers.

But maybe you're right. Perhaps he's a crackpot to believe the Bible literally. He doesn't think he is, but crackpots never know they are crackpots do they? How do you know you're not a crackpot? Because more people agree with you? That proves you're average, it doesn't prove you're normal.

While surfing on the web I came across your website and found it very interesting and informative. I have used Chick tracts for a number of years, placing them in various places and leaving them in offices, etc. for people to read. They are a great witnessing tool for us especially if you're a bit timid as I am! The good thing with these tracts is that many people find them irresistible to read and they will read them on their own time, when they are more acceptable.

I have read most of them and have a fair collection of them, including some of the full page newsprint ones as they were printed in the old "Battlecry!" newsletters. And I sure enjoyed the Crusaders comic books as well. I got a great deal of information out of those books that you can't get anywhere else! I often will read and look up other sources to check on info. So far, I have yet to uncover any mistakes (besides a few very minor doctrinal disagreements). I must commend Jack T. Chick for his stand and his resolve to keep on printing tracts when he must face some pretty stiff opposition concerning the material that he deals with, i.e., Catholicism, rock music, the KJV, etc.

Living in Canada it is hard to come across any of the more controversial tracts so one must have connections to get a hold of them. Canada is becoming a bleeding heart communist country, sorry to say! It seems the only freedom we have is to do what the government and minority groups tell us to do!!! The funny thing is that it seems the only people the government has anything against are the true Bible believers! It surely must be a sign of the times.

-Donald J., Deloraine, Manitoba Canada

Thanks for the note Don. Must Americans have no idea how quickly the freedoms of our Northern neighbors have eroded away. Political Correctness has become an invisible dictator, impossible to depose or vote out of office. Canada's banning of Chick's comics was clearly P.C. censorship. Things have only gotten worse since that occurred. We've posted a few articles about it to alert readers. There but by the grace of God go U.S.!

I am a beginning collector, but after reading a friend's "Wounded Children" which he found in a gay hang-out in Tenessee, I was so fascinated that I am now hooked and can't wait to find more of the outrageous Chick. -Julia

Hey Julia,

Wounded Children is one of my faves, and quite scarce! You're off to a great start!

Mr. Chick's tracts have inspired me to live as a better Christian. I don't know who is behind blocking his web page, but I feel it is the Roman Catholic Church...but I don't know that for sure.

I love his tracts and his ministry. I believe his tracts because they have the scriptures to back them up. I will be praying for him and his ministry. Love You all in Jesus' Name- Cogic

Glad to hear you enjoy Chicks as much as we do. However, I wouldn't be too quick to blame Rome for web server errors. Everyone's having problems thanks to rampant virus, and 2,000,000 new users added every month.

I have always loved Chick tracts and just recently started a collection with their nifty sample assortment. Man, it was like Christmas 75+ times over! Hah! I am Christian myself, and I believe in many of the things Chick has to say, but above all there is something about those little comics that I just can't get enough of. Perhaps it is my journalism/media education. I have been a huge fan of any propaganda and these tracts are the cream of the crop. Full of wonderful exaggerations and never abiding by the ridiculous PC laws that America has adapted over the years, who couldn't love these things?!

Anyways, GREAT site, I hope you continue to update it in the coming years. And remember...Jesus IS the GOD-MAN!!

-Scott, still mourning the death of Black Leaf.

Yes Scott, Chick's are wonderous little packs of paper. Speaking of papers, are you a reporter now? If so, how do you keep your job? Journalism is the most PC propaganda profession in the US. We need less liberal rags like The New York Times and more "middle of the road" papers like Battlecry! Haw-haw-haw!

The Reverend Wonderful tract is clearly visible in the front window of the fanatic preacher guy in the film "Maximum Overdrive". I'm not hallucinating I tell you! Just rent the movie and see for yourself!

-Electro Sun Dog

Thanks Lex! I was told they appear in the Stephen King movie, Christine. But they said it was the exact same tract in the same place, so they were probably thinking of Maximum Overdrive. Perhaps someone can watch Christine again and confirm it.

Chick News Flash! One of Chick's tracts was read coast to coast on a call-in radio show. The Mike Gallagher show discussed The Curse of Baphomet on Friday 1/23/02, then replayed the same show on Saturday. (For details about the broadcast, go here.)

It is so nice to find some other people that find J.T.C as fun and interesting as I do. I usually reference tracts around my friends and while I'm expecting a hearty HAW-HAW, a tumbleweed rolls through the room.


Thanks Ben,

I bet those friends have all seen Chick tracts, they just haven't memorized them the way we have. Or they haven't read the titles you're referencing. Perhaps some anonymous tract dispensing is in order? Haw-haw-haw! (Tumbleweed rolls.)

Thanks also for your great guest review of The Trick!

International News Item: A Roman Catholic nun was just convicted of brutally murdering a fellow nun in her Colombian convent. She was sentenced to 14 years prison. One wonders what Alberto would have to say about it.

an idiot is what you are and an idiot is what you will remain.

Coming from a Gypsy druid priest, I'll wear that label as a badge of honor. Haw-haw-haw!

Tallahassee Trivia: I went for a walk in a park located behind the Police station and saw a college couple turning pages of a small booklet. I approached to ask them if it was a Chick tract. It was Royal Affair (now out of print) which they found on a picnic table. Did I just witness the birth of a born again? Or at very least, a new collector???

Terrible Tommy's guest review of The Poor Revolutionist was interesting. The hippies of the late '60s may have been naive, but they certainly had little in common with KGB agents or Communist Party hacks. As TT mentions, the Jesus Movement ("Jesus Freaks" or "Jesus People") came out of the Counterculture mileau. This movement was, in some ways, quite close to the spirit of Jesus and the 1st-century Church.

Terrible Tommy should be more cautious, though, when he's being disdainful of Chick's grammar. The title is not grammatically incorrect. Yes, Chick could have said "The Poor Revolutionary," but "The Poor Revolutionist" works just as well. One of Dwight Macdonald's fine books is entitled "Memoirs of a Revolutionist" (Farrar, Strauss & Cudahy, 1957). Macdonald was a master of the English language so I believe he knew what he was doing when he named his book. Another example: a person who supported abolition of slavery was called an "abolitionist." Macdonald, incidently, was a socialist who would probably have been denounced by Chick as a "Red." In fact, he was a "Black" who supported anarchism of the nonviolent sort. I agree with some (certainly not all!) of Chick's perspectives, but he has an unfortunate tendency to oversimplify things.

-Jeff T.

Point well taken, Jeff. Of course, reviews should not be reviewed too harshly either. They're meant to be entertaining essays to provide further thought and appreciation of the tracts they discuss. Now we're discussing their discussion... So I guess they must be working!

Hi, Its Frank again. I was going to ask if you are familiar with the early '80's Punk Rock documentary- The DECLINE of WESTERN CIVILIZATION. It features VEHEMENT Anti CHRISTian singer of the Los Angeles Punk Band 'X" , Exene Cervenka ( she took out the Christ in "Christine") displaying hear collection of Chick Tracts - Also in a similiar vein the liner notes for the "fresh fruit for rotting vegetables" album by punk rock band The Dead Kennedys . It has cut and paste Chick art from Last Generation( I believe)..

-Frank S

Yes Frank, I'm familure with X. I used to host a punk radio show when they were big. I never cared much for X though. All that off key singing got on my nerves after a while. I can't remember the movie much, including Exene's tract segment. I hear that Jello Biafra of DK fame also included a Chick parody tract in his spoken word Lp, Beyond the Valley of the Gift Police. The tract is called Devil Doll. (I still need one if anyone has a spare.)

News Item 1/10/02 : Dr. W.A. Criswell, the Fundamentalist minister who's credited with keeping the liberals out of the Southern Baptist Convention, recently died at age 92. Billy Graham called him "the best Preacher I ever heard." (Though Billy didn't seem to LISTEN to what he heard, Haw-haw!)


I was looking over the 2001 Chick Passing Contest and there was a story in that section that scared the crap out of me. Carrie (3/12/01) stated that she had a dream where she found tracts that didn't exist. WHOAH!!!! I can assure you I've had a least a half a dozen dreams of this sort. I'm usually always in a little tiny Christian book store and to my amazement I would find a bunch on my want list and then at least five to ten I've never heard of (sorry my dream memory does not allow me to share the titles). And I promise you I am not making this up; the first thing I think of is "Boy, I wonder does the Chick Museum have these??" Am I a freak or what?? I'll tell my wife and she just shakes her head in disgust and I laugh. HAHA what a hoot!!

-Paul Shiple

Good story Paul. I can offer only one correction, "HAHA" should be "HAW-HAW!"

Why should I respect Jack Chick for "sticking to his guns?" Why should I or anyone else respect ignorance? We might just as well respect Hitler for sticking to his guns, too. Chick's comic tracts are remarkable only for their silliness. As they say in Hollywood: "That's entertainment!"


Ouch! One moment you're comparing Chick to Adolf Hitler. The next moment he's just silly entertainment. Sounds like we're having an identity crises. (No we're not! Yes we are!)

I'm unaware of Chick murdering anyone, let alone millions. Yet he gets thousands of letters from grateful readers who are "saved" after reading his tracts. So even if you find them hilarious, they still serve a worthwhile function. Come to think of it, entertaining people is ALSO a worthwhile function. So you've answered your own question. If nothing else, you can respect Chick tracts for their entertainment value. Many fans collect his tracts and visit this site for that very reason.

This is a pretty pathetic version of Christianity. You knowledge is based on ignorance and hate. A really sad state for any Christian who believes in a God of Love. Maybe that is my mistake. You don't know what love is, right?

Next time I go surfing, I will make a point to avoid you. You are a sad sad lot.


If you think the Christian religion is based on unconditional love without asking anything of the sinner, then it is you who are ignorant. The fact is, Christians are only saved after accepting Jesus as their savior (John 14:6) and renouncing their sins (Luke 5:32). They are also expected to learn his laws and follow them (Hebrews 10:16). A casual browsing through the Bible will provide many chapters addressing these points. Your alternative theory that "all you need is love" is from a Beatles song and not the Bible. Although John Lennon claimed to be more popular than Jesus, you should probably listen more to Jesus and less to Lennon (for Christian guidance.)

Avoiding our site should be easy. Stop entering "chick" in your search engine. ("Porn", "sex" or "smut" will get you where you want to go faster.)

Hey, you creatures of Evil!

I was just re-reading the Mystery Science Theatre's satire of "Dark Dungeons" when it occured to me: What is the big, freakin' deal about Black Leaf getting killed. One of the best features of D&D is the fact that you can RAISE THE DEAD! This means Marcie's dead character wouldn't have had to STAY dead! In every role-playing game I've ever heard of (including "RollerSPLAT!" which I, Terrible Tommy, created myself) there is ALWAYS some way of resurrecting dead characters. I was actually surprised that they didn't raise Marcie's character, thus giving Jack a chance to rail against the game's "blasphemy." And I have NEVER heard of anybody getting so distraut over losing a character that they offed themselves. If they didn't get raised from the dead, they would just shrug, erase the old character's name and make a NEW character with the exact same stats. (She could have called her "Blue Leaf," Black Leaf's cousin) and, given my warped little mind, if I had been DM, the party would have run in "Dead Leaf" the undead Ghoul.

Anyway, I LOVE your site and have passed it along to all my friends.

Your Brother in the Goddess, Terrible Tommy

Thanks TT,

You're D&D insights are appreciated, as is your guest review of The Poor Revolutionist.

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