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Jack Chick Tract Club link

Welcome to the Museum's Memory Lane!

A collection of correspondence on Chick tracts. (New letters added as they come in.) To view older letters & memories, click here.

[Please Note: Curator's remarks are in bold type.]

Remarks from mid 2000 to Sept 2001

Dear Curator,

I forgot to mention that I have seen two photographs of Jack Chick, at the bookshop here in Kitchener which acts as his Canadian distributor.

The first photograph shows the couple who own the Kitchener shop with Jack Chick and a young man named Randall or Randolph, an employee of Jack, who must be the Randy mentioned in Daniel Raeburn's Imp #2. Chick does not look like the drawing in the Imp; he isn't bald and I don't think he was wearing glasses in the photograph. I didn't think he really looked much like Slim Pickens either.

The second photograph shows just Jack and the male co-owner of the shop. Both photographs were taken in front of the Chick Publications office.

-Paul, on vacation from England in Canada

Thanks for the "snap shot" of info Paul. We'll add it to our list of Elvis sightings!



Patrick Madrid, the long time Catholic apologist and outspoken Chick-basher was the guest of a Protestant call-in radio show on Saturday, September 1st 2001. The Evangelical Protestant program (called "Pass the Salt") was hosted by "Coach" Dave Daubenmire. It aired on AM 880 - WRFD Columbus, OH (and on the Internet at At least one caller mentioned Jack Chick and accused Madrid of supporting future Inquisitions. Surprisingly, Pat did not back-peddle but openly insisted that the Inquistion was God's will... and he said this on a Protestant radio show! You can read the exchange here.

* * * * *


Guess some folks just don't appreciate a little witnessing with their take-out. Well, their pizza sure won't get cold in the Lake of Fire! Haw haw haw!!! -Charles

Thanks Charles,

Good article! I bet when they ordered their pizza, they didn't expect "death cookies" as an extra topping.


I started collecting Chick tracts back in the 1980 along with a friend in junior high school. We also bought all the full size comics (Crusader, King of Kings and Alberto comics) as well. Both of us had been reading Chick tracts during church service ever since we could remember. Just last year I found the Chick website and went ahead and ordered one of each tract available.

-David (Atlanta GA)

Hey David,

Sounds like a classic Chick story. I bet you didn't get punished as much as I did when they discovered what I was reading in the pew. Haw-haw-haw!


I am a student at the University of Michigan. I am doing a report on the fraternal order of Masons and the Poor Knights in the Service of the Temple of Solomon. I was just wondering how such a historically Christian based organization that teaches religios tolerance can be attacked by such intolerant Christian radicals. What do you base your claim of Satanic worship by Masons? Their rituals are secret and sacred to their order.

Are you unable to understand the origins of Freemasonry and the Knights Templar? Your tracts are extremist propganda that spreads intolerant attitudes. There is no place in the modern world for those who seek to dismantle ancient organizations for selfish gains. The Baphomet symbol, which you point out as Satanic, is not a Satanic symbol. The origin of the pentagram was to show the Star that led the deciples to Christ's birthplace - the Star in the East. Also, it has been used to represent the five wounds Christ suffered. Your argument against Masonry is completely ignorant. The higher degrees of Masonry are not more important than the rituals of the Craft - the first three degrees.

Do you also forget that many of the Founding Fathers were Freemasons? Washington, Hamilton, Adams, Otis - many of the men that led this country to independence and helped to build the nation as it is today were Masons. Without the Masons, you would not have the right to spread such satiric and insulting material. How can you belittle an organization that is based on brotherhood, benevolence, charity, chivalry, and virtue? I would really like to know what your evidence is to support your accusations. Please respond to this email so that I can get your perspective.

Chris Post

I was beginning to think the Masons packed it up and went home. I've been waiting for them to write and all we get is a student doing a report on them? What a let down. The Catholics are way ahead of them in the letter writing campaign...

But seriously Chris, you're complaining to the wrong place. We promote collecting Chick tracts, we don't endorse their views. (That's up to the individual reader to decide.) If you wish to complain to Chick Publications, visit

I will say this much in Chick's defense though: Anyone can come up with a good sounding excuse for whatever they do. Although Masons aren't high on my list of Satan suspects, their rationale for using the pentagram does sound pretty lame. I can think of a lot better choices to symbolize the star of Bethlehem besides the best known symbol of Devil worship.



I just wanted to let you know that I finally crossed the line yesterday afternoon. I have been using Chick tracts for a while, but always placed them to be found, never directly handing them to people. I lost my usual introvertedness for a few minutes in the parking lot of the local home improvement store. A couple of teens were running amongst the parked cars putting menus for a buffalo wings restaurant underneath windshield wipers. I was driving down one of the lanes when one of them stopped to let me go past. Without much forethought, I rolled down the window and asked the guy if I could have a flyer. He ran to my car and handed my one, and before he jogged off I reached into the stack of Chicks I always carry with me and pulled out, "The Long Trip, " at random. I said, "here, I'll trade you," and stuck the tract into his hand. He took it, and I thanked him again for the menu and drove away. I looked in the rearview mirror and saw him standing in the middle of the parking lot looking at the tract with a big goofy smile on his face. I couldn't help but let out a hardy haw-haw-haw as I drove out onto the highway.

I think from now on whenever anyone wants to hand me a flyer for something or other, they are going to get something in return. Just thought I'd share,

-Doug W.

Hey Doug. Great story!


I curse you for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you will BURN IN HELL FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU DON't KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT BURN!!! BURN!! FOREVER AND EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope you burn forever and you can never get out you sick Son of a Bitch!


Dear C.O,

Could you be more specific? If I'm going to burn forever, I'd like to know what for.

.[Go see C.O.'s Reply:]


My best friend's brother was recently sentenced to 3 years in prison for being involved in an attempted revenge shooting, (no one was hurt). I am anonymously sending him a different Chick Tract every week. No one in his family is even remotely interested in Christianity, but hopefully this will help. I have sent him 2 so far.(This was your life, and The long trip) At the very least, it will give him something to read in the pen, haw-haw-haw.

Also, some guy in my town made the paper for pretending to be the owner of his neighbor's two dogs and turning them over to the SPCA. They were put to sleep before anyone knew what was going on. The local rag published his name and address, so I sent him a couple of Chicks. I wish I had a copy of "Cleo" to send him. Just thought I'd share.


Dear Doug,

I hear the Chick tracts are read a lot in prison. I recently sold such a tract for a friend in Auction for $200! It was an super-oversized (8" x 5 1/2") THIS WAS YOUR LIFE that made the rounds in San Quentin. As fate would have it, that's where Chick first displayed the panels of THIS WAS YOUR LIFE: As visual aids for his prison ministry. What goes around, comes around...

* * * * * *

Yet another letter on the Inquisition. (Stashed elsewhere due to redundancy.)


I love Chick Tracts! I put them all over the place. My question is: Is it a good idea to put my e-mail address on the back of them, in the "compliments of" section? I have been doing this for about a month now, and did get one e-mail from someone who found a Chick tract. It said, "stop spreading your religious crap," or something to that effect, haha.

Thanks, Doug

Hey Doug,

If you don't mind the complaints from aethiest and other targets of Chick tracts, I see no problem with including your email address. (I often put "" on the back of mine.) Others are welcome to use our address as well, if they don't want to use their own.


Hi, Thanks for responding to my question. One more? My wife is also a devout Protestant, but she thinks tracts...even Chick tracts...are stupid. She is convinced that even if people read them, they don't take them seriously. She thinks I am wasting my time by purchasing and distributing them. She says she never met anyone who was saved through a bible tract. She doesn't tell me not to, just kind of rolls her eyes at me, haw-haw-haw. Any ideas on how to get her to see the light?


PS I love your site, I would like to see more tract passing tips though. I am always looking for more creative ways to pass tracts.

Actually, I suggest you DON'T try to convince her, because the secret to a good marriage is pretending your mate is the one who is always right. (If you're really lucky, she may begin to play the same game. Haw-haw-haw!)

But if you can afford divorce (I mean, debate), you can direct her to Chick's company site and show her some of the testimonies of customers. I get email from such folks and post it as well. I'm normally skeptical, but even I'm convinced thousands of such people exist-- probably even millions. (With over 1/2 a billion made, many millions is quite possible.)

For tract passing tips, I suggest you check out Chick's section on it, or our very own CONTEST page. Both have great tract stories.


I usually like Chick Tracts because they so accurately and succinctly relate Biblical truths to regular people. The Big Deal featured a con man who is brought to a restaurant to meet with someone who is evangelizing using the Biblical story of Esau and Jacob.

The retelling of the story of Jacob is mostly accurate.

The trouble I had with this tract was the focus on accepting Jesus based on what the protagonist could GET. What about repentance and restitution!! (Okay, the Repentance line is on the inside back cover - but is that enough?!)

I prefereed "The Bull" for bad guys learning the gospel, accepting the gift of Salvation and turning their lives around. I prefered "The Scoundral" for its story of Jacob. Finally, I preferred "How to Get Rich and Keep It" if one was going to appeal to someones sense of greed. I give "The Big Deal" a C- for Christianity minus commitment.


Hey Linda,

Thanks for the comments. We always appreciate reviews of tracts. If they are tracts we have not already reviewed, we'll put them in our review section. (otherwise, we can post them here.)



I just checked out your websites...TOO COOL!!! You definitely know how to have a blast! This Jack Chick fan club is a KICK ASS idea, hilarious. Every male on my mom's side of the family (until me) was a pastor so I have been around these forever. Now I gotta hit up all the relatives and see if they still have any tracts lurking around in any forgotten places.

Try to imagine slipping a tooth under your pillow as a kid and, the next morning, finding a quarter taped to a copy of "This Was Your Life"! That's about the point where I figured that either the Tooth Fairy was looking for a new line of work or my parents were in the tooth collection business!

I remember seeing the Chick ad to have your own tracts printed up. The Wicked Magistrate in English?! PURE GENIUS!!!


Dear Jeff,

Thanks for the injection of PURE ENTHUSIASM! I won't pretend that we're getting rich off the Chick Tract Club. (In fact, we're only about half way to breaking even.) But the fun factor index is definitely topping the scale.

I don't know WHAT I would have thought if I found a copy of This Was Your Life under my pillow as a kid. I think it would have created the same traumatic experience that lady had in The Letter after receiving correspondence from her friend in hell. Considering your family was in the Church business, however, I think they deserve the PURE GENIUS award. ("Better be good... or you'll be gnashing your remaining teeth to the nubbies!)

* * * * *

Folks from Chick asked us not to post Bob J's computer hacker discoveries about Chick's site. While we're independent of Chick Publications, we complied out of common courtesy. Those of you who read Bob's earlier remarks, please do the same. (Neither Bob nor we intended any mischief. Those of you who don't know what we're talking about should have checked in to our site sooner. Haw-haw-haw!)


I am an ex-chicker and was influenced by the chap when I was quite our beautiful neighbor lady... she could have been a model and I suppose i was a bit in love with her....hell, I was only 6 or so...but I remember "This was your Life" because the dude looked like my stepdad was an abusive lout and a cop to boot, but I feared for his soul... even funnier... my sister was freakin' on the panel where he is in church and thinking about the ball game.. my sis' told me later that she tried not to think such meandering thoughts while at worship!

The strangest thing I did was back in 1989.. I received some tracts.. (for the life of me, I cant remember which ones) and I visited a place, now defunct, called..."Studio Art". which was really a porno shop.. .with booths in the back with movies in them...well, one day, I went into every disgusting booth, even the one I used alot (HAW HAW) and placed a tract on the viscous seats.. then I high-tailed it out of there because there were cameras on me.. boy, I felt holy that day.. of course, I , ahem, returned to make sure the tracts were taken, of course... - Andy

Thanks for the story, Andy. It can be kinda creepy imagining what some tracts have been through. Perhaps I should play it safe and start washing my hands after reading them...


I geus Chicks brainwashing does work on the weak minded.


The weak minded? You mean, like those who can't spell or punctuate properly? Haw-haw-haw!


You should compare notes with Peter Ruckman of Pensacola FL. (Better known as the "Pensacola Pope".) He is a literalist like myself, but if you start to read in Ezekiel that there are UFOs, then you are adding to the Holy Writ. If Christ died but once for all of man's sins, then you would have to have multiple crucifixions going on in outer space. They are very careful when they put probes on our planets. They have never found the smallest form of life as of yet. I've watched this for over 30 years now.


Dear John,

Peter Ruckman is also an artist who uses his paintings to convey a sermon, as does Chick. He sells a large coffee table book called Ruckman's Apocalypse. It has many "End of the World" scenes depicted, including a UFO invasion (on page 154). You make a good point about multiple crucifixions for life on other planets except for one thing: If there are alien races, it's possible they didn't fall from grace and require a crucifixion to save them. There are likely billions of other planets. Just because there is no other life in our solar system means nothing from a statistical standpoint. Earth alone suggests 1 in 9 planets may have life. (But admittedly, that's a far cry from proof.)



I found this link <<>> showing the oath of Jesuits. It reads just like what Alberto said in the Chick comic book. It also says (at the bottom) that the oath was entered into the Congressional Record in 1913. Do you think Jesuits still recite this today?


Thanks for the Link G. I don't know what Vatican agents swear, so that would be pure speculation. According to your link, however, it certainly is a theatrical experience! I wonder if they play Darth Vader music from Star Wars in the background while the candidate signs his name in blood with the dagger he used to cut himself. What an image! (Alberto recreates this scene on page 12 & 14 of Double-Cross.) PLEASE NOTE: We're not taking sides on this issue. If you have another link showing a different oath, please email us and we'll post that too.


I've been reading your "Chick Denouncers" essay and I think your statements about the Catholic church are unfair. You go on and on about what Jack's "outspoken critic, Patrick Madrid" said. Granted, his utterances are shocking but how does this man represent the church? He's not with the Vatican. He's just a Catholic who has a certain following and standing. Sure, there are very conservative Catholics (and liberal ones too). This hardly proves "that Chick was not nuts when he said the Catholic Church was unapologetic for the Inquisitions and suggested they might return in the future." Much less is it evidence that we need worry about "future Inquisitions."

You take exception to the quote, <<Protestant settlers, such as the Pilgrims, wanted to get away from the Inquisitions and persecutions they suffered at the hands of other Protestants, especially those in England.>>

by saying, "Tell me I'm dreaming. America was established by Pilgrims fleeing the PROTESTANT INQUISITION? Haw-haw-haw!" My history book tells me that the Puritans came to the New World fleeing religious persecution. England was a Protestant country, not a Catholic one. So who could have been doing the persecution? Protestants can be just as intolerant of one and other as Catholics can be intolerant of Protestants or other "heretics."

Be that as it may, this Patrick does sound like a horrible bigot. Still, he does not represent the church. If you want to claim these views are the views of the Vatican, you should find quotes that justify your view among actual spokesmen of the Vatican as well as other prominent Catholic CLERGY. Your Patrick Madrid isn't even a priest, is he?


Thanks for your comments Kia. I try to be fair to all sides-- especially Catholics-- thanks to a Catholic girl friend, two Catholic sisters, and being raised Episcopal (a close Catholic relative). The point of the Chick Denouncers page is to show what hypocrites some of Chick's loudest critics are. Patrick Madrid is very outspoken calling Chick a bigot. However, his own book demonstrates that it is Pat who is the true bigot. Chick never justifies violence or murder against those who theologically disagree with him, while Pat clearly does. Pat is not a Vatican employee, but he is a spokesperson for Catholic theology for all intents and purposes, because he writes numerous apologist books on the subject, holds regular conferences and seminars, and publishes a monthly Catholic magazine (Envoy) which is widely read by mainstream Catholic readers (including my sister). He is high profile enough that if the Vatican strongly disagreed with his published views, they should condemn those views and publically distance themselves from him. But they have not.

In many ways, I find Pat's wacko views amusing. The more rabid they are, the more crazy he appears. Yet the fact that no Catholic leaders are publically disagreeing with him is disturbing. I assure you that if Chick or any other high profile Protestant were to publish books saying God commands mass trials and executions of Catholics, there would not be silence from the Catholic OR Protestant communities. All hell would break lose.

I'm aware the Puritans were discriminated against in Protestant England, but to call it an Inquisition is laughable. (That would be like calling the Rodney King riots a "Holocaust".) The millions tortured and executed with the blessings of the Vatican is an unparalleled historical event. You cannot compare an all-out campaign to exterminate non-Catholics throughout Europe with Puritans being mistreated in England. Some sense of proportion (and reality) must be acknowledged. I'm not saying Chick is right in his Vatican views, but when it comes to the likes of Patrick Madrid, he has some cause for alarm.


I was just on your site again (I check in every few days) and I read some of your new review of the Rebecca Brown tapes.

Dude, you know I love your stuff and am very much a fellow fan of the Chick Universe. And I know that vast Satanic conspiracies are all part of the charm of JTC. I *expect* him to be ignorant about anything outside his worldview. (Again, how can you beat the guy riding a triceratops in It's Coming ?) But I wanted to make sure that you have some better information about who witches really are, what we are, and what we do.

Check out the page about Wicca at the Religious Tolerance website


Hey Charles. I'll be glad to post your website's link. (We never shy away from presenting both sides.) I avoided giving much commentary on Closet Witches, as I think the actual content is dynamite enough. As far as tolerance is concerned, I think you'll agree Jack is not a threat. Be they Catholics, Masons, witches or whatever, the biggest danger Jack poses anyone is making them the target of prayer.



After serious consideration and reading of your 'works' I must point out that you have some seriously flawed data, or a very good sense of humor. You have not the first Idea and concept of Christianity, and in fact give those people, who actually do understand the Bible, a bad name. While milder in intent, your concepts are the same that caused a great many people to violate one of your greatest commandments: 'Thou shalt not Murder.'

You have little, to no available actual data to support your statements. Including your 'apparent' crucifixion of Roman Catholic. I apologized IF I misunderstood your statements. Firstly to counter your entire arguments Catholic is THE Christian religion. It is the religion, or more correctly descended from the religion, for which the word was coined. And while I could go on forever pointing out your flaws, I shall not waste my time writing a letter that you have no intention of reading or even looking into.


Dear Rudra,

I'm not sure I understand what part you're talking about with the "crucifixion of Roman Catholic" claim. Be aware that our site is about Chick tracts and discussing Chick's views (pro and con), not promoting our own.

I should point out, however, that Christianity does not belong to any particular branch, Roman Catholic or otherwise. Seniority counts in Unions, not theology. (That would be like the Jews saying they own the religion and the Catholics stole it from them.) So these debates are valid and will no doubt continue.


I'd just like to say that I'm a Catholic fan of Chick tracts. These things are amusing, from the Satanic origins of Rock and Roll to the horrors of the New Catholic Order. Your site is also great and the reviews are hilarious. ("A for Anathema!") I'd also like to list a few of my favorite Chick quotes/moments: In The Last Generation, I love how he shows how in a Catholic-ruled world, divorce would be rampant. Guess he never heard of Franco. I also love Dark Dungeons. Well I'm rambling now. So bye.


Thanks for your note, Treki. I was beginning to think the only Catholic out there with a good sense of humor was the one who thought me worthy of dating! Haw-haw-haw! But seriously, most groups who JTC criticizes take it in stride. Many, like yourself, find it funny. If I were Catholic, I would especially enjoy collecting the anti-Vatican tracts, just as Jews are among the biggest collectors of Nazi memorabilia and many blacks collect Jim Crow souvenirs. (I know one fellow who claims Oprah is his best customer of old KKK relics.) I'm not suggesting Chick tracts are hate lit, but if your group is the subject of a particular tract, what better conversation piece is there?


I have a question. Since I was a little boy growing up in Ny I've always been fascinated by these booklets. The messages are good strong & entertaining. My question is why are Catholics going to hell? Really. Ok, say good deeds & all that are a waste of time. We Still believe Jesus died on the cross for our sins & he is the way to heaven. Why then are Catholics going to hell?


Hey D. I personally hope Chick is wrong on this point, because I'll lose several good friends and a couple of family members if he's right. However, he has a special section devoted to explaining his views on this subject at this address.


Wondering how to find out the title of the next upcoming tract? Here's how it's done: Approximately two to three weeks after the newest tract is posted on line, I go to and punch in the keyword Jack Chick and PRESTO, the name of the next one to be published is posted! I was tooling around on-line a while back and figured this out.


Thanks Paul. We'll pass it on. That's helpful to know.


This is soooo funny! Them fundamentalist (Borg-Agains) are too much! Just when I think I have never seen something said or done so stupid or asinine, they come out with something more stupid, its like stupidity as an art form to them.

Dogma is a demagogues best friend. On a serious side, you know this comic book religion is mocking God, and these tracks are a prime example. To fundies, credibility is clearly a none-issue. Example, Catholics killed millions, but so did the Protestants, duh! But then a 'fundies 180' is the usual response.(Stonewalling)

Sometime I cannot tell if I reading a parody or not, but this seems to be one God one, keep up the good work!

LeftyLen, Riverside.

Hey Lefty,

Glad to know you enjoy the site. Chick tracts are a lot of things, but I'm not sure how you get "mocking God" out of it. I'm also unsure where you come up with the "millions killed by Protestants" claim. I'm very interested in history, so if you've uncovered something new, I'd certainly like to hear about it. But it sounds like we can agree on one thing: Chick tracts are fun!

View Lefty's response.

* * * * *

Thanks for the club kit, I actually got more than I expected. I never knew there really was a club for Chick Tracts. I looked and looked on most search engines and usually found some page blasting JTC for whatever they found offensive but never a club. The club's page has been pretty helpful, I've been trying to collect a lot of tracts out-of-print but without much luck, maybe ebay but its a far shot. Thank you very much for the freebies too. Also in about 2 weeks I'm going to order a bunch of tracts from your out-of-print section you sent me with the mail.


Thanks Des. It's always a pleasure to find another hardcore Chick fanatic. Welcome to the club!

I was impressed with the way the Spanish version of The Letter managed to rhyme, the the words in their respective word balloons didn't always match their English counterparts. I've enclosed my own attempt at translating The Letter from Spanish to English.


Thanks for the Translation. We'll post it here.


Hello again!

I have a questions somewhat related to Fang. I was browsing "Best Friend" on Mr. Chick's site, and I noticed that the main supporting character was a rather mischevious kitty that seems to get into all sorts of trouble. First he (or she?) tries to eat some baby birds but is attacked by the mother bird, then the cat and Fang get into a bit of an altercation, I think the cat next attacks a goose or a duck, and so forth. I guess I was wondering if Jack has used that cat in any other Tracts, as much as I like Fang, that cat really has some character, IMHO he's the scene stealer in that tract.


Hey Evan. I'm sure he's not as common as Fang, but I haven't kept up with kitty images in other tracts. Anyone else know of different tracts w/ house cats?


My name is John Martin, and I have a bit of news that I think your readers would be interested in. I recently came across your websight, and must say that I love it. Now for the news of interest. I have been making Christian films since 1980 when I first became a Christian. You can read a recent article about my films and I by checking out <> . Go to archives, then under June 2000 "No more horror for Medina Man." In 1981, I made a film called "THE GIFT". It was based on the Chick comic of the same name. It was shot on Super 8 sound film and runs approximately 30 minutes. I would show my films at churches, Bible studies etc. Since then, I have moved into video production, and last summer, I shot another short film called "SAMMI'S ANTS". It was based on the Chick tract Charlie's Ants. SAMMI'S ANTS is not yet completed with the editing and one special effects shot. I am relaunching my film ministry, by transferring my older films to video and making them available to the public. I presently have 5 films available. I am not a professional filmmaker, I am an amateur, but this is a ministry I believe the Lord has given me. I want to make THE GIFT and when its completed SAMMI'S ANTS available to all Chick fans that would like a copy. There is no cost other than the cost of making a copy and mailing it to them. Chick fans can send a SASE to: John Martin, 3983 North Huntington Street, Medina, Ohio 44256. My new web site is:

Thank you.

John Martin/New Parable Films

Thanks for the info John. We'll post it, along with the image of your GIFT video (reduced 50%).


Hi: I have been using Chick Tracts for years. We don't have any Christian Bookstores here in Utah. Especially with chick in them. Got anything on Mormonism?

Thanks for the great website. -Jo Anne

Does he ever! Check out "The Visitors". Utah will never be the same. Haw-haw-haw!


Hi there

You may have already got this one - but Fang appears on a T-shirt on page 9 of new tract, The Promise.

-Dave in U.K.

Thanks Dave, you were the first to point it out. We've added your siting to our list.


I like to give Chick tracts to my family. Most of my dad's side is Catholic. I two FULL boxes of tracts and I let my cousins (all three of them) pick out which ones they wanted. By the end of the day, I had less than HALF a box left! And, they even took some of the tracts for Catholics! I hope to do the same thing this year for July 4th.

We also like to leave them with the tips for the waiters at resturants. When I find I have a few left over at dinner, I leave them on the tables as I pass them. One time, when I was placing them, this family of three, (A Mom, dad, and baby) asked "Do we get any?" I gave them one and they said they used the same ones! Cool huh?

~K.J. Gator

Great story K.J., I put your other stories under our contest section.


Hey there! I just cooked this up...might be a nice thing to stick on your site!


(Click here for the drinking game rules.)

Thanks Squall. I would prefer to replace the words "bash" with "target", because Chick's motives are to convert rather than hurt. Still, your game certainly uses Chick tracts in an innovative way. Fundamentalists can take some comfort in the fact that you didn't specify alcoholic beverages as your drinking choice.


You've really updated the News section! That Chick flick that Dwayne Walker undoubtedly was referring to appears almost finished, and I'll buy it as soon as I notice it for sale on Chick's website. Oh, and that Tahitian version of This Was Your Life was awesome! You were absolutely right about Death resembling the Misfits logo/mascot, and Fred Carter's style was very noticably different from the two major styles of his we're familiar with (the fine line art and the heavy pencil/shaded variety). It's amazing to think of how many times this tract has changed to reflect the culture or the race of the people whom it's targeted at. Sometimes the change is very subtle, as is the case with the Spanish version (where only the priest/minister is changed), while others completely overhaul every single panel, which is demonstrated in the various black/African, Asian, and Tahitian translations. You know I've collected secular comics for years before finally quitting in disgust and frustration, and I must admit that Chick tracts make a perfect substitute for DC comics in satisfying my urge to collect graphic literature. The fact that most of the variations aren't announced further distinguishes them from the overly-hyped "deluxe," "hologram," and "chromium" editions that the big publishers would often promote at a cost much higher than the enhancements deserved. Chick tracts not only get read, distributed, and planted, but they also get collected. I'm determined to collect at least one copy of every foreign language tract available so that I can spot any more changes, either minute or blatant.

I'm looking forward to the next installment of The Crusaders, which you mentioned is planned in the future once Chick completes the film. I wonder if it will involve Tim and Jim striving to get back into shape after being held hostage in their own living room by Alberto for who knows how many years and letting their muscles atrophy? Even if Chick doesn't go that route, though I'm sure it would make a great underground parody, I must admit that I'm certain it will completely surprise us. Will Alberto even be mentioned, now that he's been dead about 4 years? Will the haircuts and the dress of the Crusaders reflect more modern culture? Will any of the societial issues be regarded any differently now than they were when the comics were first published during the early 80s, especially now that Chick's disavowed himself of some of the experts (like John Todd) whose material influenced some of those issues (like Spellbound)? I don't expect Chick to sell out, as he certainly hasn't on his batch of recent tracts, especially Sin City, but I would like to see if he's learned anything new since his last full-size four-color comic was written. The Crusaders series basically fell into two categories: societal issue of the month, and Catholic conspiracy. Will this upcoming comic fall into either of those, or will it tread brand new ground? Yes, these are rhetorical questions. I expect to find something to like and perhaps be surprised by in whatever's finally published.


Great comments & questions Ray. We'll watch out for future variations and hold our breath to see what happens with The Crusaders.


I'm looking at the illustration by Richard Lee. The first one which begins with him entering Chick Publications. It's a bit crude, but accurate. And considering we're talking late 80s, there's always a possibility Chick was coloring his hair, or wearing a toupee, or maybe it hadn't gone all white then. Then drawing to the left, where Chick says 'hello, there', looks amazingly accurate in parts. Around the eyes, the upper lip, but, for my tastes, it kinda falls apart at the chin. The picture at the right where he says 'John Todd and Alberto Rivera disagree about the world conspiracy' (again, for me and based only on 2 hours about 3, going on 4, years ago) is totally out of left field for my tastes! I don't remember meeting that guy! Mr. Goodwrench? My automechanic? Not quite sure who that fellow is, but that's not the one I met! The guy on the left side of the screen, maybe. Not the guy on the right.

I still stick to my 'Slim Pickens' model. However, thanks for the bio on Richard Lee. I believe he is sincere and is a good friend of Chick's. Until a photograph is actually made, we're just stuck with my celebrity word pictures and these drawings by Richard. Kinda like people trying to figure out what Howard Hughes looked like at the end of his life! For awhile, I thought Richard Lee might have been Robert Lee, the fellow who was known as VX and ran the Unofficial Jack Chick Archives about the same time I met Chick.

-Dwayne Walker

Hey Dwayne,

Rich Lee and Robert Lee are two completely different Chick fanatics. I have no idea what came of Robert (VX) or why he took the older site off-line. (If he reads this, we'd love to hear from him.) Your site also features a fun story of meeting Chick too. Thanks for sharing it with us.


Hello, just for the sake of it, I am trying to find out as much as I can about this Jack Chick guy. There seems to be no information about him. He seems to never give interviews, or appear in public. We seem to know nothing about him. I want to know what spurns him to create the blatant lies that he does (He forges photographs even to persuade people). Do you have any info on him? Do you perhaps know how he can be contacted?

-DK 4/20/01

Chick doesn't do interviews because the Bible says Christians should not boast. But that doesn't mean he's a complete mystery. As collectors, we've provided all sorts of information about Chick on this site. If you want more, we just completed a 90 minute radio broadcast about Chick's fascinating history with tracts. (Go here for details.) I imagine your claim that he publishes lies is based on a theological disagreement with him. You can always write Chick Publications with your complaint at P.O.Box 3500, Ontario CA 91761-1100.

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