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Jack Chick Tract Club link

Welcome to the Museum's Memory Lane!

Our earliest memories & comments

from Dec. 1999 to mid 2000.

[Please Note: Editor's responses are in bold type.]


I didn't see any reference to the animated movie of Jack Chick's Somebody Goofed. Perhaps you could mention it in your review section. I just saw the flick this weekend, and I thought it really captured the essence of Jack's work.

Review for the movie is at the following site (and printed below):

"Rodney Ascher & Syd Garon's Somebody Goofed is a visually stunning animation of the Jack T.Chick religious comic, and it's the best handling of the material in any medium. Created entirely in the Macintosh computer, it also heralds a technical innovation soon to change filmmaking as we know it. Comic stills and snapshots were scanned into Photoshop, and some video footage was digitized from vhs. These files were animated and composed in After Effects. Using Media 100 software, it was downloaded to Beta Cam SP. It took up 10 gigs of space, but hell, this can all be done at home. It also won Second Place for Best Animation."

Kudos. Kudos.


Dear D,

I finally saw a copy and it looked great! Unfortunately, it no longer appears to be on the web, unless some else knows where we can link to it.


Regarding the Soul Story Tract:

This is my first time seeing this one...this is FAT. He was ahead of his time; i don't see anything particularly non-PC about it. AAMOF, this qualifies JTC as "down" in my book, for doing some stuff like that, in the 70's no less! That's definitely a right on tract.



Thanks for your comments J. As another J would say (J.J. from Good Times), Soul Story is Dyn-O-Mite!

Dear Curator,

I live in JTC territory, namely the "Inland Empire" region of southern California, east of Los Angeles... Chick has/had an office in Chino and a PO boxes in Ontario, CA.

A couple years ago our local newspaper, THE DAILY BULLETIN, managed to do an in-person interview with Chick. I kick myself for not saving the article, but I do recall the reporter detailing how difficult it was arranging the interview. After many months, it came down to Chick calling him several times, changing the restaurant where they were going to meet at the last minute, etc. There were no photos nor a really accurate physical description by the reporter. While unrepentant (pun intended), Chick was careful about his privacy and personal security...

The tone of the article was sympathetic to JTC, but also cautious, not wanting to upset Catholic or Muslim newspaper subscribers. As I recall, he was depicted as a harmless older guy, not wanting to hurt anybody, but looking to spread his message in the unique media of 2x4 comics...

Give me a some time, I'll call the paper and see if that piece can be retrieved from some database...


Dear Don,

Thanks for the info and the article (which you have since found and sent). It was The Daily Bulletin dated 12/22/97 and was pretty well balanced (for a west coast newspaper). It generated the obligatory Politically Correct "he's a bigot" letter-to-the-editor the following week, as well as a pro-Chick response by Randle Chapman who works at Chick Publications. We hope to post transcripts of this article sometime soon.

Regarding the change of restaurants at the last minute, that was almost certainly because Alberto warned Chick never to give advance warning of his arrival. Alberto explained to Chick that the Jesuits had a special poison they used on enemies of the Vatican, a poison that took a few years to have effect but gave the victim a slow, painful cancer and death by "apparent" natural causes. The Hispanic (Catholic) kitchen staff of most Californian restaurants could hardly refuse to do the bidding of their church. As fate would have it (or was it more than fate?) Alberto died of an 18 month battle with colon cancer and his widow claims it was this Jesuit tactic that did him in. Alberto died at 61.

On a more light-hearted note, the only Chick photograph the newspaper managed to obtain was from Jack's High School Yearbook! Haw-haw-haw!


Dear JTC Museum,

As a kid growing up in N.C., I was exposed to Chick tracts regularly from a very young age. I still have very distinct memories of having the sh*t scared out of me by one of those tracts when I was maybe 5 or 6. It was one of the Early Period, crudely drawn numbers, something like "TINY SHOES".

While I'm online with another Chick fan, let me ask you think the tract-weilding missionary in the "REVEREND WONDERFUL" tract is Jack T. himself? It's a pet theory of mine.


Dear Dave,

Thanks for the memories, Tiny Shoes is indeed a Chick tract drawn by Chick himself. The realistic fine art of other tracts is by Fred Carter. Rev. Wonderful's tract pusher is not Jack Chick, but Dann Slator, aka "Chaplain Dann". He's an actual person who really drives a pickup and passes out "millions" of tracts. For more on him and Rev. Wonderful, check out the review.


Is the Chick comic "The Big Betrayal" online anywhere?

The reason I'm wondering is because I'm working on a webpage debunking Chick's nonsense about the Catholic Church being the mastermind behind the Lincoln assassination, and this Chick comic promotes this lunacy as fact.

Please take a look at

which thoroughly debunks Alberto's story.


Dear Jim,

Alas, I don't think The Big Betrayal is online for viewing, but you can certainly order it for $2.95 from Chick (ph# 909-987-0771). But I'm happy to report that the first comic of Alberto is online for free viewing. They put that one up when Catholic Answers sent out a letter accusing Chick Publications of being Hate Lit. So who knows? If the Catholics keep attacking him, maybe Chick will put it ALL SIX Albertos on line! Haw-haw-haw!

But seriously, I checked out the page you suggested and enjoyed it. However, I'll be brutally honest and admit that I did not believe a lot of it. It COULD be true, but it seems to go overboard. According to it, not only is Alberto a liar, he is also a credit card thief, a lecher, a child abuser, a check forger and a fugitive from justice. I'm surprised they didn't toss in homosexuality for good measure! (That one's always an easy smear that no one can disprove and great for alienating would-be allies.) I'm sorry, but if Alberto was such an accomplished criminal, I think he could have made a much better living doing something other than claiming to be an ex-Jesuit. (It's also worth noting that he refused any payment from Chick for his Alberto story.)

If it makes you feel any better, I think Alberto makes the same mistake in his overblown accusations against the Catholic Church. He claims the Vatican not only killed Lincoln, but that they also started both world wars, engineered Communism, Nazism, The Holocaust, Islam, etc. etc, and just about anyone who is influential is a "closet Jesuit". One of Alberto's claims (not published by Chick) is that Christopher Columbus was a secret Jesuit-- despite the fact that Columbus died before the Jesuits were even created!

On the other hand, many of Alberto's claims against the Vatican are historically accurate (the Lincoln assassination not withstanding). And several of his claims which appeared false when he first made them have since become a matter of public record. I'm referring to the problem of priests molesting young boys, and the Pope's collaboration with the Nazis during and after WWII. (These seemed like unthinkable mean-spirited lies twenty years ago, but not anymore.) Alberto also predicted the Pope would publicly apologize for the Holocaust and Inquisition decades before he actually did. So you have to admit, it's a little difficult to laugh off ALL his claims.

And all the attacks on Alberto do fall in line with Chick's characterization of a "well orchestrated Vatican smear campaign". That doesn't prove anything one way or the other, but if the Vatican is as guilty as Alberto claims, you would expect them to remove evidence and perjure themselves in an effort to discredit their enemy. When The White House engaged in similar shenanigans against Clinton's girl friends, it was called "damage control". It turned out there was some shocking truth behind those allegations. Perhaps there is more than meets the eye in this situation as well.

However, I've posted your link so others can check it out and decide for themselves. It is worth mentioning that the article is based on research by Gary Metz, but that even his most basic facts cannot be verified. We tried to obtain a copy of the death certificate that Metz claimed to have for Alberto's son, but Austin TX has no such record. (Perhaps the Protestants have their own Jesuits removing evidence as well.)

Another source of information representing the other side is "50 Years in the Church of Rome" by Charles Chiniquy (reprinted by Chick Publications). Chiniquy was the former Catholic priest who hired Abraham Lincoln as his lawyer when sued by the Catholic Church, a move he claimed eventually lead to Lincoln's assassination.
(Follow up reponses.)

Dear Friends:

I am a fundamentalist and an independent Baptist but I actually enjoy your little forum. I especially appreciate your grasp of JTC's pervasive influence and importance from a pop-cultural standpoint. I am also quite impressed that you recognize his potent narrative power as a "sequential artist."

I was not saved through Chick tracts but they have been influential in my life in many ways. I think Jack taught many of us an important lesson about "directness of method."

One memory of mine goes back to about 1979. I was in high school in Patagonia, AZ. and one of the school janitors decided to put a Chick tract in EVERY SINGLE LOCKER. (It was a small school-- about 150 kids.) Well, needless to say, the entire campus was abuzz all next day. There were all sorts of reactions-- rage, laughter, disgust. What I shall never forget is that for about a week the topics of campus conversation were almost entirely SPIRITUAL, no lie!

Well, it was a public school, and the janitor, an ex-hippie Jesus freak type-- beard and everything-- was fired. His name, I recall to this day, was Danny Van[edited]. I will never forget that.


P.S. My all-time favorite was THE FOUR BROTHERS. That was the highest drama Jack ever produced.

Dear Al,

Great story. It's a little sad to realize they were persecuting Chick fans even back in the 70s. If he had passed out condoms, he would have been a hero! But now you got me curious: What tract title did Danny distribute?


Danny handed out a wide variety-- probably the assortment pack back then. I still remember I got a HOLY JOE (now that one's CRYING to be reviewed!) I also remember that the biggest conversation piece, hands down, was BIG DADDY! You may also find it interesting that everyone was trading maniacally until everyone had read them all-- again, I will always remember this.


Dear Curator,

I have never placed a Jack Chick tract, but my boyfriend and I (both Bisexual) screen printed images from the Gay Blade onto t-shirts. We think the artwork's so cool! It certainly gets people talking. Of course, Jack would rip the shirts off our backs if he saw them...

I have collected several. Are you familiar with Wounded Children? If you haven't seen it, you *must*. Some lady carelessly left it in a WalMart bathroom. I have given it a good home. It's about little David, who gets into his daddy's porno, plays with dolls, and grows up to become a demon-possessed homosexual! It's out of print, and Chick doesn't even acknowledge it on his company site!

Blessed be,

Jayelle- one of those evil Witches


Hey Jayelle,

Glad you enjoyed the site. Wounded Children is one of my favorite Chick tracts. Everything about it is priceless. The art, the demons, the way the dad treats his kid. And don't forget the "formerly gay" guy who preaches at the bar, wearing a turtleneck shirt and a perm! Such a shame it's out of print. But at least Doom Town and Gay Blade are still around to continue the crusade. Someone with your witch background should also enjoy Satan's Master and Poor Little Witch.

You're living proof that even the so called "targets" of Chick's wrath read and collect his tracts. But watch out: Just having them in your house may subliminally convert you. Maybe you should listen to that demon on your shoulder get rid of them all. I'm sure I could find a good home for them. Especially The Wounded Children...


I was surfing the net and found you. Wow what a blessing. I began to hand out Chick tracts in 1972 when I got saved. I met a street preacher named Red Edward Gay who helped Jack put together the "Gay Blade." We traveled the streets of Pomona Calif. handing out tracts we got from Jack. I will never forget the night Red went into a "Gay Bar" and started preaching, I stood outside handing out gay blades to all those who were running out the door to avoid Red's preaching. I praise God for all I learned in those days, I have lost contact with Red and pray I see him again. I'm now am a preacher and minister to those in prison with HIV/Aids. God prepared me in those early days for this ministry and I praise God for Jack Chick and Red Gay. Http://

I also went to Mexico some years ago just after the drug lords had killed a US drug enforcement officer. The place I was going was at the tip of the golden triangle where drug traffic was at its highest. I traveled on a bus 2 days and during that time we had to go through check points where our luggage was searched. Chick tracks were not allowed and I had a few hundred of them. I praise God that when the officials did the search they did not see the tracts even when they fell out of my bag. The bus was full of people and we drove to the top of this mountain and started down hill the brakes gave out. We prayed out loud and the bus got quite then pulled over and stopped with a lot of smoke just short of a high cliff, whew! We all got out and felt the heat of the day as we watched the driver of the bus try to fix the brakes. I handed the driver a bottle of spring water and a tract, and soon the whole bus load of people wanted a Spanish tract. We got the brakes fixed and started down the mountain praising God for stopping us and opening a door for the Gospel tracts (everyone had one). We made it to Alamos, Mexico where the drug lords were and all the time there we left tracts, even when we walked around the town with our Christian smiles and Bibles and tracts in hand they followed us with the sights of their guns. Praise God for His "Christianmos Novellas."


Dear Phil,

That's quite a tale! And I like the way you ambushed those guys who tried to flee the scene at the bar. Where did you learn to position someone to cover the escape route? The TV show Cops? Whatever works! Did you write anything on the backs in that blank space? I can only imagine... "For a good time (in the after life) call toll free: 1-800-I-REPENT"


Hey there,

I figured I would enter the contest even though AW seems to have it wrapped up already with a nigh-impossible to beat entry.

My city like many cities have free entertainment newspapers that you pick up in coffee shops and music stores. Invariably there are personal ads in there for "men seeking men/women seeking women." The idea struck me awhile back to get copies of The Gay Blade and Doom Town and open them and insert them in the fold of the paper, so that anyone opening to that page would find the tract wedged there. The Gay Blade (unfortunately out-of-print but with copies still available to order) is especially "deceptive" in that to an unsuspecting eye it could look like a pro-gay publication and so has a better chance of getting read (at least for a page or two; long enough for a seed to be planted).

Most of my Chick tracts are distributed in the usual way--stashed into envelopes when paying bills, on bus benches and newspaper machines, on restaurant tables with my tip tucked inside, etc. Lately I've made a greater effort to stick specially selected tracts into certain library books (e.g., The Visitors into Mormon books, Big Daddy into science and evolution books).

Nothing too funny here, but maybe some ideas people can use to get the Word out.

Once again I'll tell you I really enjoy your site and intend to check back with you soon on some trades and a few reviews of my favorite and least favorite Chick tracts. Pressing on in Christ!


Dear Gary,

Thanks for your entry. Yes, AW is a tough act to follow, but we're now offering a 2nd and 3rd prize to keep people trying. Besides, your "Gay Blade" story is a classic in its own right. Seeding the library books is a great idea too, with all sorts of interesting possibilities. Philosophy, Catholic studies, Communist manifestoes... What a treasure trove of Chick distribution points. I can just imagine the eggheads in the Science Department blowing their gaskets when they discover their students are finding "Big Daddy" in their Evolution books. Haw-haw-haw!

Glad you enjoy the site. We can't be all things to everyone, and some folks get mad that we're not more serious. But heck-- if you can't enjoy yourself with Chick tracts then what's the world coming to? They say the fun things in life are always immoral, illegal, or unhealthy. But Chick tracts are a rare exception!

Please contact me whenever you wish to discuss trades. I'm very eager to finish the museum and any help would certainly be appreciated. Especially if I can help you finish your collection at the same time. Any suggestions on reviews of your favorites or least favorite Chicks are also appreciated. And remember, you can also review your own and we'll add it to our archive.



Dear JTC Museum,

In 1987 I attended the Catholic Jubilee in the LA Forum with over 5000 gathered and Cardinal Mahoney was saying Mass. My friend who just became a priest, (Alden Sison) arranged so that I would be sitting on the front row.

Just as Cardinal Mahoney raised the "cookie" I walked up to the alter and placed a tract right on the pagan marble. As he raised the brass goblet claiming it was the blood of Christ, I shouted, "That's not the blood of Christ, that's liquor!". I was escorted out of the forum, and no charges were filed.

Also. One night before all of the Bishops and Cardinal Mahoney were scheduled to do the Marion hour at the Hollywood Bowl in May of 3:00am in the morning I had crawled onto the top of the Hollywood Bowl Dome and rigged a banner that said:

"'Real Christians' Hail Jesus...Not Mary 1 Tim 2:5"

Cardinal Mahoney was standing at the microphone with all five California Bishops on the Hollywood Dome stage....dumbfounded.

I have photos of the occasion, I would love to send. Inside of the banner were a bunch of tracts that fell into the crowd as the banner was released. (I used a fishing line to set it up the night pull down the day of the event)

I was scared, but a lot of photos of the banner were taken. I'm sure that some have gotten saved since that happened, and still have photos. If you want a slide or a copy of the photo, I would be happy to send you one.

Well there is my story, Thanks AW


Dear AW,

If I ever get married, remind me NOT to invite you to the ceremony! But seriously, you certainly have a flair for public performance. Please send your photos and we'll be glad to post one in the Contest section of this site. We still need MANY MORE ENTRIES from others to make this a good contest. (Come on folks! How hard is it to mail a tract to someone funny or place one in an especially appropriate location? Where's that Holy Spirit spirit?!)

PS. Just curious: Is your priest friend still helping you get a good spot on the front row? Or did your statement make him so ill that he tossed his death cookies?


Dear Curator,

Enjoyed your site very much (you may consider changing the music - something more snappy and uplifting - no Beatles songs please). I have enjoyed JTC's tracts for many years and feel they where instrumental in my finding Jesus as my savior "this was your life"; sent "hi there" to my dad (he was an iron worker then)-- he eventually got saved also. I guess we'll all find out on Judgment Day if all of JTC's opinions are true -- If only one tenth of those millions of tracts resulted in someone getting saved I think JTC will be pretty well off in Heaven. I recall about ten years ago (?) some sleaseball reporter ambushed Chick for an interview. Jack pretty much said nothing, but he was on T.V.; anybody else remember this??? Let me know.
- Freed

Dear Freed,

Thanks for your comments. The music on our page is from the movie "Halloween". It certainly isn't uplifting. Perhaps "sinister" would describe it better. But that's how Chick portrays Halloween! (And the Vatican, and the Masons, and the-- well, you get the point.)

Yes, others saw that interview you referred to. It was "The Reporters" which ran on Fox. (Fox is owned by Rupert Murdock, who recently divorced his Catholic wife.) Jack was surprisingly calm and in control. The reporter shouted things like "Is it true you think Catholics started the Vietnam war!?" Jack just smiled, said "You must think you're pretty slick" and brushed the reporter aside. (He gently but firmly moved the reporter out of his way. The Sam Donaldson wanna-be was trying to block his escape. Jack may be a senior citizen, but he was clearly in control of the situation.) For Jack's version of events, check out his "A Message from Jack Chick" from the Nov/Dec 1988 Battle Cry.

I understand they also showed shots of Chick's old Cadillac and tried to suggest Jack was rich. (It's the same car he's driven for years.) They then tried to muscle their way into Chick Publications but Mr. Collins (Editor of Battle Cry) closed the door in their face.The Reporters ended up looking more like the Gang-that-couldn't-shoot-straight. Haw-haw-haw!


Dear JTC Museum,

I must admit that I am a hardcore fan of Chick's work even though I am not a Christian. I got introduced to my first one a few years ago during the Titanic movie mania. One Saturday a zombiotic jeezo nut left some Kooky Kristian literature on my front door. One of them was a Chick track called (lo and behold) "Titanic"! My high suspicions at high alert I glanced through the illustrated toilet paper and found it to be a laugh a minute (can you imagine Leo DiCaprio in it? Neither do I.) Since then I started my hunt for as many Chick tracts as I can. There is one question I MUST ask... Will the missing panels from the oversized versions of The Beast,This Was Your Life,Why No Revival, and A Demon's Nightmare be shown online anytime soon? I've seen some of the missing panels of the first version of The Beast on Dwane Walker's website and one panel was very Dr. Strangelove-like. Keep up the good work.



Dear Apostate,

I doubt Chick Publications will display out dated panels on-line because they only display stuff they sell. However, the good news is that most over sized tracts were still 24 pages, so the differences are minor. Why No Revival had more civil rights strife in it. This Was Your Life had a couple different flash back scenes (like the Girl walking by while the sinner thinks lewd thoughts). But The Beast had the most changes because it contained 24 more pages.




Your variations page says, "Oversized version may exist." about Why No Revival?

It does, c. 1961. It is his first tract, the one he borrowed 800$ to publish. (can you hear my big giant grin? And no, you can't have it :)

Anyway, you can add to your variations page these factoids -- it IS oversized, that there are several panels that do not appear in later versions, the cover is yellow and black, the pages are numbered, and there are 24 internal pages(*plus* the cover). c. 1961 J.T.C. Distributed by Rusthoi Publications.

Great site!! glad I finally had something to say.

Peace, Cindy

Dear Cindy,

Thanks for the info and we'll include it on our site. Perhaps you can include us in your will to inherit your tract when you pass on. (By then you'll have the real thing and won't need the comic book version any more.)


Dear sir or madam,

I am a big fan of Jack Chick and I cherish every Chick tract I have ever received. (I have five of them.) I want to start my own collection of his tracts. However, because Jack's world-view is so utterly neurotic and deranged, I do not wish to give him financial support by buying tracts from Chick Publications. Is there any way you could tell me how to get lots of chick tracts without purchasing them from ol' J.T.C. himself?


Gee Filipski,

That sounds so, well-- intolerant! Do you really want to deny Jack a living? What ever happened to the PC philosophy of compassion and non-judgemental coexistence? Tisk, tisk! It reminds me of the old one liner: "There are people out there that do not love their fellow man and I HATE people like that!"

But to answer your question, I'll be glad to provide you extra Chick tracts that I have for trading, but be forewarned: If Chick publications goes out of business as a result of your .13 cent boycott, the blood will be on YOUR HANDS!!!

Personally, I can't imagine a world without Chick tracts. But I doubt it would be a BETTER world. Remember, DIVERSITY is our STRENGTH, and Chick tracts certainly are DIVERSE. Where else can you find material that enthusiastically dishes out the dirt on the Pope, the Muslims, the Gays, Jehovahs Witnesses, the Masons, the New Agers, etc., etc. Censorship is great for dictatorships, but don't you get just a little tired of the "quilt of guilt" thrown on anyone who ever criticizes a minority race or religion? If criticism is so healthy for the WASP majority, why is it so terrible for the minorities? Do you think the Gays, Jews and Atheists don't ever offend the Protestants? They deride Christians in movies, books, newspapers, music, television, NPR-- about every chance they get! I don't boycott the media and I bet most WASPs don't either. So why should the PC groups get bent out of shape if Chick responds via miniature comic tracts? It's a little like liberals screaming fowl over AM Talk Radio while they have Hollywood and the TV networks promoting their agenda.

I personally know many Jews, Catholics and Gays who LOVE to buy Chick tracts-- even though they hate the message! It's called "maintaining a sense of humor".

Darn it, Monsterwax,

You're right! Why shouldn't I support Jack Chick by buying up a few of his tracts? As a matter of fact, I ordered up some of his current tracts a few hours ago. (I still think he's a wacko, but I love him for it.)

As far as expanding my collection beyond just the current tracts, there are many tracts which I am still looking for. I'm most interested in any and all Anti-catholic and Anti-occult tracts and also the for self-promotional tracts.

Thank you,



Dear Filipski,

Conversions like yours bring a tear drop to my eye... just like in the last few panels of most of Jack's tracks. I guess I should add the obligatory "Sniff! Sniff!".


Dear whomever,

How can I become an Anti-Catholic Bigot like Jack Chick? He seems to be more interested in money and his own name than Jesus' teachings.

Death Cookie? Jesus is not a cookie...He is the Bread of Life! He is God! And God is All-Powerful. What Jesus says is true!

"Unless you eat the flesh of the son of Man and drink His blood, you have no life within you!" Gospel of John Chapter 6.

Jesus says it, I believe it! Case closed!

Funny isn't it, Jack never uses that verse in his comic books or 1 Cor 11

I prefer a religion that uses the Word of God to build up the Kingdom. Not a Comic book Bigot who is getting rich off of Anti-Catholic Bogots who trust a man, Jack Chick, to tell them how to get to heaven. I don't need Jack Chick standing between Jesus and Me. He is not the Pope! But he is for his followers.

I guess Jack is in it for the MONEY........30 pieces of silver will get him to heaven?

A saved Catholic Christian..... Viva Christo Rey!


Dear GMC,

I think you're over reacting just a wee bit to Jack's tracts.

Many of us who enjoy Chick tracts don't agree with everything he says, but still appreciate the fact that he's willing to tell the truth as he sees it-- even when it offends some. In todays P.C. climate, that kind of honesty is quite rare. Probably because it evokes knee jerk reactions like yours. Calling someone a bigot is pretty brutal name calling.

Jack's views on Catholicism are controversial, but he's no bigot. He's never suggested rounding up the Catholics and killing them for their beliefs. (That's what previous Popes did to Protestants during the Inquisition.) What Jack has tried to do is convert Catholics to what he considers true Christianity-- a personal relationship with Christ. Not through torture, not through burning at the stake, but through comic books. Somehow, that doesn't seem to rise to the same level of hardball that the Vatican used to win converts in its not-to-distant past.

People should be entitled to criticize other religions without being called a bigot. Or do you think all religions are equal? Buddha, Muslim, Voodoo, whatever, as long as they believe in a "god"... That sounds great for politicians, but it reduces religions to social clubs instead of spiritual searches of truth. Jack believes the Bible is The Word of God-- and everything else is false. It may not be good for consensus building, but Jack's not running for President.

As to your points about the bread of life. Chick doesn't attack the ritual of celebrating Jesus by consuming the bread and wine of Christ. He simply maintains the long held Protestant view that the ritual is symbolic, and not literal. As Jesus said, "Eat this in REMEMBRANCE of me".

This has been a big point of debate between Catholics and Protestants for a long time and will probably continue to be. Catholics maintain the bread becomes the literal flesh of Jesus. Protestants say that would be cannibalism. I don't personally think it's such a big deal either way, but then again, I wasn't one of the millions of heretics who were tortured or killed for not agreeing with the Pope's dogmatic viewpoint. (With a legacy like that, you may want to reconsider labeling others as bigots. People in stained glass houses shouldn't cast stones.)

That being said, the Pope has recently apologized for the mass murder of Protestants and Jews during the inquisition and most Christians seem willing to forgive the past. But that doesn't mean they should also forget it.



The Prots also killed Catholics in Germany and England. Does that then negate the prots religion? As a matter of fact prots killed other prots....remember the puritans leaving England, going to the Netherlands then leaving there as well because of persecution by the Dutch. Jack Chickites are very good at accusing others of their sins. The Catholic Church is full of sinners. To the very top, The Pope, we all go to confession. As Jesus taught in John 20:23. At every Mass throughout the world each day one of our prayers is " Lord, look not on our sins but the Faith of your Church." In every Rosary we declare 53 times " Pray for us sinners". So yes we are sinners, pray for us.

Do this in rememberance of me? This does not say "This is symbolic of me" Let me ask you a question. If you were at the Passover in Egypt and didn't eat the Lamb of God during the meal, would your first born be alive? No everyone had to eat the Lamb........Now who was the Lamb of God? John 1:29....1Cor 5: 7-8. Now read John 6: 52-53 and tell me what Jesus said to those when they said EXACTLY WHAT YOU SAID ABOUT CANNIBALISM? Oh ye of little faith, Why do you doubt the Creators Word? Jesus is the God of Eternity. All things are Possible with God.

Bigots you are. Being a bigot does not mean you kill people. It means you are prejudiced without fact. Jack Chick is a liar or a fool, there are no other options for him. Thou shall not bear false witness......If I found one error in his tracts it would be excusable........but I find hundreds of errors. If you want I can identify them. Do you take the challenge? 1 Thess 5:21-22

May our Lord Jesus Christ Bless you and guide you to His Church, His Bride. Not Brides, cause the Lord is not an Adulterer. If the Bible is your only authority, who needs Comic books? Are they infallible?

A sinful Catholic, who trusts in Jesus Christ and His promise,


Dear GMC,

As Ronald Reagan would say, "There you go again..." The continuous name calling makes it hard to carry on a serious debate. But I'll give it a go:

First off, I do not pretend to be Jack Chick, but I can assume he would point out the most glaring error in your logic. When Protestants killed Catholics, they were not following orders from their Church. When Catholics killed others during the Crusades and Inquisition, their efforts were inspired and blessed by Pope. It's a historical fact that society was under Cannon Law at that time, and Pope was the top executive of that system. So Chick has good grounds to blame the Vatican for the murders carried out under its leadership. I won't even bother mentioning how many more millions of Protestants were killed by Catholics than the other way around, because that is not the point. The important thing is the Catholic Church MADE IT HAPPEN as opposed to LETTING IT HAPPEN. Both are sins, but as bad as it is to watch a mob murder your neighbors without interfering, it is far worse to order the murder yourself.

So again I would gently remind you that with the blood soaked past of the Catholic Church as your moral authority, calling Jack Chick a bigot seems hilariously hypocritical. Call me crazy, but trying to convince others to convert to different religious beliefs with comic books seems less bigoted than say, torturing them or burning them alive during an Inquisition. (But I admit, I'm Protestant and I'm biased.)

We'll give you the last word on Transubstantiation. I don't personally think it's a major difference between Catholics and Protestants, but clearly Chick does and you do too. (So actually you have something in common with Jack in that regard.)

You are certainly welcome to list the hundreds of errors you believe you can find in Chick tracts. I suspect many of them are matters of opinion (like your views on the Eucharist) but I bet they would be interesting or amusing or both. So we'll gladly post them or link to them when you're done. In fact, you can view another site that already does something similar by clicking here.


(Regarding the rumored existence of a pre-1980s version of "Satan's Master"):

There is no earlier version of Satan's Master. I have a letter from one of the Chick employees who asked Jack on my behalf. Apparently Jack had always thought it a good name for a tract, and so he put it in one of the Chick Globes years before he wrote it. I'll see if I can find the letter and send you a copy when I send the next load of stuff. You are right. It is such an 80s tract, he would have had to have been psychic to write it in the early 70s. But there is a conspiracy theory for you. Maybe he did write it in '72 but he is trying to cover it up so people don't think he has been dabbling with the occult.

-Jeremy, Australia

Collectors had wondered if a pre-1980s version of "Satan's Master" existed because the title appeared on the back cover of 1970s tracts (circling the globe along with other titles). I wrote Jeremy that it seemed unlikely the tract was made in the 70s because the plot involved so many references to D&D and Wicca, which weren't popular until the 80s. Anonymous sent copies of the letters from Chick Publications and they confirm that Jack used the title ten years before he drew the tract. It appears the mystery is solved. Thanks Jeremy!


Dear Sir,

I am a born again Jew. I used one track called "Holocaust" and left it on the window sill of a bus. I saw Jewish couples read it. From where I was sitting in the back of the bus, the Jewish couple left and became discouraged. Apparently, they seemed shocked. I do not know them but I can tell you the Lord opened their eyes.


Dear Gerstein,

Thanks for the first hand story. Holocaust has one of Chick's most eye grabbing covers and is pretty scarce these days. If they were smart, they kept it! And although you didn't ask for it, I've entered your name in our contest of "interesting people or places to leave Chick tracts". Let us know any other people or places you leave Chicks!


Dear Curator,

...In spite of the hate literature law here in Canada, plenty of the Chick stuff (even the controversial tracts) passes over the border.


Dear SF,

Haw-haw-haw! They can keep Jack down, but not out! I think most those laws are selectively enforced anyway. Most people they don't care about, but if they want to get you for something, the hate laws allow them to fish through your mail and find something objectionable. The "pornography" section is especially broad (no pun intended). Even a Victoria's Secret catalog can be pretty offensive in the eyes of the ardent feminist. If not, a tax audit usually turns up something useful. Big Brother can be very resourceful when it comes to finding dirt!

(Response:) I'd tend to agree. I think one of their "targets" is Ernst Zundel. And well it should be. He's a virulent anti-semite who preaches that the Holocaust never happened and that we are all victims of a Jewish conspiracy.

I don't agree with the application of the porn law. They have specifically targeted anything going to Little Sisters (I think that's the name), a store that caters to lesbians. They don't even allow the "tamest" (i.e. nonsexual) stuff to come in just because of the address. I think that case is going before the courts.


That's an interesting difference in our two countries. In America, our Constitution defends everyone's speech, including those that the public finds offensive. And it makes sense when you think about it: Free speech isn't free at all if the only ones who get to practice it have to pass some sort of popularity contest. Unfortunately, in today's PC climate, fewer politicians seem willing to defend citizen rights to express unpopular beliefs-- even if it is enshrined in our Bill of Rights. They've recently tried to put "conditions" on free speech here as well, attempting to separate "hate speech" from other forms of speech. But our Constitution makes no such distinction and (so far) their attempts have failed.

A famous philosopher once said, "I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

Ernst Zundle may be wrong, but by silencing him with force instead of counter arguments, the Canadian government has shown they have more in common with his Fascist values than they care to admit. The fact they placed various Chick comics on the list of "hate speech" shows how extreme they really are. But try to look on the bright side: There are also benefits to authoritarian government. Wasn't it Mussolini who got the trains to run on time?

TWYL tract

Dear Curator,

It was 1982 and I was 8 years old. My sister, her boyfriend, his brother and myself were driving back home to Beaumont TX from a day at Galveston beach. I remember sitting in the back seat of that 78 dark green Catalina with my sister's boyfriends brother. Antsy like most kids are at that age I began to dig my little fingers in the cracks of the seat when out I pulled THIS WAS YOUR LIFE by J.T.C. Yesterday by the Beatles was playing on the radio as I read the story, which even at a young age I remember it having some sort of future self-prophesy revelation relevance. The sheer terror that I felt reading that *&%$ has yet to be paralleled. It was like a dirty secret that I couldn't tell anyone in the car.

Suddenly Todd, my sister's boyfriend's brother snatched the oracle from my trembling paws. "Hey Cindy," he got my sister's attention, "!omeone put a holy roller pamphlet in your car." "Give it back!" I whined [ I had to read again just one more time] , "I found it!" "Aw hell Cindy," chimed Neil (my sister's boyfriend), "don't let her read that *&%$ it'll warp her mind."

Warp her mind indeed.


Dear Crabcakes,

The Beatles playing music for Jack Chick tracts? I can only imagine... Perhaps future high-tech tracts will include chips that play music as we flip through the pages (like novelty greeting cards). But somehow, it just wouldn't be the same.


Dear Curator,

I would like to donate some Chick tracts to the museum (enclosed). Back in 1976 we moved from Mass to Maine. My dad joined Word of Christ Ministries. The Pastor gave me a stack of Chick tracts and boy I loved them. The whole collection. In the mid 80s, I started to collect the tracts I cherished. (I received Christ through Chick tracts.) I stumbled on your web site at the Bob Jones University Library. I got really excited when others were searching these tracts.

Sincerely, Michael

Dear Michael,

Thank you for the Chick tracts! We've added them to the archive and they are very much appreciated. I'm also glad to know that our site made it through the infamous Bob Jones University internet filter! (That's no small feat, considering our title has the word "Chick" in it.)



I was hired at a beauty salon were the owner was a born-again Christian. She had all of jack tracts displayed on her cash register and counter.

I was saved at 9 in a Baptist church, but my life was not fruitful because of many bad life experiences. I am now 35 years old. I was reading some of the tracts during a slow time at the shop when I picked up the titled (One Way). I began leafing thru it and decided I wanted to read it from the beginning to the end. So I did, and as I did, it was like a joyful light came on in my head and I rejoiced in my spirit for the gift God gave me!!! Ever since then I have dedicated my life to Christ. I have tried to witness to friends, but it was hard for me to convey the message, since I am very shy and not very well at speaking. So I decided to purchase the Jack tracts. And now I leave them in all the places I visit. I have been reading The Crusaders, which I purchased last week. I am glad I did, because I now have a good understanding of Catholicism. I Pray that the Lord will return very soon and take us out of here.

-In God's Love, Lisa

Dear Lisa,

Thanks for your comments. But what's the hurry to leave Earth? Eternity isn't going anywhere. And as long as you pass out Chick tracts, you'll be in good shape (according to the tracts). If you leave them in interesting places, you may care to enter our contest for the most creative place you've ever left one. The winner wins 70 new Chicks!



I have only recently stumbled upon the world of Jack T. Chick and his interesting take on the future of my soul... I'm wondering how you got started collecting--did you order from him or what? I think I'd like to start my own little collection of Chick tracts, I find them more than interesting and even more than hilarious, and love the world of parody on the web. Could you let me know how you got started? Thanks so very much!


Dear Sue,

I suggest starting out with the "standard assortment" ordered directly from Chick ( Or you can order on the phone using your credit card (909-987-0771). It's just $12 postpaid, and has 70 different tracts in it. That's half the collection right there! If you want more, you may download our Chicklist and start hunting for the older out-of-print titles you need. On-line auctions are another place to search, they turn up every once in a while. I also have a few older titles of my own available. (I prefer to trade, but obviously, you're just starting.) Older out-of-print titles are still pretty cheap. You may also wish to house your collection in plastic 4 pocket postcard pages. Your local hobby shop should carry them. If not, give me a shout as I can get them for you. Good luck!

Dear Sir,

Enjoyed some of your comments about J Chick's tracts but you don't stop there - you go on to mock the Bible. You demonstrate a way too high esteem for 'political correctness'. Political correctness is the same thing as peer pressure.

Though HAND JOIN IN HAND, the wicked shall not be unpunished: but the seed of the righteous shall be delivered. Prov 11:21

Every one that is proud in heart is an abomination to the LORD: though HAND JOIN IN HAND, he shall not be unpunished. Prov 16:5

Thou shalt not FOLLOW A MULTITUDE to do evil; neither shalt thou speak in a cause to decline after MANY to wrest judgment: Exodus 23:2

And so Pilate, willing to CONTENT THE PEOPLE, released Barabbas unto them, and delivered Jesus, when he had scourged him, to be crucified. Mark 15:15

Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way,that leadeth to destruction, and MANY THERE BE which go in thereat: Matt 7:13

Time's short and this could be your day to answer to God for your mockeries of His Word.

-Jrharvey 4/30/00

Dear Jr.,

You conveniently forgot "Judge not, lest YE be judged."

That being said, I agree with your views on Political Correctness. It's the stuff of which Communism and Fascism are made of. But I'm suprised you think I actually support it.

It's true that I try to provide humor for BOTH Christian and non-Christian visitors. The reason is simple: I want the BIGGEST AUDIENCE to appreciate Chick tracts. Collectors, detractors, supporters, you name it. Chick tracts do a far better job at preaching than any of us could... providing people read them. So if our site brings people together for ONE THING we all agree on (that Chick tracts are fun), then that should be considered a good thing.

I'm sorry if you felt our site mocked the Bible. That's NOT the goal. But a light hearted approach to Jack's tracts isn't blasphemous. (Jack has a pretty good sense of humor himself, judging from his cartoons.) Perhaps you refer to some of the visitors comments or reviews posted on our page (we try include as many viewpoints as possible-- including yours). Remember, Chick tracts are NOT for Christians only. And neither should this site be.


Dear Curator,

The first Chick Publication I ever read was "This Is Your Life." I have fallen in love with them and try to find new ones everywhere I go. I do a lot of traveling across the country, and I always look for them when I go into Christian bookstores. I have read probably every Chick ever published including his books and magazines. May God continue to bless him for his straightforwardness to the sinners as well as the saints of God!

-RevChara 4/20/00

Hi Rev,

Thanks for your note. I bet Chick appreciates loyal fans like yourself. And saving souls is definitely high on his task-o-meter.


Dear Curator,

It's great reading your updates on the Chick webpage. What is "The IMP #3" that you mentioned? I noticed that you adjusted the material on Fred come? I do think that the character of James Carter in the Crusaders was based on him, down to the mustache! Jack's middle name is "Thomas" eh? I kept forgetting to ask him what the "T" stands for. Have you actually seen those little porno comics from the '50's? It's interesting that they are the same size as Jack's tracts!


Hey Richard,

I'm embarrassed to say I can't remember all of the changes I've made on the site, because they are ongoing and start to blur after a while! I don't recall removing any info on Fred Carter though. I'll be sure to mention in the FAQs that the James Carter character looks like Fred, because that's a interesting detail. (Or I'll post your letter.)

Sorry to say, I don't actually have any of the 2 x 4s (porno comics), but my 60 year old brother remembers them vividly. (Perhaps TOO vividly!) I spoke with Bob Fowler last night and he said the little comics might be the same thing as "8 pagers", also known as "Tiajuana Bibles". If so, he said the artwork was usually crude and one of the characters were usually famous, like the President or a big celebrity-- making it even MORE naughty. (Maybe this is why Chick doesn't publish pictures of himself, he doesn't want to wind up in OTHER tracts!)

And Imp #2 (not 3) is about Jack Chick tracts (written by Dan Raeburn). It's made to look like a giant Chick tract. Dan is openly hostile towards Jack's beliefs, but he still loves his comics. The writing is witty and the book is a fun read.

Hi. I'm another of those wonderful Chicklets, an addict to Jack's deranged world view. Unfortunately, I don't have any of the titles you've listed as surplus items in my own collection, though I have read many of them! There was this quite deranged evangelical christian with rabid predatory gay proclivities I knew a few years ago who had collected a mess of 'em - but that's another quite peculiar story.

Though I DO have a curiousity - I've an edition of Doom Town which doesn't match, in content, any of the one's seen online. I keep meaning to scan it and set it in to someone who archives these things.

The only real problem here is that Canada, where I reside, has made some real efforts to suppress the import of Jack's work, so it's often tricky to order directly from The Man. Oh well. I just hope a few more of the street crazies will take care of that minor complication... Happy hunting!

-Donald 4/5/00

Dear Donald,

The Doom Town tract you have is probably the early version that tells only the Bible story of Sodom. Current versions tell a similar story (with different artwork), but encapsulate it within a modern day Gay protest.

It's a shame about Canada's efforts to censor free speech. If they suppress something as harmless as Chick, I can only imagine what other issues they silence. The irony is that most Canadians consider their country very liberal and free. Perhaps the two goals are mutually exclusive.


Dear Curator

This got me thinking about my own first Chick tract. I think I was 5 or 6 when I got The Fool (I think. The one about a jester.) from a creepy old guy running a booth at the swap meet. My father used to take me out junk shopping on the weekends, and as I also was keeping a series of scrapbooks at the time, no brochure or piece of random paper was safe.

This was my first real encounter with Christianity. I was scared by the scenario in the tract, but only in the same way I was scared by the box of ratty old Weird Tales comic books my father had given me. Being damned to an eternity in Hell became one of my wake-up-in-terror dreams for a while, joining the zombie dream and the one where a ventriloquist's dummy trades bodies with me.

I know I got some other Chick tracts from the same source after that, but I can only dimly recall that they had green ink on the covers. My parents found my little collection shortly after that, got worried that I'd be saved, and sat me down for a little talk. They were happy to hear that I thought Christianity was a scary and confusing idea. That's when I got the closest thing I ever got to the "don't talk to strangers" talk: they told me that it was all right to take tracts and stuff, but that if anyone ever tried to convert me I should tell them I wasn't interested and go get my parents.

With a slightly different ending, that could have been a Chick tract in itself.


Dear Anna,

Great story! I'm particularly interested in hearing more about that "trading places with the ventriloquists dummy" dream. I think that may have actually happened to me in real life on several occasions. It would explain why I said several of the most stupid statements I ever made (including "I do" and "Okay, but only if you promise to pay me back").



[Regarding the art/ artists]

I actually like Chick's style more than Carter's. Carter undoubtedly has more skill, but Chick is a cartoonist's cartoonist. He draws in a cartoon style with no pretension about being a "real" artist. His aim is to get a point across, and he does it, not eloquently, but clearly. Chick's caricatures are so vicious both in form and in the language they use.

I have an extract from some book on cartoonists where they deal with Carter's other work. Apparently he did some radical things in Sunday School books way back when, depicting black and white kids playing together etc. I notice it has been some time since he did any work for Chick publications. I wonder if they had a falling out?

-Jeremy, Australia

Dear Jeremy,

I understood Carter is working on artwork to be included in the upcoming movie (which is really a motion picture slide show, since it uses art stills and voice-overs). Chick's spending a cool million on it, and Jeremiah Films is making it for him.

I like Carter's fantastic art the best, but he seems to focus on the Bible stories while Chick does the more "in your face" preaching. Of course, (Carter's) Wounded Children, Lisa, and The Crusaders comic book line are wonderful exceptions, but (Jack's) Baby Talk and Death Cookie are great examples of Chick at his best. The recentWar Zone is pretty good too! So what Chick lacks in artistic style, he more than makes up in story content. Someone somewhere said that Carter was happy to do the Bible stuff, but wanted to avoid doing any more of the controversial conspiracy topics. (It can't be good for artist's career to have all the Catholics and Jews out to ruin him.) The lack of any recent Crusaders or conspiracy topics would seem to support the theory (unless he's just too busy working on the film). But I'm inclined to believe the falling out theory is the LEAST likely explanation for his hiatus. From all accounts, Jack is a very likable man and keeps his friends (as well as enemies!). Let's hope so anyway. Carter was certainly a valuable addition to Chick's crusade. (Some might call him a Godsend.)


Dear Curator,

Jack (Chick) and Fred (Carter) and I went out to lunch in 1986. I even met George Collins editor of Battle Cry. Do you have all of these online? I have all but two issues (missing a couple from 1984-1985), and have maintained my subscription all these years. Although I disagree with Jack's over literal fundamentalism and Vatican paranoia, he is a fellow Christian whom I've known and loved all these years. He and I stay in touch. I even sent him a big chocolate chip cookie for Christmas one year. I've kept my letters from him (nearly a dozen), and as I said, I have his autographed picture of he and I together taken back in 1986. I pray for him daily. He really is a modest man, not in the least bit proud. Although I disbelieve his conspiracy theories, he is to be respected for taking on popular faiths like Catholicism. His basic theological disagreements with Catholicism are actually quite accurate, notwithstanding the conspiracy stuff in smoke-filled rooms.

-Richard Lee (CA)

Great story Richard. You're one of the few to actually see Jack, let alone photograph him! If you care to compile the Battlecry Index, I'll post it. As far as Jack accurately presenting Catholicism, you bring up good points. I was raised Episcopal (Catholic "Lite") and my sister is Catholic, so I'm aware that many of his portrayals of Catholic dogma are correct. (Not all, but most. And he certainly puts an embarrassing "spin" on them!) I'm also familiar enough with history to recognize many of his Vatican dirty trick stories are true. That doesn't apply to everything though. Jack presents the worse case scenario when it comes to the Pope and the truth probably lays somewhere in the middle. But what do you expect from a super powerful Pope? 2,000 years of saintly behavior? (He's only human.) Considering all the Vatican's power, it would have been naive not to engage in the same sort of intrigues as the Royals were scheming. Of course, the hypocrisy looks worse when the Church gets caught lying. (But to paraphrase another world leader, "it all depends on your definition of the word 'lie'".)


[Regarding Parodies of Chick Tracts]

Two of the parodies, "The Other People" and "Heathens Idolize School Prayer", were published by Pathfinder Press of Index, WA, which is affiliated with the Aquarian Tabernacle Church, a Wiccan group. I think you can look them up on the web and see if their Chick parodies are still in print. "Devil Doll" was a freebie that came with the vinyl LP release of Jello Biafra's "Beyond the Valley of the Gift Police". "R-U Brainwashed" was a badly photocopied production that was distributed several years ago around the campus of the Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. I've heard of others out there, but have yet to find them...although I have run across some websites where people have done Chick parodies on the web.

The best, and funniest, by far, is "Devil Doll", IMHO. It's just like a Chick tract only everything is exaggerated quite a bit. A devout Christian might even mistake "Devil Doll" for a real Chick tract if they didn't know it was a parody... :)

-Robert 3/10/00

Thanks Robert. If anyone has any copies of the above to donate or trade, we'd love to have a copy for the Museum.

[Regarding Chick's Views on Jews]:

I wouldn't say he (Chick) is anti-semitic. I would say he is very intolerant, as he doesn't accept that other religious views are as legitimate as his own.

I would also say he is dangerous, in that he spreads lies about history, other religions and cultures. Those of us who know the truth can laugh at what he says and how he misrepresents facts, but it's not funny when ignorant people take these as truth because they haven't read otherwise. We Jews are sensitive to the misrepresentation of the facts surrounding the Holocaust. There are enough lies being spread by the deniers, we don't need Chick's anti-Catholic conspiracy theories being added to the public debate.

He is especially dangerous where the Catholics are concerned, as he has, in essence, taken all the anti-Jewish theories that have been presented and replaced the word "Jew" with "Catholic". It is still the same garbage.

-SMB 3/7/00

Dear SMB,

I agree that Chick mixes conspiracy theories with facts. Most his history seems sound-- when it comes to names and dates. But then he starts expounding on motives and who's a secret Catholic or whatever. The problem is that so much of history is politicized. People believe what they want to believe-- even when it comes to mainstream history. Example: Everyone "knows" that Hitler was the bad guy and Roosevelt was the good guy. But in reality, not EVERYTHING Hitler did was bad, and not EVERYTHING Roosevelt did was good. Before screaming "blasphemy!" consider these facts: Historians have recently found Roosevelt's memo (via the Freedom of Information Act) which outlines how his administration deliberately provoked a Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. (It's called the MaCullum memo.) It now appears what rumors have often suggested: That FDR engineered the death of 3,000 US sailors to provide a political entry into a war he promised not to get into. Most folks don't want to believe this historical fact, and consider it "conspiracy theory". Historians always recognized that FDR had the motive and ability to deliberately set up the Pearl Harbor disaster, but without proof, they regarded it as groundless speculation. The official government memorandum shifts the balance and now places the burden of proof on the FDR defenders. (The memo is reproduced in the new book "Day of Deceit" who's author is a historian, news reporter, and FDR supporter.)

Do you expect to see mainstream history books revise their glowing assessments of FDR? Or to even start mentioning these embarrassing revelations along with all the praise? I don't. Like everyone one else, a historian's personal politics can interfere with their intellectual honesty. (It's no different with Chick.)

On the other extreme, popular history maintains that Hitler orchestrated the burning of the German Parlement building, so that he could enact drastic laws restricting civil rights. This "fact" is taught in most history books, but there is no historical evidence proving the conspiracy. Hitler obviously benefited from the arson, but the perpetrator (a communist) was arrested in the burning building, confessed in public, and was convicted in court. (He also publicly bragged in a bar that he planned to do it the night before the arson.) Conventional history maintains he was a patsy, and the Nazis tortured the confession out of him etc. etc. The conspiracy theory COULD be true, but there is no evidence to support it other than the general loathing most folks have for the Nazis. So the theory should be regarded as groundless speculation. Yet most still report it as "fact".

Chick uses similar tactics with his "historical research" methods. He knows the Vatican has lied in the past and even engineered assassinations, so he blames them for killing Lincoln, setting up both world wars, etc. etc. The Vatican MIGHT have done ALL these things, but without hard evidence, suspicions and bad reputations should not be proof enough to make something historical fact. Especially in a country where you're "innocent until proven guilty".

But let's face it, if Chick stuck to facts alone, he wouldn't be half as fun to read! (Like the Irish say, never let the facts interfer with a good story.) Just remember to check Chick's foot notes. If the source is another Chick Publication, beware! If it's an outside source, however, it is usually sound. (But not always, as the above examples demonstrate.)

Dear Curator,

...When I read "Flight 144" on your site - I like it! - I got the impression that a Christian is not well advised to do good. - he will almost certainly have Matthew 7:21-23 quoted at him (before being fried for all eternity.) Jack could never have been invented - not possible! I hope (but do I?) that you might even put his comics - the colour ones - online; they remind one a bit of Superman..... (except that S-man has better dress sense than "The Crusaders" (see the "Brunching Shuttlecocks" site index). What bothers me is that some people take him as a serious source of info about the Bible, Church History, etc. BTW, if satan is an alien, you won't be reading on a saucer, I fear. No, you'll survive only if you get raptured. (see "Sabotage" for nice colour picture of the end times.) I won't get raptured - I don't believe in the Rapture, and we Catholics are - well, see the "Revolting!" link for that....


Thanks for the info and remarks! Unfortunately, Jack's comix are copyrighted Seven ways to Sunday. (Hey, he's gotta make a living!) So we can't show 'em unless he or someone else puts them on the web and we link to it. (We might get by with a panel of two via "Fair Use", but not the complete comic unless he puts it on his company site.) But if the comics appear anywhere, rest assurred we'll link straight up to 'em!


Dear Curator,

I have always (and still do) look forward to uncovering "accidentally" a Jack Chick tract, from behind a video coverbox at the video store I work at, underneath a napkin dispenser at a restaurant, or the slickest way yet, from inside the inner pocket of a sport jacket I bought at J.C. Penny, and it was the "Bad Bob" story... That was probably my favorite one. I wonder if it was shipped from the factory with the tract in the pocket, if a customer put it there, or an employee of the store? Sunday comics aren't very comical anymore, comic books are too serious...the only comic style reading that still has me laughing until tears are streaming are Jack Chick Tracts. I think they're hilarious. I look for the "spinner" racks with all the available tracts (in english and spanish) when I go to flea markets, and I always take a few more than the handwritten sign allows you to take freely. Just thought I'd share that with you...

Chuck Key 2/22/00

Thanks Chuck. You've provided the best reason (perhaps only reason) why someone should shop at JC Pennys.


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