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"Well my goodness this was worth the wait! Many thanks for the generous collection (tract reprints). I will be the envy of all my heathen friends" - Deborah B., Los Angeles

"I do like your book and DVD very much! My wife was a little stunned, though... 'you mean there are more of you?' The book had fabulous production values, but the DVD does a great job making the point as well." - Jeremy W.

"GOD'S CARTOONIST contains the funniest bits of business I have ever seen Hal Robins do. And Hal never cracks a smile the whole time. It is absolutely incredible. The inside-view of the Chick empire, Jack Chick's personal history, and the bizarre histories of some of his partners, is entertainingly and intricately detailed." -D. Smith, Cleveland

"My favorite flicks of (Tallahassee Film) Festival were... and the nutty God's Cartoonest: the Comic Crusade of Jack T. Chick" -Mark Hinson, Film crtic for the Tallahassee Democrat (Gannet News)

"I really enjoyed the documentary. I didn't realize there were [800 million] Chick Tracts distributed. That's amazing. I was hoping to see you in the documentary! I wasn't too sure about the Sub-Genius guy though. But I did like the documentary a lot." -Andrea T., England

"Finally watched the entire disc Friday after rehersal (my bandmate in "the Combovers", Neal, is another failed cartoonist/Chick fan so he HAD to see it!) While I know most of the Story of JTC, it served both as a great primer for the uninitiated and as a nice source of interviews and goodness for the Chick-geek. Stang and Howl were a hoot as always, but I really enjoyed Dan Raeburn's insights. I'd give it two 'Fangs' up! - Dave M (Orlando FL )

"I've been meaning to thank you for the DVDs! I got them the week before last and I enjoyed watching the documentary very much. Seeing those tracts rolling through the presses was amazing in itself, and the rare footage was priceless!" - Kirk D., (Siloam Springs, AR)

"Out of sight documentary project completion!" - Ray R. (San Antonio, TX)

"Just now watched it and wanted to say how much I enjoyed it. Especially seeing Fred Carter. But also the kooks in the flesh--Alberto ranting in his Cathtilian ee-Thpanish, Rebecca Brown. And the guy who winds up in jail at the end. When I saw that I actually said, involuntarily, HAW HAW HAW!" - Dan R. (Chicago, IL)

"I enjoyed the documentary very much. I learned a lot of interesting things. Of course, I appreciated Rev. Stang's thoughts, but I liked hearing from all the interviewees. Everybody seemed so nice. I liked the animated tract scenes. They really made Somebody Goofed even more moving. Kudos to everybody involved." - Randall H. (Winnfield LA)

"This DVD is EXCELLENT! Great job and continued best wishes with sales." - Steve S. (Uknown location)

"Thanks so much! I got the documentary in and am excited to see it. I also wanted to order your book." - Andria L (La Porte, IN)

"I was kind of shocked to realize that it's apparently the first of its type - considering the long-term ubiquity of Chick's famous giveaway comic tracts, you'd assume that someone would have thought to make a feature-length documentary on the topic before now, but it appears that Kurt Kuersteiner is the first director to put something together.... I think there is a lot of inherent fascination in the topic, and the True Believer contingent of the interview subjects has a clarity of voice and purpose that proves compelling." - Jog's Blog


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