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Jack Chick Tract Club link

Chick Tract Day (Nov. 22) in History

On November 22:

AD 230 - St. Cecilia, virgin, was martyred by being suffocated in an overheated bath. She is nowthe patron saint of musicians. (See ANGELS)

570 - A child born the day before was named Muhammad (pbuh) by his proud parents. He wouldlater become the last Prophet of Allah. (See THE PROPHET)

1220 - Frederick II was crowned Holy Roman Emperor by the Pope. He subsequently wasexcommunicated for suggesting that the Pope should return to the conditions of poverty of thefirst Christians. (See THE POOR POPE)

1247 - Robin Hood died, according to "A Lytell Geste of Robyn Hood." (See HOW TO GETRICH)

1633 - The first settlers of Maryland sailed from England. These settlers were Roman Catholics,seeking the "freedom" to use corrupted translations of the Bible, and to ban the King Jamesversion. (See THE ATTACK)

1688 - John Churchill (later Duke of Marlborough) betrayed Catholic King James II of England,defecting to the invading army of William of Orange. This ensured William's victory, so thatEngland would remain a Protestant nation, at least until the Twentieth Century. (See THETRAITOR)

1718 - Edward Teach, alias "Blackbeard the Pirate", was killed in a naval battle off the NorthCarolina coast. (See GUNSLINGER)

1774 - Baron Robert Clive, founder of Britain's Indian empire, committed suicide with anoverdose of opium. (See LOVE THE JEWISH PEOPLE)

1780 - Major Benjamin Tallmadge led 80 Patriots in a pre-dawn surprise raid against a Torygarrison at Brookhaven, Long Island. Seven of the enemy were killed, 54 were captured. (SeeHOLY JOE)

1812 - Potawatomi Indian Chief Winamac, a supporter of the British, was killed fighting againstpro-American Chief Logan. (See THE TRUE PATH)

1819 - "George Eliot" (Mary Ann Evans), author of "Silas Marner" and free-thinking atheist, wasborn. (See THAT CRAZY GUY)

1856 - Heber J. Grant, President of the Mormon Church 1918-1945, was born. (See THEVISITORS)

1859 - Charles Darwin's book, "On The Origin of Species," was first advertised for sale, twodays before its release. (See BIG DADDY)1859 - Belle Gunness, American serial killer, was born in Norway. She murdered more than 40people (mostly for insurance money), then disappeared. (See MEAN MOMMA)

1864 - The Georgia legislature called on troops to defend the state capital of Millegeville, whilethey fled in panic. General Sherman's troops burned the city the same afternoon. (See BURNBABY BURN)

1888 - Tarzan was born, according to Edgar Rice Burroughs' novel. (See MOVING ON UP)

1890 - Charles De Gaulle, President of France, was born. (See THE STAR)

1898 - Wiley Post, famous aviator, was born. He was later killed in a plane crash in Alaska. (See FLIGHT 144)

1906 - Delegates of the International Radio and Telegraphic Convention voted to use "SOS" asthe new international distress signal. (See TITANIC)

1921 - Rodney Dangerfield, a comedian who gets no respect, was born. (See UNLOVED)1930 - The Black Muslim movement was founded in Detroit. (See UNFORGIVEN)

1932 - Robert Vaughn, star of "The Man From UNCLE" and liberal political activist, was born.(See THE POOR REVOLUTIONIST)

1938 - The first Coelacanth, a prehistoric fish thought extinct, was caught off the South Africancoast. (See THERE GO THE DINOSAURS)

1942 - A Soviet counteroffensive encircled the Germans at Stalingrad, trapping 250,000 Germansoldiers. (See THE BATTLE)

1943 - At the Cairo Conference, FDR and Churchill decided that China would be the dominantpower in Asia, following the defeat of Japan. (See KINGS OF THE EAST)

1943 - Billie Jean King, tennis champion and lesbian, was born. (See THE GAY BLADE)

1950 - In the lowest scoring professional basketball game in history, the Pistons defeated theLakers by a score of 19-18. (See THE SUPERSTAR)

1950 - Two Long Island Railroad trains collided in New York City, killing 79 commuters. (SeeTHE ACCIDENT)

1954 - The Humane Society of the United States was founded. (See CLEO)

1955 - Shemp Howard, the fourth of the Three Stooges, died. (See THE FOOL)

1963 - President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, perhaps by Jesuits. (See THEAWFUL TRUTH)

1963 - Aldous Huxley, author of "Brave New World", died in California. (See THE LASTGENERATION)

1963 - Catholic novelist C. S. Lewis died in Oxford, England. His novel "The Screwtape Letters"may have inspired A DEMON'S NIGHTMARE.

1967 - The United Nations passed Resolution 242, ordering Israel to give back all "occupied"land. (See SOMEBODY ANGRY)

1967 - General Westmoreland announced US victory in Vietnam, claiming that the Battle ofBak-To marked "the beginning of a great defeat for the enemy." (See THE DREAMER)

1968 - The Beatles released "The White Album", which later inspired Charles Manson to commit mass murder. (See SPELLBOUND)

1968 - The first interracial kiss was broadcast on television, as Kirk kissed Uhuru on "Star Trek." (See SOUL SISTERS)

1971 - According to THE ASSIGNMENT, Charles Bishop died of a massive heart attack at 3:10AM, after unwisely deciding to postpone accepting Jesus Christ as his savior. He joinedBlackbeard, Lord Clive, and C. S. Lewis in the Lake of Fire.

1971 - The number one song on this day was "Theme From 'Shaft'" by Isaac Hayes. (See SOULSTORY)

1974 - The Palestinian Liberation Organization was granted observer status in the UnitedNations. (See MEN OF PEACE)

1975 - Juan Carlos de Bourbon was sworn in as King of Spain, following the death of Franco.(See THE STORY TELLER)

1980 - Americans spent the day rehashing "who shot JR?" after the answer was revealed theprevious evening on the TV show "Dallas." However, the question "who shot JFK?" remainedunanswered. (See THE HIT)

1980 - Mae West, actress and sex goddess, died. (See YOU HAVE A DATE)

1982 - Michael Jackson's record album "Thriller" was released. (See HOME ALONE)

1986 - Mike Tyson became the youngest heavyweight boxing champion in history, at the age of20. (See THE SLUGGER)

1986 - Mother Teresa underwent heart surgery in Calcutta, India. (See HEART TROUBLE)

1987 - Pope John Paul II beatified 85 Roman Catholics who were "martyred" by Protestantsbetween 1584-1679 during the Reformation. He ignored the 60 million Protestants and Jews whowere murdered by Catholics during the Inquisition. (See GODFATHERS)

1989 - Rene Moawad, President of Lebanon, was assassinated during Independence Daycelebrations, less than three weeks after he took office. (See THE BIG BETRAYAL)

1993 - Mexico ratified the North American Free Trade Agreement. (See TINY SHOES)

1995 - Rosemary West, Britain's most prolific female serial killer, was sentenced to lifeimprisonment for the murder of 10 young women. (See THE TRIAL)

1999 - Hockey star Wayne Gretzky was inducted into the NHL Hall of Fame. (See THE GREAT ONE)

2005 - The Xbox 360 video game was released by Microsoft. (See DARK DUNGEONS)

2008 - The Vatican finally forgave John Lennon for saying (in 1966) that The Beatles were morepopular than Jesus. (See WHO ARE THEY GONNA REMEMBER?)

Thanks to Bill P. for compiling this list!


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