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These comments are seperate from Chick Memories, because they aren't really memories but are Chick related news or religious trivia of interest to Chick fans. They usually have something to do with the topics, themes or conspiracies that Chick tracts contain.

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10/31/05 - It's Halloween. See Chick's Happy Halloween.

Bush appoints 55-year-old Judge Sam Alito to the Supreme Court. The move delights conservatives who wanted someone who will not read into the Constitution new policies that have not yet been passed by the legislature. However, liberals are angry because they will lose swing votes by several of the last appointees selected by Republicans who grew more liberal over the years (like O'conner, Kennedy, and especially Sutter.)

10/29/05 - A preacher is electrocuted while stepping into the Baptism pool when his microphone fell in the water. (Oops.)

10/27/05 - Harriete Miers withdraws from consideration as a Supreme Court nominee. She was attacked by both left and right. Conservatives didn't like her because she wasn't seen as very conservative and was rather old (65).

10/25/05 - Call To Action sues the school board in North Carolina for seperation of Church of State, because the school board allowed a new age meditation expert to teach (preach) to the children. The teacher admits the meditation is based on Hindu and Buddist prayer techniques.

10/14/05 - President Hugo Chavez expels a Christian missionary group from Venezuela because of his paranoia that its working for the CIA. (Pat Robinson suggested we "take him out" because he's such buddies with Fidel and supported Saddam.) Hugo suggested he would also help the victims in New Orleans by offering cheap oil to the US, but you sure haven't heard anything more from that promise have you? Haw-haw!

The anti-Christian internet comic Filthy Lies includes a strip directed at Chick. Needless to say, it hates Chick's tracts... but it also hates The Passion Of The Christ-- so maybe there's common ground after all? Haw-haw!

Here's the latest Blame Bush conspiracy: Bush caused the earthquakes in Pakistan by supporting big oil that has drained the ground and caused shifts in the ground below. (Why not? When he's not bombing levees and causing global warming, he has to do something to keep himself busy.)

10/13/05 - Nation of Islam leader, Luis Farakahn accuses White America of "bombing the levees" in New Orleans to kill blacks. (The Hurricane was only a convenient cover.) He's now trying to drum up support for "A Million More" black march on Washington. If they would just tax every protester a dollar to complain, we could eliminate the deficit in a few short order. (But what would the news use for fluff?)

10/5/05 - The US Supreme court hears arguments against Oregon's "right to die" law, which allows doctors to prescribe lethal doses of medicine to terminal patients who want it and have less than six months to live (often with increasing pain).

10/4/05 - Former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore declares his bid for the Governorship of the state that fired him for refusing to remove the Ten Commandments from the State courthouse. He could run against Republican Bob Riley and win.

10/2/05 - The minister in our Episcopal church resigns because he can no longer support the efforts of certain Bishops too endorse homosexual marriage by the church. He is the second minister in our church to leave and start another Anglican church. Unfortunately, the more people who leave because of this controversy, the more powerful the gay activists become, because there are fewer people left to resist. That's how the Bishops pulled it off to begin with. They created a separate leadership for the more conservative African and Caribbean Bishops to get them out of the voting block that opposed gay marriage in the church. Expect more drifting toward the divisive position. See Chick's Sin City.

9/30/05 - Pentagon official Larry Franklin offers to admit he did leak top secret information to Israel by way of Jewish Lobbyists of AIPAC-- in exchange for a lesser sentence. The two Jewish Americans accused (Wiseman and Rosen) still maintain they are innocent. Chick believes those who bless Israel will be blessed, and those who don't help her will be cursed. But does "bless" include spying? See Love The Jewish People.

Conservative talk show host and Roman Catholic Bill Bennett gets in trouble for saying that increasing abortions is an absurd way to reduce crime. He was responding to a liberal supporter of abortion who claimed increased abortions were reducing the crime rate in the USA. Bennett points out that aborting all Black babies would lower the crime level, but it would also be "ridiculous and morally reprehensible." Liberals call his comments racist, even though its true that blacks commit the highest % of crime of any ethnic group in the USA (over 30% for adult black males). So is it racist to use true facts to demonstrate the slippery slope of an absurd argument in support of abortion? Chick's original motto on Battlecry was "Am I therefore your enemy because I tell you the truth?" (Gal: 4:16) See also Chick's Who Murdered Clarice?

9/29/05 - The Senate passes Judge Roberts as Chief Justice to the Supreme Court with 22 dissenting votes by Democrats like Kerry, Clinton, and Schumer. Democrats say they won't pass the next one if he's "a Conservative Ideologue." (Of course, the last time Democrats selected a Judge, they picked ACLU lawyer Ruth Ginsburg, a liberal Ideologue that was passed with only 2 opposing votes.)

9/27/05 - NPR's Talk of the Nation discusses the upcoming policy of the Catholic Church to ban homosexuals from the priesthood. The host tells the guest priest that the scandal had nothing to do with gays, but instead involved pedophiles. The guest priest, however, pointed out that 78% of the victims were in fact young men 16 years or older, and that pedophilia involves pre-pubescent children. (Why didn't the news ever report this?) Nonetheless, gay activists are still outraged the Church is discriminating... but aren't offering to pay the multi-million $ settlements if Church doesn't change.

9/26/05 - Our old friends, the ACLU, is helping spend more tax payer funds in court. This time they're suing the government in Harrisburg PA over allowing the theory of Intelligent Design (ID) along side with the theory of Evolution. Of course, if Intelligent Design said that space aliens started life on Earth, a lot of the ACLU would not have any problems with it, but as long as they leave it open to suggest a higher power, expect a fight all the way to the Supreme Court. (Once there, Ruth Ginsberg-- the former ACLU Lawyer turned Supreme Court justice, will help decide the case.) See Chick's THE TRIAL.

I become a Foster Parent to one of the New Orlean's "Evacuees". It's a two year old black male. His previous home was flooded. I have to keep him locked in the bathroom because he doesn't get along with my 13 year old, who just growls and snarls whenever she sees him. I'll try to post pictures later. (They're both long hair cats.) Good thing he's not going to be sacrificed this Halloween to the devil. See Chick's Happy Halloween.

9/22/05 - The Vatican prepares to issue a document expressing their policy not to hire homosexuals as priests. The issue was put on the front burner after the church spent millions of dollars to settle sexual assault claims made by boys who were molested by their priests. Gay activists claim their is no connection between men who have sex with boys and homosexuals. They feel the policy is a witch hunt. (Shouldn't that be "warlock hunt"? Haw-haw-haw!)

9/21/05 - A Mexican Catholic Bishop creates controversy when he admits the Church accepts money from drug lords, but claims "the money is purified when it is given to the church."

9/20/05 - Nazi Hunter Simon Wethenthal dies. The famous Jew hunted down aged former Nazis for decades after the war. He also authored a book about how it is impossible to forgive certain crimes. See Holocaust for Chick's essay on how the Holocaust was really an INQUISITION.

9/18/05 - Christian Democrats only beat out the Socialist Democrats in German elections. Although the Socialists are anti-American, it is actually good for American business they retained power, as they tend to hold down the German Economy, an otherwise strong US competitor.

9/17/05 - The Vatican comes under fire for setting up inspections for about 220 different seminaries to detect evidence of homosexual behavior. It's part of an effort to stop practicing gays from becoming priests and creating another round of sex scandals. Critics claim there is "no connection" with gays and the priests who had sex with young boys. Whatever!

9/15/05 - Robert Riech (Clinton's former Labor Secretary) admits on NPR that the Democrats plan to pass Judge Roberts, but are putting up a fight to intimidate Republicans from picking a more conservative judge to replace O'connor's seat.

9/14/05 - Another controversial ruling from California: This time a judge rules it's unconstitutional to say "one nation under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance. Meanwhile, hearings for Judge Robert's appointment to replace William Rehnquist continue. Democrats attempt to embarrass the judge with controversial past rulings and memos, but have yet to find anything significant enough to derail his appointment. One activist group ran commercials that attempted to link the Judge with supporting terrorism against Abortion clinics. That ridiculous claim backfired and seems to have muted some of the sensational rhetoric that normally occurs during such hearings. It is likely opponents will let Roberts on the court and conserve firepower to attack whomever is selected to replace Justice O'Connor (a swing vote).

9/11/05 - Another sober anniversary of the attack that started the war on terror. See Chick's Who Cares?

9/4/05 - Chief Justice William Rehnquist dies. Expect a big controversy over who is selected to replace him, due to the social, political and religious ramifications of the high court's rulings. See Chick's The Trial.

9/1/05 - The Democratic controlled California Senate passes a bill to allow gay marriage by a margin of 21 to 15. It is the first time gay marriage is endorsed by elected officials, instead of forced on the state by activist judges. It is less likely to pass the assembly, however, since those officials are up for re-election every two years.

Chick Publications releases a new tract, The Missing Day. The topic is the changing nature of Thanksgiving.

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