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THE REST OF OCTOBER: My computer was down, so I was spared the grim duty of the reporting on the two candidates attacking each other. Somebody up there must like me. (Or else the Jesuits don't and took me off-line, haw-haw-haw!)

10/01 - The new Socialist government approves a gay marriage Bill in Spain. They are the 3rd European government allow same sex marriage, and the first with a large Catholic population. (Most Spaniards were unaware that the Socialists supported gay marriage when they voted them into office after the Madrid bombing.)

9/30/04 - Democrats in the House of Representatives block passage of a Constitutional Amendment that would ban gay marriage in the US. Kerry and Edwards voted against a similar ban in the Senate earlier in the year.

9/28/04 - Border officials in Texas fish a fiberglass Jesus statue out of the Rio Grande. Hispanic Catholics congregate at the station to view the "miracle"... while being careful to avoid detention by the INS.

9/22/04 - A lady in South Italy is killed as a large metal Crucifix falls on her from atop a Catholic Church.

Jimmy Swaggart takes back the comment he made on TV that he would kill any gay man who looked at him romantically. Someone in Canada filed a complaint with their PC police.

9/20/04 - After the other news agencies have called into question the professionalism of CBS, Dan Rather makes a timid retraction, admitting he "made an error" about the earlier documents attacking Bush's National Guard service. But he falls short of coming out and saying he was fooled. He now says the documents "cannot be verified."

9/16/04 - While Canada begins gay marriages, Chick Publications warns of new laws preventing churches from even criticizing the issue.

Our Tract Archive (and Tallahassee in general) survive the onslaught of Hurricane Ivan. The high winds, rains and tornado watch end around 9PM. Meanwhile, another Hurricane forms and heads toward Florida.

9/15/04 - A shell-shocked Dan Rather appears on 60 Minutes to continue to defend his report that they used fabricated documents to "prove" Bush dodged his National Guard service in the 1970s. Rather insisted the story was true even though the documents were not. (Can you imagine what 60 Minutes would do to a Govenor who executed a murderer on bogus evidence, and then tried to rationalize it by saying "but he was guilty anyway!"?) If CBS continues digging this hole much deeper, they might stumble upon hell before their time! Haw-haw-haw!

9/14/04- Another Hurricane (named after the tract Ivan The Terrible) threatens Tallahassee, home to our humble archive. See The Killer Storm.

9/13/04 - A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Rev. Rich Lee, President of the Chick Tract Club. He's 29... for the eighth or ninth time. Haw-haw-haw!

9/11/04 - Our nation remembers the attack on the twin towers and Pentagon from three years ago. See Who Cares?

9/10/04- Dan Rather and 60 Minutes report Bush skipped Vietnam thanks to pressure from political allies. They present photocopied documents to prove their allegation... only to have experts point out that the word processor that created the document didn't exist at military outposts at the time the letter was supposedly typed. (It also referred to staff that had already retired, gave improper deadlines and was signed by an officer --since deceased-- who would not normally sign such a document.) 60 Minutes refused to include any of the skeptics in their initial report, won't reveal their source and continues to insist they weren't the victim of a hoax. See Somebody Goofed.

9/9/04 - The Vatican makes it official: Catholics can vote for pro-abortion candidates without committing sin, so long as they are personally against abortion. So technically, any Catholic can vote for Kerry and rationalize it... except for Kerry himself.

9/5/04 - The Jesuits missed me by THAT MUCH! I was working alone at the warehouse and parked in my usual space beneath the giant billboard that stands outside the West entrance. Hurricane Francis started to blow into town. (I was digging some trenches to keep water from running into the building.) As the wind howled and rain started to pour, I ran out to my car and drove off... narrowly avoiding the collapse of the billboard and light fixtures onto my parking place. Better luck next time SJ! Haw-haw-haw!

9/3/04 - Hurricane Francis heads toward Florida, forcing me to CANCEL THE BOOK SIGNING AT DRAGONCON. Sorry, but the highways are jammed and others' need the hotel room in Atlanta more than I.

The St. Louis Archbishop that told Catholic's who voted for pro-abortion candidates were sinning and should go to confession before receiving communion has clarified his remarks. He now says as long as Catholics don't vote for such a Candidate because they are pro-abortion, (but in spite of it), it would be okay. He still maintains that he would not serve Kerry or other pro-abortion Catholics communion, however. See Baby Talk.

9/1/04 - Convention history is made when at Democrat addresses the GOP for the first time as its Keynote speaker. Senator Zell Miller gave a blistering account of the voting record from his fellow Democratic Senator, John Kerry. The speech is so damning, it motivates the Kerry campaign to break another tradition (not to campaign during the other party's convention) and organize a late night rally to lash out at the Republicans. (All this, and there's still over two months to go!) Zell delivered his speech like a hellfire preacher and made numerous religious references to Bush, including the comment, "he's the same man on Saturday night, as he is on Sunday morning."

Chick Publications releases a new tract, Devil's Night. It's a Fred Carter effort using Lil' Suzy to attack Halloween.

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