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10/23/03 - The media is hyperventilating over Congress outlawing partial birth abortions. It's the procedure where mothers are induced into labor and the baby is killed as it comes out. Most people who are pro-choice are even against the procedure, which by definition, is infanticide. Clinton vetoed the bill twice, and now California Senator Barbara Boxer-- related to Clinton by marriage on Hillery's side-- is angry she lost and claims it's the beginning of the end of all abortion rights (which is total b.s.). Someone needs to send her a copy of Baby Talk.

10/15/03 - Rush Limbaugh admits getting hooked on pain killers after his surgery for deafness. Newsweek had a holiday with the story, suggesting to readers that he should go to jail as an example. (Yet they are normally against jail time for heroine users.) When Kitty Dukakis was addicted to rubbing alcohol, Newsweek told us what a difficult and heroic struggle the poor woman went though under stress. They're singing a different tune now. Let's hope Rush doesn't wind up like the chap in Trust Me.

10/8/03 - Chick Publications has a new governor today. Arnold won by a landslide, despite last minute dirty laundry being tossed into the spin cycle. As one voter put it, "I'd rather be groped by Arnold than screwed by Davis."

10/6/03 - Remember how Bill Clinton consulted with California Governor Gray Davis to help the embattled Democrat keep his job? One wonders what sort of advice he gave. Davis was on the airways yesterday blasting Arnold as being "unfit to govern" because of his alleged sexual harassment. (Let's hope that wasn't Bill's idea.) Meanwhile, the Moveon.org website that was created to defend Clinton against similar allegations is also saying Arnold isn't fit to lead. Just think, if Body builder Arnold isn't "fit" enough for the job, what hope is there for Davis, the pencil necked geek? Or his Lt. Governor, the over weight ex-limo driver who is also running for the position. (Well, not "running." More like waddling.)

10/4/03 - Here's a change. During his 4 day bus tour, Arnold actually admitted to some of the womanizing. (Doesn't conventional wisdom state one should postphone negative admissions until after the election?) He also apologized to any women he offended. He denies admiring Hitler, however, and it turns out the remark was deliberately taken out of context, when he specificially condemned the German dictator. You gotta love that sloppy L.A. Times!

10/03/03 - Rush Limbaugh is forced to resign from the MSN football pre-game show for saying a certain quarter back gets favorable treatment because he's black. (Isn't that what Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton complain about all the time, only they point the finger the other direction? Will they get fired?) But the big bomb shell is the news article that suggests Rush is addicted to pain killers and bought them illegally through his house keeper (who sold the story to the Inquirer for several thousand dollars). First it's Arnold, then Limbaugh... Who's next?

10/2/03- Just a few days before the California recall election, and now the papers are announcing Arnold is a womanizer and a closet Nazi. They claim the allegations did not come from any political source, but of course, they said the same thing when allegations about Bush driving drunk came out days before the last election. Some papers state that "religious organizations are urging voters not to support Arnold." Closer observation reveals that those "religious organizations" don't include any Christian groups, but rather, Jewish and Black Muslim groups which are typically Democratic voters. The spin cycle is on full blast!

10/1/03 - The Pope is ill and rumors of replacements are starting to circulate. Insiders say he is dying. What will become of all those tract cameos?

9/10/03- Heard on the BBC: Opposition to Canada's proposed same-sex marriages is growing. Bishops are leading a PR effort to explain the difference between diversity and perversity. What was pushed through with very little public input may be in for some angry controversy.

9/4/03 - Remember The Assignment ? The real-life Charles Bishop is back in the news. Chick out the Newsmax article emailed by Tom Alford.

9/3/03 - Paul Hill was executed here in Florida today. He's the Presbyterian minister who shot an abortion doctor to death and then turned himself in. Gov. Jeb Bush, a pro-life Catholic, has refused to interfere with the verdict. I wonder if anyone mailed Hill a copy of Who Murdered Clarice?

Also in the news: A San Francisco court overturned the death sentence for over 100 prisoners in California, Arizona and Nevada. Paul Hill was in the wrong state!

9/2/03 - Chick released BUSTED! A new tract about a lawyer who loves to rail road low lifes... until he meets his fate in the parking lot.

9/1/03 - Echoes of The Poor Little Witch an be heard at the Scott Peterson murder trial. DNA evidence indicates he killed his pregnant wife and dumped her overboard in the bay. Now he claims it was a Satanic Cult.

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