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8/28/03 - The anti-Christians must be proud: They not only removed the monument, they also succeed in getting Roy Moore (the justice who arranged to have the monument installed) suspended from the bench. One can almost hear the corks popping at ACLUs across the nation. Now they are going after Texas for having an old Bible on exhibit-- the same Bible officials took their oath of office on.

8/20/03 - The Alabama Federal Appeals court has ordered the state Supreme Court to remove a monument of the Ten Commandments at the court house, claiming it creates a conflict between church and state. Supporters refuse and say they will take the issue to the US Supreme court, because the ten commandments is the foundation for our laws. The US Supreme court has refused to issue a restraining order in the case.

Its ridiculous to assume the framers of the Constitution meant to abolish any state reference to religion when they all swore an oath of office with their hand on the Bible (as to current officials, including judges). Like so many other issues, the ACLU crowd has taken this too far.

8/18/03 - More news on Mel Gibson's The Passion movie. It turns out that he's going all out to keep it as accurate as possible, using ancient (dead) languages only. In fact, Gibson refuses to have it dubbed in English or even subtitled! Despite this very limited audience, critics are still bullying him for a more politically correct version of the story. Maybe Mel should say, "okay, if you're going to threaten me with boycotts, then maybe I'll dub it in English to make up the loss." That (plus all the controversy) would probably explode ticket sales. Haw-haw-haw!

8/15/03 - Chick Publications is selling "tract wallets" for 79¢. They are similar to check book covers and store up to 20 tracts. A pretty nifty item.

8/10/03 - The recently ordained gay Episcopal Bishop has made it clear he has no intention of resigning to save the church from breaking in two. Instead, he suggests "if people decide to leave, it will be up to them. But we hope they stay." The manipulative language is designed to make it sound like anyone who leaves is radical and unreasonable, instead of the political activists who tossed scripture and church tradition out the window to get what they wanted. Stay tuned to see how well it sells in October at an emergency Episcopal convention called by the Arch Bishop of Canterbury.

8/9/03 - Several news stories have recently attacked Mel Gibson for investing $25 million of his own money to create The Passion, a film about the last 12 hours of Christ. The ADL claims the film is anti-Semitic since many ancient Israelis were instrumental in arranging the death sentence for Jesus (according to the New Testament). The ADL seems to forget two important points: (1) Jews have never allowed other religions to alter their Old Testament for reasons of political correctness and (2) Jesus himself was a Jew... as was the virgin Mary. Catholics like Gibson are well aware of this and Gibson has a long career of working in harmony with Jews. Trying to label Mel a hate monger is ridiculous.

8/8/03- Arnold has announced he plans to run for California Governor. Will Chick use the opportunity to reissue his old tract, The Terminator?

8/6/03 - The Episcopalians confirmed the openly gay priest, after only a one day investigation on charges of sexual misconduct. (Where's Ken Starr when you need him?) The bigger issue is placing an unrepentant sinner in a leadership position. Homosexuality may be politically correct, but it is condemned by the Bible in no uncertain terms. The Episcopal church leadership has apparently decided the Bible is too outdated. They sound like Reverend Ray in Sin City.

8/3/02- Allegations of sexual misconduct have surfaced against the gay Episcopal bishop candidate. He admits helping establish a gay/ transsexual website that encourages readers to engage in that lifestyle. However, the convention seems hell-bent on pushing the confirmation through anyway. The leader has indicated no en depth investigation into an "inappropriate touching" allegation is needed before a vote.

8/1/03- The hits keep coming: a new film embarrasses Catholic nuns in Ireland. Magdalene Sisters is an exposé of a Catholic charity organization that used problem girls as free laundry workers. The abuse is pretty unpleasant. The last Magdalene laundry closed in 1996.

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