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8/31/05 - After making a peace move by pulling out of Gaza and a few settlements in the West Bank, Israel announces plans to expand other settlements in the West Bank. Arabs claim the violation of the road map shows Israel has no intention to give back the annexed land.

8/30/05 - Muslims in a religious parade in Iraq hear a rumor of a bomber among them. They stampede in a panic and kill an estimated 1,000 (mostly women and children).

8/29/05 - Hurricane Katrina hits New Orleans. The flood destroys billions in property and may have killed hundreds. See Chick's Killer Storm.

8/23/05 - California courts decide that children born by lesbian couples belong to both equally, and the mother that did not give birth still has to pay child support for the other partner's kid after they break up.

The State Department repudiates Pat Robertson's suggestion that the USA should assassinate the revolutionary president of Venezuela. Hugo Chavez is an outspoken enemy of the USA and private property rights. He tried to seize power illegally and went to jail, but eventually won an election by promising to redistribute the wealth (especially the oil industry). Robertson mentioned on his 700 Club that US covert operations should "take him out".

8/22/05 - Eric Rudolf gets life without parole. Before receiving his sentence, he apologizes to the court for bombing the Atlanta park concert during the Olympics-- but doesn't apologize for the bombing of the gay night club or abortion clinic (which he accepts responsibility for).

8/18/05 - Israeli troops enter two synagogs to drag away protesting settlers. The forced removal continues with minor glitches (a woman sets herself on fire and another settler shot an Arab) but Palestinian celebrations are muted by the fact new settlements are still being built in the West Bank and over 17,000 Palestinian homes have been destroyed to make room for Jews.

The Governor of New Mexico, Gov. Ricardson, admits on NPR that he "doesn't want to shut down the border" to illegal Mexican migrants. On the contrary, his state encourages the migration by paying tuition for illegals and providing them driver's licenses. There aughta be a law-- oops-- there already is. But no one is enforcing it, including the Governor's who's sworn duty is to "faithfully enforce the laws of the state." (Alberto claimed the migrants were part of a plan to flood the US with Catholics.)

8/16/05 - About 1/2 the Jewish settlers leave the settlements in Gaza, and four of the 120 settlements in the West Bank. The prime minister tells the press he hated to give up any occupied land, but that the "demographics" made it impossible to control. The Palestinians were outnumbering the Jews by too large of margins.

Speaking of outnumbered, a new survey shows that in addition to the estimated 60 million Hispanics now living in the USA legally, and the 13 to 20 million here illegally, another 70 million want to move here, illegally or otherwise... and that's just Mexicans! Multiply that out with all the other nations South of the border, and you realize we have to do something before it's too late. (Chick's early version of Why No Revival? suggests the illegal immigration is a Vatican plot of overflow the USA with Catholics. Texas has recently joined California and several other states with "majority minority" populations-- especially Hispanics.)

Lutherans vote not to allow practicing gays to become ministers, but allow local synods and congregations to continue offering pastoral care, including church blessings, to same-sex couples. 23 of the ELCA's 65 synods have declared themselves Reconciling,

8/12/05 - Lutheran leaders meet in Atlanta for a conference and decide to stay united. Then they take up the controversial issue of if they should honor practicing homosexuals with leadership roles as ministers. (They currently allow no practicing gays as ministers.)

Israel gives Jewish settlers 48 hours to move out of the West Bank and Gaza strip. It promises to pay them each a $1/4 million and destroy the houses afterwards. (Most of them were foreign immigrants who moved to Israel from Russia or the US, and were given free homes in occupied land built with US aid, much to the consternation of various American Presidents). Israel occupied the territory after the 1967 war, and the man who engineered the policy of sending settlers there to annex the land is the same Prime Minister who is overseeing their partial removal. A confrontation on Monday is expected.

8/7/05 - The news reports on the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints (FLDS), an orthodox splinter group of the Mormons that believe Warren Jeffs is a prophet and do whatever he says. He believes in polygamy, among other things, and excommunicates boys for the slightest infraction so that (according to critics) there will be more than one wife per remaining male. Authorities have an arrest warrant out on Jeffs for allowing marriages between men and minors. He's currently on the run. See Chick's The Visitors.

Former ABC news anchor Peter Jennings dies at age 67. The former smoker announced he had lung cancer during his last broadcast four months ago. Jennings offended many Christians in 2000 when he hosted a program that suggested the virgin birth of Jesus was a myth, that the Jews did not want Jesus crucified, and that Jesus was more a political activist in the mold of Martin Luther King and Gandhi. The program was entitled "In Search of Jesus." (I guess he finally found him.)

8/4/05 - An AWOL Jewish Israeli soldier riding on a public bus opened fire with an automatic weapon on Arab passengers, killing four and wounding more than 10 others. He was then beaten to death by the surviving Palestinians.

8/2/05 - President Bush answers a reporter's question about intelligent design theory being offered in school by saying he thinks different points of view are a good thing in education. His remark causes a storm of criticism by gay Representative Barney Frank and other left wing advocates who say he's pushing an extremist agenda.

8/1/05 - I return from LA and San Francisco after interviewing Fred Carter, David Daniels, Chaplain Dann, Bob Fowler and Hal Robins for the Chick Tracts documentary. Everyone did well before the camera and was fun to speak with.

7/24/05 - It turns out man shot in the London subway was not a terrorist. Oops. But when you wear a heavy jacket in the summer and run from cops after several recent suicide bombings, what do you expect? (Answer: A big law suit.) See Chick's Skylighter.

7/22/05 - Roman Polanski wins a $90,000.00 law suit against a British tabloid that claims he tried to seduce a woman on his way home from his late wife's funeral (Sharon Tate) in the 1970s. Polanski admitted he is a sex-aholic, but that he waited almost a full month after his pregnant wife's murder before he seduced his next sexual conquest. Polanski testified via video, because he was afraid the British might extradite him to the United States where he skipped bail on a statutory rape charge. Polanski and Sharon Tate both appear in the original version of Why No Revival? on page 16. Chick disapproved of Polanski's film, Rosemary's Baby.

London "Bobbies" chase and shoot another terrorist in the subway. The days of unarmed cops seems gone forever.

7/21/05 - Witnesses claim three Middle Easterners and one black attempted to bomb four more mass transit busses/ trains in London today. Only the detonators went off, so no one was killed. All four terrorists escaped (for now). The BBC sends a memo telling employees not to call the bombers terrorists though, since that my stigmatize others. Maybe we should stop calling criminals "bad guys" too. It's wrong to offend anyone, it might stigmatize them... Haw-haw-haw!

7/19/05 - Bush announces Judge Roberts as his Supreme Court nominee. The usual suspects line up to denounce him (or whoever the nominee would be) but it appears he's a shoe in. He had written that Roe vs. Wade was a mistake, but later said it was "settled law".

7/18/05 - Eric Rudolf pleads guilty to the abortion clinic bombings of the 1990s. He gets life in prison as part of the deal.

7/12/05 - Some Muslim activists on the BBC condemn Tony Blair for describing the bombers as "Islamic Extremists." They say the bombers are really criminals (instead of terrorists), and police never state the religion of criminals. Besides, the motive has nothing to do with Islam. (I guess they never heard of the Jihad.) See Chick's Sky Lighter.

7/11/05 - After 4 hours of debate, Anglican Bishops vote 3 to 1 to allow women to become Bishops in the Church of England. It would take 4 years for the change to take effect.

7/10/05 - Hurricane "Denise the Menace" hits Florida and empties 8.6" inches of rain on Tallahassee. Not to fear, however, the Chick Museum remains high and dry! (Those Jesuits are wasting their time doing all those rain dances outside in the picket line!)

Catholic Church officials announces an apology and a $16 million settlement to victims of a popular Californian priest (Pridget). The settlement equals a cool $1.3 million per victim.

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) goes on Sunday morning talk shows to downplay the cell phone conversation where he was overheard saying that Democrats were "planning to go to war" over the next Supreme Court nominee, even before a candidate is selected. Schumer is one of the members of the Senate's Judicial Committee that approves such nominees. He also said Democrats should ask all nominees their views on Roe Vs. Wade and vote against anyone who doesn't support Abortion in all 50 states. Other Senators are saying Schumer should recuse himself for making up his mind before hearing any evidence. He's refusing. See Chick's The Trial.

7/9/05 - Daniel Shore, "senior news analyst" for NPR, calls the London bombings "Blair's heavy price for supporting George Bush in Iraq." (The terrorists must love such comments.) But Londoners know that America suffered far more than 50 dead when it joined Britain to fight their greatest threat over 50 years ago. And we never 2nd guessed if it was worth it, either. See Chick's Holocaust.

7/8/05 - Terrorists sympathizers, including British Parliament minister George Galloway, waste no time blaming Bush and Blair (instead of the terrorists) for the 50 killed in the London bombing. Galloway drove to Iraq during the invasion to show solidarity for Saddam. (During WW2, there were also some Hitler sympathizers who criticized Roosevelt and Churchill for western victims of the war.) Meanwhile, a few isolated attacks against Muslims has been observed in London, although it is nothing like the retaliation that would result if Christian civilians blew up their neighbors in an Islamic country. See Chick's Who Cares?

7/7/05 - Islamic terrorists detonate four bombs in London and kill 50 innocent bystanders. al-Qaida claims (on their website) that it is "God's judgement" and retaliation for the UK supporting Afghanistan and Iraq. Everyone agrees the invasion of Afghanistan was in retaliation for the mass murders on 9/11, so in essence, the terrorists are retaliating against retaliation.

Meanwhile, other al-Qaida thugs kill their Egyptian captive, a fellow Muslim. He was expected to be named ambassador to Iraq but was kidnapped and murdered in another attempt to scare away US allies.

Israel sends three soldiers to jail for ten months for robbing Palestinians they searched. Human rights groups say the problem is wide spread but rarely punished.

Politicians in Tulsa OK voted to allow a museum exhibit on Creationalism. The museum recently came under fire for having exhibits filled with idols and other religious artifacts, so local Christians asked why should they be excluded.

7/6/05 - An astrologer files a law suit for damages against NASA for slamming a satellite into a comet on July 4th. The Astrologer claims the experiment has ruined her horoscope. See Chick's Gladis.

7/5/05 - President Bush leaves to meet the other members of the G8 in Scotland. The membership is planning to forgive the $40 billion debt of Africa, money that was mostly squandered by corrupt African officials to buy $70,000 luxury cars and $40 million jets. Meanwhile, rock musicians who also drive and fly in similar cars and jets prepare to submit their petitions demanding more free loans. See Chick's Angels.

The Communist government of China "demands" the US Congress stop interfering with their efforts to buy Unical Oil Company. China's efforts to buy energy have already doubled the price of coal and raised gasoline prices significantly. They do not allow US business to buy Chinese natural resources, and ignored Washington's request not to declare "automatic war" on Taiwan once the Island nation declare's Independence. Now they think they can order the American government around? Haw-haw! Chick believes China will eventually start World War 3 (See Chick's Kings Of The East).

7/4/05 - America celebrates the birthday of the world's most free and tolerate government. Happy birthday USA!

7/3/05 - Not be outdone by the "Live Eight" concerts, the new pope announces that G-8 should eliminate African Debt and provide more. He didn't suggest, however, that the Vatican would pay into the fund. (The Catholic church is the richest organized religion in th world.)

Liberal Senators take to the talk show circuit and threaten to filler buster any Supreme Court nominee that is a conservative and not a moderate. Senator Ted Kennedy says Americans demand a moderate appointee and won't tolerate a radical. (Like the one he supported? Ruth Ginsburg? Haw-haw-haw!)

7/2/05 - The global series ten of "Live Eight" Rock Concerts take place to pressure the industrial nations to cancel billions of dollars in previous loans to Africa, and give billions of dollars more. Nelson Mandela addresses one audience and states that if the richer nations don't pay more, it will be "a crime against humanity." (He's come a long way since bombing innocent bystanders in his 1970s terrorist campaign.) Tens of dozens of millionaire rock stars (including Paul MaCartney, Madonna, Sting, and REM) sang and preached the evils of having money and not giving it to the poor. Bruno from U2 says "We're not looking for charity, we're looking for justice." So its not really aid, it's an entitlement. Why don't all these rich performers each give a million of their own money instead of brow beating the rest of us to raise taxes? (Just curious.)

Chick always maintains "social justice" is often substituted for evangelism. See Flight 144.

7/1/05 - The Socialist government of Spain passes gay marriage in the overall Catholic country. The Socialists refused to allow a public vote on the controversial measure. Hundreds of thousands marched in Madrid on Wednesday in protest, including 20 Bishops. Bishop Jose Escalana says the conservative party should overturn the measure within 24 hours of regaining power. (The Socialists came into power in a surprise upset engineered by terrorists attacks just before the election. One wonders how the Muslims feel having helped homosexuals marry.)

Justice Sandra Day O'Connor announces her plans to retire the US Supreme Court. O'Connor started out as a conservative justice, but became a swing voter who often voted with the liberals. Her replacement is sure to be hard fought by both political forces.

The results of a survey commissioned by NPR Chairman Ken Tomlinson show a strong liberal bias on Public Broadcast TV & Radio. The guests tend to be liberals with a pro-gay and anti-religious bias. Liberals attack the survey and Tomlinson for authorizing it, but conservatives point out that it is improper for tax payer's money to subsidize programing that supports one political party or agenda over another.

Chick Publications releases What's Wrong With This? tract.

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