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These comments are seperate from Chick Memories, because they aren't really memories but are Chick related news or trivia of interest to Chick fans. They usually have something to do with the topics, themes or conspiracies that Chick tracts contain.

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8/30/04 - The GOP convention opens in New York. In response to the Vice President's permissive comments about States allowing gay marriage, the party changed the platform making it not only against gay marriage, but condemning gay civil unions as well. Over 50% of Republicans consider themselves "born again," the highest % since the survey was conducted.

8/27/04 - The Washington Post reports that the FBI is investigating a Pentagon official who gave classified information to a lobbyist for Israel. Israel has spied on the USA before, despite receiving $6 billion in annual aid. AIPAC (the pro-Israel lobby group) is the third most powerful lobby in Washington (behind the Teacher's Union and Lawyers). It's the only one that serves a foreign interest that ranks in the top 20 firms. See Love The Jewish People.

8/25/04 - The trial begins for Brent Marsh, a funeral home manager that took money for cremations and allowed hundreds of corpses to rot. If convicted on all counts, he could face 8,000 years in prison.

8/24/04 - Vice President Dick Cheney says he opposes a Constitutional ban on gay marriage. (His daughter is a lesbian.) Cheney made it clear his opinion was personal and doesn't represent the Administration policy, which does support a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. 70% of Americans are against marriage rights being extended to gays.

Two Russian planes simultaneously crash from an unknown cause. See Flight 177.

For the first time in his Presidential campaign, John Kerry admits his Vietnam war protest activities, but claims he did it "because it was the right thing to do." Neither his ads nor convention mention his anti-war activities, but it was forced onto the stage by recent ads from Swift Boat Veterans For Truth.

8/22/04 - UPCOMING EVENTS: New York's WBAI radio plans a live call in show/ interview on the morning of September 1st at 5AM Eastern time. I'll be discussing the book and Chick tracts in general. WBAI's website offers access via the internet as well.

Then, that weekend (Sept 3, 4) I'll be at DragonCon for a book signing. (Don't tell the Jesuits though. It's dangerous enough showing up with all the Romulons and Klingons.) NOTE: THIS APPEARANCE WAS LATER CANCELED (see 9/3 comments.)

8/18/04 - Kerry attacks Bush for not condemning Swift Boat Veterans For Truth, a Vietnam Vet group running adds criticizing Kerry's claims of being a Vietnam war hero. Kerry claims the ads are false. See Framed.

8/15/04 - Venezuelan President Hugu Chavez brags "we have defeated the devil" after surviving a recall attempt. (Opponents suspect voter fraud.) Chavez is a self proclaimed revolutionist who praises socialist dictators including Castro, Gaddafi, and Saddam Hussein. See Fat Cats.

8/13/04 - What was I thinking? Nobody resigns for being gay anymore (especially a Democrat). It turns out what Jim McGreevey was really doing by resigning was dodging the bullet for sexual harassment, misappropriating taxpayers money (when he made his unqualified Israeli boyfriend the Terrorism Czar of New Jersey) and sending goons to discredit his political rivals. (They hired prostitutes to discredit whistle blowers, among other highjinx.) But by focusing the debate on a sex scandal, he diverted attention from his legal woes. Pretty slippery! He must have read The Scam.

Tallahassee survives the 1-2 punch from Hurricanes and tropical storms while the rest of South Florida climbs out of the rubble. (We must be blessed.) Developers have over built the shoreline and Federal taxpayers foot the bill after the big storms.

8/12/04 - California Supreme Court invalidates gay marriages performed in San Francisco by Mayor Gavin Newsom several months ago. Gay activists are furious, but it was really a no-brainer: The state constitution prohibits gay marriage and Newsom knew he was breaking the law. The ruling was unanimous and all 4,037 marriages are officially invalidated (including Rosie O'Donnell's). Rest assured, however, that San Francisco city hall won't refund any of the money they took issuing the worthless licenses.

Jim McGreevey, the married Governor of New Jersey resigns because of a homosexual affair. With his wife standing next to him on stage, he says he's gay and will leave office Nov. 15, turning the state over to a fellow Democrat. See Caught.

8/7/04 - An estimated 8,000 gays converge on Singapore to "celebrate diversity." It's an odd choice of theme and location. By definition, homosexuality is less diverse than the alternative, because it embraces the same (homo) sex. Moreover, gay sex is illegal in Singapore. See Sin City.

8/5/04 - Alan Keyes is chosen as a last minute replacement for resigned Senate candidate Ryan (former husband of Star Trek Voyager's 7 of 9). Now both the Democrat and Republican candidate for the Illinois seat are black, making the winner the 4th black Senator in US history. Unlike John Kerry, Keyes is a traditional Catholic who opposes abortion and gay marriage. Keyes also ran for President in 2000 but lost in the primary.

NPR reports that liberal groups are sending spies into evangelical churches to document instances where the preacher urges members to vote for Bush in the upcoming election. The idea is to report any offenders to the IRS so that their tax free status would be revoked. Enforcement may be difficult, since the IRS has traditionally turned a blind eye as black churches routinely endorsed Democrats and organized voter drives for their candidates.

Six Canadian churches openly defy immigration laws and give sanctuary to illegal immigrants from nations like Nigeria, Ethiopia and Columbia. Canada already has some of the most liberal immigration laws in North America, but the church leaders decided they weren't generous enough.

8/4/04 A Washington state judge overturns the state's ban on gay marriage, but the decision is put on hold until the state Supreme court can rule on it. After yesterday's landslide defeat of a similar measure by Missouri voters, the court decision demonstrates how the issue is being pushed through the back door by activist judges, despite strong democratic opposition.

$400 billion in additional reparations are paid by German corporations to Jewish survivors of Nazi forced labor. Alberto blamed the Vatican more than German corporations. See Holocaust.

8/3/04 Missouri voters pass a constitutional amendment to outlaw gay marriage by a wide margin. Pro-gay activists mounted a large campaign, going door to door and outspending anti-gay marriage proponents 20 to 1. No public vote on gay marriage has ever passed in any state in the USA.

President Bush addresses the Knights of Columbus. The crowd of 2,000 cheered as their spokesman thanked the President for "restoring moral integrity" to his office. Bush, a Methodist evangelical, seems to be winning more Catholic support than his Catholic opponent, Senator Kerry. Kerry's endorsement of abortion and state by state gay marriage has neutralized his otherwise natural Catholic support. See Who Murdered Clarice?

8/2/04 - A befuddled Senator Bird promotes his new book on NPR. The once eloquent speaker now sounds confused and easily agitated. It's hard to imagine him functioning in the Senate. But the 80+ year old is still very proud and defiant (and feisty). He reminded me of Uncle George in The Last Judge. Judge for yourself!

7/31/04 - The Vatican issues a report about the problems of modern day feminism and the evils of gay marriage. It firmly states women should not be allowed in the priesthood and gay marriage is anathema.

7/29/04 - Senator Kerry gives his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention. The long speech was very eloquent, focusing much on his Vietnam war service. Conspicuously absent, however, was any mention of Kerry's leadership in the anti-war movement. Kerry returned to the USA after Vietnam and lead protests against the war, angering fellow soldiers who felt betrayed. Check out Chick's The Poor Revolutionist (if you can find a copy).

7/27/04 - An Alaska man is prosecuted for 2nd degree murder and reckless driving. His car crossed the center line and killed a couple in another car. He wasn't on a cell phone-- he's alleged to have been watching a movie on his dashboard video player! (It beats arguing with your wife. See Last Rites.)

Israel calls on Jews to flee France to avoid a recent upturn in anti-Semitism. 200 Jews move to Israel, causing embarrassment to France. Not all leave out of fear. Israel offers jobs and new homes to immigrants who help settle occupied territories. Check out Love the Jewish People.

7/26/04 - The Democratic convention begins with speakers Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, Hillary and Bill Clinton. A gay speaker promises that Kerry will provide government health care to everyone, including "domestic partners." Other speakers complained about Bush and condemned the current war deficit. (If they think it's high now, try adding health care for 292 million Americans.) Check out The Big Spender.

7/23/04 - The Army releases pay records during Vietnam for when George W. Bush was in the Air National Guard. They say the documents will prove if Bush showed up for drill, but they are leaving it up to the news agencies to sort the records and find the answer. The initial allegation that Bush skipped service made big headlines months ago when Michael Moore called Bush "a deserter." If the records show Bush lied, expect a Wategate-sized scandal. If they show he's innocent, don't expect any more news coverage about it at all. Haw-haw-haw! See Holy Joe.

7/22/04 - The 9/11 Commission releases their report. They determine there was collaboration between Iraq and Ossama, although no direct connection with 9/11 could be proved. Someone asked if Michael Moore's film claims were accurate about special flights of Arab VIPs being allowed to leave the US immediately after 9/11, and they answered "No, that's untrue." See Who Cares?

7/21/04 - A Canadian lesbian couple now wants a divorce. The couple separated after just five days of marriage. They were surprised to discover that although gay marriage is legal in parts of Canada, gay divorce is not! That'll teach 'em.

Encouraged with their success in blackmailing the Philippines to withdraw from Iraq, terrorist kidnappers have nabbed seven more truckers and made identical demands of Kenya, Egypt, India and Kuwait. Kenya has already indicated they will also cave into the demands and withdraw. Check out The Skylighter.

7/20/04 - Presidential candidate John Kerry runs ads in Spanish describing himself as "a man of faith." Two things make the ads noteworthy: (1) Kerry's English ads make no such reference, and (2) the Pope condemns Kerry's support of abortion and pro-gay policies.

7/19/04 - 50 same-sex couples exchange vows in Colorado. The marriages aren't legal, but they did it to make a point (and garner headlines). Isn't that special? See The Gay Blade.

Uploaded a new section to our site called Go To Hell.

7/17/04 - A 71 year old preacher of the Jubilee Christian Fellowship is arrested for 2nd degree sexual sodomy of a 14 year old boy. He's accused of providing a "Lewinski" to the boy. (Maybe he'll argue as Clinton did that "it isn't really sex.") Alberto would probably say Peckham is an undercover Jesuit, haw-haw-haw!

7/16/04 - A civil suit begins in California involving hundreds of victims of Catholic priest molestation. The final verdict could make other settlements look like down payments. See Man In Black.

Meanwhile John Kerry, in preparation of his upcoming convention speech, is taking a page from Bill Clinton's playbook and has started to be seen carrying a tattered Bible. He is said to be planning to include scripture in his speech, particularly the verse suggesting "faith without good deeds is nothing." Kerry is eager to counter the public perception that his pro-abortion, pro-gay politics are at odds with being Catholic. He would also like to siphon off some Evangelicals that form much of Bush's constituency.

7/14/04 - The Filipinos cave into terrorists demands and agree to leave Iraq early in order to save a kidnapped trucker from execution. This is great news for the captive, but dire news for everyone who is now at an increased risk of kidnapping. (Rewarding blackmail usually results in more blackmail.)

Democrats stop the Senate from voting on a Constitutional measure to outlaw gay marriage. 12 Democrats would have needed to join Republicans to pass the measure, but only 4 crossed over party lines. Candidate Kerry (and his V.P. wanna-be, John Edwards) voted against closure, which helps Kerry's home state to continue same sex unions. Kerry/Edwards both claim to be against gay marriage, but then say they think "the states should decide." Of course, they don't think the states should decide on other issues that might go against them, like abortion. Haw-haw-haw!

7/13/04 - The Philippians considers pulling their 54 soldiers from Iraq to appease the terrorists who have threatened to behead a kidnapped trucker. Spain led the way in rewarding the terrorists last winter, when they decided to pull their troops after a Madrid bombing that left hundreds of Spanish dead. (The bombing also ousted the ruling Conservative party and replaced it with the Socialist party.) Our government expects a pre-election attack in the US to try to swing the election in a similar manner.

One of the San Francisco same-sex couples to get married already wants a divorce after just 7 or so weeks. The only problem is, they don't know if they are legally married. (The city defied State law and issued the licenses anyway.) See Sin City.

7/12/04 - I was interviewed on the Wake Up Rolla program about Chick tracts. Robert Fleming and Steve Leonard of channel 16 (Rolla, Mo) were featuring the Gurus of entertainment, books, movies & hobbies.

The Senate takes up the issue of a Constitutional Amendment to prohibit gay marriage. It would take a 2/3rds vote to pass. The vast majority of the public are against gay marriage, but Democrats make up nearly half the Senate and are expected to block the measure. (Kerry and Edwards plan to vote against it, even though Kerry claims he is against gay marriage.) See Doom Town.

7/11/04 - Israeli soldiers demonlished a Palestinian house while a man in a wheelchair was left inside to die. The family said he did not have time to flee when the bulldozer arrived. See Sky Lighter

7/9/04 - A self proclaimed minister in Wisconsin was found guilty of accidentally suffocating an 8 year old boy during an exorcism. Mr. Hemphill devoted his three week vacation (from being a full time janitor) to try to help the boy, who in reality, suffered from Autism. See The Thing.

Marc Balestrieri, a lawyer, filed a cannon suit to have John Kerry excommunicated from the Catholic church. He points out that Kerry's support of abortion is heresy.

7/6/04 - Besieged with sex abuse lawsuits, the Catholic arch-diocese of Portland announces plans to file for bankruptcy. Victim's lawyers claim the church is dodging its responsibility to avoid paying settlements. $54 million has been paid out so far, another $150 million is being disputed. Other arch-dioceses in Tucson, Dallas and Boston may also declare bankruptcy.

Speaking of personal injury lawsuits, former trial lawyer turned Senator John Edwards was selected as John Kerry's running mate today. Edwards is rated the 4th most liberal Senator after (#1) John Kerry, (#2) Ted Kennedy, and (#3) Hillary Clinton.

7/5/04 - I recorded a radio interview with Jason Croft for his Side Track show on WILL-Urbana IL (580AM). We discussed the new Chick book. It airs July 7.

7/2/04 - Next Friday, Roq la Rue art gallery in Seattle opens with an art exhibit "inspired by Jack T. Chick." Eleven different artists painted copy cat or parody type art based on Chick's work.

7/1/04 - A New Chick tract with art by Fred Carter is released: The Peacemaker.


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