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7/30/03- Having learned nothing from the Catholic priest scandal, the Episcopal Church leadership is now debating if they should ordain an openly gay bishop. One opponent summed it up by saying, "If the Church endorses homosexuality, it means God was either wrong when he inspired the Bible, or that he didn't inspire the Bible at all. Or perhaps he had a "learning curve" and now he's more enlightened."

7/29/03- I was emailed a link to a letter about Chick tracts submitted to another site about obsolete comics. Here's a copy.

7/23/03- BOSTON (July 23) - An in-depth examination of sexual abuse in the Boston Archdiocese found that Roman Catholic priests and other workers probably molested more than 1,000 people over six decades. The Massachusetts attorney general called the figures ''staggering'' Wednesday as he issued a report with the findings.

''The mistreatment of children was so massive and so prolonged that it borders on the unbelievable,'' said Attorney General Tom Reilly, who blamed church leaders for the scandal.

Alberto was not available for comment.

7/22/03- William Bright, founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, died today.

7/21/03- Scientists have just determined there are 70,000,000,000,000,000 stars in the visible universe, or ten times the amount of grains of sands on the beaches and deserts. And some think tract collectors have too much time on their hands?

7/9/03- Were you one of the many surprised when the latest tract (Here He Comes) replaced the Beast with the Black Pope (Hans Kolvenbach) instead of his master, Pope John Paul II? Here's a site that talks about Black Pope Kolvenbach and Alberto.


There's even more on his royal blackness at the Black Pope Index page:


7/7/03- I was informed by a reader in England that he learned about our site in an article in Sunday's paper, The Independent. (It was a story about Jack Chick and his tracts.) We'll try to get a copy and see what it says.

7/3/03- The US Supreme Court recently ruled Sodomy laws as unconstitutional. The swing voters were O'Conner and Kennedy. Meanwhile, California released 800 accused sex offenders, many of them priests. Don't be surprised if the next issue of Battle Cry is extra thick!

6/23/03- Censored on NPR? The Talk of the Nation call-in radio program was discussing "Guilty Pleasures", things people read that are not high-brow and they are often embarrassed to admit they enjoy. I called about Chick tracts and the screener sounded pretty excited about my topic (Chick tracts). She put me on hold to await going on the air. But the host must have frowned when he saw the topic appear on his monitor, because a few minutes later, the screener returned and she said "I'm sorry, we won't be able to address that topic" and abruptly hung up. They must have Jesuits on the staff! Haw-haw-haw!

6/22/03: Remember that nurse's aide who hit a bum while driving, then left the bum to die still lodged in her car's windshield after she parked it in her house's garage? She's going to trial soon, so here's this updated article that corrects one of the initial errors issued by police concerning the amount of time it took for the bum to bleed to death.

Texas 'Windshield Death' Trial to Open


Thanks Raymon. I'll link to it. She's the kind of nurse Rebecca Brown claimed was out to kill patients. I'll never feel the same the next time they request to draw blood.

6/20/03- Unexplainable computer bug: My word processing program is an older version of Microsoft Word, and for some weird reason, my computer always crashes if I try to run a spell-check on the word "transubstantiation." Could Bill Gates be a Jesuit? Or the Anti-Christ? Or both?

6/19/03 Ontario just legalized gay marriage, and the rest of Canada is expected to follow suit. This is after they just legalized pot. Perhaps they are trying to show everyone how tolerant they are. (Accept when it comes to Chick tracts.) Travelers who visit the USA should note that gay marriage, polygamy, pot, slavery, or other exotic traditions permitted elsewhere are not legally recognized here.

6 out of 10 people here support gay marriage, so we're just being democratic. The USA is too uptight. There's no country that allows slavery, that's a rediculous statement. -Gil

Hey Gil, Unfortunately, you are mistaken. Slavery exists in Africa today, especially in the Sudan. Polygamy also exists in certain Islamic countries within Africa and the Middle East. How can Canada allow same sex marriage but deny multiple marriages that are already recognized in other cultures and religions? Isn't that discrimination? You've solved one discrimination issue by creating another.

6/18/03 The news is abuzz over the resignation of Bishop O'brian. He was arrested for a hit-and-run accident that killed a 43 year old. The police are investigating to see if he was also drunk at the time. (He claims he was drinking "sacrificial wine.") The Vatican refused his resignation earlier, after he admitted transferring known child molesting priests to other churches without warning them.

This raises serious theological consequences! Transubstantiation is the Catholic doctrine where the substance of bread and wine literally BECOME the real body and blood of Christ. So the blood of Jesus made the Bishop tipsy? Blame the accident on the corpuscles of Christ!

Maybe the Red Cross could solve its blood shortage if they had bottles of Earnest & Julio Gallo blessed by a priest! Haw-haw! - Rich

You criticize Canada's lack of free speech...are you American? As an American, I have seen the right to free speech in a post-9/11 world take a similar turn. Beware throwing rocks when one lives in glass houses.


Yes Cat, I'm American. And yes, I think Canada's restrictions on free speech are absurd. That isn't to say I think America is better in every other regard, but there is no comparison between the two countries insofar as Free Speech is concerned. Canada is worse about censorship than most European nations, including Germany. Banning Chick's comics and fining Hugh Owens for quoting the Bible? Incredible. And even if you don't like Rush Limbaugh or Don Imus, forbidding them treats Canadians like children.

There is no doubt that Americans have surrendered certain freedoms after 9/11, but I'm relieved to say Free Speech is not one of them (yet). Just listen to the daily criticism of the President and Tom Ridge on NPR (which is Government subsidized radio) if you doubt me.

Of course, folks are not allowed to advocate terrorism publicly, anymore than they are allowed to urge rioting or scream "fire!" in a crowded auditorium. If you know of any real instances where Canadian style censorship is occurring on our side of the border, please let me know. I would be happy to exercise my rights and condemn it.

6/15/03- Our main page counter mysterious reset (Jesuits at work?), but not before we reached 70,000 hits. That's an average of 1,666 hits per month since Dec 1999 when we first went on line. To figure our current hit count, just add 70K to the counter total.

6/11/03: (From NPR news)- The Russian (Catholic) Orthodox church is trying to avoid a schism over the efforts of activists to canonize (prepare for sainthood) two controversial figures: Ivan The Terrible (who killed thousands, including his own son) and Rasputin (the mad monk/ womanizer who claimed to speak with the Virgin Mary). What would Alberto think?

4/2/03- A local FSU Philosophy Professor wrote a recent article about the close-minded "faith" of scientests in Evolution as the origin of all life. Here's the first seven paragraphs taken from the FSView article.

9/1/02: Weird World News from Klamath Falls, Oregon: Two nuns in their 50s were brutally raped and beaten, and one was strangled to death with her Rosary beads on Sunday. Maximiliano Silerio Esparza, a 32 year old illegal immigrant, has been arrested (yet again). He was first arrested and deported in 1992, returned, and was arrested again a year later for cocaine charges in Portland. Too bad he was permitted three strikes...

8/02: The latest from Hollywood: Chick-- The Action Film?! The newest Nicholas Cage movie is called "Wind Talkers." It's about Indian radio operators serving in the Pacific during WW2. I was watching it by chance and was surprised to see one of the main characters was named Chick!

In the movie, Chick (Noah Emmerich) plays the bad guy. He's a racist marine who hates Indians, but comes around after one of them saves his life. The real Chick was a WW2 soldier sent to the Pacific and he was also involved in radio communications. He didn't kill 20 Japs like the movie character did, but he certainly was "converted" in the end-- not by political correctness, but by Jesus. One can't help but wonder if the writer used his name on purpose. Chick is a very rare name, and there were several jungle fight scenes reminiscent of HOLY JOE. Chick's first name is never given, they just yell things like, "Go get 'em, Chick!" Another similarity: There were also a lot of Battle Cries! Haw-haw-haw!

7/02: Weird Worl News: California has just passed a law requiring ALL medical students be trained in providing abortions. The measure is aimed at forcing students to "get experience" at performing abortions so they will be more likely to repeat the procedure as doctors. Meanwhile, The Jerry Springer Opera has just premiered in Scotland. It ends with a climax where Jerry gets Jesus to shake hands with Satan. Can you guess which of these stories will turn up in Battle Cry!?

6/02: Travel Notes: I just returned from a San Francisco where I met a fellow Chick archivist, Bob Fowler. For details on the trip, check out the top of the Chicknews section.

Mid 2001: In local news, tropical storm Barry dumped 1/2 foot of rain on Tallahassee and caused massive flooding. But fear not-- The Jack Chick Museum of Fine Art is located high atop Rattle Snake Hill and remained dry and safe. The Mormon Church, on the other hand, was located at the bottom of the hill and was swamped. Coincidence? You be the judge...

Here's an interesting article about the politics of Homosexuality written by a doctor that gives Chick's views a some scientific & historical basis.

In other mid 2001 news, the Pope has made new efforts to influence events in the Middle East by entering an Arab Mosque to pray. Whether your believe this fulfills predictions made by Alberto and Chick, it clearly is a historic first. Go here for details.

5/01 News item: The Pope has apologized to another old foe in efforts to help reconcile ancient rifts... (Just as Alberto predicted.) Read about it here.

4/01: Recently reported on the news: Immigration to the United States continues to flood in at record numbers. Three million foreigners arrived last year alone, most of which were Hispanic or Asian. Of the Hispanic group, a higher percentage than normal have left the Catholic church to become Protestant. It's gone from 68% Catholic to only 53% (a major shift). 9 out of 10 consider themselves "Christian". 25% consider themselves "born again". Chick Publications (as well as Alberto) have spent two decades specifically targeting Hispanic Catholics for conversion. There's no telling how much effect they've had, but there's little doubt that the Vatican does not approve.

12/00: Heard on NPR tonight, an interview with a Catholic Priest who's leading an effort to encourage the Pope to make Mary a "Co-Redeemer" with Jesus. He claims the Vatican has received six million petitions urging the Pope to issue an official Dogma elevating Mary to this status. He also claims Pope John Paul II is one of the most "Marian" of Popes, and will probably wait to make this one of his final declarations. The Vatican has denied this is in the works, but according to the Priest, the wording of the denial is very vague and open ended.

If such a Dogma were issued, it would set the Ecumenical movement back and reinforce what Alberto Rivera and Jack Chick have claimed all along: That Catholics actually worship Mary. (At least, that's how the Fundamentalists would view it.) Expect to see more on this story in future installments of Battlecry!



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